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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 20, 1899, Image 3

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ArrttiO of Trnluis, i; schedule took Saner Kraut Barrier. : 1 -.1 YOUK- MARKETS. Blardc TVo i .7 a in. C-ido Pm r ' U1 Mackintosh VdP Coats for si uO r , ! TTT r r-WllllllllBWIMH IIIIBIW I llll WMMtll iilW III HlllHl 1 jl mU JJLL4. ?. f. , - v"v--; i--f i' tviJV r ,; x ; COTTON Open High Low Closed lt 0 08 15 - 22 i0 17 36 40 28 31 12S 12-1 121 120 CHICAGO WHEAT. 0(35 613 65 . S i I .J an Rc'risteiJnlm ; n iA Ult'ii-J t) uesday to dj. Iay- r .rum ! . 1 ' i ' ''III. I. K.'lil wn,. I 1: ouimr ''11 I"' i!!R1;;;!a Both t U i lMay- m m m . i Concord Institute is d.-.-i J un'ougb work. Plenlvof rn- . .;(!.' rr-ivi:;.: ' . A . t : . i '"' !.,. : . V : A A., L;.M. A. -' : r ; ; i .r l : A n in, .- ;v iv. ib'cAAt) .-vi t No. ?, .:nl- i- m.j.0(.1 for iro:.a !. ;.ohburr or t !' I 'tlai'ly fur :':,1 A:Ji Poi ut, ;4i for puo - n v;ko on as- or G una on! ' t : ! TIN (4 Xo. )''-' ,aM'uM! iojiv- -;-nv iJhe time lo or.K; (-v i rvunday. Prompt dolivtjrv. tL Kiviera Dairy Tlu;rt; wa almost a mouMi COl TON M A ivK ET. i ' I i ... O . a: vuitm $ss7 ;- tho ivimbnll Irr: i-!;i,s 1 - yrl e,ks ! Corn,cl.?cl by Swinlc ,v '.if , " 'e;;!! sf . ;iu places, t, t -i -i; . ' " i'i --' : v. .1 (J Davis returned home '-- ' ui-as 12-A-l-j.V ' ; Concord for Tuesday ni IVotm Lev (Ball-meat sides 74 ;S An oua.ortuiialeas'tok) 0 syu:;.. -.'uroiiru r. I i ilis voice while he was a wax- , ;hlllt V) to 15 7 40 7 o i () 90 : V. S U 1 i ! . uroillDl. ( lixinn'rt Moi, rc.iL'lu u tiiron:; Cvi:iiiibiii . . ! 1 nr' tl;- ioti;l trjiins 'li d:-!Mir. vti) trniijs of 1 " 'If . )T). i.i hoio;l that it wdl be re e'n ;-uul ere lonir. tw-us advieriized by Cannon & bVtzer Co.- have. fnmr hi vy: l.O'dO Poys' Suits, 2,000 Meal.. Poy.v Pants, 100 Povs' (h-e-- OnN 1842 I c')oals' I,M :'s Overcoats, 2 j dozen Caps. All ready for t Chick eus Corn. . i j 1 t . l1 lour C.) u v.; A- v M . . i-11 rv i;sj-j. mori'ow's sale. !0 to- -, , ; (',,1 - One ox the nicest occasions of lllis Se.':Si)ll W.'.'! l.flO (1 liniiii1 rri'i-i) I by Miss Mar-aret Cannon Tues-1 il()lkla and Pridal presents, we . il 1 T nr.: , - I - 1 VK-o:n I I a ne Taliovv !0 lu to 25 ()5 15 10 S2 00 G5 50 7 n Chr istrnas Good.-, our line is I (lare and well assorted. For Will niciKe ilio wnu.ti lioiiiy ! on Xuias d ly. - JT77V j-"-gy - - ; f;? i P - , -..5 - i " A A .no '.'i'' .u-.y even:::',-. V i ' una. i ' -. : i ) dc-n ease do ns i I'.i I'.,, ., . ,.,,1 ! 1 1 . . . j 1 . . 1 i. .IV".."- ill I .111 I I I . I I 1 ' ' . " t I I ' !;nes )ivr,eul were her iriend.-, a . , . i t i . j , , ov. v.1 are proii: u snow musses Jioo, ;er. iiai-ris ami C.k - L , -,' , , , , . Ite.-in an'd. von don I ' we to buv; well, an-i isses Lmdy Gibson but w lir.d that folks Konerally and Kbza'oeth Ciibson. . Tlie ren- do buy aO'ier seeing our ,ojds hp md your purse j Heiuen jnesent vure a. At wi E irive O ': -i.'iS hi xvhieh pidees. Ims "r.)n li.., aN 4-' ' O' S'Vie ulK'iM.SS 111 Mlia I1 T 'a.S. v ail i.l:S, tltllil i t i Oil V J . - . . . i . . , . , ain; J... )V i-.'S'r i; L"ice these are i"- :'.inl - 'r35 .. L O . ... iniui; oi su-yes-' 'vVadsworth, of Charlotte, avd ' : . Ally i-iveii. j o(;iu-s Yorke and Chal White, of f i'iHu jr.nniiH'jcror. I tills place. Miss Cannon's vis- lair; iiae .. kls have relurneu i ! Charlolte. - "S i i''id Wii.M fU'tailtu' Wliislu'y. j Xever do;"-s a case of drunk and disorderly come before Mayor Means but that he makes a desperate effort to find out Fetzer's Druo Scots. reiaorin'r. 