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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 22, 1899, Image 1

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T3 "V - V k j Ox.- Hi-it V; i - ' RANT n I : -J ;-::, ,ur Ills Hoatc to ho Churci rJ,. . if ,1; . r r , , , t ,4 tlx :-l.:.ti. iiv.I i.iY k.AvUloIOII lutos. : jviH Is i 'Tlicir I'jis.J tllO'i s. Account of the above tho f M;. Wr.' Sonthorn Railwav will soli tickets j roponrd Oiinr.mthie Tlw ' to all-points at rte of ouo aud 1 1 - ! . hnd a smallpox .... . '!'hi:r 1:,y when it was re ,.,.. niat there was a case v ; :i a few miles of that place. gro. though, did not have (by all pox but the excitement vpvv probably helped to bring vr- stop made on Thurs j:iv n'.ght by their mayor and t,o;ul of commissioners. They passed an ordinance that al n.onal intercourse between allv and all persons of Salisbury coming from Salisbury to China (hove be forbidden and all per son of Salisbury are quaran tine! against and forbidden to eor. into or enter the corporate limits of China Grove unless they show a certificate of t b v o 11 r h v a c c i 11 a t i on . V,,,1;' . l4 Askin- That Vivili:,- iMv.ct-ti Sp.uiII. 0110 1hirtl nrst-class standard -Monday night at ; o clock the , ,r 41 one-way fares for round-trip. iristmas exercises u ill be held 1 4mnS tease' TiclrotG on sale Dec. 22 to 2oh Y 011 COUXTEKKElTlMi, (it.. Htlr One Voar :i 1 1 I One Day Imprison ment. The Federal court closed "1 harlot to with the countorieitors. J Eva Ozmont wore i'i luiving eountor j of iiakii;g the : v ih'au vvetl and A . ' iiu i iv iiiv)nev 1 ' ' . T " T - - T .a? ,j ac iv it xVi aj -' tuolie'. 1 lie '' " - to the :aJ s;-'VOd 1Q a ! rmitMit mry at . r;an one day in - -- have a fine - . iicl!. Tlii will , .'. bv !IKV1 . . . - 0 ,r th.- -ii ins can not be rriw-ir passed onthir Tnurvln v. I'i- n.Miur i:n :f the ('oiu'ord Hii?h S. !....!. t I JO llDUi!' oil I 1 kj L LliU Coneorci Room I. snolarshi:- Ellen Gibson. ' 1 , , . m 1 1 a 'vV-vid 1 i igt(ji, : 'iiiUitv: Archev Christmas at Forest Hill Methodist church by the Sunday School, consisting of songs and recitations. Samla Claus will be on hand and will distribute the presents to the members. The Christmas exercises of St. Andrews Lutheran church will be held on Sunday night at 7 o'clock. Appropriate exercises will bo held and a treat is in store for the members of the Sunday school, At St. James Lutheran church Monday night the Christinas ex ercises will be held. A simple exercise will be held after which the littlo ones will ''L -e.iyo their treat. A surjn'ise is in store for the Sunday school at Central M. E. church at their Christmas exer cises Monday night beginning at 7 o'clock. Tha dress by Rev. J A B Fry. Christmas vj-v-jj.' h--.- A -the Baptist church will be held on Mondry night rr 1 kU ie en titled "Brownie Bridge.'' Vne brownios wis! wjaj y kyMgo. at each end -k .,hkk hh.. .v III be two tree.- and Sama. Ciaus will be all about. Appropr-ato songs and ctlv.-- .- -": will bo in order. A mo.-.' a. :d "o ; 1 : a i i ted itiviic.ta.ii . extt'ii-i-xl to the "ouhlic. On "v.Ton 1 : : v even i r, g n t r o'c 1 ock tlie Christmas exercis will be held at Cannonvill Presbyte nan church, xvt :oy) o eioeiv uie exercises will be held u Foj-st Hill Presbyterian church. There will be a Christmas tree at loth winces. The Christmas exercises at the First Presby leriau church wiii be held Monday evening at 0:.0 o'clock. There will be a Christ m tS tree and a treat for the Sunday School mmbov VllS. J riy-v Stowiirt, r 'ion, and Miss foso Fasslor, "f Sjn aig- field, O., who ha ' h -a- Ing oome time at the Kecd miiio inXo. 9 townshT, wvt 'ot'har lotte Thur-' y '. : 1 ' - t '! Christinas. The town Commissioners ir.ct and Dec. 30th to Jan. 1st inch:.- Thursday and co-c;(ior0fl the sive. Tickets will be sold to ,. . . . students and leaders uion pre- quostionof qaarantintng against sentation of certificates signed Salisbury and other towns in- by the Supt., Principal or Presi- fectedwith smallpox. Quaran- nt of schools and colleges on . v 1 , Dec. loth to 21st. All tickets tme ordinances were not passed limitod returninfir jan. 4th 1900. but the following notice has been ' circulated. j THE BEST PRESCRIPTION FOR To the public: At a called' ,t . JLLp , m . moot-in a- nf thn Ron vrl nf Pnmini'c ' ?nd fever 18 a bttle cf grove's Taste mcctingot the lioaid otUmmis- less Chill Tonic. Never fails to core; sioners to-day it was decided to Then why experiment with worthless postpone for four days quaran- imitations? Price 50 cents. Ycnr tininsr Concord against all towns monev back if t fails to cure. m North Carolina and Virginia , having smallpox. It, was, however, the retire of ereidaehe stopped in 20 minutes ty Dn 11SJ' Pain Pills. 