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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 13, 1899, Image 2

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'1 1 1 1 I - ..fl(J if I fk a I 13 a 111 IK ji is la la "ill I St li ! an ur'z & 5 fir J0!: I). BAKU i and SON. Editors and Proprieloi . :a fin: .i-imiira isriSif 1 ' 0 - y r TIP js published every . . v !-tv ) and delivered b j-ii;los ot Subscription : ;4 00 U. 2 00 1 GO .35 e ay : L V 'J T A N D A I i I n a Senator Pritchard is so much in earnest in Ms opposition to the proposed amendments that he will try to have Congress to lei1 the Supreme Court how to eons true uie constitution made bv former bodies. His undaunted zeal is to be admired if we (so hold his devices in just contempt. Bywww .ta.ia CONCORD MARKETS. COTTON MARKET. Corrected by Cannon & Fetzer Company. Good middling The Peace conference ; at XJ 'I u Suit or is -not responsive, c: course, but it seems rather vji.eer that that, movement to ib sarin 'Mln rpor It bis I the nations, make wars to c,. s . and stop the groCxt expense oi military preparations should 1.x j followed so quickly by a b'.-ody Avar bv England and a dca:bbn: ; AJoai of Germany's navy. Z 1 . , i.- '.i-.i.' J.; T iMW:rM li-'-JL; mi;, I'm;;.. ;;T .l-llllU Adv. rt::;-iU'V Kilt'-S : , rc;ul::i ;.ayejnVi'd S ' ) xll ' , Concord, N. 0. ro..:-!), N. C, j)!-:c. 18, Je. So not y.rv wlunliet: or hoi id ere is'a iaw to puio.ise- ex li:e persons who go about n d- -; .if the danger oi spivuudig diseases such as small pox. T'n'e certainly should be. it to take years of service in f!-.P !ientiary to expiate the c-ri.; -L spreading such diseases wit;' e; ; 't)tion only of satisi'a!.: lo: .- -vide nee that the individual -x ,..ow3odge of cx)0sure t :j,eas( J' is ahogei her '(V',-,.a matter for a wliole iiii;y to be distressed and 0: ' -tK'od by some wretch to ,;;, -"iU'.i to carry anything i; .i v! i sea sc. b'.v-in lias liad several such '. : iv;ei';. v aad she has a h':rl ti.s:de with smallpox. Jf . ,;.vc;. iu it from !r ; i.;id'ag it will l)e most praise v, :';-y; but the -y it has boon sj ..! S' e:a : ;i na . , u ii a aevei'e iMjtiaii v were b ' .: sub. in1M noes then.1 would be fewer of them. t ..- eoi. Ididdling Low middling.,. Stains. 7 50 7 40 7 00 0 00 i acon l ; ;! i'-cu 1 ha tns 1 iO.l I: mea l- side.-s . . llreswax The Piedmont toll bridge across the Yadkin just above the Southern's railroad bridge, is finished and open for business, we learn from the Salisbury Sun. Our Rowan and Davidson neigh bors will be less impelled to take water. MI CONCEIT. . . : ; . . . ; : natr ! ; : i' i ' i 1 A little dog barlved at the big round moon Thai smiled in the evening sky, And the neighbors smote him with rocks and shoon; 'hit still he. contiuued hisragefal tune, And lie barked till his throat was dry. The bttle dog bounced like a rubber ball, Per bis aner quite drove him wild; And he sakl: "I'm a terror, al though I am small, And I dare vou, you imnudent fellow," to fall." Hut the moon only smiled and smiled. Then the hrJe dog barko 1 at a terrible rate, iJut he challenged the moon in vain, For as calmly and slow as tin. workings oi fate The moon moved along bi a manaer sodale ilODUCr: MAKKET. Coi-r xded by Swiak & White. -i i . . 20 . 