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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 14, 1899, Image 2

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I 'F. m t i i-. j. 1 ..i 'if' 5 - 4', 1:! hi 1 i ... ,1" '.d '1 p - . .is ! : s r , : ;i art 4 5S : l m 3 8 ter as All JOHN D. BARRIER and SON, Editors and Proprietors. THE TUG OF WAR. HIE STANDARD ia published every diy ('iiid::y excepted) uiad delivered by ri.r. liutfs of Subscription : Ons year if 4.00 2 co Th moQths ...... i--j? One iiiuufb Pir:;v n:!T!v, .05 THE WEEKLY STANDARD is & oar-pae, ciLt-coluum paper. It hs larger circulation in Cabarrus than uny Ctcr :rpcr. Trice 1.01) per annum m su race.' Adverting Ilats : rvK'Ti".- for regular advertisements nude ki'cwn on ap) li cation. A dd;-ss communications to THE mTAN-J aRD, Cor.ivud. N. C. f:;co;:r, N. C, Di:c. I t, 1S0U. IW 'HiY r."JJ TO MAKE FiKE. TheUriiisii Can't Alake Headway-Disasters the Rule- The war in Africa is being far frora a wnl!:-ovcr by the British, while it marks no recent special ;;:-' rossiveness on the part of the Boers. The Modeler River battle some tune since was eAceedingly hard fought, and while a victory for the English it was hardly fruit ful. At Stormberg last Sunday the English seemed misguided and quickly lost noarly 700 men cap tured. Another effort by Gen. Moth-, uen on the Modder River on the 1 1th proved disastrous and dem onstrated the fact that he can no I with his present force dislodge the enemy. It is uncertain what are-the rehilive losses in this battle. The British had wounded and some forty killed. At Ladvsmith the siege con- ;i '; st i n :r r . 1 if v:v. s show ti us ret'eiitly by Air. Jacob A , . t : . ,...w, finnit? viMi Mil (ipcncimi!il s...H.. jl ', ()V . XL l. it I UUUtO HAM. VVCWiV-vfc of some brilMance and calculated to cheer the EugTsh and hold the Boers at cautious distance. Re centlv a dash was made and a vt-oi!i'".t steet brought from Germany by ' his great grand father. It is heart-shaped, "h 'tb(v slender and ac- vvA ii asuring 8 inches in ; heavy siege gun was captured , .h ,i ;. ;-h.' at the oval j ar-d destroyed. The Boers closed ond. Its purpose and use was to j in on the rear but the British cut :1c'." . oina Hint before the j their way through and back to :3a . - -L ;ne Lucifer match. As ! their -stronghold. Ths seems j. ; . :; he ei;i.-s approaching the only cheering incident re- u ' Jrnior davs that ma v ! cor.?1 ; for the Drh :sli. A Supper Awaitt d Tmm. Rev. R M Hoyle and family arrived Wednesday night from Shelby to live here, the recent Methodist conference having as signed him to the Forest Bill church. The good ladies of the church were there that night and had a nice supper waiting for the minister and his family. To accommodate "those who are partial to the use of atomi zers in applying liquids into the nasal passages for catarrhal troubles, the proprietors prepare Ely's Liquid Cream Balm. Price including the spraying tube is 7 cents. Druggists or by mail. The liquid embodies the medici nal properties of the solid prep aration!" Cr.-im Balm is quickly absorbed by the membrane and dnps not dry tin the secretions, i but changes them to a, natural and healthy character. Ely Brothers, GO Warren St., N. Y. A Niglit ol Terror "Awful anxiety vu& felt tor the widow of tho bravo General Rurnbain of Maobins, Me., when the doctor paid she could not live till morning" writes Mrs. S. H. Lincoln, who attended ber tbat fearful night All tboubt she must soon die from Pneumonia, but she Wj&vd for Dr. Kind's New Discovery, savins it had muie than once nuved her life, and bad cured her of Consumption. After three small doses she slept easily all night, and its further use completely cured her." Thia marvelous medicine is ixuarantecd to cure all Throat, Che?t and Liuis Diseatie. Only 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free at tetzer's drou store. In Preparing for Cooffereece Ym May Need Some of these Articles ; Linen, a-)., OJC. Bleached Table Damask 52 Cotton 25c; L: inches wide 47ic ; do. 72 inches wide Ooodl Assortmeint of Towels, Cotton, unbleached, 5c; Bleached up to 121c; Linen 12lc. Blankets 50c. per pair up to V7 ! ' pair, August Flowers. i ,i :i! rin. . i t ii -. ! i . i - "l it ;i o.;i unju- vi. w J " . ti; jgnincance 01 ine war is oi on ?