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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, April 21, 1900, Image 1

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I Mi!', vv. li S4 .?' r Ml II sis si m .ALVil iEciS, 553 71 fe ? rvc -r 2 Price: $4.00 per year.- V CONCORD, N. C. SATURDAY, APRIL 21 1900. Single c r-.' v TEE UEF0i:IEI CLASSIS. z J I'EAL. The Ani'Vai Xcouim Oi, THE FIVE NKilvr SYSTEM. Tiu j Will Orgar'TC Soon. at Ueulnh Chareli la Dinhkon Ccimly-OllIcc-rs for the Eiistdi: iar EIcvIojI. Controlling ?:,ter-' The (Moll Mills Wiitk-u ioi Tbo Standard. t:it crilie Union Copper Mine '.u (ho Oil C- v.)iy. 1 i-'vO; I j unior that the Arnold. Amu 19. The a:n:i w -0 . ' T.. ' ' t-egm next week with wnat stock, 850,000, has been sub - ;-n7i.o irsiSMi;- 5ni?ht syr,,is"iibedbutthe corapany is not i-is (-t r,..-,- -ru , ,x ...'....- g"i operators ro- yet orcran zed. , , , , V" " -' - au lai0 o- ceivo full six days wasres for the I A meeting will be held in a fu That rh?n-A week or two hr the stoekhold- New Class of Goods-Mr. Bobbins to J ers u the new cotton mill to be Fill M. L. ICoore's Place. i built a few miles on this side of The Odeii .-,1: r m'i-.t mi.. j r unuuiiu0 , v... viiiua muvo. iiio arnounL 01 0 coiivcrucl at Ueulah churcli o'.'the ov iiv w 1 Uppi" Davidson charge Wednvis- ()!- -ook j;a The hour day afternoon. moo.tii):.r was en Ot the iiH-h -i:iv .!l:V o f tl of by Yv G i r an mle c:.o, ceivo full six days wa-es for .. .itiii ilia 'snn,:i!r : i? . , . j n;e.5 01 uvo nights. viop, iuo,UOO, .retam-.;d wtiian. This The company has iust pollen :,t tlmt the fMr,d Oil Compaq i j in two car loads of Dobbv lo oais iior making fancy nap goods. m, . . 4l . " ' oveial of those looms 1 l,o op:.n, sorc, -ro ; - ,.nc :n ll,- uUuro. You, preTioilslv j,,, tJ)0 rom u)v .on.liu.u.u by Lev. .,-,1 teu-.u.ri.onnt l-a.a't bocn abie is nmkjn gooa& similr nugev una the writer, ai- .to ca tne amount, Mr. New-:oidor dov- T.10 ' W(v1! wnicli the sermon wos pre?iciied. nj"Cu received lor his stock, but ! v 1 oy i :k 1 "cr president, ose wno Know most about illti-rost ill;. of ofiico rs Wluit Kind of Seal s Have You 2 AVe note from the Greensboro Telegram th-' r. .) agent of the Computing Scales Company, of j Dayton, Ohio, iat brought suit .against a moeha-nt of that city for usinic an infringement on Ph. D. After t'nisi'-iaction state that tho consid- j set-men the election f oration was enormous. Mr. i For tho ensuing ycjarjowan still owns the Gold Hill was lake nut,'h resulted as! Mine -uid will continue in the follows: A Shulenberger, Prosi- J county looking after the working dent; T C IIossou, Vice-Presi- of the Uni"" -T: :io ' Salisbury dent; G Weber, Corresponding j oori cspoiuh---i : i io CharJoito Ob- Secret a r v. Dunn ec a snort inter-! server mission the president appointed the necessary committees. Thursday morning's session was given to the reading of tho Parochial reports until 11 o'clock when we listened to a sermon by the Rev. G "Weber, of Salisbury, on tho subject ''Despise Not the Day of Small Things." After an intermission of more than an hour the rcr.i'fnguf the Parochial reports.iiontinued. ReyvtKorclmcr asked for a dismissal to the Presbyterian church. Ho was thus dismissed. During Friday morning's ses sion the reports of the commit tees were read and adopted. Tho report of tho committee on Education was recommitted. The Ladies Classical Mission ary society held its annual meet ing which was interesting and edifying. A collection weaken which amounted to nearly H. E. Sechler. ery pioasKiir the ! ciif.ii These coods arc to the eye and New DRt "We an- -itlw-.i -v -v. ' sometliiav; iit-w. ;it..d elegant and re! i ' of the r ra- ;;;; : ! Dr. Pv-r's Ta t Throbbing: fleadacne Wonlil quickly leave yon, if yon nsed Dr Kins'? New Life Pills. Thousands of sufferers haye proved their matchless rrit for tick and nt-ryous lientlacbes. They make pnre Mood and build up VOtir health. Onlv afonr-x' hnnh if Dot cur'.-d. Sold at x etzer's drug: btors, i Il v lie 3'7- HOW (.)':' ' . ? t'onp; ' ; trout i: rii;1.:. Concord their scale, tiona! C:-: Mr. Will bobbins has been promoted to the position resigned by Mr. M L Moore who leaves for his new field the first of the week. Arrangements for filling Mr. lv. bbin's pkee at Buifaio are no' complete yet. THE COlio'HII) rRESIJYTERY. 53 r&d 3 m m u: A. iiU:-'- :f 'i!3port:iuco Trftnscdetl TliKS Far Durinjr the Session. Tl e Concord Presbytery began its session Thursday evening. i -'tiring moderator. Pqv. T, It is called the Na-IMcT K a Ciblivered an able ser- pUiJi; Scale. The purchasers are beiug prosecuted becaur o the company can't find the manufacturer of the in- frmvment. Should there be any of the National Computing Scales in our towrn the owner would do well to Iook into the matter rather than be liable to the penalty. Mr. 3Iebane Satisfied. The Newton Enterprise in re ferring to the spirited contest over tho nomination of a Super intendent of Public Instruction, moil. At the conclusion of the sermon the transaction of busi ness was entered into and Rev. Geo. lfj Cook, f this county, ws