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North Carolina Newspapers

Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 11, 1899, Image 4

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Jr r f i V r :. In a? I ' Ittnxc'-f. :. t-vcy a c ...... . over ih".- : rot prod?.? ; t v -?;p j L'i j -, -- .i v x ..." ."T -T " Z, ""''k "3f'-'3i. 1 , i ; r - - .ri'p. 'p.-c:(!s -:' . i i-'-f is im- ) ..r.'s i.- .;!. I'-o-.v York. f; Heine Re medic 1 (food T:.-vn Even far !)wtor?. For sore, throat try a compress, nvw ' aa rom a- ya of cold wirier. "For bilious i ; ;i: aa rarer in not writ r ;u:;-r saaba" tari brnd of 4 -Fro; ii Poplar tol i n.-.-. n-.-j M : . ui'i aw aas u ... I low!:;? to sav of our city: For n or von. headache Va a.- j i; n .:,i0- a Prvicovl For sick headache mb pepper runt on. a 1 fte inpies. . V.. .x the bark- o f tbe PH P U' Vv HP I.) IP- water. i -. f i; d oiKulruoled h- p or cold ;i, .-a a rry sn:m L V. ,;V.,d,,i'i''' h;i'LX t;p tile aoa- i r 1: ' -"aven Has BoiM iCNSOTD COAL Ofd COS', i h: what r r T J j" f. Tj ll I colli se-I BM Eye Caiiil :-,?!C0claiiED0 prises, til W ' 1 :t.i Coah Crd; a;;d isei 'Pho.v: 7J. I ! ;; H H tj ! k " roiia Hi Tlf - work, brie1 i , v oa.erV . s i be f;t " -r Fx p 1 f4 'Mt-r of loom?;, and 'he 1 1 A hop b;;o; wnmp; ironi li(t rhrad'e, and vaoro than 4wiee viiieii-ar is a quick relief L.-r ear-.Ti1;1 ache. ! iij-'i Is ; a : , rd " tho best remedies hr a serious case of bleeding at tho nose. Dissolve the acidm water. Tincture of arnica is the best e'reat, in air q 1 .. r 'in ; i e 'e iron. i !J'SCn. r5; a .-; .t) joinery cou idles, and nil seena d to he doing well. They wy fTOOU liriCCS JUl nui a . i.v. upplieation h)r sprains and i;.very ouny i i nir.i,,,, braises and equal parts oi tine- L'nu i a-.i ture of arnica and spirits oil coecrah'd i' was a, spiea-a, .-o-caniphoi- make an excellent hub ; cation for tho tloctorsr' laent for rheumatism. j hV' !:-r ?" s' n" -,oM'ievha:. Mir t '..CU ..)e V. ; !a out a Failure. ; .':dad to bn ve t he pat n ' 'oncoros poopie wlion "f - -y i:t,..i of cement of y rates and . : yen era I. yi.'-irardecd. :)i-:Jcri;r; rTE. Courb. if nvii:h .i 4 iniwl ''it ( 1 f-t .Vr' o. i lionw-ilv ?; v:;ni ;'c- so . '. , l)epo! si 'e . A SOKE CUK aOIl.ChGUP. Twenty Five Your. (A ;,st;ii:t Ufo vVith-' . t ' I J i c wolf - a jed daanace roia i'h;: slooj', id th s "rr;ore , aw AiiK Ihn.n a, rnuhi- Tbo fit intliVation of croup is ItuarFO-, 1 , . 4, . ut .-fis, and iu ? c-Liid Mdji ct to thab v'icitv ol business, .T.m a ,. iru.,y difcase it mayJ)o taken sis u sim dsii of: r-ommun . v is irood for (hy this hoarse is a n-cidiar lou-las vr.d. as all olliors. ve .mb luili!s r.'V!-t 1 bt fair "o .resume th'S w: - 'he i". da. . - b, ' , ; .1. ,Mfl-b.! r .ib e- tb.r p tba- v I I oUa'ruJ UJLV, j 'uiivV- j;o;us-, or - "i'e:i is used iu manv thousnkibs i-i' It'.er . r ' in tli is hrv. v': :.v,C vA v. I the M.xi'.ti.'- ''! i'''r.k:. i rh he ictuek. ; c;, llfw'.as doctor's ir-re than er disappoint ! o1 her i!aes. ! e nuye Vv. l t i i to learn of i ;Ie in;a.eice in Mh:eh i o e i t-1 1 . 4 liable, per- Co. piiironnire with the i Tr , .. .:rji'.