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North Carolina Newspapers

Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 15, 1899, Image 4

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Whirled to Death. Curtis IN I Taylor who had just cyiiie i'roiii Manchester, N. H. 10 take char;:-4 of the hosiery mills u- 'olumbia, S. C, was i;i tii. shal'ting on Tues day and whn kjd to death before the in;.. ,:--:'y could be stopped. The I?. : ; terribly abused. Twenty I '. ("KK FOR CHOUP. Y. . Constant le With- . aiiiu e. : :i i c roup is hoarse Mit uet to that . . ;r- i sur-- sign of j ;;tt.cll. Following , u peculiar rough f '!i TiberLtm' Cough :) - mjou as the child be- i ati r the croup 1 v vt'Lit the attack. Is , ;;!.!u'ti(ls . f homes 1 i! vtT disappoint1 We luive yet to to learn i m Miuuie usance in which it liar. r.tcL . i' !!.( tu-il. JSo other The Ik. t ii lift-.-, u:m i: diSl HSi i the appro . - . thid Ik i . eolith. !f iicilti (l . . ; coin J s I. appears it . m IS used ' . ill thi- ' i i th Made Himself be Killed. Mr. A E Bobbitt, of Granville county, struck "Lilly" Koss on the head with a slick last ft'jn- dnv and killed him outright, but j c! it is considered justifiable. There was some little trouble, not too much for Koss to borrow a dollar from Bobbitt, however. Boss loaded up with bad liquor THE SMALL BOY'S TROUBLE. Before they had arithmetic, Or telescopes, or chalk, Ui blackboards, maps and copy books When they could only talk; Before Columbus came to show' The world reorraphy, Wlmt did they teach the little boys Who -went to school like me'r .V A flasssi 4 1. lie v COP ii luift. read, or spell, and a pocket full of stones, am went to Boh hit Ts. where he . rnjKMV WMn'i any ij rammar then, called the latter out and be,i:.'!n hurl the stones at him, when Hnbbiti strnclv' the blow. "Whom the ii'ods would destroy they first make mad." For books were not invented vet Co. Vy so;- ) with cli' . " V 1 1 t e: i,. Cu:ul i Dhsrri. o:;; 1 iZW't t Oil 'J fir ' !' he ben-. i.t.-d. Glcnou-, O. Co. ! V . .. Tbe ir--ly et ;. fir 1 . i 1 1 . t M Ex. I think 'twas just as well. There were not -any rows of v ; r i es, A Monster DcvM Fish. ! Orbvvs. or, or kmrs. Destroying its victim, is " type of ! ")' I . ? . r;': Is. ' victories, Constipation. The power of tins nmr. j () a.- o- t,0:So things. denms malady is lelt cn.i-v.'is a-ull nerves and luam. There's no health; i till it's ovejcome. lint Dr Kiiu.-s eu-1 The v e.,u ! i i r t le toarii; now, prepcrat ' '.. e.j sin.w such a record in ! Life Tills are a safe and rheM mre. j Tj, ,v: si,': i ; i u ; -1 1 to h' tv.ent : . veu'.s'eoiitMut use without iest in the world f.r Si n;i:i.-h, t:iy-r. ; , , i .. r iihiiiue P- r- '-by M h Mash ,V Kiduevs and iiowels. ( )p.1 eeni, :,t ( - y 1 IK) , Fetzer'h Drrnr Ston-. i ! en;;n(i years ai.-: Win c ; tnul'Ied for year , -r! oea. Sometime aio ie i ;die some of (iiiie. Cholera and M'.-ily. After usini; two ,,t size he was cured. iti . hoping some U d may read it and i :.oinas C bower, ' !!" by- M L Vbtisii V . -i- - , - ''ho would Si!'ul ' . auiitiii's i!ii;t iU rol himself. I Blunder i. e n horrinle rurn. IL'v). I The (iaie City fie Vvivl. ) ; j. ,CrVy KH not'beun, Greensboro is to h;:ve :;ie tip - j The world wa.s --ery new, est railrotul eating bouse south j 1Kl . . . . i ' of aslungton cny, says aj Greep.shoro dispatch to the' schools I ilon't see v.'k;u Tlu e!i!di-(n had to do. ! KaleiL'U Bost. Sdt nl ways there is moi'e to As a cure for rheumatism Chamber ; lam's J'ain Jalm is ijaimn a wide i reputation. D J Johnston of Kichni'md, j ,en troubled with that vjio every uay nicy I L. I I li. S rp See.!. c o:U e, il- mo.- For sale ly M Ij Marsii A: Co. : i ru -e, hucklens A rniea , -f in t!u world, vvill kii the pain :;;;d ;.iomptly heal if, Cures j I'ru-.-ist. Old Sores. Fever Sores, Ulcers i'oilsj - ; I-VioLis. :-M Skin .Eruptions.! ' T have it on good authorhy,"' iest - on earth. UDiy -c a box. nre rauteed. Sold by PB j(-arn -Uow hitorT doi's li'row lind new flid., has be ailment sinee HYl. In speaking of it he says: 44 1 never found anything that would relieve iiie until T used Chamberlain's Fain I!)dm. it acts hke'!i' i ;";jsi -o like this, m.