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North Carolina Newspapers

Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, December 30, 1899, Image 3

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.Li rival of TraiiiH. r,.-i.,..-!T-.r riming of schedule took v ; , ; , is ut 5oU in, "lii'r.'iMi, " 7-1 pin, " " 1 p-m,(n.ig) " ! p m, " L00 a m (luua t) htiu-ound. . is at 8 V.h a m, (flap:) 41 11 '?: v m, With tJiM'IiMrosTaornnv. NEW YORK MARKETS. 1 ? f 1 T rn iv , lnoninio- and tomorrow v"'i',VU i :No tto;i (Violations or b;;nk Avin0W.A B FlT' th Psior,ite,n0ntt0lay- m, I"m, (lias:) ' .,' a m, ,;; " " 8 4H a m, (freight) " . . :;:. vdifn running ahead ot No. 7, v. n' ;ioCisury for through travel f imrlotie, and is stopped for , timers arriving from Lynchburg or waid. No. W stops regularly for jn;:. 's for Sdishcry, High Point, .tviisi'r,). INddsvilie, Danville and i : ifions otty en Danyille ami , :.i!iut a. No. ;ir (stops for pas :.s fuming from J.ynehburg or ;'s b-v.nd, a ml to take on pas for regular stopping planch -f V-- lis. 'So. a$ stops to let is from regular stopping of Newel as and to take on - :',r regular stopping places, ... ;;a.i. g r beyond id At stc t at Concord for : - 'rs to or from the C. 0. A: A. . ': irli)tto to Augusta and p, in South Carolina, (leorgia . i.M-:dtt, leached through Columbia Augusta. . ?. s. 11 and 12 jire the loral trains ' t ;-,t Salisbury with trains of C. Division. 1842. i :-' ' b t-. .- -i ; , ".' A (4 i Own Pkaisi-:." v;.-u reckon the endlc-s j.y and ysrrciT "lVN()s. . xvith all that skill which -'f i?on.tant mi-1c ireful at - - i rv det,dl ot tiieir construe, ; ' , p;.,,-, eern wo;, i i ;;;; vU v 1 lii , ( .' i I ' ; I ! I . : i V il s e -iSitruy i'JULr., Coil I'M: s. ,nv,n ' ; i . ' - u it L'l U J 'ill I: ; i - ' ' j : . . - 1 1 : ! ' n e r i A a OlUdAXS. AON K A ;i . ! l ";dlecior '.' ill . ' - Mon da. v wA j 1 i;o i 1 aieve (.'ox, ' d' East field, one to I 'ehnont. mv iiioi'ninu no a j )j ;:.) . .1 iA-i-d Ae;-:an cmircti i ro v aae'iv-ou ShixnuakTU', of jeu !' rida v n mm! in ! ; ? )i v)-:n s lor ci : OS; L Ca!liH)il! Y-irs Dav ii! i . i . a an me uu- i ad wiii bo closed Monday Ah.s Sue Nicholson has re- j is d ,a i iiarloiie aiei- spend- j : O ; i f avs hei'e. ' a-1 1 . I. a-ris ev Ccn have sonie 'idaio Cor yon to r"Md about in ; . i . cm the lii'st infge. .ir r. ("nss. Stone returned to imrioMe Friday night after vis-Am- at Mr. J M Alexainler's. Will Johnson has gone to Char aOe wiiere lie ha.s .secured a 1 o-,;'i i as clerk at the Arlington a r a . . M'- s ! Tad t ie Cochrane, of Ilar isbnrob arrived liere Friday night to visit her sister. Mrs. Ed -orrol). Ii'r. dos. F Goodman returned to Augusta Friday night after spending a week here with his parents. Mrs. G V Sherrill returned dome Pridav night from Chatta mtoga after spending several uaeokst Goods advertized by Cannon Fetzer Co. have come in 1,000 Boys' Suits, 2,000 Boys' Pants, 100 Boys'. Over coats. io0 Men's Overcoats, 200 '1 oxen Caps. nAll ready for sale. s.ri tuo1 i : ' . Methodist clnmth CZ! lorn.uR at 1 1 ?u ,. ,)morJ ivj jiiy-iH at 7 p. m soA w; i- iii i.oid son ices at St. Andrews Luth '.n church tomorrow m.AW OW llicrl-if J M-c willberogidar services ixt Forest Hill M. E. church to iiXw y th 1astor' Rev- Tl,o pastor, R, v. p, .. Tv lloge, will hold regular services omorrow morning Und lvi,ht at the Baptist church. Night ser vices lor mon onl v. v There -will