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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 26, 1899, Image 1

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' i JliPilll 6Jr fillips' " fc$ i i i At iiii ill I f I k? ris . PKiCK. .OO'peryear. ON THE HOUNDS. fliri ,trr!:is Celebrations as Caught on a Fly- Happiness Everywhere. sa whole our Christmas sea son keen jyus above the ordinary. Lit tie shooting and exploding hv crackers proved the wisdom of i no town fathers in .the pro hibition. TImto was a confusion of 1 ; : :is sounds by horns very mij;i-p a religious celebration but iuhu uot make it dangerous to -r - ar.J limb nor irritate the trr nerves of the less vigorous. Ti, folly it is to be hoped will v M av too when wo let go relics of lower civilization -.iii J rise to adequate conceptions o: Christmas. Tiie beauty of the occasion v.-:is in the happiness of the little ones. With no special duties to mvthie him to one place the :,er took in all he could in a i'l-aslng sight it was in- ::. ; lecture room of St. . church he found a neat Christmas tree with the Meat following the, oxer Pastor Miller conducted Those wore ay songs and recitations. An v-t ic was recited by a group, : 'MeLs being J E S U S ,Li) arranged on a cross " reeitod, the sixth pupil bear (r a crown which over-topped ... ...iiic on the cross. At tiie Presbyterian church e was a massive tree highly ' trd and an interesting pro mdered. consisting of .-r.r nc recitations by tho iiiiie to rs in their own little nys of showing their gladness 'iii it is caught up and the wave sweeps over the whole audience. Tho exercises weie conducted by Superintendent B E Harris. The '. came in regular order. The tochers sprang a surprise on tii" superintendent and secretary, S J KrviUj -with special mementos of regard. The occasion passed !" pleasantly. V Forest Hill M. E. church "re seemed room for only one The house was laterally 'h Superintendent, W R . conducted the service. mo the children inspired vsas only they can do on ; - ma.-- occasions. Nothing -weotcrthan to sec these little - " 'ng their right to do ;. .iking at Christmas time. was no real tree but a ' slar indica-od the oc i it once did the spot Christ cliild was to be !. An acrostic wns'rc i by a elas of boys when hung a letter borietith the peii.!;g b li li i o 1 l j- -. leu, - was oil a card ropre ' 'g a 1 '1. A ft or the roiurs e' nta C-'r. i; -m e e . CONCORD, the exercises introductory to the great feature of the occassion, an address by the pastor, Rev. J A B Pry. This was anticipated as a treat, but not available for the writer without a break in the flitting program. The lecture was to the large rather than to the little folks. The treat to the children was for heart and in tellect rather than the appetite, being literature. lne Baptist church was reached just m time to see "Old Snriti" rnmo nnri: oanta come bounding out of a mgn -arched chimney, the top of in, u.i which was a bridge spanning the space between two well loaded and beautifully ornamented trees. A group of Brownies from the top of the bridge got into a snow ball battle with Santa Claus after which they also came down and! out ot tno chimney and delivered the presents as they were read out by Pastor Hogo. Having neither part nor lot in this matter and not being dashed from placo to place in mythical chariot drawn by fabled reindeer the writer h ; !'.! ! ; as a bird on weary wing to its roost, but with fresh hid mumurlesj of the groat event we celebrate, with Kis words ringing in memory's tympanum, "Out of tho mouths of babes and sucklings Thou hast perfected praise." Alexander wvi for more worlds to conquer, but the writer sighed that he could not take investing let-to came frc- JAevt. St. Andrews, Cannonville Pres byterian and Epworth churches. At St. Andrews we learn that the school surprised Pastor Oney with a fine hat and Superintend ent M B Stickley with a book, "Sunday School Lessons for 1900." A profusion of goodies. went to the little folks. Epworth church had a very successful entertainment and most enjoyable treat. We learn also that Christmas exercises were held Sunday af ternoon at the German Reformed chapel on West Corbin strjeet, ; tfcn .WMrpr, rnr.flivinff a nice ' 1ii.V ' w - CZf T treat and having a good time. Dr. Troxler and Rev. J H Lip- pard improved the occasion with remarks of good cheer. NOT LOCATED. Goodman Accidentally Miss Mamie Goodman Accidentally r Sirnllows a Dm r -Unable to Talk ; Except In a Whisper. Monday afternoon Miss Mamie Goodman, daughter of Mr. Geo. 0 Goodman, of No. 3 township, swallowed a burr, commonly known as a cockle burr. A physician in th iommunity - was called to locate i it in her trii uat id Jig was bron hi k'Hu where n m vcstiga lion was made 'Without av locate it bri n til ''' I'Oll lO UivJ IA)iMlui f-C kliX hvvv ibp.t n'-'-hi . I' is not Ivjown whether it is in