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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 16, 1899, Image 1

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I ft '- A frf -..3 i .. i ; EM .fj?"4 x &2 I 13 ' s 1.00 i or vc?" CONCORD, N. C, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1809 O , v-nvs or voi:) v: rox. t : PENSIONS, I k t ;i! ;nv (.Ywimr ttcforo H;e i Those. Who Li Ja'uUit (.."orrc.iviuV'iit. hi.i-loii, D. C There .; and va ."i- mi t lie 3111 lo Coi u? and icoi.t' Pensions iu our (,ntv0v i-r,itoeii Hundred Iul!:irs lU -'ivcd the re5;:iulj Tva the St.;'.te. Resistor ui' Deeds Johnson has received the State pensions for -v ;- ct; over the 'iv" Lti uiu ooiuers n; -.tot V,:rVA)oaaSa:aiKl 11,0 vit1ow of soM;s--.-..v-,l of volunteers.! S W Tar' (on is the only 4- . - . . ! pensioner of the first class. He .ii'ination. r.heiUcy sent to . n . " u , . receives 84 annually. mi.; '- av i ! I he opposed VIO- rpi, o . , , i iaere are i our m the second an i,o Po,itic9x mfhi-; dass Q rccoIve $48 apieco ;e (h;u:ufs can o rinLr ii ni!,A t tit t t. ; .loo. II ftJoose, and Rev. J Sitnp- or.icers see m not onlv ; i u 1 1 ie son. : rise hr a staiY o Ulcer ! j. fiere are ;a in the third class eespisod medical depart-, 'ho receive annually ?2. They i w: i uu ;;0i!j)l on the part aro Pl Barnhardt, Jas. M He( V: o. ..idi-.,: to give Major-1 3lir Jno- M Perkins, WA Hen ::d Wood- ;he supri.Miie mil- ; Oriole, J E Eostian, Jos. W cc-:".inaiid in Cuha. Sur-! Bin mo, J L Cathey, W A Dav'S, O tioral Sti-nberg remains A 'exander and Jno. Lowery. adieK ' whih) one oi li:s! There ae th'rly-one of tlie The pastor, Rev. C. B. Miller, v.-iii hold regular services tomor- M'as!i Buan, a 5e:ro, IJrcnidit Here --hiy MgKt on ' ,e i'iuire o-t li-'of- Un Friday ni- ht Officer Kluttz ! ii-om near Gold Hdl 'brought Wash Duan, a negro, het'o to :ants is massed over '' class who receive SlG. 1 liead. The des:,4i They are Cyrus W Almond, D L low morning and tomorrow nig-it at St. James Lutheran chiii-ch. The e renins: service will commence at 7 o'clock. The pastor, Rev. B Laev J.ul .o awad tr aiat the coining ; tomorrow morning and ni-ht a, term ot court on the charge of , the Baptist church. Subject for shoo. ing Mr. DoiphMaimey with 11 - m., 4iDead Yet Living.'5 iuteut to kill. ' ul)ject for 7 p. m., "Thou Shalt It will be remembered that a!1'1' negro, John P3opst, was brou-ht j J; 1 AnT WiU Th?!d , 3 , ' , services at St. Andrews Luth- hero and aitei wards released. era.n church tomorrow afternoon The evidence points very much at 3 o'clock. to the guilt of this negro brought Rev. J A B Fry, the pastor, hero laso. hold services at Central The preliminary trial of the ' Moth?dist church tomoirow , , , v, . . , morning at 11 a. m. and tomor negro was held Friday before row night at 7 p m ,. xxuun, oeveiai uuor-; Regular services at Forest IJd neys -rron: Salisbury we- e pros- Memodist church tomorrow, holh em'. The negro has nothiiig to morning and night, by the pas say more than that he did not do tor Rov R M Hoylo. tlie shooiiujr. i There will be regular services , at All Saints Episcopal church A -oun Ed Ko-.v T:;nbor i.: ; seer ,a and iJuccA how maiv, giig. lie cla couti'ibution has bee. i ! i think ho 1 there ar 1 a uu?:d-'r of 1 who are la a humor 0 him. VvM a little would come if he can ? right we1! oti the chain o 1 ('Nor a1, and we ., 'i Oilier pir , cla. i ins lo i) :. i. '.it ike C ;ar i tic - Ing i '. i ' LV ,i- y -Jld, US :S vie - ims ) alh-i.d to ur.r i10 'aiv el dirt tomorrow. Suppose a boy has a lotof ci-' JlLr t- ? o ju.i. Ked Hot From tr.c ;-,;n Wae uV i all thut It it G. S" ; .;1 of Newaik, .Mich , ii dr? ivi! V:ir It ciUK(.d Horrible 1 1- i meat 'icli-fd b:v :mj .. Cnre Curs, Llrniaea. '.! FeloD. Corns. Skm ik Tide euro on earth. I'aj.-. :? fc'iiaraiitord. Sold ; store X r.lioU.iVI, t IViit- riu i Lnn. ( )ure Hart, -ll .id-r.i sa Pue office, s biadlord, Jos. A Blackwolder, i T , . . . n. ' 11 'u n ni. A ' everyday. Is t!ie e any idjipt at 9:30 il i . eau-e Chmord : Jo. Caiiole. (iibbon Clme, A L . . S) T , M J 'J 5T ! ' Ut L ' in tins.