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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 07, 1899, Image 1

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7- 4tv -a " SST - : vt i-v;1 SSf d l -pOl' Vai. CONCORD, N, C, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7. 1699. SlXGlj; COI'Y i -as. HP TH?S SKSKIOX OF COXfiUESS. C 1 a- a'' (Vjhwv V l.jF.H. . - , . (., .",, -Hy ' !,:!n,i,i?0 at ",e ''It" Taking ,,c PI,f, : c ! ,.nuai On : lour to Xa-rra CHu s-Xany Dean- ; "li:s massed Ol no minority will have more f TtwilinotboaMm-n ;., courtesy shown him in the mat- "tyll fji-zn r r ..... ' .-.r'ir.r ...... . i-ilum i.n-a ifl.L a r( ;:n,n. C'" r "V lhau llas been tbe usual custom. iirhTinu;ix,"'n-?'- - .,TT1,.., . speaker Henderson will ma Ire ! f '---i i-fit tUv !.:iv,. r. ... !v,.a .:u .a., - . minority assignments to com- 1 'r s ; 'J , of rH,h,tt.leh,-U:-,:Km-- ecsuPon the rocommondu- ! -eVu m:' On A elm i-ilri v ovonin I ;vV!V' 'li"vf V:l!0 :tl llio of Mr. W J HU . on- Th(M).uMsrv-: foreos ;u'o in tion of the Democratic leader J :nttTt!:: ,f n, a ;; M!'"ir-;'Mlt on North .Main street midst a ' lhl(' :vA im Saturday n!;.-, the thus giving Mr. Richardson alu'-''' !'!!;;,ulv liONl orfrn-.dsnnd manyheantiftd ; ov' ul: ho )li-r of r -s Con- prominence worth much more 'h'.if'tdo mill inar d-; --.rai icm--. the marrhige vows ros' lhe tii'tj ii'misli was , than a mere title. be known as were given by Rev. W O Alexan- i r()1I-hl- ! r. Ricdiardson is well known th.Miaine of the der to Mr. Cbas J Harris and! TIu Co11': - tbis in Vasliington. Re is a man of !! a ih.o M i-s Rallh Hill. ; wee:; is the ;;"iv- v;;th of the magnetism, tact, and ability, and ' ' 'M'lui-ir.g ; .It wrs a l--au'i.fijl lioiiie wim1-11;! 1;itos- fiivst of vill nmke a good leader. ! 1 h known as the ding, io whi-h o.dy tlie intimaie ' reator !li'i,i-. The scene of; Altogetiier, the position of the ! --Is. contains ('.") fi irnds r. ;itives were in-; i!s AV()1C Vv'lU tai:e in the whole Democrats will be much stron:-r ! 'liCvUC'.Uc wLh . vend. The bride's sister. Miss world. and more harmonious tlur: that ! j dh'c.d. ; ;s ;l F;.'-nie II!. or,-; eded the bridal jl xvil1 :' -n'o:i ':,(5:--i's for they held during the last Con a coUoa ia:ii. conple to ;he parlor. atUH-whicli : yr'"u,':r 3:5 :U' V1):l M'ially for vss. hasb-eeii organ- ' tho beautiful we.hlin- .n.v.n , young men o.. tho ..outn. The ( pl.v.'dbv l0V L Neesler 1 1lS 1)oi ll:('al frosu't e)t away Working Km and Day. (in. 1 t , 5 ai-af(.r . ( .i ; e- r-rl- i The basiest hihI litt!;- thin- on, Oegan. -Lc-nng upon the arm ' , ' V' 'iltllKo tlt ever wa. mvle is Dr. Xin-'s ANew I'obR E oftlie -mo:. was lhe brM0 roh0d ! OU-v;" h A -daced Life Tills Eyery )iil is a sar-couted ; , x , . ., , ' " ;:. ; ; .1 a--'. vi .-. . , n , 'd bale of lieaith, that chau-es weak- iv ; m a uoauuod ti-Jivelnv suit , V' ' 1 ' "J ; "l 1 1 uess iLto strciiLdL, listlcne into in a beaulirtd t i'Jivtdtn"- ah c' ' i:'":J' ' !U -1 v : 1 ' t:!tl T b1' si" ' ' : ' . . "'be-' of ro.-es cioih, earrviii'r in V"' ' ' TV'" 1 ";'"v" ' ' Oi o-b -n:. I :! h.'