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North Carolina Newspapers

Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 12, 1899, Image 4

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if iU fill if- Scl 111: i ' i L vi li-j tiJ ;5?f In all iu 4;:3 ti.ere ; -;';r.'0i. EPv? v'V ; Sill in 1 I v i ' v. . . - - C. i. .3 away a C- tl in the Load reu-v. ' -.hvi is place u Jni i'.c nostrils, Bprsads oer the ;vzq and. is s.b-?nri,;J. Kclicf is im mediate u cuie follows. It. i-a not Oryinsr does " not province 8 aeezing. I ,irpe Size, eo cents at Drug- Sisf.- cr t.y '.mm , Tni:J .':;;, 1C cenis by mail. KjlY Bi ' .:I5r;ES,j;a V,.;ren Isew York. A f K. ., craven Has MM 800 TONS JELICO COAL 200 TONS HARD COAL A!so.3irlitani Bird Eye Cansel la!. Bsn.!e JUOt Good Smith Coal. Call and get what you want. 'Phone 74. RDn! 9 prill 8 I will be glad to have the pat ronage oi Concord's people when in nee 1 r any kind of cement work, placing of grates and brick w:.rk in general. . Sati . f " l i on guaranteed. vv'i si . C Dejournette. 2"T will be found at C B "Wag oner's on West Depot street. T H E sua OHers ILc'.uM'nc public a reliable, per- msnei, coust-rv.tive and accommodat ic: bP.r-'in in.-tation. We solicit your patronage vrith. the assurance of honorable treatment and due ap i ' .'ion of yuur patronage. If vf; : ' i -vrvo you any time we will be lad to l ave yon come and see us. LIJ'iiAL ACCOMMODATIONS TO ,L'aIOMEES li'il cllllliiyiii - OiUUUU, ' li Cgltbanz, Chalkier, J. IT. !Jl::; l. r-esident. 16 (Jne hniHlrd loads of cinders. ! ft i j ri !l I PHONE . 410. WANii-.D Ti nny 100,000 pund oicl c:-.3--iion scrap, de livered ; ' e foni'jer' at onc, for which we ill pay a fair prie No fited l(Ai. CaNCOftl) F0TJNlf:T Co. !S JUST AS GOOD FOR ADULTS. WARRANTED. 3CE50cts, GALi TIA, Iixs., Nov. IS, 1S93. Paris Medicine Co., st. Louis, Mo. Gentlemen :-Vr. t-old laet. year, COO bottles of GROVE'S CHILL TONIC and have "bought three uros niready this year. In all or ex cerience of 14 yc.:rs, 'a the am business, have i : M ; n artic'.' ihiii. .vo such universal satis t. ': u Ut. 5 -ur n' . JiC . ou r iru I y , j V U M Bank K Wis K toa y W &a KAb5 Fat "isfc A Lfft.:-:VtWl H.t ; -iw i.V M45is TA5TELES f-szzz ra in S3 S3 KJ fcfj E Did He Believe? x skeptical youm? -man con fronted an old Quaker with the statement that he did not Ixlvo m -the Bible. The Quaker au: "Dost thou believe in France?'' "Yes; though I have not it. I have seen others thivt hosidos. there is nlc.ntv o . - - u roborative proof that such country does exi -t . " "Then thee will not believe anvlMiiiZ thee or other have not seen?" "Iso; to be sure I won't 55 "Did thee ever see thine own brains?" "No." "Ever see anbody that did?" "No." " "Does thee believe thee has any?" The lected. young man left. -be- A SUEE CURE YOll CliOUP. Twenty-Five Years' Constant Use With-1 outaFailnro. 1 J1Ke :" 1"S " '"- The first indication of croup is hoarse- Iain not in the favor of men's ness, nnd in a child subject to that; diseast; it maybe taken as u biuv sipu f j v" ' . i v the approach of an 'attack. Following Iim 1 'ked immortal Siuli this hoarseness is a, peculiar rou'h j to weave; coiifrh. U Chamberlain's Couh v() rost; 0f f1()11()r iVenr I on mv Eemody is iven as noon as the child be-, sloovo Cpmas hoarse, or even alter the croup i ' ' . , , appears, it will prevent the attack. 1 1 To cluMe- the gloom, wneii lliat is used in many thousands cf homo J 1 1 j bod y lies if this broad land Mid never disappoii;t An un rhr-'ed ""hu lie to rot upon the anxious mothers, u e haye yet t i'.''- ?, .1 to learn of a single instance i f 1 which s 'Olv. has not proved effectual. Ko oths' The ciew of mutinous senses preparation can show such a lecoidij overboard. twen3-liye years' constant use withoo I a failure. For wile by M L ATartsh Tliy vr-ath to stay what shall I Co " briu'j-. Holiday Hailron.l Rules. OOoil? Tnc lillios r,liou luist On account of tho holulavs IhoL . , i",!;'y lovo repay, Southern will soil round vn,"nt 1 ",as -n-with thy .