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North Carolina Newspapers

Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 20, 1899, Image 4

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! 1 it it n. 1 ! if ! If . 'A, b M ! i i kit i' i?. A SURE CURE FOR CROUP. Twrenty-o?;v1.- . .'.Constant Use With out a Failure. 2-Tho fir ' :. ligation of croup is hoarse-Dt-s, v " -hiid 8nb-ct to that disease i' i .ayU taken as a sure Bign of the ' . t i' attack. Following tii 7 hoar? ; s i- a peculiar rough ccugb. j s tKHubcriaiu's Cough TJfmplv ;v , . , ,.,.11 oc fVo MiilrM-iA. comaa iijia'. , evtii utter the croup appear. it . ill ; rv. at the attack. Is is us; '!) tills k the anx,v to h":n Las ix prtp-' a fail".; Co. j' - by M L Marsh A: It will ' i t ? a sTi-t'rr-o to any who an- at - , . j : ,;k'I qualities of Chov-!-. . : . , ' .fx i(-s:-iy to know that poupin c-.ei.N 'a here tul o h!asure in rei.-itJ r : ' iu the use of that it-i ' ..:-.di-inet aud in te lin'X of tbt- : . . ! .v, received from it, of : i co. it ias cured of threat"? f rlicuEOonia it has averted ..l o; eidldrej it has saved fro2i-: lis cf croup aud whooping conr; : ic f iro"'d, ijood rncdiciuy. For (rrj j.v JL L, M?.reh & Co. As a ;k . -i-diMn Chamber la.i'.- " ' .tiaincr a wide rrr itai: -i. u . hnstoti of iiichmond, I Ind., : i trouMed with that ailmert 'b"1" iv :?. Tp (-rdj'hi: of it Le s.t i. u i f'-'u-.d .nvthiui that wo-.ilu until 1 uxtnl Chaiuh :. ' V-,vi Balm. It hcLs like maic witti n.i . Aly foot was swollen a?ivl p."v : .v much, but one goo.l Mpj.,r 'T"i.' T Fa u Tialin relieved id ? . F ' l,y M L Marsh t Go. Cold Slcel or Death ')!!(' e!lf:.Tl("0 to save yonr ... ximi is iuioi.u an oporitif . av. ful prosptet set before 1 . u of L:e.M-- iliiio. Wis , !:.- "V uft er vainly trying to cure ! oi a trijihtful case of stom ach tr.- , .ic u i veilow jaundice. He did? i :..;;ryeiious power of Elecnc v i -o cure Stomach and Layer t;. he heard of it, took sevei 1 v 1'ollv cured , avoided surueu'.- i.i'it iH".v weighs more and feels bet -- v..-v. It's positively ;;n.ira?;!v t Siomache, I.iver and liu'y . y n-ni.h.s and never jdisap poiuts. I riCv -v , at Teizt ! 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Q , , : V 5n-livi,1nal Dcrfoi-mor viU b, and Culor v.cra hero last Sntui H I f fW m 1 r There Is no use talking; a baby in the house is the link that binds husband and wife together. Nothinar is sadder than fruitless wpdlort The prattling and cooing of the little occasional worries and trials of life. When k v i rtrren f; derangement somev.'hers : the gvnita organs, cause .1 rv one L ?vc those common ciisorciers known as " female trouM; ' ; " Wine re C fcfA! is tne remciy. t puts tiie organs of generation in a strong and healthy condition, htting the wife for the sacred duty of reproducing her kini During the period of gestation the entire system of the expectant mother is built up to withstand the ordeal of labor, and when the litt'e one makes its advent it is lusty and IE strong, well-fitted to grow to ma turity in perfect health. The mother, too, passes through the trial with little pain and no dread. Wine of Cardui is truly a wonder ful medicine for women. Large Bottles for 'A. San Francisco Minstrels Friday .Y'-Ut. Mr. Joe Hall, advance agent for the famous San Francisco ininstro's, has been ho-e and arranged for tho appearance here of his excellent company of artists at the opera house le. 2'2nd. The following notice is from the Piltston, Pa., Post; remembered for some oi bo j 3 mu .