her throat or -n- "... the hi lo mix is from '1 AV Br chai e she was j -i r- t vN. C, TUESDAY, DECEMBER SIMPSON-THAYER WEDDING, ij On Christmas Ere at the Central Hotel In Charlotte the Couple Took tho Marriage Vows. On anonv.:. p, M, A in the parlor of the Central ho - tel, Mr. Brown Simpson, of Monroe, and Miss Dora Thaver. ot Mt. Pleasant, were married The marriage was a surprise to almost every one. i ne ceremony was performed by Rev A C Barron riastor Qf Diarrhoea Bemedy. After uains two i , ' 1 , bottles of the 25-cent size he was cured, the First Baptist chureh thprn'lrrive thi wimonmi. hnnin nm at about midnight. The bride ar. , . rived a few hours before tho groom. Dr. L N Burleyson, ot'r0' Dlu1Bt this place, accompanied Miss Thayer to Charlotte. Tho groom has been studying medicine in New Orleans and. came directly to Charlotte where ! his bride had arrived on Sunday night. Before returning to his place of business in New Orleans n i it n it inoy win visit tneir ioiks m Monroe and Mt. Pleasant. Mr Simpson was some years ago a j student at the college at Mt. Pleasant and is well known there. The bride is one of the most beautiful and attractive ladies of our neighboring town. May every Christmas be as happy ; with them as was that of '99. A Letter KcceiTed From Lieut, Hill, As a Christmas present to Mr. W J Hill and family a good, in- Edward Hill. . Though his fetter was a pleasure it is not good j news to know that he has been on the firing line and is not faring as well as do some soldiers. His letter was dated the 14th of last month. He wrote of having been detailed with forty men to guard the hospital corps, and how the bullets would come whizzing about them. They were lying in trenches of mud and had no changes of clothing. As stated in his other letter it continues to rain. He carries nothing but a few morsels to eat, a pistol and his field glasses. 1 He is now realizing what the life ! of a soldier is. 1 Christmas Dance. ttome or ine young peopiej celebrated Christmas by having a nice dance at tho Phifer hall Christmas night. The music was f urnished by the colored orchestra. PERSONALS. Mr. S J Lowe, of Charlotte, is here today. Dr. Eli "Buchanan returned to Lexington this morning after visiting his relatives here. Mrs. Buchanan is visiting here no LIUU op 53 fV e- v r. r, hi r mmmmmmm - t L - J- I n tnu. : .JA Xfiiin h 26, 1899. Attempted to Steal a Pair of Pants. On Saturday night a young negro known as "Babe" Chris tian, attempted to steal a pair of pants from the store of H L ! -f arKs k uo. iie tnea to conceal (caught at his game. He was j tried before Mayor Means and ' in default of a bondsman he is iU Jau awaiuns superior courx. My eon has been troubled for years with chronic diarrhoea. Sometime ago ' Chambererlam's Coiie, Cholera and Jne "m1, aed may read it and be benefited. Thomas C Bower, Glencoe. G. For t,aie bvML Mash & Sympathy dosen't always fill an empty stomach. Ex. GIFTS: GIFTS: u !Are Troubling Just Now. We Can Kelp You Solve the Problem. Bracelets. Bines and Broodier. ' -3if5?S If! " S mm j A A OTS fl S15?; of Ladies' Kid Gloves. Silk Shopping Bags with studded top. Handkerchiefs and Hosiery. Iron and Tin Toys. Set of Thin Tumblers. Set of China Plates or Cups and Saucers, China Pin Trays VAj. Fine Purses for ; New Style of Neckwear. Fancy Vests for men. House Slippers for men orwci PARKS We Say ! f Do vou hear They be ringing loud iinu clear, Evidently calii ?:g; you to rHe urniture Stor r ! s i Wiiere noy m ; r. SUi: It you u or son:. t m'ic lier !s-"ter, it our cm Aehlx?y - tomei s r that ";. t t! hVC c.:: e. (: ou in ja i k'' we von. t0 iff Kesiden lion Single copy 5 cents. Volcano Eruptions Are grand, bat Skin Eruptions rob life of foy. Bucklcn's Arnica SIkvc. cares them, also Old, Rnnnins: ana Fever Sores, Uicers, Boiis, iVioiis. Coroe, Warts, Cnts, Braises, Ihirns, Scalds; Chspped Hands. Cbilllaia". Best Pile cure on earth; drives ont Pain a and Aches. Only 25cts. a box. Cnro guaranteed. Sold at Fetzer's Drag: store. August Flowers, "It is a surprising fact,' says Prof. Houston, 'that my travels in all pivrts of the world, for the last ten years, I have met more people having used Oreen'p August Flower than any other remedy, for dyspepsia, deranged liver and storr: ache, and for constipation. I find for tourists and salesmen, or for persona filling office positions, where headaches and general bad feelings from lrrignlar habits exist, that Green's August Flow er is a grand remedy. Jt does not in jure the system by frequent use and is excellent for sour stomachs aiid indi gestion." Sample bottles free at Fetter's drug store. Sold by dealers in all civ:3 zed countries. Most veitie. iaJ.CS! j vj wtwuv men or women. ttZmZOii&zzz ""ST AAA m a IS t GIFTS : & people 1 nose v eHnin!'' !.h'J 1? L L 1 " . '1 II of 8 Hams & Co 1 1: si I li

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