-iic Avit b me. My Un.i t-uoheu I'm dvi I live todav. and paining me yery much, but one'()r bovs . th(MP:ind years! krood application ot Pam halm. rehev'd j r " J i rhey tliink we ouht to know. WE ARE ASSERTING IN THE COURTS OUR RIGHT TO Til EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE WORD "C ASTORIA," AVT) 'PITCHER'S CASTORIA," A3 OUR tradg mark. , DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Ilyannis, IJassacl ;;:.-! was the originator of PITCHER'S CASTORIA," that has borne and docs new -on c,in hear the facsimile signature of ZUcA4 irr.-, , This is the original -PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which he ' usci in the homes of the Mothers cf Awrica for r-'"--1 years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see ; the hind you have always bought .. t and has the signature of .TCk Cl , . per. No one has authority from me to use my name : TJw Centaur Company of which Chas. II. Fletcher is Pv,.- Do Not Bo Deceived. Do not endanger the life of your child by T.ccWr... a cheap substitute which some druggist may of!".: (because he makes a few more pennies on it), v gredients of which even he does not know". " The Kind You Have Always Bort : BEARS THE SIGNATURE OF ml roni uow Will not timo to pay!. Axsu'jnis. Insist on Having ?he Kind That Never Fafled Ton THE CENTAUR COMPANY, TT MURRAY STRICT, (; .OBK CITY ' - I'; . 6 - i... w .." n v. In all ; : Ely's : :, cleanser-. :r.- ; away c coki in tLe ii-.d i CioHiri i? -t?ofl !nto tfce nostrils, spreads orcr tha :';r.v - : . d absorbed. Keiisf ia im-EediateR'-d c:rc f-;ov.-3. It 13 not drying does cot produce . .. ,;.v.--. Laro S;zo, CO cents at Drug r bjr"- , - - -i 10 cents by mail. Ei-Y UKOI'm ; o; V.'arren Street, New York. A U K. L.Craven Has BoUt 800 TONS JELICO COAL 200 TONS HARD COAL. Also 7irriM Sjllt anl Bird Eye Cannel Coal. Pe?t steam coalat miiie prices. Good ' 'iiiith Coal. Call and get what von want. 'Phone 74. 1 itiiiii mm 11 Offers the business public a reliable, per manent, coiiscryative and accommodat ing bankint' instutlon. We solicit your patronage with the assurance of Lsonorublo treatment and dno appiceiation of your patronage. If we cui li:.: .'o you any time we will bo glai! to 1 - v:' you come and see us. LIW a Ij ACCOMMODATIONS. TO Cr.f'TOMERS Capital anil -Snrjlns - - - $70 000. ? B Coltrane, Chashier, J. M". Odell. President, For Sale. One hundred loads of cinders. E. McNish. PHONE 410- 'VAITFT--,L. buy 100,(XX noundG 01 old cast-iron scrap, de livered at the fonndrv at once, fm which we will pav a fair price. N hnrrt iron wanted, aietf. Concord Foundry ',o 3U LI- ON DECK. said the society reporter, "that Mrs. Bloogore, "who has been summering at T-onox. will winter , The mule siood on the sU-ainboat in Florida." "Then," remarked the snort dock, The .mid he would not tread; in- editor, "if she decides to They imlled the halter round his sprin- on the Vir. cou.i she'll j All(l him on the head, probably fall in Texas.' Ilar- Ihit obstinate and braced he stood, As born the scene to rule; pro na oi per's Bazar. Tf rrill are at all familiar with -ood qualities of A --1 'it 1 u io ui the hold-back Chambtjrliun'KC'ouh lh'uu'dy, to know, blood, A stubborn, st etui fast mule. that peopl 4 everywhere take pleasure in relating r ir experience iu the use of that spleni l medicine and in te lin of the benefit hc-y have received from it, of bud coi si it has cured of threatened attacks- ( pheumonia it has averted and of the cnildren it has saved from attacks of croup and wuoopiu cough. It is a grand, good medicine. For :ale by L. Marsh c Co. Some distinguished men havo been quoted as saying: "I oyve to my wife all the prominence I have achieved." It took three wives to give Utah Roberts the prommeuce he has achieved. Morning Star. Red Hot From trie Gun Was the ball that hit Cr. B. I of Newark, Mich., in the Ciyil War It caused horrible Ulcers that no treat ment helped for 20 years. Then Bucklen's Arnica Salvo cured hirn. Cures Cuts, liruises, Burns, Boils, Felons, Corns. Skin Eruptions. Best Pile cure on earrh, 2oct9. abox. Cure guaranteed. Sold at Fetzer's Drug store : Time changes all things except a counterfeit ten dollar bill. Ex. NO CUBE. NO PAY , That is the way all druggists sell Grove'fl Tasteless Chill Tonic for chills and Malaria. It is simply Iron and Quinine in a tasteless form. Children eove it. Adults refer it to bitter, nan leatina Tonics. Price. 