be iv-alar s, rvic.s ivi All Samls Episcopalcliurch toinorrow morning at 11 ofdock andtoniorroweveniii-ai 4oclock lv tho ivctor, KeV. J Q nbavis. bunday school at 3 o 'clock. Kipple in Insuram - Tu: rr;-t. An immense sensation has been created in the insurance circles in Mississippi by th attorney j;on e nil's attack. he claims tiia.t. by lh( combination of Uie Soitth enieastern TarilT Association by ! which they have fixed prices so ! t hat no asrent shall wi-ito otboi- tlianrales bxed by tim i i ii .1,. I11()n - inV :u'1' m vioUitioiiolsiate ; a w aa'nsl tl'Usts and : . lho stat0 cancel 1111 ' j ;Uul '-harters. 1 ie2 j t- . c,ii: ru !(;-,,- who lias been visiting her ! iv!:ui't ;n o. 11 township, has ' J n ! -.I 1 ,-.. i I m i i i i i I yj l 1 1 Aiis-s Eula Parks and .ddie '.ore .'-iurned home Friday after r.-p'-'AAiig al()out a week in Char j Mi-. Jordan Barrow IcCl Frida.y ! iiiAiit lot' his liuiiii; at LonAv)u vn; a i e i' s 1 1 v 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 g a iiere witli his bi'otl iiUi l 1 1 i 1 V . Mi-. H M KIXG ; , : t'e ; e ar.d or e; tii.. !o ad ere; jvler ere. for Sundiiy. Prompt delivery. 1 1'. " iiivi: ra i)a.iry Co. rl he i n le id s ni- ' v . i '." . ... . ( , t . ... 1 ! smnier b'rida v n'eiit T i a!cmg Paul .Parks 'vefe di the 'i; rd r;: 1 1 s occasions, they s:". rill 1 1 1 e . vv vjniall s i .i ;i;s a a ,iiiii;u'v rsoeiei v oi me r i i irvienan enun a m Sa:.i Pharr IS ( j liCStv'd a:- Ae, c i ( ad cm m )L i Adii'e n n'ee . i' i autj lom t ' - " " 1 " Cannon to a cons; ldei'anA.anU!iiner ( ) f 1 an" rde-n S, C- e' " UT visiting friend a ad lr. and M rs. Chas. J Haiais ana -w. a .! id airs. S J hh-vin. A small boy some days ago said to his Lather vho - -:a -i 4-. : . a . .. . . i.a advertiser ana Wiio ciiaages iiisj ad. regularly: 'ddapa why don t yam change your ad. !t : ckas me tired.'' The ad was changed tlie next mornbig. Evai (' small boys read tiiem. BUY YOUR 7 $ redo, Pies, Rolls, Etc, FROM THE i Concord Bakery. Joe Fisher, Proprietor. PHONE 122 r:a.; SEE ST is what ihc People 'C ::'!:;'t!e uiCKt cf. Tht'S WhV idac-d : An .-sapariiu li'is the larecf foIcW? -ALL rED!C!fES. CONCORD MARKETS. Cottox m.!ktT. Corrected by Cannon A Fetzer Company. Good middling Middling Eow middlinir . . Stains 7 45 () C) G 85 PKODUCE MARKET. Corrected by Swink & White. ijacon Sugar -cured hams Bulk meat sides. Beeswax B-.iltfv. . . Ci nc Kens Corn Eggs Lard Flour (N. C.j Meal... OAs... 7h V2 -L'U 10 to 15 10 to 25 r5 ii) S2 (") 05 "A "7 ,llow i tl li lt x 1 li.di. v oodb-y Old i vi. l : "Vo speed the parting guest. Although your lile was short, you lived your span. You have your time to live and d" I'keii a. viiti now iias i . 1 1 1 o your time to go to l(vst. Y' 'roinuled out tlie 3 i i'o you well ' began, You frolicked wjAi tV;a S)ring v '. i! ;, i , ' 1 - 1 -l V ! ; L . i ) ill' n ; . . , i . , i ;!! ' a e r ('!;!))'. I ' 1 t v .' i I i ! v ' Jill lis. i ;.. olasiiing , i 0 xUAimn nn You followed her a nd lingered at Iter side IT ill!! S rie iicd W.'i'U .ei' CP mo. in sight, Armed willi-bis ve.pons tor a s; ii rd ' ii'ht . Willi Idin so ; ri ; n von "onld oi wdl a hide. j -1 ill! in lis prime. oar to vuu just in the - ' lime. - ' jsion Transcript. t , ; : ' i . . I" . .. kdn. ,idr-d bubonic , i ; . " . . ., w 1 -i r pi o m acn e agne na. -a It ni:dc. it U:. ry lor our ve . 1 o a n i a i O ' -i alii i o- aid ion and t1 ,. li!l - a to oar A-rs. t, - -s rivi. Lau a n, a, , i nty . ac . :a. -.m parrs oi die uadd, lAi tl ? ! m mr- 1 .lVo met ?