-' I can tell you, fori Rev. :n now con e home j i-viarcus, ,ja;,. i. rreeman, vv ..dvi eec lie -1 xJ( eleven ,.t, j! lioweu, JJavia - garot -s and smokes a few of them m and 7 p m. Sunday schcoi oh to spend Sunday h: !- not he vili roll"! an wav Wood as the -h-. J M :; ;,;(:: CharK;Ue this morniu: rn, !i s m in i V AldltT, vdeo TT d-; '''). tvep.'e?entaiive Ber- j Svvi::k. Simon B 1 1 ill ra-ky, has given notice 1 Iayva.nlt, W111 Str A Miseiihoiiiier, D E Pinion, Sol l.on-Schley ashdar-! Phf Miner, Adam AI Tucker, Jas. oat io be ruled over 1 Vhittingon, W A Wilson, G R Bur-! Svv;::k. Simon Earnhardt, C A Starnes, J I Ba-1 : he ."!! ca'i up at tlie ear-' singer, U V Maunoy, J A Eowder, vst possible moment Ids joint J Manly O Sp?ars, Sainpson Mor ajlutiu:! to e:: d the th-uks 1 ris, B S Gray, M O Sherdl and Congress and the : : . " 'id- ) Rci undrai S .:L 11 U i. iii oie e'vidnci, e-c, e;c. rican ! "W C Monds. 1 a. m. C Preston will preach at have had such boys for pa went s. the First Presby lerian church Q--h cmnViTin- o'vm hi w-iih.d tomorrow icornmg. Alter tne .Vsa Linker, Harrison ! ,. . " morniug service a meeting of the i om(;'V ar- s:e:a . iuuuu-a(.u.Mas o mete was any coljc,,0ratlon will bo hold to oA- UOOU in UinirloLte. such thiog as mod era: ion in sider calling a pastor. There stimulants for the young!) will will be no services at night, do three things for him: 1. It will Rev. T W Smith will preach at run his puhse uo to one hundred Cannonvllle Presby ierian church r y t, TL . tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock, or more per mniULO. 2. It wid Suild ay school at 9:80 a. m. The reduce ins weight below health v standard. 3. It i T , , m 4. Tvii . reduce h's st'-eo-th and general U1p u Mvisdmg at .dr. Jno. . . Presbyterian church. Ivjiahty, as wdl appear ju Jus. j I nolo co.nolexion and his dijnin- i A Night ot Terror Miss Baura Wad - - . ' 0:1 ; to Mi ;ses ?d irvand I. Chief of Poiice k to Chard: - this nyn. tend F(Miera' cour! in- Messrs. B Juo. McDowell F J' ana the pastor, Kev. Cochran Pre.s-u , i Kl-'L ni'- ! i'-.n on tn V ii ' - Jll i u,l"ll"UJUi 1 y - " ' ' Ml-. . h' .':,. -C 1 . . . o " ' ' oeeii 4 . I line-. dey! Thvj:;e are ahso thirty-six d t: ;n- nand fo: : v 'c '"v Lf-ug in his annual icCCMirmetHh: that the ut Congress be given 10 'imuiderdr. -chief of the :' '.die ....ladrcr' (R-r widu.'s of soldiers' who receive SP rac-3. Teetotal amount of the pen sions is si, (MS. shed appetite. Cigarett. smok- o XSZT' SZ iog is one of the worst bahits JMachias, Me., when the doctor said the "Av, iul anxiety was folt for the widow ! Charlotte, came ovei . ing to visit at Mr. J W 1 1 . is ni. .. 1 i xjii " j i ut ; physica My 1 bat a boy can form. ; ' 3 ..r. V. m i Vdci, I lddninrosthfthonrt a?id digestion, fearful uisrht. All thought rI.h must I J ingiil lLGul i tha' Tho I . : ache. .; I .auded. On Tnesday h stRev. J J Hav- iamp' -a m). j ner movent i .o t h o Brown house . ideni .ocogub-es tho on East Mill street. Wednesday 1h question, i not. morning a wagon load of pro- l:caded olf in some way, is bound io result in bitter debate. wla him into good -company. Har per's Young People. v'S'ous, consisting of a variety of the necessities of life were his pkins to escape loft tliei e. a gh'fc from the con- :rom the dilemma is the revamp- jgregation or centenary church. 1 weoks (J0 the barn of Mis. 3 a wn te wei'e m O; Fire Bug About. Thoro is a good deal of uneasi ness in tlie Ait an community cause d bv barn burrdng. Son. to he went to' pure m-v o.?h '-f goods lor the Parks r. i.v.! K i uudn.,. !, soon die from Pneumonia, hut she a Dd it tends to check the 3 owih. b d fof ffi ,fi biwovi-rv. Jt "'VCS a Jad j aJse and S! 1 V fiayiDg it nad moie tiiaii once saved her 1 )':en 1 i, 1 1 r n !. not-ons, and it does not bi mg ; After threo small doses sh , . 1 n all itiji.'it, and its further nse comjdot'ilv is iraranteed to cure all Ihioat, Chest Ou-:ine ju a t'i ' and Luu' Disease. Only 50c and $1.00. ' r -;ve it. Adrlts .---f store. NO CUPE. NO P That I; tl;- Grovel 'i'aste! ;o ') ill '.!''. T. ft f ..