-.,. -j .1 , i tiCKets tor one and one third fare. Tickets will be on sale!T Dec. !kk:!o, oT-o'l, and Jan. 1st, L continuous passage with limit to! Jan. 4th. It will Lot be a surprise to any who crs a t . i i '(miliar Tilth trnwl iimilitu u if rhi- JnCiK'f. limrrlv t4 lev. aw that peopiC everywhere take, pi vsure m "There is but one small chance to rdatm their exfince m the use of .save your h and thpt is through an that spiendid medicine: and- in te hn ; operation," was the awful prospect set of the bc-Leht they have received from ! before ?,lrs 1. B. Hunt, of Limn Kide, it, of bad cohib it has cured of w'is,, by her doctor after vainly try in threatened attack of pheumoma. it has j to cun; her of a frightful case of stom averted and of the children it has saved I oMi t-,lini,i., T1(i v,.iirtW i,,,,,,; i? from attacks of croup kjmj Lo"i'i:i cou'h. It is a jrand, jrood medicino. For sale by M. L. Marsh ' Co. As a cure for rheumatism Chamber lam's Pain Balm is gaming a wide reputation. D B Johnston of ivichmond, Ind., has been troubled with flint ailment since lb02. In speaking of it he -says: "I never found anything that would relieve me until I v... Chamberlain's Pain -Balm. It. act- i k;. maic with me. My foot was &vohm and paining mo very much, but one good application of Pain Balm relieved mo. For sale by M L Marsh k Co. Druggist. My son has been troubled for year with chronic diarrhoea. Sometime- ago I persuaded him to take some of Chambererlain's Coiic, Cholera and Diarrhoea liemedy. After Uiing. two bottles of the 2o-cent size he was cuied. I give this testimonial, hoping some one pimilnrly afflicted may read it ard be benefited. Thomas C Bo -or, Glencoe, O. For sale hy M L Marsh & Co. Druggist. A Frightful Blunder Will often cause a horrible Burn, Scald, Cut or bruise, Inicklens Arnica Salve, the best in the world, will kill the pain and promptly heal it, Cures Old Sores, Fever Sores, Ulcers Boils Felons, Corns, all Skin Eruptions. Best Pile cure on earth. Only 25c a box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by P B Fetzer, Druggist, Notice to TaxPayers. The tax books have boon open since the 1st of September and you have not been in to pay your tax. I have to settle with the town by the 10th of January, 1900, so I am obliged to have your tax at once. I will call on you at once for the amount of your tax and shall expect you to be ready for me. If not paid when I call, I will proceed to collect same by law. This is plain talk, and it means business. S. J. Ervjn. r he . p. . ' W 'inr oi -in r jiope to ca K,-1 he imil'ulto ine, And build your white wings round me like a wall; 'Is. sa ve sue fruiii the thought v.'l h;-s been h-ys ;i!id years T have no rdeasui'(3 in. 1 a i Disabled, stalled in habits' deep M-orn rut, My labor is a vain and empty striie, A Inuring at the "wheels of life When the vital tendons all are cut; I have no plea, no argument to mak e, Only love can save me for love's sake. The evil I have done I do de plore, And give my praise to whom it doth belong, For each good deed that soemeth .out of wrong An accidental step and nothing more; Treasure for heavenly invest- - - A- - . i- iiiimii inuini; oa litis- dare sav, ,-,. , A rM1 - ' oiiiipiy 10 i ey cross 1 enng: am iiiuione, lost utterly, un less My sins Thou buriest in Thy lenMerness. nY r . ColdStecI Or Death. didn't count on the marvellous power of Electric Hitters to cure Stomach and Liyer troubles, but -he heard of it took Kcveu bottles, was w holly cured, avoided surgeon ;s knife, now weighs more and feels b Iter than ever. It's positively guaranteed to cure Stomache, Liver and KidM-y trout 'cs and never disap points. Trice 50e at Fetzer's drug store. Mine Explosion, A tearful gas oxplosion occur red in the Colorado mines in Washington state last Saturday in which probably lifty men were killed. ' A Konster Devil Fish. Destroying its victim, is a type of Constipation. The power of this mur derous malady is felt cn organs and nyrve:. and brain. There's no health till it's overcome. But Dr Kings New Life Pills are a safe and certain cure. Best in the world for Stomach, Liyer, Kidnevs and Bowels. Only 25 cents at Fetzer's Drug Store. When a girl can read her title clear to matrimony's share, she bids farewell to every fear and forgets to curl her hair. THE BiuST PRESCRIPTION FOR CJilLLS aud fever is a bottle c Grovo's Taste-Ici-.i Chill Tonic, iu vcr fails to cure; Then why experiment vcith worthless imitations? Price 5p cents. Your money back if it fails focuro. August Bowers. "It is a surprising fact," Bays Prof. Houston, 'that my travels in all parts of the world, for the hist ten