50o. Notice to Tax Payers. The tax books have been open since the 1st of September and you have not been in to pay your tax. I have to settle with the town by the 10th of January, 1900, so I am obliged to have your tax. at once. I will call on yon at once for the amount of your tax and shall expect you to bo ready for me. If not paid when I call. I will They cursed and swore he would not go Until he felt inclined; And though they thundered blow on blow, lie altered not his mind. The deck-hand to the shore com plained: "The varmint's bound to stay!" And still upon tho critter's hide i. Tho sounding lash made play. His master from the shore re plied: "The boat 's about to sail; As other means, in vain you've tried, Suppose you twist his tail "Tt's likely that vou'li make him land." The deck hand, brave, tho' pale, The nearer drew, with out stretched hand, To make the twist avail. Then came a kick of thunder sound! The deck-hand where was he? Ask of the waves that far around, Beheld him :n the sea! A moment, not a voice was heard; But winked the mule his eye, As though to ask, to him occurred : "Now how was that for high?" "Just cut his throat!" the cap tain roared, "And end the cursed brute;" But the noblest soul that perished there Was he who tried to do it. Selected. DELL :iv: THE BEST PRESCRIPTION FOU CHILLS vwrml c i . . , i i...,, wrovo.s Jjifite- "?VU , . ,i , ' .vvrc fails to o.nro- r Mnic ic nnm toll.- ' 1 . , . ' 1 4 11 business. ' : ' ' S. J. Kuvix, City Tax ColfoHor Dec. 9. 99. FINE Ginghams, Plaids, Sheeting, Salt Bags AND Outing Cloths. ' DEALER IN General Merchandise BUYERS OF COUNTRY PRODUCE Gfall kind. o Fonr-foot Wood Always Wantcd.T Best Trico for samo. o . , Wc iuyito arinepection of all thojgoods . . weJmanufactaro . . , -. I '1 soheduIe. N EFFECT JULY THE i , l!. This condensea schedule Isiiiit lisned as information, snc; is subject to change without net':: to the Dubiic : Tmiiii: leavo concord K. C- 5..V2A. n. No 8, at:ly, u.r iiii. muiitl; 2( omrcts at Gre'.n,-b ;tc for Raleigh L'"i Holdsboro; ut ; oltT.-Ix .,r, for NoiTolk, rt Danville for AV i-!.i :f .'i and points North, at Hi-li ' urv f: AshevilU', Knoxyille aud ii:.t Wc:-t, 7. ID A. M No. 33, the Neu York a;,.: Florida Express, carries rulloiajnSkti inix Cars between New York ai.d Aw jru.sta, New York and Tarn v. F'a. ! r. Norfolk to Charlotte. 8;49 A. L No. 37, daily, Yv'ash inf?ton and Southwestern lii iitnl t"i Atlanta, Jiirmingham, Memiins, AI : : gomery, Mobile and New Orleans, r.r I all points South and Si .'i-tl. Through Pullman sleeper New York to New Orleans and New York to Mem; '.hi.. Dining car, vestibuled coach, LcIwcl--Washington and Atlanta. 10:00 A. iM.-No. 3G, daily, for Wh inpton, lliehniond, llaleij;h axi'l ai" points North. Carries Pnllinau.drawir? room bullet sleeper, New Orleans to New Yroik; Jacksonville to p ork: Pullman tourist cars from Sa- Francisco vi i New Orleans and SoiitL eru Pacific Sundays and Wedunys. 11:23 A. M.'No. 11, daily for Atlanta and all points SontL. Solid train, Rich mond to Atlanta. 7:09 P. M. No. 12, daily, for Rich mond, Asheville, Chattanooga, lialdg Norfolk, and all points North. 8:51 P. M. -No 7, daily, from Ilich aiond, Washington, Goldsboro, SelrJ3. Raleigh, Greensboro Knoxvil'c Asheville to Charlotte. N. C. . 8:5lP.M.-No 38, dailv, AYasbinirtr'S and Southwestern limited, for ington and all points Noith. Xkru Pullman car, Memphis to New iork New Orleans to New York. Also carru-3 vestibuled coach aTid dining car. CAo connection at Greensboro ith Aefl -1 for Norfolk. 9.20 P. M.No. 35, daily, for Ata-ta and New Orleans, carries P' ::'aJ sleeper New York to New Orient York to Jacksonville and Charlotte to Atlanta dinning car. Also ruh-iaQ tourist car Washington to San co, via New Orleans Tuesday and l days. 9.45 P. M. No. 34, daily, tho ew York and Florida Express, carries ru.i man Slppnino- Ham ViAfirpfn An1!1 and New York. Tampa, Flu, and V York and Charlotte to Richmond. ries sleepers Charlotte to Norfolk w Greensboro. , nT First sections of regular throng 0 local . freight trains cany PilSSt'nT,. only to points where they stop aco. to schedule. Frfinlr Gannon, Third Vice-Pres. and Gen'l- . John M. Culp, Traffio JMana.r, Washington, 1a u- W. A. Turk, Gen'l. Pas?. Sn Washington, Gowan Dasenbery, ord Odo ceo i ilomx oncord N. c.

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