-il Notice to TaxPayers. mg of the old scheme to create '"") vice-ndmiralshins. This i'-'c position, liowever, appears to 1' 'to make- Sampson first vice admiral and Schley second. The whole issue is to assign tl credit for the victory, and me quest' on will be fought out ' ll'vt line in Congress, no at:er what rank may be given Sampson or Schley, Meanwhile, Cousin George Dowey is happy in being allowed to divide up the attention of the j pudhc v. jth a number of other attract Tons. Lieutenant Brumby, the admiral's faithful aide,,. Ms iy;.ig dangerously ill in a "Wsh--d1'"t hospital. Admiral Dewey, and his wife are untiring- in their attentions to Brumby, and have cancelled nearly all engagements for the present. Kev. ecstacies over the affair, and came straightway to The Enter prise man with the ings, and re'ated the of the pounding. On Friday nigh. Mast, members of the congregation of the Meth odist church stormed the home of Rev. W P McGhee at the par sonage, and let him experience the delightfulness of a good pounding. His countenance bore marks of the occurrence for sev eral days he .was all smiles.--Mooresville Enterprise. The tax books have been Sarah Yarbrough was burned, at : Ien since the 1st of September about two o'clock at nicht. This 1 fe I in n i'uou Liu ind you have not been in to pav your tax. I have to settle with i - rThe h 'iter i jVj'uj- luiu umy aui. 7 A I fire was thought io have aeon me . the town by thelOth of January, j y i'rjoyiul l1cl- work oc an inCcndiary, and that 1900, so I am obliged to havej e -particulars tl burned a barn last ' your tax at once. I will callj m'f.i ri T"i-? v. ,v Friday night on the place 0e Mr. j ? yu on(,e tcf "e amount JO c nf vnnr tny anrl shall exneet von WM Starnes. The second tiVQirtMAxr. a occurred at the same time of night as the first, and suspicion to be ready for me. If not paid when I call, I will proceed to collect same by law. a points to certain parties as the j This is plain talk, and it means authors of both. Fifty huMids of 'business. J. HJRVIN, authors of corn and one mule wero lost in the last fire. Mr. Murphy Gayj De. . 9, 99. lived on the place, but the mule . belonged to Mr, Starnes. -Mon-, roe Journal. City Tax Collector. AT Ws Alvon .Watson's dog took a tumble into a well at the Morris anted This Bay. A young man from' 17 to 40 for Position of secretary and troas- Mustbe respectable, clear absorbed lv the membrane and . To accommodate those who n re partial to the use of atomi zers in applying liquids into the stables Friday. After some time j nasal passages ior catarrnai . me Doys re&uucu iw, rron Dies, iiie uruuxiuiyia uieuaxo wuioc omv.u Wiv v-rv Ely's Liquid Cream Balm. Prce including the spraying tube is 75 cents. 'Druggists bh by r(maiL The liquid em bodies the medici nal properties of the solid prep aration. Uream 5aim is quicKiy We Say ! Do you hear those "Wedding Bell: They be ringing' loud and clear, Evidently calling you to the - August Flowers. "It is snrprisin fact,"., says Prof. Hdufiton, 'that my travels in all parts of the world, for the last ten years, I have met more people having used Green's Anmst Flower than any other remedy. J 1 1 ache, and for. constipation. I find for fnrisfR a.i.l salesmen, or for persons m to a natural i filling office Dositions. where headaches i !ihv Character. Hiiy land general DBuwcuiiBB t?i - - w,rrRt K Y hahits exist, that Green s August Flow , u Warren bt., Xi. X . -nd remedy. It does not in- - st,m by frequent use and is t r , , , x T3wuOTT o ior sour stomachs, and indi- ' Quid.. left-Friday srtnUiW botUesfre6 at Fetzer's .pending ' , several ajstore.; Sold by dew in' all civil- ) Fu r p it u re Store of Bel, Harris & Co. where they make present a ' specialty"-usef ul as well as e ri:--xin d liver and stom- wrujuuB. Ts.i . i 4-u4- ....... 4 ti'on -ildf, Vr--n I nnhs "'' T ,. ache, and for., constipation, x uuu ior , xi prices tuau &uils e eij uuuj, . vomu ctiiu -ee. 0t !l does not dry up the secretions, : 8ts ailJ salesmen, or for persons behere. If you want a present for Fr jg and Miwi'. 'i a , ..... .. " m to a natural ; nffinA nositions. where lieadaches 1 0:4. Ama so our customers say that h VTe like you in fad; we love yea: : ter we love you. I increase our i 1 Essidence Phbne 90. Sh m. ij - .'i 0 i'jiUiiU. . . . iL. here. -ei oouninea

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