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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 11, 1899, Image 3

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it ! I in m 1 t i TwatrgtiwiiwMiyj- lia M 'T i-o follow in ir change of schedule took -.,:) s arrives at 5 V2 h hi. V ; . " " 10 20 am, " 7-18 p hi! :. " " 0.. i in, " 2. 00 a m (!'( : t) ' ()LTii)i.'UXr . ; " "11 ?5 h m, ' NEW YORK MARKETS. ' .'J'; H in, o il' a m, freiiri.t Jan... 35 March 44 v 1-1 !0 "1 1 ')) 45 49 . ;; . uht!!i rnindmr ahead oi Nn 7 ,.; 1 if -:- ,ty frr tliroujjMruvt'J j U-,rc . ; iMli U, is htn;,pe( f,,r . u.- ri. uirivin fioni vi!'hbur or ,j. '-. ;V stops ivyrnbrly for .. r; f-r S' ub:i:v, iiiid, Point. cotton i Tllis special sort of preserve Open Hip-h ttt, . rjii'riif. n,.T.. i - " " uiuiea 'ni"uc iu i.n3 iin mvaiuaoie V llfMlPnl,rvl.l .... 1 -i.-. -vu.jjuiu arucie, am the vnanv conscientious and well meaning men who believe in the propriety of preserving their wives under- G9l -stand the culinary art required s 4 j l -i 1U1 doir ost preservation. The following method, if carefully A 1 1 i ... The passenger traiu wili, ,Mm;r ta,,S f e promiaent officials ofi T . liju mL puree, w.vea are a 38 47. 42 SO 45 ougar i38 139 132 138 CHICAGO WHEAT Bee... 70 70 au 70 ooi .iay oodtiiern ovot tii ww 'om Columbia to Savannnh, has1 t1U 11 sluld b solGClod a record left behind i: aV i Ior quality, more with regard to to:T2 during their trip the dicaThoir llavor their ap- o.M)in: froiu i .yii-Iibar- or tor shoved that they were mov-! 1eai'aiK'e' will j-esult m ' "u" lu Oil )HS- inf.- i ..if - - I . in ..f..vwui'hl v- i"- ftuvuniy-Lour OLtl rL lasLiug i ogt i or tn an they look. Thev lins v;as a line trip for the of-jsllould 2)over be placed in an tUnals and newopaper men and a oai lH'n ?vvato ware pot of any great advertisement for tlm. lino I dimension or shane. hut into .iTJvT tlsxv - ? k A; but v:o are reliabt y formed tluM ! ;1 onerous lovino; ,Cm ha v bur a ii!' iu rmth JnvoiiiI.l, u0i,r..;.. t.-ie new train ended one white!11'110 ilnai't bape. Cover with wa mavi sii -e as it passed through Barnwell county. t ..f :w.vt u No as tops to hti i-ilos ptr hour. -Tit it of NVut'lls mid jo t:iko on :.;:r i-vvalar i))i;ces, . ' ';r ; or l)o ol1. : and :4 sfip at Concord for ut:;, iv 'ho.l Vara Oolnmbia ' - Mi i ' 7. s. 11 ainl Vj aw too local trains ' t jit Salisbury with tr',,.,.s of V. ,. r. Division. ! . I jr. i r: 1." . Tj i .- i x . 1842 4 r" s -; Their Own Praist-:. " -. ."'0 Circumstances Can a Fed lily Be Disputed; . : J.- a reality that U5ftli strictly ? i:'.Ti:o or rmall size, as '. tw.r. only one rindo. Why buy ; M-nt i' it i.s a.tvtirtised ' '!' l' o ri::ts.. !U! itistrsimont that I.iN ! !U t!t: Csliinalio'i itf voiir 1 . 1 1 - : ; 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ''rreate-t Musicians all Real accordion plaiting done at Miss Nannie Alexander's. Miss Bculah Haden, who has been fading a few weeks here with iiss Sadie Fisher, returned home last Saturday night. Don't miss the musical recital next Thursday night to be given by Miss Van Wagner and others in the Opera House. Ad mission 2 and cents. ter judiciously Havered with para grape sugar to beep them sweet and pnlalable. That they may be kept thor oughly warmed, place the recep tacle on the back of the stove in which must bo used for heating purposes the free burning coal, never gas! Do not make the mistake of submitting the fruit to a varied temperature, as it is apt to impair its Haver and ex tract an uncertain bitterness. It may be necessary to stir it occa sionally, but this should be done Guilford Ilatley, of Cannoyi- vdle. who hn.S boon n en hi oof rf epileptic tits, died at his homo, 1 T'-"ith a heart .