elected moderator, Rev. A L Mc Laurin recording clerk, and Rev. Cochian Preston, of this place, reading clerk. Friday morning's session was devoted to tho disposition of preliminary routine business. WW m Wlm i a m : m. mm i i m mm m C I i I . I pyi r? l't"WE-1 m m m m m mir m m Mm MUiypIliilM!! i NOW IS TKE' THE I"! Valuable Revolutionary Relic. Mr. M M Gillon has left with us temporarily a rare Revolu- tinnarv relic. It is the cavalry .k rifh which his great rrdfnther.John Gillon,did ser- n in that crreat struggle. The z is home-made, very much like the modern sabre, though entirely flat on the sides. At widP.Qt Tioint it is one and a half inch strong and the blade is ehes long. . The instrument is doubtless of of steel, though capa- LUt) Kjyj - w- r,f bendins rathor than ot breaking. It has ten distinct cuts across the edge as if done in fierce combat, though so auuo tradition has lost the incident. Connected with the traditions of this relic is a fearful experi ence of him who bore it, on ouc occasioa Mr. - M distance could i- . lin,.ir tint fell in wilii a, ourneu uk- and c "ieat coullict. r00,n wheve she ran at first. says: "Mr. Mebano is perfectly pleased with the result, will sup port tfre whole Democratic ticket, and is more convinced tnan evei that he was right in coming out for the amendment and casting his lot with the Democratic party." Mr. Mebane has found it nec essary to come out in a letter since the convention, reiterating that in no case will ho allow his name to be used by any party m opposition to Gen. Toon and promises him his most cordial support and co-operauon names. Panic, Heath, Mice Portner, a girl of sixteen, was burned to death at Hope Mills early Sunday morning, cnvihn Favetteville Observer. She was kindling tho nre m " i-unin when her clotnmg oe nicrnu.ed Sho was fatally PA 1 i I '! 5 II t FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS fra Winslow'a Soothica: Syrup has been used for over fifty years by mil lion of mothers for their children whue teething with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immedi ately. Sold by druggists in every, part, of the world- Twenty-nve cents a bot tie. Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Win slows Soothing Sjrup," and take no other kind PERSONAL POINTERS. Mr. R M White returned to Charlotte this mgrning. Miss Lillie Rbyne, of Mt. Holly, arrived here this morning to spend today with Miss Pearl Brown. She will probably spend Sunday here. Miss Mary Archey and little Miss Helen returned home this morning from Salisbury after spending a week. RASOL WHILE Y Do not wait till the season is half gone and the stock picked over. Our Parasol opening was quite a success. Our parasol sales are increasing daily because we "have the values. Here are undoubtedly the bes IVira-cl values in the town. We judge from our sales mid the knowledge we have of parasol goodness. -This is no job lot of old junk but clean, fresh new parasols direct from maker who wished to turn them into jii!.- cash. We give you the greatest variety to select frooi, beauti ful handles, and if not superior values, we do not asi you to buy. )jO At this price we give you a steel rod parasol f tOC. good English twill, real value seventy -rive cents. 9o Herearegood servicable parasols, gloria silk, OC will not turn brown, fine concro harries and might be considered good values wTere they r:.:. : 1 1.50. we show a beanhful as sortment oi the Taney changable colors, as ell as in black silks, ;H vchrlpn flnp enntro or nrineess handles. iii think of good goods at a conservative price uu -;. through this store. Parasols for children and misses from 18c to 1.lT,. iVmols for sunshine or storm. 1ST Price that tell and goods that sell. H, L. PARKS & C0MPHY. MSI.50, 2.00, 2.50. 10 J3.50 either e who (lane epVVlCe V'Jt iU He (K- these K--urs pcre uud A Horrible Outbreak. Just Received A fresh line of Boiling's best canned Toma toes. California canned Apricots, Pears, Ck zd Peaches. Campbell's celebrated con densed Souns; somethi? very fine. Abe After You ! 'Mi T 13 am ! Canned w . re in an , .nn,,-e sores on my liule danger aml wngw. ! ,..T ..Moued into a case of Beam Tr. ::-?bre has ; head" v,-r:t C D Isbill, of Moranton, WE NEED IT IN OUR BUSINESS AND IF YOU YvrILL GIVE US BUT HAL! -CHANCE WE WILL GET IT. Furniture and House-Furn? is the burden of our sonjr. We h.ivc !ab 1 v '.' : by night how to give tae r'':'-p of Coin ont uu-U nr. ii Furniture store second to none in the Cro. in -ts. tc ceeded or or not, you will have to come und e. N- y . Birds Eye, Mnhogany ar-d Golden Oak males bMt-n! .. gee our New patterns, they are as love-jy A.- the l . . . A fresli wy' Rnoklen's Arnica Salve cream chee-:c i0 n :;-. ,UL( at ; 1 .niT .. u u u --' a j ,Miu-:-Mll0. cured feer." It'sguaranieeu - .eomi xiij salt rheum, .T . .n,.. f" roinrned to cure eczeiu-, , . ';; Vi;s xv or a-' nimples, soref, ulcers and piles. Only phonQ Uii ' 25c. at Fetzar'e drug etore, 1 A r. . 69 D;d you sny! Ncv ; or u:u City lead the procca vll. Out - Harr- Residence Phor homo i:-. ir.g to ip

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