-..i0 most clever work ever seen i.;on ?Jr. "Wm. Hammond b-ad four our stnge. The miibic wat, mx . el iiis nortliern friends with him especially line feature and toiiier last ve(ik. He expects to iudividurJize v;ould h? to one of these really bue sav ol' . ocabslsl wbat applies to all. Heauvjas, ; -f.)Vmoi o ro-ht serious opci'ation the contortioipst, was a sliow in!ou Mr, Ed Host lost week. himself. James Carroil :nd . , , TT . . . . n. ' Mi. Opoo inecolt came in Cook nnd Hall, each m Ins :bie. 1 rrw)lir,,,v lin . , llroiti Huntcn-sville ye.teiad.jr. would be hai'd to surpass aud i lie i . , , : , . . . (viiK'.r to the sickne OL u.t, it . , . . ri , oi their clever work. (n;v('.L iMatt. Ine dienome:iai inale abo, was ireat, not only as a male ! alto, but also as a female impev senator. Hu?h R'-'Vey, the club ' ;(. lV., ,.y Uili treasurer of thb jusr.icleL-, pcobabl- u-passed any- j (;(ncord TeMddiono Co., itiforms thiamin his line ever seen on ouri vs ;iKl .,, eh;uii(v 'in the service stage. Mens Love., Ha ' Jaj- i)(inv taJkedi of and will p-rob-anese vTlre artist a ad John Coss. !f,iiv i0 eele. The probaldo comeaian and novelty aj.asi, , pleased the andnc iraensely.'' Tickets on sale a I (iib.;ons dru store. A rnght oi Iciror. "Awful anxiety v ft b for Hi v. i "V of the brave C . bmii'i-en ,.i ; Jiachias, ?de., when tne e. - t' hat could not live till morning" wra ;fr:'. : S. II. Lincoln, who s-h. ; .. r th.e. fi.orfnl in'idit All lh,i i . i .ooii die "from Pneumonia, but ' she ! be.Tixed for Dr. Kind's ?t v lb-ov.-rv, ayiLi; it had mole th.iit "lice snwu her life, and had cured her of Consiunptiou. Alter three : inall doses hh pt ea.s'.jy allnitrht, and its further use completely cured her." This marvelous incdb-ine is guaranteed to cure nil Thront, Chest and L;u.;,' Disease. Uul. : ,- .nu : !.(;(). Trial botiles free at betzer'a druii store. A Jlonstor Devil Fish. Destroy in its victim, is a tvpe r.f I i.,A.u,niudiou. lhe power oi thi.-s nue. derous mulndy is felt en organs and nerves ami brain. There's no health till it's overcome. But Dr Kins New Life Pills are a safe and certain cure. Jiest in the world for Stomach, Liyer, Ividnevs and trowels. Only 25 cents at Fetzer'B Dru Store. August Flowers. f4It is a surprising fact," says Prof. Houston, 'that my tiavels in all parts of the world, for the last ten j-ears, I have met more people having used Green's August Flower than any other remedy, for dyspepsia, liver and stom ache, and for constipation. I lind for tourists and salesmen, or for persons fillinc: office positions, where headaches and general bad leelinprs from irmnqr habits exist, that Green's August b low er is a grand remedy. It does not in jure the system by frequent, use and is excellent for sour stomachs and indi gestion." Sample bottles free at Fetzer's drug store. Sold by dealers in all civil zed countries. KM LINK THAT m i Jacxsobt i Tenth. , Not. 23. I ws subject to miscarriage for three yean, and suffered constantly with backache. I wrote to you for advice, and after using three bottles of Wine of Cardui , according to your directions, I am strong and well, and tho mother of a fine girl baby. . - Mra. B. N. JO WEBS. m is !5S ones offset a thousand times the e is a re of b - IA3IES' A3VISCR1 DEPA37f3I."T. pHi I'y.j ... v,iiucuinook(a, ieun. 33 $1.00 at Druggists. f.f i -y; &, lems From Glass. I Glass, N. C Doc. 19.-Wo ore much disappointed here AY yesterday by train No. 36 not Vavin- our mail. The Northern M. E. church will commence work on their parsonage here in a few days. The- Pothpao people are ar- ;jo fuiaher souih in a few days T)rs Flow, and WitheJ-s per- J I ()( i r;vue. school suspended iiu ? -eb::ble is' the rvive Mr. Lester Coltrane, wlu) is clmj,.