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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 16, 1899, Image 4

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Mislit Have '.. Worse. REStBO JV P fern V b. b ?k u tfeJ Si2 w r - &m 7i W M 3 ? i I! lit 111 t i f i n ia f i a. la NMLy Bib wLy Larue, Betiok Co. As:., Au?r. 4. I ora 49 vt-H3 old and have been suffering with Chv.iKe of t.ii'e I hai llouuinff P11:3 BO bad that toue thought I could live. My husband not me Wine of OartM ami it patr-d my life. I ani like another pcr.ion fiinco taking it. 1IUS. E. B. TOWNSENH. 'tf if ll-.r ;,s Iso threw I ir-r'C- ' .M.'i), .7.VT 2 3 'J 'V 4l ... x aside u; i:i ; .vl.Ml'slli.MMaitor, ,l..:.r. :isk-d li's wife L:it Sunday 1 p.'died there Lore 4', 1 h. ex., !' j r ill"!1 l" ' . 1 steadfast,'" :uisv.frolthe, goou. man, "but the printor ma kes 'ex It is e vout wish of nearly all people to live to a ripe old age. None of us want to die your Tnis universal des ire ca nre be fcik n of the hejl1 h in early and middle life. A little preuu.ion then wil a n4v 4rseto our existence. Death can be kept away a long time Hinnv healthy old ae will be the lot of the woman who promptly c ecis Ihe'Jilments which afflict her sex. In youth, Wine ofCarduiwiU take the female child safely over the dividing line between ginhoo ;d and womanLoud. As a wife she needs it to help her through the tnals of pregnancy and childbirth with as little discomfort as possib Je . At th Chance of Life it will help her over the dangerous place that appears n her rithwav between 40 and 50. Then will come many years of truly b Lnl exi'Lnce. She will grow old slowly and gracefully. To the tost she wi'i preserve that charm and beauty which are always characteristic sae v ni rwfectlv healthy erandmothers. It . is for women alone to decide whether they will be healthy or sick. The remedy for their sick ness is close at hand. Pi fast. '"-Clipped pi rn for il)Mnni- ..;',;,Jw n':,?, ii'onficbm""! usod in the homes of the Mothers of America for ever ihir xrn1X V"rt' vpnrs. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that U A the hind you have always bougnz f' ,uii i "'t - i . To MOTHER VB ARE ASSERTING IN THE COURTS O 'JR RIGHT TO THE EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE WORD "C&3TQRIA," klL "'PITCHER'S CASTORIA," as cor trad.- mUvK DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Rue.nrJs, Naszc;r?V;:. 5 originator of "PMO'Hth'b uiiiia," r23 ftai m5 Jom cZfi does now f r yi3'7TZ 011 c hoar Ike facsimile signature of f-p w ;s the original " PITCH EK o UAb i ukia, w;uci , ft LuS l LABSS B OTTLES OF WW E O F CARDU1 aoa.n po by druggists. OAL! K. L ' Masai In all Its stages there nSi.& be cleouliness. &J t?Z ?r?' :es and heals V.iff .... v ... , -xv-V .-ivr-vv, ITI VPn Ucc Dnnrrht should 800 TONS JELICO COM- Oz-x ,-- nniT It cures cat arrl M i rpAMP ITS DTI PfHT , : ZiUU lUlNO-IilUJ UUIilJ. way acwuia luoucau iil. Mso Yirl Sniit atd Biri Eye Cannel crem !a iftd ,e; t!f sds 'iAfc - " 11 over the membrane and -is absorbed. Kt:--a .3 na- Ccl Best steam coal at nine prices, 01000110. n r- r, , -i- i "n ,wi fVrtf not produce ?neez:in'. Laro S;.e, 50 ccl:; i.: Iiu- Gouu Coal. Call and get 'orhymai, Triai MOccatsbym, i. wiKti uu warn. L'iiu.wu -. dl.UIH l'K .. a.v il,; 4-1,. ,f wo Ui roli.-vo me until I C .rhiin'. ruft. Halm. Tf acts ;ko nmo with me. My foot was svoJlcn mo -For nalo oy M LWureh Co. i)ruiat. u Jt will not lo a Mirp.riHc to any who ro rt pII fni ;1tiir with fjocul (iiiahties of Chamberlain's Coiifih uy . to know n... .7 r.v.M''rt; tukc pk'ia-aro in ! relatinjr n i r experience m th nso ot i:,..f uiil.n ;M medicine! anil in teviiu,' of the t)enetii hey luivo received froiu it of bu-' co. h it lias cured oi threatened uitackt f pheumoma it 1ms nv rted :itv! of the cf i'dreii it has f-aved from attm of croup and wijooi.:a?f eolith. It if' a nnul, ireed mcdieii:c. For'wile by L. MayfIi k Co. WJ- M1 A !;vt a I!iik Closes. Fna a tho v.'irrs today wo learn that tho Iroahvay Nalionul I5anlc, of Boston, cUwd lis doors this morning. Tln-ro is also n ros-nri. that !:asv was a!)oMi(ir faiiai-o hat cor.ld hot h-:-.rn vlial ii wiv". fTT7 . si on Ilia and has the sianature oftsJT'wc&M V:Ti per. 7ro one has authority from me to use my name exu The Centaur Company of which Chas. H. Fletcher is Preside;:!:, March 8. 1897. QjLd Do Not Be Deceived. Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute which some druggist may offer you (because he makes a few more pennies on it), the in gredients of which even he does not know. "The Kind You Have Always Bought" BEARS THE SIGNATURE OF Insist on Having Tb.8 Kind That Never Failed You. 71 rH. Wiuslww's, S ;.ahic ;P h THm OBHTAUH COMPANY, TT MWBfWV TnSCT, Mt'V tOflK CITY. eu u id for iv er T 1 f V vi by i , ! - ! THE iir PRESCRIPTION FOR CHILLS ElY DROTUEKa, Gi Wurren Street, New Yorlr. WANTED Tt h".:v Kv,' . nound-of old cast-iron M;rjJ, and fever n a bottle cr lirove'a Taf t3- ii7erpd at fhe icandrv at orco, for le:s OiiiH Tv uie. Never fails to care; , - fa j, jf price Tbei why experiment with worthless , b -, F imitation;? Price 60 cents. Your oumt iron vm rnonev hack if it fails to euro. f16tf. OoNr.-RU i' CU.NDK x -o. Jfons of mo!, rs ir i !:( c! lull while teethiiiLT. with perfect huccv.;..-. . It H.olh s ii- -' child, yot'teLh tee xnviH, nil oiin, cures wiud colic, v.n the best reLLcdy for Diarrhoea. It will i r -eye TJic poor nine, auneivi imuii.ur atelv. S.)ld by druj:'!sts m every jna t ot the world. Twcnty-tivo ceids a bet Ve. 1)0 sure and a-k for ilrs. Win- ! fIowb Sooihimr rfyini)," and tidvj no i other kind "Havo you courdod tho cost of Littlo Sister (angr iiy) N w -our position in this matter? do 'hat ; sa. . , 1 Littlo Brother 1 won t ! -ilavn'thad time," answered LiltG Sister-You won't, eh? the-Kentucky statesman. "We Oh, do'i: I wish we was ;jr v,n arn?l through counting tho yotes up and you was my hush:-ad! yet." Washington Star. 'Tit-Bits. 0mm mnmwmM A Pis iilli i um& 3&MM&&wMe J est One More Week ! c Tli ull-absorbin topic is gifts, gifts. If you are puzzled as to Tvhat would be suitable, just come to this store and we can prob- auiy Iieip yOU UUl. ilU l O nuvvo man v v c 1 1 iuuiwwi; j ' vj w , . Tot2, Dolls and We tell yo-i that we have the bifrgest Toy Store, and soods suitable . .r gifts in tbecr.. becuuse that jrives , on the best idea oi quantity and variety. Ovr 5o., lOo. ui.d 15o. couDra in the Toy Department are very att?r tive. LittU grirls trant atovos and wo have them from the ICo. Tin Stoves to an Iron Kange. with cooking utensde, at 4.8c. and75e. Horns, Iron Horeon, Wagons, Carta. Tool Cheats. Air Rifles at 97of and 1.25 that will kill birds and a hun dred other things. Then there ar Doll Trunks, Doll Carriage, and all kinds of Taby Dolls. Old Santa is here making his collection and in one week v ill visit ever j home in the land.. Handkerchiefs. Eiderdown Saecpies. Gloves for Gifts. Leather Goods. No one was ever discovered who had too many handkerchiefs around holiday times; the puzzling question as to what to give is always answered bj handker chiefs, With this in view, we have laid in a wonderful stock. Woman'd hand kerchiefs, lace trimmed and entbroider ied. .hem-stitched and embroideried, or plain white hem-stitched at 5o., 10c. and 25o. up to 50o. Men's handkerchiefs 5c. .to 50c, Bureau Scarfs, a pair of pil low shams, or a fine pair of laoe curtains wonld make a suitable gift. "You know a fine pair of ladies kid Purses for giiis I Our '2Z2. pursci edoves are something io be appreciated, out of the ordinary; at 50o: and T5c, We have just received a special ship- show you brown or black seal, ; ' ment of gloves for the holiday rush, black moroco or with sterling 4 Ther are all sizes and colors at 75o. and corners. Chatelain bacs. all kiwi a and sleeves crocheted with silk floss, $1.00. clasps. $1.25. SI. 75 and 82.25. They are better than we eyer had be fore for the price, JUarge collar edges ribbon at neck, armholes bound and no rough edges. Ladies and mioses priced at 75c. . . Furrs and Rugs. Colleretts We put on sale 'Monday moizZ a . fe of Ruga for Christmas. They conuj Every good point ia present and ao- of Brussels, Moquettes and u counted for, Sich garments and plenty either in dark or Jight pattens. of them. J net how .we are offering are right muoh under the price, eome very aHractfye prices. Hasec :ks only 89c. . aWe have quite a lot of this stuff now so much worn by everybody. Sterling silver novelties at 15c, 25c. and 3bc. We show you glove buttoners, paper cutters, nail files, rotary blotter, with sterling handles, cnrling tongs, letter seals, shoe horns, shoe hooks, damning eggs, and book marks. Cut glass cologne bottles, sterling silver tops, i only 50c. Glass salt and pepper shakers sterling tops, only 15c. Sterling hearts, either fat or lean, 15c. and ;f- swrii Sterling silver bracelet rHi chain or heart bangles at $1.2 and $1:48. Beautiful little brooches lQc. I5c,25c toj,

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