-!':'" reus A v a,,.- u t Orccii's . ii, a. ;:oia-, :-ad ar c a- ':ab."i, I and for j A.A ) .tad r-aaa ni, or for p.jr;;ons ana. a1";1-.'-; ' si v '! '-; ' . 'p'V-'M' i ( .' 1 . " , ri- ro ( 1( v jt . ,. not in. i a .. a a- j -ion." S.auplo h-at!a fa-- 1-otzcr's . , . - 1 . - a . ---eo. a. M-?,.,ri 1 1 liUii 1 GOODS . a 0 a cnst- mas presents m 1 eearner Goods Card Cases, Collar and Cuft Boxes. ladies' and gents' purses, made of alligator skin and morocco, both in tan and black. Come and look at our line of presents. W. C. COREBLL The Jeweler. ..if - vii ; U i -'a i L:Va pj y.MW mm t' Will mako the whoit3 LA;cfis.Ai vvK r ,-.t Si1 c,- , ; ... AAC- C0. -1 . 1 CtCuLrv., v0tli'- iiptl i . - n 1 3 hs A'-ccA- It ciirc i ciiturrh ami drive J."" Ci i Brdiu is plr.ccd Juto fao nostdis, spreads i ucrr-braEO r.:.d 13 'absorbed. Ke'icfisim- end a cure follow?. It 13 not ciry iiir does . .- . i 'jy vv : , Tr-;.! S j .,, 10 cents by raaib " Xb.Y UIiOTXtSI?is, o Warren SiivU, Iww Yoik. Ai-ihO iiriliuAliibilill 0 IViAA 5c. to oe. i t lovc, Jvids, 1.00. S1J5, ;--ia1 a1. Silk IVlitvn Aw d - r - 10c. J .5c. and L'5c Wool MiU-ons for child -en 10c. and I5c. 'a , ? i UK i ; e0 15c, 25c and 50c. a A a for Ldeii'ds and ( liildiAdi. i f U T4 lib Tcai" and small. Inlek CA'ill)dT ah- j 4-. -I padour aim bide uOiUOS, i Dl)c. tot.OJ. Gibson & Morrison. ; v eU j nniural loads f of cinders. i S. McNish. PHONE 104 In Christmas Goods our line is beautiful, large and well assorted. For Holiday and Bridal presents, we are the people. Please do us the favor to call and look them over; we are proud to show them and you don't have to buy; but we find that folks generally do buy after seeing our goods and knowing the prices. Beauty in style, Goodness in quality and Lowest in price these are the strong points in our stock. Fetzer's Drug Store. 3f" " Wi:--2" .rs 1A , r, LitT sy .,' ? is'fc (f i X 7 T V 7 K . faajily on X ii iv. -AA .rry( AVe :,. . prepared to give :Ve eopl': A ; . ,-i liter be - tei- bar A'his tlian --vi hi all kinds oi llea'vy and Pauley v 'r "'.r'-'pM'r'A ': At wjio:e-de and retail. it will j , . . . . . - e , a - of : '"- a:, .."i AA . A..fAaA.KAitJy, ihiats, Etc. beioae ia viug. Fov Laover Seed Jv-mAnniaakSa go to v a Wi nter ?s Corn n sr I AL!dv!JV HA r, 0 1 1 Il X J-J J 1 b i J V ) i v J J X. Aia... . -.i.'otva .ujrc car lu.mii lie way. P lino f": .sat) lav iV : -idy for , . k..l Denct St. ;-.t Store. A .diioiicCS. M, L. Brown Bro. "LIVERY. IMLED AIsO .SALE STA3EhS. Just in rear of St. Cloud Hotel. Omnibuses meet all passenger trains. OuUiis of alt" kinds fur nished promptly and at reason able prices. -Horses and mules always on hand for sale. Breed ers of thoroughbred Poland China Hogs. 1 Ikon! Mini y Offers the ousincHs public a reliable, per manent, conservative unci accommodat ing banking inntutlon. We solicit your patronage with the assurance of honorable treatment and due appreciation of your patronage. If we can serve you any time we will . J be glad to haye you come and see us. LIBERAL ACCOMMODATIONS TO CUSTOMERS Capital and Surulns - $10 000. D. 13 Ccltrane, Chashier, J. M. Odell, President. WANTED Ti buy 100,000 potmdaof old cist-iron scrap, de livered at the foundry at once, for which we will r.v a fair price. No burnt iron air-ed. aietf.ES;C0NC0RD FOUANDUY j

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