10 to 15 ..10 to 5 05 15 10 2 00 G5 50 Chickens Corn Jvj;tis T F.onr (N. C.) Oats Tallow.: . Ol't I wonder, sadly wonder, V, bou tiie lovely twilight falls, And the shadow of the gloam- 1 IT x2T Lingers on my study walls, j.L I I11S Ui;iH Ul n;x,uuiu, Filling my weak heart with, pain, U ill in God's good time return ing Brighten my life again. Oft when darkness deepens round me, All in vain I search the gloom, Hoping that some wandering stargleam May seek shelter in my room. But there' ne'er has dawned a morning When I did not greet the light With thanskgiving and rejoic ing, X That 1 first had known the niirht. Mks. S E Kenkdy. To accommodate those who are partial to the use of atomi zers in applying liquids into the nasal passages for catarrhal troubles, the proprietors prepare Ely's Liquie Cream Balm. Price including the spraying tube is 75 cents. Biuggisis or by mail. Tin.? jioTd embodies' the medici nal properties of the solid pre)-. ;i ration. Cream iaiin is qujcl.dy absorbed by Lho membrane and And smiled at- the doir bi db -j does not dry up the secretions, ... V i -I J . . .... J I uui. changes i nem io a naiurai and healthy character. Ely M ! I n ,;(" '-v-tn h thai ob )aot isners , O: t , . ii. rag an: : ,o ' . reduce the " .. i.d paper." - sa v this is 'j r ;iimr. but a a : with Repub- dc: : r ions to remove any of ; .'. . ('-" , rasox. -there's little f.:r fort in' it. Denunciation of ti . e s will dou'otle.js make some ;i f :ading in the next Re- ui national plat Lorm, but i . plainly demonstrated that Re jaolicaaisui is more wedded to abr")rmal tariffs than to equal riots to all. cam the iedzest . I ' U1 xC si rucicd trie wet The lijoon sank out of bis sight , a,i a- ii. !,! amea a.-, n siowiy ea-o-o u o.i i . . ; :. i a lher;x, r0 v'-o run St., . 1 w ... I . . II .14 T ii, .; in Preparing for Conference Vg Need Some of these A TSCi!e I I v ' V, l- I X-' xi TO. I J ) i Rlone.ned Table Paiiia si; inches wide 47ie.; do. 72 mcnv wiae Good- Agsortment of Tovvj- Cotton, unbleached, 5c; Bleacbed - to J2b-.: i . OOilllC;. . o i t j noiiio-ir.. 10-4 -Bleachsd -Sbaetmg- 22 io'A. a Lace Curtains TO coo Q,x,-x mi Tvich ino" r V,:S , .,, lihi. ; Scrim 5c; IMuslins ana Swio.ves at b' to i(c. Silkoiiiies G4 to 1-2. Nice Assortment Fancy Table Covers, 3arf.?, Tidies, Cushions, Cushion Covers, etc., in stamped, printed and worked patterns. Embroidery Silks at i to 3c. per skein. Zephyr 5a. per sk.'hi. Special in Undecorated German Coma Three sizes Plates and Sauce dishes at GOe. )er so, Decorated cake plates, salad bowls, berry sets, cups and saia-er III of ei iPiinui. m il Combs 5c. up. Hair Brushes 8c. - up. $5 Silk Dress Skirts a.t .35. chear nr.e, 03c. up. Ladies vests 15c. up. Drawers to match 18c. i;. ah a:'., Undershirts .18c. up. Drawers 25c. up. Nice lot of hoods and caps for children. See our 10 cent line of hosiery. About 500 Novels at iO cents each. You will make a mistake to buy a Oarje be fore seeing our line. Very respectfully, To w ' d ( ) v.T i ' 1! o x - (. J o v e r n o r I iioli di -.1 suddenly in liuriimrton i. 4l i-ij, l,..,,. ... '; , ... ! ast ramaav wu': oiie was down to rest: ''Well, I scared it away, all rihta' PucU. v :.; ' : laa a. Red Hot From tiie Gun W:is the ball that hit G. B. Btadman of Xwfi.ik. Mirh., in tlie Civil War o Liva.:xt via a; ' oi Terror "Aya-.l i.i. v. us felt for the vitlow i tluv bi:io Ueaer.a lundnnn of ax.joai I1:', Ma., when the doctor said she t uvii l v.H;i:vx. till morniu" writes Mrs. Sj. II Lincoln, who attended her that ty, ,,.