-.: - le t eat mciit ana i . . ! cord s 1 v ; ' r'. r yc.i uvy l:me we will yr-u erce 3nd see ns. . ..:.:o:i AIOATTOXS has not bevveil ii'oc ; :;el. pre)ari'ti.nt '(oa f. oi ; ' r : iih.- ! v i Li Ajar. -H - .- rb- ili "! ciTOi . .f cier-.r-v-q : v,r,'..,ia ! Jjii'.i, .:: . ' ui: doeior ndd she ..'I bvi t''H nioruir'' rit .i rs. j -, 7 . : 1::, ,!u a(t'-;,(bsl her lis--.! triul nihr, All ilioui't --ho Jeust :(.'Ui!.' tidal l!'.i!li..-i:ia, "in sue -e!d(.d' tlllt !v : b.-riri'd U;v r. Kind's N-tv Di' e-overv, i,, .i. iwlv1 ; --uw; it. liad nu.-ic than onec i nved her ix 'ur; u t ' '' h(-a'1' ! if.s and liud cure ; her of Consumption. e,- - tir,,0 ,r(.q (p,,., Pi0 yrl,. 4. .iH' It vdl not be a iu.nhv t -vl , ; ai-ht, una jIk rrnther u, t-oiapletoly are.iu ali !au:iluir ujta -ood .. alnu"' d ' (, ;;rr.M 'j--jH rm.rvva:us nedieine Chan.? sConh Kr'er :y, to Know : i o-nuaiiteod to euro ui! Ytiront, Ch-'ft that p- plo everywln re take in ntul jillu;: D-oase. Only nitc and bOO. relatiry their experience in lb -:m or:Tr)q p0ulo.s free nt FetzerV urou that y-nrid mt ieeine aud i-; nnr , tore. of the -neiit alley havo leeeive.d irora ' " it, of bad coids it 1ms ( u.-.-d, of Clsasiij Aji'uinahle. ta.reatened aila -h:-; t rkeuraonia it has Pl , . - , uvu-trd an:i el the ci.ildien it. has oived J Tney are after AgumaJuo as from attacks of erouo an.l u-kAi Pounds a fter a fox. In a recent cough. It is a grand, good medicine. !,.,, .. , , . For sale by M. I.. 3birsh & Co. I.littlo byiit in a mountain pass Oen. Crejrorio del Pilar, com For le.aohe and the ''rowiny pains" of which the children :y i eut ej(i a smaij ' VI ,i LiUiJ :' n:-)Trp.i?-.F., Cb ashler, .-'sideut. "-I-e It Up! -. bv I i ; ibis ' p 1 a .w..iOtldiV-r les than 75 Owner . an have same :.: ; . a:riy, yay:i;g for a :d da in nires. K. McNISH. 410. man ding Ayadnaldo's body guard, was kille b He Is said to complain, wrap tin-ley iu sab i:svo wcn a brilliant and gallant water and then in llanind. As a cure for rheumJti&m Chamrer Iain's Pain IJolm is gaining a wide von no; officer. Cold Steel Or I3ea;h. There is but one small chanco to reputation. D B Johnston of Piiohmond, J save yOUr and that is through rin v u ; v iw,vw jna., uus uoeu xrouoiua utu inyr f operation " was the awful prospect set i ptl.a -; c?.oi-ireri senp, dc ailment since 18G2. In spabiny of it j 1)vfo ;e M ' L B. Hunt, of Lime Kidge, I liv-r-J -.-raw rd ores for I never foudd anything that vigf bv hor doctor after vainlv trying W,!C - ,a ,3 f.;r .pee. No ouldt Ti -cT0i ieT , "Jd ! to eiiro ,er of a fri-htful case of fctora- I,.;: , "I. W t,u Chamberlam s Pam bain., .it acts uke j ii(,h trouble and yellow jaundice. He ' ' ' ' magic with me. lIy toot vas swollen .lidn't count on the marvellous power of ivlo' i. ,,o;.nvn ou.NDKl Oo. and paining me verv much, but one j Electric iiittors to cure Stomach and "ood ?VPlicauonof Pain litum relieved Liver troubles, but she Lcaid of it, took ! , Eo. s.t r.7 i-i Ui Hiugeon n wuue, now weigns more anil W. ,!r 1 &t fe3? rr fiels better than ever. It's positivclv a r- .5 i- tr nenra rT( irv wer. c c: v-o r.-., ,r,o,;:t(i f. , 4,,;vr chi t.i. ..;. 