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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 22, 1899, Image 3

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HER 0 O D S nice assortment of Christ mas presents in Leather ( . ioods Card Cases, Collar and Cuff Boxes. ..UKs' AND GENTS7 PURSES, made of alligator skin and moroceo, both in ran and black. U' and look at our line of presents. ' The Jeweler. jCi.NDED 18A2 Sixc, Their Own Praise." ;i.i your wife, daughter or .v:or been longing for a Piauo ? V.'mv not give heron. for Christ--v- one of those celebrated, . ..ble. sweet-toned STIEFF PIANOS. We'll not burden your purse ''ii a big price, and we'll give ; ;; convenient terms in which io the paying. Catalogue and book of sugges- cheerfully given. I'imio 3Futufiictiiror, ISaltimore Ml. FitjiT Brancb Wareroam. -vJV 1 li'arlotte, J. C Co H. WJlmoiSii, Mgr . tuning and repairing. : ..;..yci-; organs. , i-m:piione Xj. 71. ' change in Park- ad. Walter Fink came home from M Hill Thursday night. Fred Smith a. rived here day night. !.: v Craven returned home . ;.rdav night from school at Vc,ike Forest. .. prison King and Morrison r, of Davidson College, are i.: i.unie during the holidays. Black Diagonal Mackintosh '. p.. Coats for $1.00 at -Cannon vV Fetzer Co.'s. Mr. Jno. B Caldwell is very -udi tickled over the fact that ; ; . s a new grand son . " : Mary Lore is at home -iiig the holidays from Peace 'Mute. Miss Mary King arrived at iw.iic Thursday night from Con verse college to spend; Christ- Tho Trinity College boys Fletcher Fink, Fred and Ralph .'11, Lewis Brown and John K hue returned home Thursday fo spend the Christmas holidays. RING No. 38 or 6 and order ire aerated milk and cream. .mjw is the time to order cream for Sunday. Prompt delivery. Riviera Dairy Co. fiemember on next Saturday ut Monday will be the time for yuu to have your Xmas photo--iphs taken at my gallery. I J:ave the prettieet new style cards cr shown in Concord. Don't -1 to see me. Money saved is : unev made. J J Cook, Opposite Court House. Now is the time to order your h r istm a s and we will be please to have your order. Concord Bakery. He F5sher, Proprietor. v i ,j nstmas exercises will be held at Patterson's mill to night. 1 .lu i Boykin returned home Thursday night from Wins ton, after spending a few days. Alvon Watson and Lois Cra ven are at home from the A & M College to spend the. holidays. Miss Isabella Richmond has returned home after spending some time in Monroe. - Luther Shirey, of Rowan county, spent a whilo here Thursday afternoon on his wav to Mt. Pleasant. y Mrs. Albert Heilig, of Rock well, arrived here Thursday night to visit her sister, Mrs N D Fetzer. i Mr. J E Thompson, of our county, and Miss Eula Long, of Forest Hill, were married' the 20th by Rev. J Simpson. Miss Jessie Sears, of Wash ington, has gone to Mt. Pleas sant to spend some time with her mother. . Goods advertized by Cannon & Fetzer Co. have come in 1,000 Boys' Suits, 2,000 Boys' Pants, 100 Bovs' Over coats, 100 Men's Overcoats, 200 dozen Caps. All ready for sale. NEW YORK MARKETS. i f m j If TP iQJ 4 331 COTTON . Open High Low Closed Jan... 08 11 05 07 March 22 23 IS -20 May.. 29 31 25 28 Sugar H9J 119f 114 118 CHICAGO WHEAT. May.. G9f 09 69$ 69 July-. 69 70j 69f 701 I or 7 45 7 35 G 95 CONCORD MARKETS. COTTON MARKET. Corrected by Cannon & Fetzer Company. Good middlin Middling. Low middling. . stains 0 85 PRODUCE .MARKET. Corrected by Swink & White. Bacon 7 Sugar-cured hams 12. J- -13.V Bulk meat sides 7 Beeswax 20 Butter 10 to 15 Chickens 10 to 25 Corn 65 Eggs 15 Lard , 10 Flour (N.C.) 82 00 Meal 05 Oats 50 Tallow 7 If""" 1 . ' ' 1 . - . 1 . " - n fe? ijsrfev ke? LMA m felS 5tove Will muu-M t.hrt wIkiih t:innlv 'iad on Xmas t II AX XUMUV wuw i.M'b.'v -" l q 0 0 i n fma n Headauarters for Santa Claus. Wlimi n hnv ovw.