-,, , i full(. ,t cl,, must If you arc not a nibscribr tot lij'ou have anytLh.; t- The StrmdatCi ? youe.nraakeitle,,...:.:br, . now Is the time to subci -iac. Tj n , ' is pi tolls J odd every day ( Sunday ex cepted,) and delivered at your door for only Wo- per week or 35e per month nit hiMmm prints homo art d other news that is of interest to our readers and to make it grow better we must have the pat ronage of the people iUM-ased homuio Ulcers tiiai no uyii- ,..t,u iroin Pneumonia, but sh. ment Helped ior au years, inon tor Dr. Kiu'y New Discovery, BucklenN Arnica Salvo cured him. . ,VJ).,. h )n,t r thmi once avcd her Cures Cuts, i "iises. lurn, i.yX, , Uie Uu(l had cured her of Consuraptio?i. CAU'iTIi, Ai) OTH-1K PASCALS. It now appears that Capt. Obarlin Garter was not the only rascal that got fat off the Savan nah harbor appropriation. He is now serving a five year term of imprisonment by decree of ... military court-martial, but it seems he is subject to civil court procedure, and an indictment of hhu with- D B Green, John P Gaynor, Wm, T-Gaynor, Ed H is a ax., at to oo ei.lercd upon. Felons, Corns. Skin Eruptions. liet Pile cure on earch. 2octs. abox. Cure guaranteed. Sold at Fetzer's Drug store A BIT OF LIFE. Aiu r three small doses she slept easily allni'ht, and its further use completely cured her." This marvelous medicine iz guaranteed to cure all Throat, Cheat and Luus Disease. Only 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free at Fetzei's droug store.-, Died of Smallpox. Mrs. W E IMcNairy, who re sided not far from the terrarcotta works in Guilford, has died of smallpox. This is the first fatal case there. Three oi t ie Gaynors seem to a a Von gainers by the Sa- v;a "ar. ' i ' . v. ;'iaa tr:a'i: ,..aa ';as, but it r-a n-ias b be seen whether A maiden sat within the door And sang as many times before. A man to daily, toil passed by, No'love or pleasure lit his eye. But when he heard" the merry song ....... He whistled as he went along. A woman by the window wept For one who in the churchyard slept, But when upon her hearing fell That tune she knew and loved so well, The flood of burning tears was k - i t I the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will And soon a song her hps os. .. ii)!rll)0 p00r littlo Bulle.;3r immS- sayeel. 1 Her neighbor heard the . .-nd strain, j And softly joined the sweet jv- j frain. Thus, all day long that era1 .so a a , bore ' j its joyousness from door to !a;a j Claka J. Denton. For ivr finv Tears Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over fifty yearp by mil lions of mothers for their children whde teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens atho gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is "' 'br. Sold by druggists in very part r .ewoild. Twv nty-nvo AtjLs a bot Iv.: Hire rnd fiak for 'iVIrs. Win "v, K(.(ithii-- iSTiip," and t daj io v - . . t Gjye. us a trial when you make your next order for... f Job Work. Work readvcwhen'proinised. t ! 5- If you wautfjto ; any thins t f Adyerlainr, A, youj can call iorjjt ihroug'a $ v The Standard. f ilie Stand u.ra . madeknown on .pi Gonstanry i -x t ho (onipleinent ' '.' ; ! )' ner hmaan virtues.- H liyii ll). a -a" ' v. ib gam oi rascality. dv meir 4 a-

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