(, s a jo-bt and day ser- vice !')cludii;- all hours vn Sun day. The )laus are not 'deli re.-r.dy dec i.'led upon yet. .1. ,!:7-lan Here. v j Kebe'"! .Ionian, of DM , pow 'be jLTraad lecturer ol b , i e b ; s o f P v 1 h i a s, vv i ved l;;s luorn-ie: from CliaidotiO and w'l! sp'pd i his e'eniuij: w'lli biie Pvt()"ans. The members auiici aie an iatei'(sl'nj: time Umlbl and b'uow they will have it when y .e.-j,--, is amoilir them, KeJ Hot From trie Gun Yvb tho ball that hit G. Ib Stadm m of bewail", ?.h'ch., iu the Hiyil V, ;tr . . It ciiused honible Ulcvrs thai" no treat- n, t d heJ,r d b r 20 years. Then l'ueklen'H Arnica Salve cured lain. Cures Cuts, bruises. Burns, Boils, Felons, Corns, Skin Eruptions. Best Pile cure on enrrh. 25ctfc. abox. CureJ gunranteed. Sold at Fetzer's Drug store Theyoun Duke of Manchester gets 500 a week for doing special repo.vLing for the New York Journal. He gets the work done for about sl() a week, pi.s his name to it, and makes 490. Morning Star. To accommodate those who are partial to the use of atomi zers in applying liquids into the nasal passages for catarrhal troubles, the proprietors prepare Ely's Liquid Cream Balm. Price including the spraying tube is 75 cents. Druggists or by mail. The liquid embodies the medici nal properties of the (solid prep aration. Cream lialm is quickly absorbed by tho mem )rane and L di'y up the secretions, but changes them to a natural and healthy character. Ely Brothers, CO Warren St., N. Y. My son has bi t.i troubled for years with chronic diarrhoea. Sometime ago I persuaded him to take some of Chambererlaia's Coiic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Bemedy. After using two bottles of the 25-cent size he was cured. I gire this testimonial, hoping some one similarly afliicted may read it and be benefited. Thomas C Bower, Glencoe, O. For sale by LI L Mash & Co. Druggist. ;ea This Day. A young man from 17 to 40 for 1 ee - .iCii Oi secetarv :sed Irons ... Mii.-.a be respe' 'tt-ritii.jt' and" Ai'utl?; I'0' fVi ShaU CXpCt y0U tt- ,vrf ... "' to be i-?.v?y lor me. ! P 1 Fyfo. j The Cleaver Club .at Mbir. j Co., at Sloop's sbo) on Mam street after 9 a. m. TO CURE A COLD J.N ONE DAY ! Take Laxative Brorpo Viv,ire Tablets t fails to , 13. Q. ) n each .tablet; To WE ARE ASSERTING IN THE COURTS OUR RIGHT To TIFE rvrLTjQiVE USE CF THE WORD "CASTORIA," Avn TITCHER'S CASTOBIA," AS OUR TRADE MARK. I DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Ifuamis, Masmcm- was the originator of " PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the ccv, that has home and docs now , ..TZZ 011 c: ''7 bear Ike facsimile signature of ?; This is the original - PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which has used in the homes of the Mothers' of America for over hi '.y imrs. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and sec ' jf i : J;h'7 vnn ham alwans oouaht ami sias one siyiiuuurv uj s0 a. . per. No one has authority from me to use my v?-:e ( . The Centaur Company of which Chas. K Fletcher is Presvhril Do Not Be Deceived. Do not endanger the life of your child by acceptiev a cheap substitute which some druggist may offer y i (because he makes a fev more pennies on it), the in gradient:; of which even he does not know. " The Kind You Have Aiwajs Eonglit BEARS THE SIGNATURE OF 7 Insist on Having Tho Kind That Never Failed Yc-il kTHS CENTAUR COMPANY, 7T frURPAy CTtvECT, MLWVCRU CITY. I loDeord I rt n Off. rM tho business public a reliable, per- manent, conservative and accommodat ing banking instution. We solicit vour patronage with the assumuce of honorable treatment .iid due appreciation of your patronage. If w " cau servo you any time we will bo glad to hayo you come and see us. liberal accommodations to customers Capital aM Wis - - $70 000. D. B Coltrane, Chashier, T. M. Odei l. President, For Sale. One hundred loads of cinders. PHONE.. 