1 . ,'. ? - ; v- ' .ilIW .PJ"!iis?g lUr i -y :rmm errs rg i rat png it i- 4i -area s Ca Uxa waS jio ' Ni 1. fl fl laid on a 3:ot v.-aler bottle and the affected part steamed over it. of alcohol and water, or r,an .. ; nu KKiuey tror.bu-s and lirjcr i:-5p- x ii-oiLi-:. i'rice oOcat ietzer'e drugstore, prone, or laudanum and water, j . FiiTlor's PhirsUtv 2?S?. My son hnsbcen troubled for year with chronic diarrhoea. Sometime ago I persuaded him to take some "of Chambererbda's Coiic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Eeniedy." After using two bottles of the 25-cent size he was cured. I give this testimonial, hoping some one similarly fdllicted may read it and be benefited. Thomas C Power, Glencce, O. For saie 03- M L IVTarsb. & Co. Druggist. To ' Taylor's plurality in Kentucky is now declared to ho 2383. There may be some contests over state offices but the great contention over the governor ship lias en d ed a n.d w i t h less trouble than was expected. b f.w:i . H a -b'f vy., 3 W U V i- L' J u WE ARE ASSERTING IN THE COU ? OUR IbHHT THE EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE VeJ- H.ASiO.pAp5 . ' PITCHER'S CASTORIA," AS OUR TRADE MARK. DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Lfyrmis, i.a, yy?? 0 originator cj " .p-? ?rr oes noa7 fcejr .f .. f foe -simile signature rfe-'' T.p'a- Ihcoricdva! "CASTCRi A" : P.O "TlPQnt f.iin i'UUilOTh P bill JO! Uvw 7 T. .p -3 LOCK CAREFULLY at the wrapper ana h'nd vqu have always ooucjlib r . - ajuilias ilie signature of tZ'lccA pen No one has authority from me to use mij : -''The Centaur Company, of which Chas, II Fletcher is : : - March 24,1898 . Jt ' J Do not endanger the life of your child by nc: a cheap substitute uliich some druypnst may raft . (because he makes a few more j a;:aai'es on -it;, gredients of which even lie docii not know. "The Kind You Have Always Bory BEARS TUS S;CNATU:: Or V tV T 1 TT ' The Kind That Neve: ' rfv THE CENTfeJ OOUPAWT, 17 HUWAf CT5:: 6 f 5 Xtf VOHH CtTV" i 1 ? .-Ui ' i llhailii till, FINE Plaids O 7 AND- ruling IHiL05, :aw-stcr Devil Fish. DEALER IN General Merchandise BUYERS OF :ts victim, is a type of j rTTT t intf nnnriTT o.i.;,.P uea The power of this. mu- uyjyiV i XI I rKUUUUii r rvr:' rr:d h:ain. ThereV no health Notice to Tr?;; -Payers. ; v.;i,K-. i A d? KingH New Jiia: Pills pre a safe and ceitam cure. lcht in tho world for Stomach, Liyer, a i' M II y'-wy hi l-i B-iias ts& The tax hooh have hoon open since the 1st of September and you have not been in to pay ! your tax. I have to settle with! . J d 1 Kidncvs aiftt Uowcls. Only 25 cents at l! etzer's Druj? Store. August Flowers. It is a surprising- fact," says Prof. i8JiPr:"i aJ COOD TOK MOULTS. fARH- 'iVD. PRsCv;; y-Oeto, O T TT A , It LS. , Jsov . Jr., I3?3. n:'C;,!t C:f ., ' hi'.-..noss. af-v."1 It ti- --" .; mv. vcw-iil e-ti m; Ciua iter "C : algta. Get Dr. Mn? . '.zl -Olis-t Cine c.