years, J havo met moro people having used Green's August Flower than any other remedy, for dyrrepsia, deranged liver and stoiii ache, and for constipation. I limj for tourists and fialoMiien, or for persons tilling oflico positions, whero headaches and general bad leelings from irrjgulnr habits exist, that Green's August Flow er is a grand remedy. H 1ons in, jure tli" rtv f ;,. ' if n3 WE ARE ASSERTING IN THE COURTS OUR SIGHT TO THE EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE WORD -CASTORIA," AND PITCHER'S CASTCRIA,'' AS OUR TRADE MARK. DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Eyannis, 31as?an,,!f, was the originator of "OA&iUniA, Vie m has borne ana aoes now uuu the facsimile signature of 'his; is the oriainal "CASTOR I A" which has been :jl 1 iho hnmp.Q nf tha Mothers op LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see ilwi a ? theJdnd jou have always bought r - and has the signature of CJx?cd4 wrap per. No one has authority from me to use my name exci The Centaur Company, of which Chas. 1L Fletcher is Prc.'-V.. March 24, 1898. Do Not Be Deceived. Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute which some druggist may offer you (because he makes a few more pennies on it), tlr a gredients of which even he does not know. "The Kind You Have Always Bought" BEARS THE SIGNATURE OF Insist on Having The EM That Never Failed You THE CCNTAMfl COUMnV, TT MURRAY STHS.iT. Nt-W YORK WTTi ODELL FINE Ginglxams s, bneetm Salt Bas AND Outing Cloths. -o- DEALER IN General Merchandise o- BDYER8 OP COUNTRY PRODUCE of all kind. . . .o Four-foot Wood always Wanted. Beet Prico for sumo. ..W....O., Wo inyito au'iuspectiou of all the'goods . . . wogmanufacturo . . . fit :, mmm 1 mmm ca. mifnnttminn ! mum uy. onoord N. a Va 5 jr America ror over inirvi ? I MioatIwrn ft w N EFFECT JULY THE in ' Is, : , This conden: ea schedu!?: s !",K iished as information, bug :i subject to change without nolic to the public : Trains learo uonccrd N. C 5.52 A. M. No 8, daily, fov Ilih. mond; connects at GreeTjbr ier Raleigh and Goldsboro; at (li i1 l.rro for Norfolk, at Danville foVf .( and points North, at Saii v-'.-rry Abbeville, Knoxyille and points West. 7. 19 A. M No. 33, the New York Florida Express, carries Pullman Sleep ing Cars between New York ai;d Au gusta, New York and Tain pi. Fh., ar! Norfolk to Charlotte. 8;40 A. M. No. :V7, daily, Well ington and Southwestern limit .1 r Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, A.T"!:n goniery, Mobile and New Orh'is, aai all points South and Sont.'iw t. Through Pullman sleeier N 1 V( r : to New Orleans and New York to . 1 Dining car, vestibuled coach, bct vu 11 Washington and Atlanta. 10:00 A. M. No. 3H, daily, lor ington, Bichmond, Balei-zh ' points North. Carries Pullman ,1,;. - -room buffet sleeper, New Or -e New Yoik; Jacksonville J v ,? York: Pullman tourist cars irj Francisco vir. New Orleans mv. -1 itU. eru Pacific Sundays and Y'oune.v! i.f -; 11:23 A. M. No. 11, daily for AH ; and ail points Soutn. Solivl rr -iu, ' mond to Atlanta. 7:09 P. TT. No. 12, daih', t'--v mond, Asht ville, Chattancu-ga, ' Norfolk, and all points North. 8; 51 P. M. -No 7, daily, fron "! aiond, Washington, Goldsborc, Raleigh, Greensboro Kr.o m1.j -Asheville to Charlotte. N. C. 8: 51 P. M.-No 3S,c!.-;v, - . -and Southwestern limited. ington aud all points Pullman car, Memphis to a New Orleans to New YV r.. ' ' vestibuled coach and dining ; ' connection at Greensboro w!ih - . for Norfolk. 9.0 P. LI. No. 35, daily, foi .V and New Orleans, carries P: sleeper New York to N?w Oriean s AH .ill. York to Jacksonville and Char .1 r Atlanta; dinning car. Also V '- tourist ear Washington to San Fruyi co, via New Orleans Tuesday and - v days. 9.45 P. M.-No. 34, daily, the V - York and Florida Express, carries Tan man Sleeping Cars between Auirut.i and New York. Tampa, Fla, and V York and Charlotte to llichmoiub Cif rics sleepers Charlotte to Norfei1: v: i Greensboro. Firt sections of regular through or local freight trains cany pas-011-only to points where they stop actuiv to schedule. Frank S. Gannon, Third Vice-Pres. and Gen'l. M , Washington, l". John M. Culp, Trafiio Manager Washington, I. - W. A. Turk, Gon'l. Pass. Agent, Washington, V. C Cowan Dusenbery, Local -Agent, Concoitl. N. M

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