'Ono cer a dose." whilo tcrt1, " yi a. : Goothep th.; , 1 " ': :.; tili;iys a pain. .nv.. , .. 1 .. tlie l .:..! rcu.o ..'r D:.i ':- '!: relieve tte vov :itl- mhIV- ' a- ately. SjoM by .1; st.- 1- . . of the world. rJV.'eT.--v-tiv(- i a ,. a .. tie. Be Mire and ask fur U.-s. . slows SootL ii:,,- ii'Siui'," a.. ' other kind ' Every man may car e h.l his own fortune, but he needs -uarp tool. Ex. NO CURE. NO TAY . That is the way all drut'i.h t-.U Grove'fl Tasteless Chill Tonic .j-a 0 and Malaria. It is simply Tr n ?.r.d Quinine in a tasteless form. Children ove it. Adults refer it to LiUtr, iiaa eatina Tonics Price. HOc. Nolxxiv Pain I" re euralgla. Got Dr. IMllotf GIFTS: GIFTS: GI the Board that if there was gen-! eral visiting during the holidays between Concord, Salisbury and other towns, then they would at 1 once quarantine. I 'Phic ie fhtirofnvo r -nrif7 nil ! residents of the town of Concord i that it would be well to remain r have to remain away weeks or months. Jno. L. Miller, Clerk. Bv order of the Board of Town Commissioners. December 21, 1899. Mti " Mis Em lua. Harris, .who ha. Sterling Silver Nov el tie s . been spending some time hero ' .jBgajg, vK-;Kf.- wun ner reiaiives, nass iuuiauu, - ' to Mebane. "Rri rolf Q T?.!!!?: QT! fl PPAAr ? (WW Troubling Most Zusi Now. We Can You Solve the Proble Pec Die 1 . T Prof OC Hamilton tins sold 1 k?StX i his house at UnionvilV to Mr. ! A. 1 COlOFS and STSGS Thompson Boger, of Cabarrus. Stanly Enterprise. PERSONALS. Miss Jessie Cobb went to Statesville this morning t. spend Christmas. Miss Margaret Cannon re turned home this morning from; Charlotte. Misses Fay Brown and Mary Virginia Wadsworth are spend- j ing today in Charlotte. OI JUaCLlGo K'Xti Silk Shopping Bags with si; Handkerchiefs and Hosier T an '. ,T. ''S v-"-? i -- :ta" ' .' - ". r- Iron and Tin Toy s. to Charlotte this morning. Miss Addie Lore went to Set of Thin Tumblers. Miss May McCorkle. who ic attending school here, returned I i . betoi unma jfiates or HimR and Sri, a lew clays wun ner gr.. ,avl, Unma rm rays Mrs. Jno. Yorko and little son arrived this morning from Charlotte to spend Christmas with her parents. 3 ' . - Celery or TT Mrs. S F Sle several months Willi her pan in h-; wiio lor N :na- Ony v:iu it ! ''M- I . It iv Fine Purses for men Ox - wOD' Mrs. Jas. P Cook returns! : rS-&SSeSG.SCSZrJ iZI-ZZ: home last night from Charlotte.! TVTttt QttI o Mr. Cook also came m xromj lcw OUyiU Ua - v South Carolina to spend Xmas. ; .c.rjcs ?f"f.- I Its i ..1 1 1 :. V . i -a i Lor!1. Fay 'i i ei Zei inu S near tin- IMJ OF blippers .tor ?u-: I r - ... . . T V 1 i i icy I ! . ; i lias diad with these companies f , " ""z:- - lino minslivl. K. V? i i-v hud ::-n exciinrin'Tit Tliursday on aeconid.. of oue ol its mn "lmni'-big out a. yeiiow business sign. loit "Hiir t . .-.-r.-.w- f ,-. .,rs '! i "V II '. S irnmsr and wil: " 1 " i . 11 2 1 1 1 ('C!i))'!llV. ; i i ; , iMIneeMe&tsfj vW K ' 1 ;o t uu iit-ai They bo riiiging ioii(i auti Cie.. i Evidently fiiiiFh Y"'1 tfi t!I(1 1 , r vi baivl. Ther of M'HisiciaTi; 1 i hall. Hope (Jau..c:., .mji Victor Callwell, : 1 froiii i iie A ..: ';;l,V ;. day night to .-pe ::" !i: : ': j -s- Mr. Chas. i?ogr, wliois ' ;--h i ino- school ;it. All. .-iuoy , luc l..'i!c in ao. iv n i"-. T"r tt- , i i j 1 . V O 11 I. I 1 i luiiieu d -:;;() o'ch AT 11 . ; i Furniture Store o 0. J. LiUiiC, Xolke. liviiKT mII vour st'cond h.aud - s t.ii rned io m.s no:i:' i. M i q .,ni k in ens i or iim;i i.on the streets towllship to .p:-nd the uuu.-.. for c0.ich Thh is s;)d.00 ir ''hr cni-dd.n will f n,,i ,i ..,.-1 Don't l't. them h, upon Thursday Evening to per around ,iml gc . to w ?ist Hh,' . J L Ctowell r -tl-nai-io - mu st be in J this afternoon. ! C S Barber and Mi J U where t hey make present a ' ;speo-. . - i . . . at jn-ices that suits everybody. Come ana ho here. If you want a present tot i ; r. - bags lo the Fcnix Flour ?Fd; jsiter, or some oilier body's brother or lnd'ot H cents in cash or ii-ad.iso ,Ur customers say that keep everyih;;ig ai rv m.w.1,. This is s;)d.(K' p'r, v'e iike vou in fad; we love yoa: anu the i- i h. on M.k i 7.. . w a', .n i i thousand. vou i m i we luve you. uk-km.-v.- uui . . Be!!, Harr?s Co. Residenco Phone 90. Store ;Phone . . . . 12. :,v' i '

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