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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 28, 1899, Image 1

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' v'r: rfT5s , ; JU, pjl fj' IP "Hi 1 I 1 I I ft t 1 V I ft; Pkick: s4.00 per year rinh Moots lit SiiTidor- ljO lHTt ffllC kies were cloudy and there was a suspicion of snow in he air, but a goodly number of tj1(? jVethoven Club braved the wither and rode out to Sunder land. The cordial welcome of Ss Montgomery, the hearty ,rRvtmi:s of her corps of teach orSi tin; cozy parlors and the pre.M'm'O of thirteen invited assured at once a sue .ssfr.l meeting. The absence of t.e ; -ident, Mrs. M H H Cald uvh, and of the secretary, Mrs. irKlhims, was the only dis- ''inir circumstance. But ,,. vice-president, Miss f . , Lore, was equal to the :;e! ley, and, with the as-S-i; , o of Miss Van Wagner, ::( ' arranged a program of numbers, each an excel lent -election. She then occu- '. 4 he president's chair and e,y blurted t)e business of the '.h gi'ace land efficiency. i. enlng mnnbor, Edward 'V ant an et. :S; eigli allegro by phi' fd in L;"'o and Van Wagner inspiring beginning. The vi.V;er wrs tilled by !.' .Vlisou T.vith a paper . ; ' n in inns';; and 11 with the i-Hd-. tic inch f closing days." The t oi in for1, oat on which , ; .-u co-Viv.111". v;d hi this w.:s -.v -1 vr : the i:ier- :eh as ca i A 'Mon'iuht Son- in . . .uven's ' a dime alt composition, ren 1 with the perfection of deli ' touch by Miss Lucy Lore, - the third number. Miss Rose Harris, by request, filled the fourth number with Ethelbert Nevin's popular song, "The Rosary." M;ss Hervy stood, fifth on the riugram and gave the club a cor rect idea of the science of music by reading the "Criticism of Henry T Finck on John Bur roughs' Writings on Music." Jul m Burroughs himself would doubt have been edified, as '.".v.. the club, by hearing this 'jilt loisni. The sixth number ; the lovely wraltz song of i II Bailey, "Fleeting Days," vjj:g in faultless time and tone hy Miss Ada Craven. Miss Van er c"j",vnod the enjoyment -Hj program with a double :,-;. it.jethoven, "So . ' Qrnisi ITna Fantnsie and '', -. Xum,ci 3." rivoiri'nm was finished, ; .-hich the club liad 'lonlod by the en- A INegro Has A Accident at burgf. One of the negroes employed on the work train met with an accident at Harrisburg today (Thursday). A rail, used at a switch, called a switch point, accidentally fell on his great toe, cutting the end off of it. The negro was brought here and the wound dressed temporarily until he could get to Charlotte where it will be taken off. M Have Commenced to Build the Bridge. Workmen are now at wTork down on Rocky River near the Black 1 mill preparing to place the new iron bridge across. This is the place where the large iron bridge was washed away by the heavy rains. The old bridge has been taken out of the river and placed on the banks. The new bridge will be considerably higher than was the other, and it is not probable th:J. the county will ever have to meet an ex pense account for a bridge at that place soon. .. - 7n .f flc AJeiU'in Boad. On Wednesday and Wednesday night Messrs. R A Diuuu. Tvlor rir.on Caldwoli. Lmo. O Wads v:ct'th, of ibis place, and Mr. A C Wilcox, ot Philadelphia, were holding a caucus regnrd. to the hTorrre r -mty and Western rail- road which these persons claim ""till "". n '"-. r--t r -P lTf-"r InTQ This wrs not a regular meeting a tiro to talk over the CONCORD, N. C, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1899. Harris- Single copy 5 cents. Albright-Widenhonse Marriai:. 