104. I K. L. Craven Has BcniM 800 TONS JELICO COAL. 200 TONS HARD COAL. Meq YirJlna Split anfl Bird Eye Camel Coal. Best stoam coal at mine prices. Good Smith Coal. Call and get what vou want. 'Phone 74. Notice to TaxPayers. The tax books have been open since the 1st of September and you have not been in to pay your tax. I have to settle with the town by the 10th of January. 1900. so I am obliged to have! jyour tr.-: at once. I will call If : ' 1 TV-. rbon T rnll T n h . . rJti luik, una n means business. S. J. Ervin, City Tax Collector. Bee. 9, 99. Til?,?iBETi? what Peonle " WLy uiy most-or. That's W, , Hood's SarsaparUla ha"8 w 0 o A L J CP SCHEDULE.. N EFFLCT JULY THE 1 fJV - This ccnnsea schedule ;" -jb lished as information, snd'.-ia subject to change vitho:: L to the public : Train l l iiu o ucnoord IT. C- 5.52 A. M. No S, daily, for Ilioa mond; c(umects tit Green oro ft t Raleigh and GohUboro; ;t ' -oidsbo'o for Norfolk, at Danville t'oi W- in-t n and poinr.s North, at S .dish ;:-" hr Aeheville, KnoxviHe and poinf t 7. 19 A. M No. 33, ths New Yo.i. Florida Express, carries Pnllmpr..'Jb ; ing Cars between New YTork and Au gusta, New York and Tampa, .FJa.,"ni.d Norfolk to Charlotte. 8;49 A. M. No. 37, duily, Wash ington and Southwestern liiritd tor Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Mont gomery, Mobile and New Orleans, and all points South and Southwest. Through Pullman sleeper New Yolk to New Orleans and New York to Memphis, Dining car. vestibuled coach, between Washington and Atlanta. 10:00 A. M. No. 30, daily, for .sh ington, Richmond, Raleigh and all points North. Carries Pullman room buffet fcleeper, New Orleans tc New York: Jacksonville to "cw ! York: Pullman tourist cars from San Franciscovia New Orleans and ftouih eru Pacific Sundays and Wednesdays. 11 :23 A. M. No. 11, daily for Atlanta and all points Sotitl. Solid train, "Rich mond to Atlanta. 7:09 P. M. No. 12, daily, for , Rich mond, Asheville, Chattanooga, Raleigh, Norfolk, and all points North. 8;51 P. M. -No 7, daily, from Rich mond, Washington, Goldsboro, Selma, Ralh, Tbeensbcro Knoxvillo and ' ,? 'o, iottc n. C. ' if. 38, dailv, Washington f : jut o7f-Ntern limited, for Wash ington and all points North. Through Pullman cr, Mempliits to New York; New Orb .-.n ? to New York. Also carries vestibuled coah aud dining car. Close connection at Greensboro with sleeper for Norfolk. 9.S0 P. M. No. 35, daily, foi Atlanta and New Orleans, carries Pullman sleeper New York to New Orleans. New York to Jacksonville and Char!: .f to tr. Atlanta; dinning car. Also PuO i' i tourist car Washington to San Francis co, via New Orleans Tuesday and Fn days. 9.45 P. M. No. 34. dailv. the New York and 1 ;orida Express, carries ball muii Slee-.,:.g Cfrv ' between A"rncf and New iork. Tamia. Fla, nul ': York and Charlotte to Richmond. Car ries hloep".;- Oborlotto to Norfolk Greensboro. First seoi'ons of regular tbrougli or local freight trains cany passenger" only to points where they stop accordms to schedule. Frank S. Gannon, Third Vice-Prcs. and Gen'l. Mf Washington, r'. O. John ". Gulp, Traffic Manager, Washington, D, C. W. A.- Trtrk, Gen'l. Pass. Agent, Washington, D. C. Gowan Dasenbery, Local Agent, Concord, N.U "cuf AUU IVIEDICINES; "1

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