-;. -.-fi Jn'r,7 lio mif n iv, ,rrn mi his luiok n,lld (ll'ODS it tllC illllOCCnt fish, IlOpiH to deceive t hem with a morsel of rood, i ne lilsh g-ets the worm, but the uoy gets rue nn. . ui seme merchants liavo a few !e:!r a- cost "o catch human suckers. ve mark cveryrmu rockbottom. 'Should you vra;it 100 ,;t:rl, .,;u would find the one liiuidredtlv one aschea) the first one. '! r.ook., lc U '-.'C pe!' sot. Box paper, xUc tu 2.08. Games 5c to S3. 50. Fancy boxes, well assorted, 25c to s2.25. Fancy ink -stands, 10c tolSc. Lap writing desks, 38c. Christmas cards and booklets, Kv to 15c. Photograph Albums, 38c to 2.50. Scrap albums, 10c to 48c. Autograph albums, 5c to 15c. Photo frames, 5c to $1.48. Framed pictures, 10c to 3.00. GENTS NECKWEAR. Puff Scarfs, Imperial Ties, Four-in-Hand Ties, and Teck Scarfs, Bows and String Tics, 15c to 35c. JEWELRY. Solid silver handle novelties, knives, paper knives, nail tiles, match boxes, shoe horns, bodkins, button hooks, manicure ciets, 'shaving brushes, assorted hat marks and coat-marks, at 25c to 98c. : Solid silver bracelets, $1.48.. Plated bracelets, 25c to $1.48. Stick pins, beauty pins, and breast pins, 5c to $1.75. Fountain pins, 75c, to $1.3o. Solid gold rings, with assorted stone sets, at $1.25 to $6.25 each. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Harps, zithers, toy horn Ac cordeons, mandolins, . Violins, banjos, .guitars, ranging from a 5c harp to a $4.00 Violin. TOYS FROM Ic. UP. GLASSWARL It is impossible to give you anything like a complete list of them all, -or all the kinds. We have a nice assortment pianos, from 25c to $1.48. Boys soldier's outfit. 50c to 98c. Iron toys, 10c to $1.08. Balls, 5 and 10c. Rattlers, 5c to 35c. Doll bods, and Hammocks. Tin and cast iron stoves, 10 to 98c. Tin kitchen sets. 5c to 48c. China tea sets, 5c to $1.50. Pistols, 5 and 10c. Roaming toys, 5c to 25c. Doll furniture, 10c to 25c. Rubber rattles and dolls, 10c to 48c. Blocks, assorted, 5c up, and many other lines we can't men tion China Department. Cake plates, 25c to $1.10. Table plates, 10c to 48c. Child's ABO plates 5 and 10c. Salad bowls 25c to 98c. Four piece table sets 1.68. Five piece tea sets 1.00. Tea pots, 15 to 95c. Chocolate pots, 25c to $2.38. Cream and Water Pitchers, 25c to 98c. Covered butter dishes, 48c. Sugar bowls, 25c to 48c. Cracker jars, 38c to 1.00 Cups and Saucers, 10 to 55c. Individual butter plates, lc. Individual Salts. 5c. Tooth pick stands, 5 and 10c. Candle sticks 15 to 48c. Mugs 5 to 25c. Fancy pin trays 5 to 25c. Bisque figures 10c to $1.48. Bisque match, toothpick, Ci gar, riower and watch holders from 10c to $1.38. China and glass vases from 5c to $2.48 each. Plain white and wb no or green with gold decorations. Full line of table and fancy pieces at 15c for 6 pieces, to 25c each, Parlor lamps $1.25 to $1.68. Hall lamps.$1.48 and $1.68. NOTIONS. Fine hand-painted Austrain fans 75c to $1.98. Clocks 95c to $5.25. Cologne 5c to $1.25 per bottle. Silk handkerchiefs 8c to 75c. Linen handkerchiefs 10c to 35c. Cotton handkerchiefs 1 to 15c. Mirrors, triple coat, 25c, pocket 10c, Hand 15c up, and shelf 55c to 68 conts, Umbrellas and parasols, as sorted. Kid gloves 85c to $1.48. Heavy silk mittens 98c. Cashmere gloves zoc. Belts 15c to 98c. DRY GOODS. Ladies' dress skirts 98c to bor caded silk $3.25. Chenile table covers 40c to $2.00. Chenille lace curtains 67c to $2.50 per pair. Infants' silk caps and cloaks, assorted. Ladies' zephyr fascinators 25c to 68c. If you don't see what you want come and ask for it. "We are very apt to have it. DOLLS, Ic to $1.48. "i tT '1? Very Kcspectfully.

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