-rn su .sun i Tr, . tlv.,i in n ,,wtR of j LJ.WH.-3lH.lJl, lLLiJ J " v-.J . ' J -' cut ol iiist'-amciit it may not L. j relate the process of .re in thos days. : wiis wanted a Hint ,:aick of knife blade , .;;d pin-pose) and piee , .;i.L. v, di.-c.ived matter very tree) re Ml die; ana taree ciies ii2 though messages sometimes pass the lines at each, Ladysmkh. Kimbefiy and Mafekiug. CV- "iiri;tifia Holiday F.xcur -ioa l.'ntes. Account of tin; above tlie tiit) world, for the last ten years, i have met more .people having used (Ireon'e August riower than any other remedy, for dyspepsia, deranged liver and stom t.ehc, and lor constipation. I tind for touribts and saleFinen, or for poisons tilling t)ilice positions, where headaches ami general bad leelin.s from lrriular habits exist, tbat Green's A n?ust blow er is a fjrand leuiedy. It does not in i"r ft.. Kvt..r:i v f r ntient. uf.e and is Southeu Radway will se:l 1 icka'ts j eliout" for sour stomaebs and indi- nr, imi.t . rit,. r,r (, , ,,,.' ;a-stion." 8ampk bottles free atFetzer's 1 nar f loie. h'Jla by dealers m all civil- or.e tiiiia nrst-ciass. s.aaeai ii ;as ja;-a eiiner low tie jinn and. dex- j . v fro-os for rona 1-1 r'm. Tidiets on sale Dtic. 22 m i;".i and Dec. oOih to Jan. 1st inclu sive. Tickets will be sold to students and leaders upon pre- , . -:-.s -;' ; h, a4 a on tii" .n-Aiiiua r5paiiL. ih:e those ii'oai an emery wheel. fiox! ')unk catches from every .-.park 'hat lights "upon it and buri lih.e knt cotton before ':'L.;.h:g. Thj.; sincuklering punk is priced in straw or other com-bu.-jvibio liiaUer und swung vig jrov ' h, with the hand and arm '. t : i e-:-- hito liame. This -0 ho w iLi.y used to make lire. y.c ; that Senator Pritchard 1 a htced a resolution into aimed at the best in- L ..lie State, a resolution, ii his Populist colleague, Butler, will doubtless .iUjij art, since he has come out -. j i J 1 T jty : ; Kt i aeisiuutionai amena me North Carolina is virtually without representation in the 1Tii:Vj ' States Senate. The State ? i i uch the condition that Virginia was when Mahone and Rioe h-berger misrepresented a 'ale in the upper house of Cotiaaess at the time of the Dan viLj riots. Virginia found a frier d tlvr.i in North Carolina, Senator Vance conducting a su port, light for the honor of the Old Dominion. No doubt Vir ginui will seize this opportunity of repaying that old debt through her brilliant son, John W Dan; el. Senator Morgan, of Alabama, it is said, will come to the defence of Koth Carolina and the State ?iil not lack aid and support from other of her Southern sis ters. Charlotte Observer. i J countries. omorrow DIr, l'owlass Dead. Rev. C B Miller left Wednes day ii'ght for Rowan county where he was called by the death of his brotber-'.u-law, Mr. Jno. Powlass, who lied from pnou- sentation of certificates signed j I U ! I 111 I by the Supt., Pj"incit)al or Presi dent of schools and colleges on Dec. 15th to 21st. All tickets limited returning Jan. Ith 1900. We will throw on our Bargain Counter Mr. G. W. Ould'd coujpltitq Jine of S iuipLi of LidicD' and Misses Hose, U.n dcrvestw, Uinbrellas, Belts, L.ip robs, Purges, Combs, Corsets, Scai f s, Brown Oversbirts, Men's Worh Shirts, Duck Coats, Sus penders, Oy oralis, and every thiug whiah compri3fcs a line of samples. These "goods are all na Led at exactly the wholesale pneo and i- you can find the monia. Mr. Lovlass irid two daughters at school at the semi-! ,,n?ah(r Joa wish in ol the j. , Tjl j j, . novo L'ooaB you can ouy tnem fei narv at Mt. Pleasant this ses- H , J, . , . cxucny vvjiuiyuifc) fnce. we would call the ladies speoinl ftth-.nnon to the hue ol hose as it eoiopii.