-shaped spoon. J 1 . r 1 v -r-r - I rni . iouay .Monday) tie leaves a ! 1 nrow mio uie lovmir cup now wife and several children. What is nicer for a Chris mas - it.n . U mu.-'u iiui.i mi ih A Piavo witli n r-un ! present than a package of en- at- owu-h. etc. Iu fa-t n graved visiting cards? J B ' ''"hroTr11 thut is iiTiil will order them for v - la, cO rue wear; aiid at one once , , . -, the reaei of all, because we ! i rem tlie celebrated eugraver, 'i i' MicMk-mnri's Profit, and it! A Wriglit, of Philadelphia. ou E 1IJLT. t' 'O. auuii-uis taken in exchauire. We ami sorrv t(j lenrn of the ' -oijuo-latin- Catalogue for ser'ous illness Of Airs. J J Tlar- ,:""e ,,!i-:ims iu h(liare , ringer.' Mrs. Jno. A Cline was --.ri? ri-.r.n ?!,,,I!(r(nr,r, called to her bedside today. La ' L ;,-iti.5ire jia.j grippe and pneumonia, we learn ' -" -h 'T;-.'-- 21:1 N tlie malady. ' n ' " Rev. Lacy tloge and Mr. Prank '' -'' i"-J.... J;iJ"-j JLli: '' P Siiiiih retuimed homo Saturday 1 niglit. from Ashe vi lie where they and again a handful of herbs. sweet violets and fragrant mag noneile. You will be surprised at their preserving quality, and the deiieiou-nes of the aroma which will permeate "the atmos phere will prove most appetising. A few g. coins dropped gently at the right time into the water p. i id :d lowed to simmer during the process of preservation will tinge the mixture to the Icing's taste. New York Sun. Re.l Hot From ttte Gun Was the ball that hit G. B. Stadman of Newark, Abcli., in the Ciyil War II. 5 1 1 1 TT1 j 1 I i ,f, .,,,. c 44 i i 4-4 4- it causeu nornoie uicers mar no mat- . u,u, ogf .spent bun: aLtendea the Baptist convention. U?11t le!ocd for 20 years. Then is next se.s.sion will be lieut at Juueicten : A mien haivo cured him. 1 Cures (Jut8. linnsHH. Tinrriq T?oilM tnuLi" a. , ' ... ' . ' " ' I clous, Corns. riun rjiuptions. iJetit Pile cure on earth. iMcts. a box. Cure guaranteed. Soli at Fetzcr's lru store ij r'-i..or ?::ls go:ie to ; ' d ',ii a busiiiss trip. j J P Sherrill is the Concord Uraven Bros ad'aii0nt ,(r tbe well known uii- gravers. E A Wright, of Phila- idelphia. :uul if vou want en- oiMOii piau'g done! graved wedding invitations,; -I. j. iL--At)iio'r .s. innnoiriciMiK'nrs. vismnsr cams. n 'nnstmas i ' i !etc., hand him the order, lie j 0,vwU our lir. is beautiful t racted moo1 tit is bemr . r . , . h,hi uui uj... ir w.aum.ui, Uall 'ilViii week by cl'?rSes 'ou. oul' WrlS"1 lar-o ami v.vV assonu.!. For t J Di-jces. c 'oehi'an Preston. A S y more and Miss M oaiiiiaay. accordion plaiting done N' Alexander's. Harrier spent Sunday at viiii his mother. He left Su uduy night for Atlanta. -bs. Uutfiran, of Salisbury, is fro visiting her sister, Mrs. C oi. sponsor. s Spun glass dress 'lining at cunts per yard, worth 20" to -tiLU tloUl tllJClXU Ul Coi( - The Kacket. Salisbury has taken steps to nave every house in the town "u'uuered. Concord