-nd a handsome booue r. Jnbi. ,S (m:-;:. Prix's yn i . of Eh Mohn: I n ,i.t istiuction. ami ine int will cut i - ; niivi i!!V- uu.iij vjuiig L a I Ll La LlOllS oasinas-i:;;:.. :;ov's a.i; vl-at c-iery, brain-fa- into mental powrr. llo pvoblrins that cufrunt lhe t-r tSoU ' v ! O O TUt O'C' ! 1; i!yh'tb Congress .levnands. ' Fetzer's Dru stoie. ' ' Dos ; rule, tilie-ts' -.n'iii. ob-i PERSONALS. A. S ':l.-m iiav' ' no iigure in this session. There; Mr. R L Tate, of Charlotte, of Char- .v.o,. ,;,,.,lol by fnoiuls, Ine ; ,s , tl,., , if v,ork .spont today hero. . ncv- "i"! vo)( and friends 1 i , , 4 . . . 1 . , jtobe (,oim... av a good start has; r. C K Dudley, a;"'aitva lr' tno umni- hrtlM already -ron ma do. ! lotto, spent todav hm'e i ou. 'ai-rtis noii, . nere .. 1 1. . . ... j i i i 1 " I ; so ntion of sUu-:. Jn- ("','!S Dv'l' V.,:.Mi ;;oam Mippcr isj The vvuens of llc,c Rcpnbli-1 -Mr. Jno. L PrcomM. of) ( iUis i -jiiiis o;.oi:giit lonn noinintr tnat iiign iomt, spent today here, rn j pbasures of the dining hall lho;,vas nol alrcrdy anticipated. Its rp r T j'CvKll.l ld ch- no.thboiuid wholo roceedmgs were cut and ' Spartanbui-. spent today bce ! IMrs. Root. Duval, of Char evx - i :::, i'niiauemiiia and . nominated for soeaker bv in-N., 0'. Wi v other roborn eiR's, to be gono!,,ation and the slate oi minor j101 ' '"ianC1 rcormn- ; about two woolrs. Injv;,.;.,. ,,! tn .' .f --Miss Saido jToung, of Char-' ( lm;ulr(H I ins marriage is tiie joining ot j single roll-call. It had Uen ! sVEndls: -- bribed bv num- f c11 own fully expeebd that Col. Hep-! r, " . --to of o:- hun-lrCOi iho"room LS 11 Promi" burn would oppose the adoption Js; ;oaringon " ; . ' ; neni business man of our town, of the old "TVed Rules " Itwas' lsT a r o V!'"011 !UU OItt intne nn l vd i , - . . 1 ulUL L .sister. Miss Mvrtle Pat orson. of ! vAv-: tJ- -.iJ..r . , . . iii::' i!e !'ie is (.)ne oi v.ou- -u cisii o;; in in " of lK'Xt January, i ibed is to be paid -o:;. .nonce on the : iy in llie s)ring as to un: class of amouiit of maobin- a't bocn dofinilelv cord's most lo'o!y; beauti fid ana j be waged agaiia-l .heni (hoped that a b'ilor tight would China Grove, spent today eere. popular ladies, and all will join us in extending the best of con gratulations to the newlv wedded ones. As evidences of their esteem and love, many handsome pres- T? n Pn. ' . , arrived hero this morning from i tanon on tlie resolution, which was offered by Mr. Dalzell, of Statesville to live at Cannonvibe, I where Mr. Barrett will be pastor cuts were given to the bride, j consisting es.- ially of cut glass lias been stopped, and that the r-fhn -mo-ee, S articles, a diamond brooch, and House majority will have ai 'onr-oMl it is a parl brooch, wo say that this! - l "! i .... . x i A 1 W T t C 7 1 : i f": i coi Oil ir. .o:a. : , k the committee on rules, there1 of Epworth Methodist church was not a dissenting voice. This means that Republican agitation against Reed's famous manual XliUJ' Will UUiUU ill ill. O US lilaclavelder's next door to Mr. Jno. ParnelPs. fP.a-:'j united front against criticism of its "procedure. Tin; elections on tlie Demo- Mr. Jno. McDonald, who over Arabic s;ce wav naicii more im Ml A A ! JtiCl? !8(i C 1 f7 ? ZZTiTi ' -eisriome-maoeaii ' A 1 1 s luvvntv voars nco vent from tcrcstiu-. Nearly a ftvo-hctir - , horn lo the AA'ost, has ro'urocd sion and l-cui wcrojil , "W '.v.;-'.'". 