1 Georgeville, Dec. 27 On Dec. 25th at the home of the bride's A Case of the Bead Aliye. St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 25. An attempt to obtain the payment of father, Mr. W M Widenhouse, a an insurance policy on the life of beautiful marriage ceremony was a man supposed to be dead, but performed by Rev. L C Cordell, wno nas turned out to Ve alive, of Mt. Pleasant. ' -. has come-to gt. On July 10th Mr. W T Albright, principal ' Aaron Wolfsohn was livin of the Georgeville High School 1 f California On and Miss Lizzie Widen ?e?am . . ' VV oJf so hn, a tauor, received news manager of the music . depart- that bis son was deadj f rQm in. ment of the same, were the con- haling gas with suicidal intent, tracting parties. m the rooms of a woman who at After the ceremony, which was at that time refused to give her noon, they with their attendants name. The son's life was in retired to the dining room and sured for S10,000 in the New partook of the nice things set be- York Life 'Company. Evidence fore them where all seemed joy- was procured purporting to ful and happy. prove that the dead man was Prof, and Mrs. Albright ex- none. other than Aaron Wolf sohn. pect to make Georgeville their The insurance was paid to the future home. She Entertains Tomorrow Sight. Tomorrow night I'.uss Nannie Cannon will entertain a number of invited friends at her home complimentary to her visiting ladies, Misses Tom Hn son and rniblic administrator in Los Cal., but the money could be turned over to the young man's father. Aaron was re ported to have been seen in Chicago. The discovery was made by an uncle residing in that oilrr onrl -fVr Trnnn nr mnn'c ill v. Morehead, and Mr. and Mrs. S i; L.t , & ., A . T -r, . , cuts were notified and on August j n,rvm ana ana :iis. unas. J Harris. PERSONALS. D J Bostian went bemarle this morning. to Al- Mrs. R S Young went over to Charlotte this morning. -Mr, Jno. M Cook is so-'"!i:r today at his father's at Mt. Pleas ant. Misses Irma Kimmopc: rl Rose Willeford went to Monrp;. ville yesterday. Miss Ella Bamharf1. Pioneer Mills, is visiting at Mr E C Barnhardt's. pr-a Mrs. Milton Brown, S0 bury, arrived here this morning to visit at Mr. D P Cannon's. Mr. J R Smith loft th?? morning after spending several days here with his sister, Airs. M L Brown. Archey Brown. George Montgomery, and Lewis Brown went over to Cliarioite morning. To A -lend School at Mcbane. 11th the attorneys, Sale and Sale of St. Louis, wired to the head quarters of the New York T A ' e Pour more 3Toung men from Insurance Company," : which at this place will ?fend sr-.bool 'V nco made a demand on the pub the Bingham School this year lie administrator for 10,000, the unless their plans are not carried amount of the insurance on Wolf out. Those who intend to go arc john'iS life, which is still held by Joe Hill, Karl Johnson, Rich- him. mond Reed and Jno. Alexander. : matt(n-. Everything is in good sliape and they hope to commence work some of these days soon. Old Mrs. Untz Dead. Mrs. Fredrick Untz, ono of the oldest women of our county, is dead. She was a German by birth and has been in this county about 45 years. She lived in No. 4 township and leaves behind three children Miss Richie Untz, Mrs. Chas. Allison, and Geo. Untz. The Little Child Dead. On Wednesday night the little colored girl, Georgia Roeryv wbji was so badly burned on Wednes day by its clothe's catching fife; died. The little child suSeted awfully from its burns and death was a relief. does Back to Ge - aeviilc. Mr. Will Widenhouse Mr DB Parish arrived heie from Raleigh yesterday inuiu ing. Mrs. Parish has; l,..i4 about a weel:. .ills, u i.j.v, -'iAiiliUii turn home .i?urday niv. Alabama after sp.ptvlir; months. VV i 1 J. XV..- r 1 Mr. VH '!'' arrived liorc vx-viv Eckert is one ot tbo i parties in the Alooi i Cc Western raihuad. tv Mr, and NO COKE. NO FAY , ; That is the way all druggists sell wVin : Grove'8 Tasteless Chill Touio for cLillfa : only a short while ago moved to Quinine in a tasteless form. Ohildreu this rdaco from Georgeville, has.ovoit. A-ts refer it tobi' -, rs.i given up his position w ith H L Parks & Co. to return to George ville where he is interested in the store of Widenhouse & Barrier. ieatina Tomes Price. 50c. Still Driving the Filipinos. A Manila dispatch of Wednes day evening says Col. Lockett Six Ter Cent Dividend. The Cabarrus Saving Bank de- uiaiu " artillery, attacked 27th. . .. .. ,, iwith a force of 2,500, including i a force of about 1,000 Filipinos well in trenched among the mountains. He routed them without any fatal casualties, but the ruggedness of A Judge of the Old School. A judge of the old school is said to have once summed up a J the country defeated his purpose i eui U U r.'