's ;;kllkving. ( I : Gannon a: Co's. ad tuilay. -bo'ly lias alreadv beun ' where the fellows purchased iobraie for Christmas b; ing lirecrackers. i ho iJinghani school to lie holidays. miss I he extremely low d Cook's galierv opposite House for the next two .rriage licenses were issued A A; Mr. C P Holdbrooks, Xu. ;i township, and Miss .'ka Ilampiou, of ro. 2 town-' s'-d'- i ( carpenters are making a A-ange at Mrs. WinecolFs on itii Main street. The front A the porch is being taken off. N'ot many drummers are on k.e ioad tins week. They are 'j'kinir themselves homeward Ajr the Holidays. Miss Grace Barringer, of v .'Veland, in Powau county, ar- i veil Tuesday mght to visit at Mr. U OS Miller's. For a nice Xmas present call ;0id see the new style card photo a Scott's gallery. Special for ke holiday 1.00 for one-half ikirlster Johnson has been '-uAd to Roaring River, near llkesboro, to the bediide of his v : , who is very sick. - as. Hamilton Wilson, Jas. A ess, Osmond Barringer ' - o. Wadsworth, of Char-:1- spent Tuesday night here. ' A.nded thj dining given - Oii'iiau el Cannon. Ii yu do.:'t believe it come and moo tiit it is not neceS'iry to send to other towne for any goods in the jewelry line. Wo now have a beautiful ussort rih'ht of Bin mo mm goods. Just come and look, whether or not you buy, at our Diamonds, Leather goods, Gold and Silver Bracelets, Rings, all kinds of Silver goods, and the j finest assortment of Gold and Silver Friendship Hearts that eyer greeted your eyes. If you can't decide what you want to nvo as a Christmas Attention, rjlliiuiis! present just drop in and look Every member of Concord around. Don't hesitate to look Lodge, No. 51, Knights of Py- and ask n qncstions for wo are A c.' n n in hu busmen to pmafee you if thias us expected at Castle Hail i dieir whiskev. The two drunk and disorderly cases of Sunday 'on Means aM Taitiier ! re(iuir-d such an investigation m have returned home 1 and as a result a white man named Ephraim Whitley was arrested Tuesday and is now out Vv A Wilkinson, who lias : on bond for his appearance at kin: -in Mis..-sippi. isti0 lloxl term of court. The Unui ti.e lli:, i of the .4 o i, lwv : VOilO K'liUW W ilU r ,jl-lL Sunday paid his lines and was re Leased Tuesday. expc tmiudt- n.f Wdm n'e.lnrdv to r(ceive Bro. Jordan, our Grand Lec turer. There will also be work. All visiting Knights cordially welcome. . C. L. White, C. C. . - Big Timber Sale. The splendid timber crop about Troy which must be reaped or largely lost is finding market. Mr. Sam Smitherman, we note, has sold the timber of 1,800 acres for 30,000. we can. Corral THE JE WELER. r,'J P. WWW Now is the time to order your C h r istm a s Oysters, and we will be please to have your order. Concord Bakery. Joe;FIsltnsr, Proprietor. PHONE 122 j A S from 5c. to 75c. Gloves, Kids, 81.00, 81.25, and 1.50. Silk Mittens 50c. and 75c. Wool Mittens 10c, 15c. and 25c. Wool Mittens for children 10c. and 15c. M Share is ncihino" more appropriate for a Christmas present than a beautiful book. We have them in all styles. We are mak ing a special drive in books this season and are still receiv ing them. Come and see them. Swink&White. ODELI NspAljlAArt ' 444 Hi-.iii-AC"i,iAB.ifi FINE '.ii. I 11 Qn &r -t.. m-Om Vii.cUAk : 1 1 i- ;' VJ 0s ait Bags AND Outing Cloths. DEALER IN General merchandise A S Silk Hose 15c, 25c. and 50c. Shoes for Ladies and Children. Hosiery for all, both great and small. Back Combs, Pom padour and Side COKiJS. XMAS .Umbrellas fron . 50c. to $2.59. Gibson & Morrison. We are prepared to give the people this winter better bargains than usual in all kinds of i - i -i IHeavIy and Fancy Groceries At wholesale and retail. It will pay you to see our Large Stock of Tinware, Woodware, Glassware, Crockery, fiats, Etc. before buying. For Clover Seed Seed Rv and RockSalt go to G W. Patterson's. Winter is Coming', I ALREADY HAVE ON HAND THREE CARS Oh Jellico C;al And have ten more car loads on the way. It is time for you to lay in a supply for the winter, isn't it? I also have on hand the best of antracite coal. J. A. C Blackwoldcr, Vest Deuot St. at Store. t-TThone OS. BUYERS OF COUNTRY PRODUCE of all kind. o Four-foot Wood always Wanted. 23 3est Price for same. ..,....0 We inyite anjjinspection of all thejgooda . . . weScaanufacture . . . ill luiiteisf Ofi. Joncord 1ST. C M, L. Brown & Bro. LIVERY. FEED AND SALE STABLES. Just in roar of St. Cloud Hotel. Omnibuses meet all passenger trains. Outlits of all kinds fur nished promptly and at reason able prices. Horses and. mules always on hand for sale. Breed ers of ' ''.': mghbivd Poland,. China Hogs.

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