1o Chariot l audvdl be here required to choose a !v.der. Jr.s.jW ,; ',: i :, ',,11tC-1as.:deDonalL Mr. McDonald veil in irout all the time .'l lOCC 161 I has soont most of his time m .yominated on the sixihj .f V ..C J-0 a'lAitonWs. Many arc the bultot, ho voU-s oi lan:;ilv;utVwv, . r 1 'T.-J changes that Concord has lnao and U1,er tao, ro,;o .nn. - Ai - , . a since he .loft here and no doubt Judjre Denuoiul, .-..n, P 1 : w Ine wdi .::..a-e!y recognizing tne ha(i ,t stioi, looo.. ; i- c a Ci i J !V . . ? 1 Vv,Tl,Arl (loirc SCv'ilO O - iti uuwtuuu uj o. .a"., containing ' ,M?! ra j)hi!y ; TiM Was Insured. poivh of bis fT, n f T A Lanlvford. y! " : eoi::red, located out near the Coleman mill and which was burned some wcobs ago one Sat-.-doubtless get 'id V'orch and in time to r much touted .-'aizav, of York, was nov-r br ;: l i': - a ' i poor last. j This nomination givs Mr. ! Richardson the tiiidar l-a-ad-jr-j ship of the minority, aad valli j jr y- VI 1 C7 3 V V 1 ! burned some wcebs ago one bat- doubtless get nun a. a .- ug om Lu-day right, was insured by the ' membership upon the committees Vv i Aetna Fire Insurance Co. The 'on rules and ways and means. , ". a iias ;u uouoi I company paid bim 8375 o ai a moriiu'g j I V onlv a bai nv. ! Tlv SOU Las been troubled for years It is also rcoor' a i that the leader ; ' v0 'a- x.idi' chronic diarrhoea. Sometime a-o -,( (--a-Sl lo ; , ,11 1,1 m t.n take some of ! Cbnmbererlain's Cone, unoiera ami the r7::-o;mTiox rou CHILLI 1 Do you hear tie a..' k o. They be r'nng bnul :::a. .ai, Evidently cmlg yoii ; ihe Ben, narns Uo., iv.rrlmPrt Tiftmedv. After ruing two, ... f;i . ,;,r .uu f r.- bottles of tbe 2--.ertit.size he c"r1; i Then v,-by experiment ith v.ortJ.b-ss at prices that suits everybody I-ivetins testimonial, uoiuim , imitlltioil?? Fvice r,Q cente. Ycur one similarly allheted may read it ana , mo lmcf .f u fj?ip fo 0Dre - 'lie misiOl ! rn. . r, -rp.- Kfllrt bv M L Marsh iV V i Jtuuuc, vy. -- oi'i-'-y-nta) ' 'unum of the lo- ; oL ois tinirers i Co. Prussifd l V0; a SO CURE. KO TAY , iV"iJS ONE DAY : (rr,vs Tasteless Chill Tonic "for cliillf re thev make nrescnt a snci: yv-Tv-,fa ! a . v. f rices that suits everybody. Come aim see. mas wdl sooii be here. If you want a present iV : iab- a. Motive:-, Lho ;. -a. oi Sister, or some other body's broth "r o lister. are R ;.' -ia, so our customers say that keep every!;. nig a. aaeos win AVe like you in fad; we love you: and Re. birder y(aa,r "irll -h- m i i II . .11 1 l l . il x J.t J IS Tlie ay ail StiU Tnr.vr.n rmr l.v,. V. 'wr lux iuf jruu, iu x.v. vu.i iv, . - . . Red,; -iro Ouinine Tablets, j and Malaria. It is simply Iron ; ond j ' .rfiind money if it fails to ! Qidmne in a tostelp, form Chi) iren i r - " 4uin has Ji, B. Q. ; sove it. Auuiis refer it to , ' Icatma Topics Price. 50c.

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