-orl, i m it enke and ; .I,J',.cd by luscious in. is, and to add ex- ion to those drbitV'v cupn Has raid 100 Per Cent. The Concord National Bank declared a four per cent, semi annual dividend on Tuesday. the 20th. This was dividend iNo. 2o, and aggregates 100 per cent, to ;1? share -"ujlilvirs inco its or u"a nidation. very complicated following terms: Vt6entl'emen Of the Jury You have all heard the evidence, you have also heard what the learned counsel have said. If you believe what the counsel for the plaintiff has told you, your case in the tQ capture them. To accommodate those who are partial to the use. of atomi zers in applying liquids into the nasal passages for catarrhal troubles, the proprietors prepare Ely's Liquid Cream Balm. Price including the spraying tube is 75 verdict will be for the plaintiff; cents.- Druggists or by mail. ui fi,o von i The liquid embodies the medici Mrs. Winslow's bootiacr ryrup tut.s been nsed for . . t i. r, -lions of mother? for tl" :" "l ;' while teething, with perfect nccess. it soothes tin: eiii'd, .-oi'U'iih . . allays all p:iint cures v-ind r '' nnd the best remedy for Diarrho. -a. it wiii relieye the i cor little sn!!" - . ately. Sold by drmrristfi in tvory prrt of tne world. Twenty-five cclus a bo( tlo. Be sure and ak for "Tr -. TV;-.-slows Soothing byrup," and take i o other kind T5E BEST PRESCRIPTION FOR CHILLS and fever is a bottle c Grove Taste less Chill Tviiic. A'ever fa:!? (o cure; Then why experiment, with worthless imitation!? Price ol) cents. Yc ur money back if it fails to en re. A fa liic or M Home-made a li ! 1 ? O lilg, vj... yonnnn Oonrnrh of Lex- n. i'l'iivwi nere an muiu believe what the detendant s ! counsel has told you, then you will give a verdict for the defendant. But if you are like me, and don't believe v;nn . 1 iiealthy character, either of them has said, then ij Brothers, 56 "Warren St., . i don't know what you w'l! c."- izn-.. I , , -. TTTT 1 ! Houselioia vvorcis. iMince Meats! nal properties of the solid prep-1 .- . . aration. Cream Balm is quickly y'U; y W'vv W absorbed by the membrane, and AT does not dry up the Secretions, j but chanires thorn to a natural j 0 I if: 1 I it .11 N 1 TT tC,., ml 1 ( ) 1 !i t ; . re. : npprc- : . o - v j i f t ! i q . . rii U V tl l'ii" o f 1 s . bouri. , . u and tiio '! t,o lowering v i kj v e i y C u ii " -ic'orlaTid on iy , u v-i y 1 ae-W-n4ed with . -1 , A ' 1 ' -.1 I day or night, oribit hiivrmo-h ihn wintry twiliffht L J I J ' 7 , O h i -s , p. . ' ..;( " ; 1 lie .r - -. -.1 : " ..-.! tn : "You would scarce, believe it." ridi said the coquette ot uncT'rut: i (years, ,,oui wuuji j. a o-i r l 1 wa s pos 1 1 1 e i . . v . --,v)v nf least, replied Pb0 iW'l vy , :L li clu ' Ml him to A. .r 2" ears ' - ago young uylv. nii T ddll't doubt it ni inu - , . I've i)een woe some, women '.aage to preserve u "outhful attractions so well." . A Powder Mill Explosion Removes every thins in .ht; :,o do drastic mineral i i!K but both arr: .,.-:.ri,v -imirons. Don't dvnamite lie delicate machinery of your body with So r.-..l, crotcn oil oi !vu .--. v i . S f - Say ! Do you hear those uVedrlini- Bulls. They be ringing hnu and clear, Evidently calling you to the niture Store of Harris & Of i ere ry make present a ; -1 - V--., that suits everybody. ' behere. If you want a present for K'tMer. or some other body'.- biu l; . so our customers say that keep everything Father i at as v.vh u' i. r, W': an 1 H Vt: i hich iiiv 1 nvn-nin' mtir mi i. iii bus o ill niie i "NTpw Life Pills, w ? 7 , . 1a nr.cnmu-u-2r brze, do the work :G "Bower, fectly. Cures htadache and couii-j i -n . . f I . ill; t r ill f -v' v i- - - I 1 1 Mi-ll C M I I V Ilk JJ J MWHVt pre. .v tv,' Ir.vo von. ron in fad; vre love you: and the larger "Mir inci'ease-our i(. ! one - -Th omas I J Bell, Karris & C Residence Phone. Stoie Phone. . ; I

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