-u; a dasa." the town by the 10th of January, Tl. M81nTrisinfff" l5r-1 s,?"s lrof; 1 (iaa t o-r, vt. i - ( Eonton, 'that my travel:-! m all parts of 1900, so I am obliged to nave the-oral, for thedast ten years, I have your uix at once. will call on you at once for the amount of your tax and shall expect you to b- ready for me. If not paid when I call, I will proceed to collect same by law. This is plain talk. and. it moans business. S. J. - Dup 0 lp nift more people Laving iised Green's Auiut Flower than any other remedy, for dyspepsia, deranged liver and stom ache, and for constipation. I find for tourists and. salesmen, or for persons filling of Ice positions, where headaches p'e leral bad teelinp:s from irrigular habitc, that Green's August Flow er i"h a ltivh'I renio v ' tries. ef nil kind. o. Four-foot Wood always Wanted. Best Price for same. ...... ..o We inyite arinspection of all thefgoods - . . wemanufacture . . 11 "1 iiriiiliiif oncord N. c. in J r I j N EFF!:'"?.1 -7TJLY TuE V: . j This condemea schada? -. . : " jlished- as inforrrjLion. i, : subject to change vhhooi a . ;.p : to the f:.,:b;ic : Traiss Is&ra vc:vl I'. - 5.;2 A, :.r. -No e, d.dly. v. mom!: L'ounectH at Greenetro ' ' ! ? ' i : l "i ... i i ..i .... . : . i for Norfolk, at Danville for Wultii p--'-. ard points North, at S:tli;..;: Aeheville, Knoxville and poira.s ;.V. : a 7. 19 A. M No. 33, the Nev, vo- - Florida Fxp-pph, earr:r Pnll ing Oars between New York' ni -i .a ga.sta, New York and Tampa, F'. ,,r ' Norfolk to Charlotte. 8-49A.M. No. 37, daily, YW ington and 'iouthwestoru; linr-d ' Atlanta, Jhrmiugham, Mcmpl'i--, j : gomery. Mobile and New Orar.n:., . all points South and So ' : Through PuIInifett fclee)cr New Vox I New Oil aiis rih! New York to mi-ihi Dining car, vestdi.ded eo.ieh, 1 . :. Washing-Ion and A iPuaa. 10:00 A. Id, No. 30, daily, for Yy ington, r-'r-hmbnd, Rh.-igh :a a points Noith. Carries Pullman dmv iT room bvP:et sleeper, New Ode-try a New Yoik: Jacksonville to ay York: 1 'ultra an tourtt rrp f:-,r 1 Fnmeisc' ;:.. New Orh era Paeaie Sundays r.v. X 1V ' ., - 11:23 A. Ivf - No. 1! daay : and all p..ha Boutx.. -..lul ?.,v ; roond to Atitinta. 7:09 P. M. No. 12, daily, mond, A Seville, Chattano- ' : Noiiolk, nd all points North. 8;51 P. M. -No 7, daily, fr- uiond, Washiijgton, Golchhcr Raleigh, Greensboro J- v "i Ashevilleto Chub - N. rv 8: 51 P. M. No . ?, d n'iv, P'V ; and Sonthwesterii Lr 'U : ington and all points i.o Pullman ear. Memphis to 1 .. -; ' New Orleans to New ' f- ventibuled coach ant! a;:, pp connection at Greensboro v; .-a. i"-' for Norfolk. 9.C0 P. yy No. 85, daily, foi " and New Orleans, carries h:'! sleeper New York to Nw Od::r- -York to Jacksonville and CL-uU- Atlanta; dinning car. Al-o I '! tourist err Washington to San i'a co, via Now Orlesn.3 Tuesd'y ai . -days. J. 43 P. M. No. 34, daily, tl. Tcrk an; - H ;rida Esnr sh. enTio' ;. (man Bleeping Cars 'between .e.P! and New York. Tampa, Fla, nnd i ork and Caarlotte to rdetrvKma. ' -ries sleeper Charlotte to Na:alk Greensborc;. First sections of regular throncr'5 local freight trains carry pa-c only to pern is whera tbey stoi u; i to Echedule. Frank S. Gannon, Third Vire-Pres. ntid Gen'l. TY Wardiington. r. John Td. Cnlp, TiuGic? rbimp: -. Wasliingioj, J a W. A. To :d:, Gab Pr -' , owan Dnsenbery, Local Agy f ' Concoru. -. '. ". -''.'."Jfl - v. - a , Yy- a

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