will" be ro too some of these, days.: " si KING- No. 38 Or 6 and order P'i aerated milk and cream;1 S'mday. Prompt delivery. ! . Kiviera Dairy. Up., . . . B Means, who has ! t'ng Tvirs. Galloway at ' j vr vi siting ' at Mr. es at Spray. Bjike Cakes to order and would be glad to have a trial order from you. Remem ber we have fresh : oysters, bread, rolls, etc. every day. Concord Bakery. Joe Fisher, Proprietor. PHONE 122 i Thinking i imes Mi December is thinking time with everybody. The selecting of gifts at once beautiful, unique Pv nnstlv confronts ev- ervone. - CJome in and let us help Holiday and Briual presents, w are the people. Please do us the favor to call and look them over; we are proud to show them and you don't have to buy; but we find that folks generally do buy after seeing our goods and knowing the prices. Beauty in style, Goodness in quality and Lowest in price these are the strong points in our stock. Fetzer's Drug Store. Look here! Just received a new lot of Plaids inSomerset- and Venitian cloths, ;;Blue Venitian cloth,. Brown Covert cloth. Small Plaid Wool, goods in dress ." pat terns. No two alike. ' ' ' Shoes! Shoes!! you do your thinking. . f uip line of -Ladies' Shoes ( show hl ifoii and lace: " window). will be a regular plication of Stokes No. A. F. & A. .Uhb Dec. 11th, at l. II. Griffin, Secretary. Anticipatin the Demand. 38 -Inch Plaid Veuetien onlv loo. yd. Fancy Plaid Dress Goods only 7'e. yd. BEAVER CAPES, far trimmed, woi ;b ,d to close out at 75c ; BEAVER'CAPES, full sweep braul il and fur trimmed, worth 1.73. Our price i.L5 CHILDREN'S REEFERS worth &0J c.J. S2.50. Our price 1.75 ONE LOT of Black Kersey Capes, tailor ma K Li, in seewp braided plaited and plain, worth 5.00 an 1 0.0?; We are going to sell them at 3.50 and sr,.00. AN ATTRACTIVE line of Fur Capes and Crovats fro: a $1.00 to $2.06 Chaper than can be bought. 't4 I Laaies' Tailor Made Suits 1 S5.00 to S6.00. imniMiiHiHiL innimiai mmmm wissi Maimmmf Full Line of Table Linen and Napkins. Oan save you money. Cannon & Fetzer S inni !?fe are prepared to give th people; this winter better bargains than usual in all; kinds of Heavy amd Fancy Groceries : Correil's, THE JEWELER. At wholesale-and retail. It will pay you to see our Large Stock of Xrw&re9 Woodware ;-tri!itt iiae ier ar-is j and styles Hats, Etc. Pompadour Combs, Empire f 'Glassware, Crockery combs, Ladies' pocKei uook. Come and see us. AVe v 1 do ourbesttoplci-eyoa in prices before buying. For Clover Seed Seed Rye," and RockSalt go to . a over agnu; ;"v' ! ' f.. j Gibson 8c Morrison. GJiW. Patterson's. Winter is Coming. I I j ALREADY HAVE .ON HAND THREE CARS Oi Jellico Coal A.nd have ten more oar lo ida on the way. It ia time for youjto lay in a applj for iho "winter, '-isn'l it? I alsohaye on hand the best of anlracite coal. J. "AlC.Blackweldcr, West Depot St! at' Store, JThone 68. M, L. Brown & Bro, : LIVERY, FEED AND SAE TABLES. Just n. x: - l St. Cluud Hotel. Omnibu.-'i - t all passenger trains. Uutn . c f all kinds fur nished promp ' y and at reason able prices. Horses and mules always on hand for sale. Breed ers of thoroughbred Poland. China Hogs. Hi 1 i if II' 1 if' ' 1 ! I 'i ii tit -' i si i i I 1- ( id i- ?! til . ! !t .it : is- 1 ,'f TV ' . -f.

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