-H-s h line from 3o. per p?iir to 50c, The 50c. oneb are out of ear line and w will sell them ftt 3Cc; 35c. ones a-t I7c, and so on all through tho line. We aold a liDelike the Rboe last summer in two dny?, so don't come a wesik from now and atk to see thfffe -amples for thoy will be sold. Swink&White. sion. r v)j- Fiitv ettrn Mrs. , Window's Soothing Syrnp has been u.ed for over fifty years by mil lions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gnras, allays all pain, cures "wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieye the poor little sufferer immedi ately. Sold by druggists in every , part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bot tie. Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Win dows Soothing Syrup," and take na other kind wwijiuii1K--v ------ci?fl.iIgtO - Home-Made Comforlr; $1.25 to &l.oU. 10-4 Bleached Sheeting 22 l-2c. por Lace Curtains 68c. to $2,50 per See our Irish point curtains at ;:-2.;0. v-artnan i.;.'.b ;i;,:. . Scrim 5c; Muslins and Swisses at 10 to 16c. Praia. Silkolines 6- to 12-ic Nice Assortment Fancy Table Covers, Scarfs, Tidies, Cushions, Cushion Covers, etc., in stamped, printed and worked patterns. Embroidery Silks at i to 3c. per skein. Zephyr 5c. por k -in. Special in Undecorated German China Three sizes Plates and Sauce dishes at COc, per sot. Decorated cake plates, salad bowls, berry sets, cups and sauces and plates. t ii of loiin ii ii i ifl 1 1. per m. Combs 5c. up. Hair Brushes 8c. up. $5 Siflk Dress Skirts at 3.35. choker om 93c. up. Ladies vests 15c. up. Drawers to match 18c. up. Men's Undershirts .18c. up. Drawers 25c. up. Nice lot of hoods and caps for children. See our 10 cent line of hosiery. About 500 Novels at 10 cents each. You will make a mistake to buy a Cape be fore seeing oar line. Very respectfully, li yon jwro not a subscriber to J t The Standard t 4 3iW Ib tiK3 time to rabecribe. j. fV Ft!. Tfvnn l.otrA rurvlbinar to sclll J w v J $ you can make it known throng The Standard. , t i : X w V u published every day SuToday a mpted) and delivered at your door v for ordy 10c per week or 85 c- per month y -if v t V V .V inh i3i:sT pjiescwpiion FOE CHILLS idf"-' -isa bottle c Grove's- Taste iets Cbiii Coaic. Never fails to cure; Ten vby experiment witb wort ales i W3n4- .,) Pri rA cent::. leur &oun. V.r,r:& ii It fidls to cure. A Place Not Found Yet. The committee appointed to get a place for the pest house has not yet come to a decision. If possible they will secure Mr. Dan Moore's house on the other side of the Three Mile branch near where the lynching occurred. 0 YEARS' ymmmmm experience 1 TO CURE A COLD IN 05 E y A MADE MARKS WPl.-: Designs rrvvx Copyrights 4c. 'i0116 Benu?e a sketch and description may 82kiT as!rertaiL1 o1" opinion free whether an JSSKSSLJ8 Probably patentable. Commnnlca. twn Btrtctiy confldentfel. Handbook on Patent tent free. Ol-Jest ancy for Becunns patent Patents i taken through Munn & Co. recSV Scknfic BiierlcaiL. Take JUsaKw Promo Qniains , SSllSM- 'tSS? All druggists refund inony if it fail.: to -Itvlif 1Ci ' vM" Sold bya11 newsdealers. cure. 200. Be genum baa L. B, Q. rt eacb tablet ' ?3lIHS&Go.465Bf. Hew York &wrfcVr. W ?4Il3s Kery l?v2V?.. ' i " AlJC estoraave vrvinc brings rest. 0 T 53 1 5a t 1 Ol i In prints Iwnve a?id other news that is erf interest to our readers and to make M grow better w& rruist liave the pa rmuige of the people. 1 3Wr order for Job Work. Wtrk rja4vtwhenpromised. 3 Advertising"'ratesa jm ;If youani2to Jbuy anythiiigf' J you can can for; it -through J The Standard v The Standard.! ? Imadeown-on application, I - S00 1 : : 11 "3 -.3 ;-.J - -1 .... 0

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