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Daily Concord standard. (Concord, N.C.) 1895-1902, April 21, 1900, Image 2

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) p. BARRIER and SON, VaaWs and Proprietors. 4K HO Kit IS IIUILI . il.-slu'd every 'o u- .Sill 'oerii ti -ii : r i.UU 2 00 i .00 , 1 ' 05 ST :U is u iS.'o :-r- : ;!( r. Jt ha.s ' ('.'. I . r. d.; than any : :t,U) per uiiuum in nnliv crtisemeutt t ion. : onirjuiicvitions to (Concord, N. C. ?- 1 KVHONE NO. 71. oun, N. C, Apr. 21, 1900. OUR bYATE TICKET. F- r Covcrnor. of "Wayne. . i-.ieutonunt Governor, W. D. Turner, '.'f Ir edell. For N jivtary of State, . i .. : i A."v O i v I MiS, of Pitt. 1 ' r State Treasurer, 13. R. Lacy, of Wake. r or State Auditor, B. F. Dixon, of Cleveland. ' i . t v u- S u p t . of P ubhc "In struction, T. P. Toon, '' Co!::lbu.S. For Attorney General, R. D. GiLMk, of Haywood. "?" ( A .Linissionor of . Agricul ture. S. L. Patt!:!:son, For Coinin'r of Lubor and Print- U. f I. V and that the Populist party is more than any other a distinct ively white man's party and, in its great anxiety to solve the race problem, it proposes an amendment to the constitution to prevent negroes from holding any office in the 'St ate a :, loir: i ?, the lath amendment of the con stitution of the United States si a nds. It 's clear eaounh th If I Sutler and Thompson coaid put the party lasli on sensil 'e Pop ulists and whip them into line they would do it, but they know too welh that liiey cam. hi also clear that the no no b wanted to pi are others "Y who can't be elected bv : Ao best citizens, but none of the i fie is intended for him. Jevrspapers the Best Detectives. Speaking of newspapers, Sam Jones says: "If I wanted to r:;ct a right square judgment, I'd rather go in a newspaper cflice than a court of justice! No man whose life is true, pure and just is afraid of ail the newspaper presses in America. They are the best detective force in the country today. They have punc tured more shams, and, so far as I am concerned, I say tako the bridle off and let them go. The only ones that will be hurt will be the shams aud frauds. And if you think the newspapers print too much of a sensational kind, don't you read it. The papovr, lined jo bo reformed, but the people have got to reform first. Newspapers are printed for money, ainl to suit their patrons. If you think they arc run on a high moral platform. like Mr. Harnum's circus, just i reform yourselves, and the paper will follow suit. ln l"o j o.'alion Commissioners, Fi:AvKux aIcNkill, of New Hanover, .v KL F. Ic()Ci:us, i. f I J unco tube. v ... A A the Tenth District, V , H. COVXCILL, t" fatauga. tors at Large. ! I r ; ; I ! McLKAN, ' Harnett. :' -S. OVKiiMAX, ; f' 'P.OTail. ; "lilK TAIt HEELS." North Carolina talent " - f; state oratorical con Messrs. Whitehead Kluttz .. . in. S Bernard, of Chapel Messrs. E B Crooks and Carl Monk, of Vanderbilt F'.orsity, Tenneessee, oa Fri Kiy night, the 20th, in that institution, in discussion of the question, "Resolved, That the United States should not main tain permanent possession of the Philippine Islands." The North Carolina boys had tho negative and won. It seems the more creditable to the talents of these young men that in the nature of the question they won against Hie popular sentiment, at least in Democratic circles. The propondenco of the logic was that the United States should maintain permanent pos.esr.ion of the Philippines. h!r, me and Reason. If vou toot vour little looter, and then lay aside your horn, there's not a soul in ten short duys will know thai v i were I.-,; ;;. The man who gatiit-rs pumpkins is the man who plows ail day, and the man who keeps a-humping is the man who r? r it pay. Tho man who advertises with a. short and sudden jerk is the man who blames tho editor because it didn't work. "The man who gets the business has a long ;md steady pull :: . the local papers from ye ;r to year quite full. He p'ar ' advertisements in a thoughtful. honest way, and keeps forever at it until he makes it pay. He has faith in all tho future,- can with stand a sudden shock, and like the man of Scripture has his business on a rock. Ex. The State Journal, a weekly periodical publish in Raleigh is ; again before the people under; the unique motto: "White Su-j premacy, Administered bv the! Republican Party." The Journal I comes OUt boldlv. h(;'lr ' and we think, logically for the constitutional amendment, fully anticipating that hs party plat form will oppose it emwiatiealJv. It is right plea:. an?' to h;tA.'e o:; our a i'eif ' -;r- excha.iiLie Lhat is j- en liaif v.-ay j-ight and we gladly put the .iounialon our HL Roping that 1 1 o aaieudment carrjeu will greMi;: improve the chances ol good jouriiaiism for of our-oppoaeiits who can't ; all the vav. tbos conn Butler, in his si.ech before the Populist convention yester terday accused tlie Democratic convention of being 'made up of lawyers, oftice Svekers and their friends. If Marion Fuller is not a lawyer and an oilice seeker himself what is he? Monroe En quirer. We don't know so much about the lawyer part but he's certainly an olhee-seeker and a blather skite and Scamp thrown in. Rutherford College to Be Opened in the Fall. The committee appointed by the Western North Carolina Con ference to buy Rutherford Col lege was constituted a board of trustees in case the purchase was made. The purchase havjng been made the board met in Morgan ton on Wednesday last, members present, Rev. D Atkins, D. D.; kevs.lfR M Hoyle, G C5 Little, L L Smith, J W JoneV, Messrs. B F Davis, J D Class and J A Lackey. The board decided to open school next September or October. A prudent wss se lected but his name is withheld from the public until is it known vliciher he will accept. Prof. G P Jones, of Catawba High School, was elected to till the chair of the commercial or business de- -t s-nt . 0;F-r member of the faculty will be selected by liie execLitiv e cuninjittce aatercou sultation with the prescient. Morganton' News. was Thai s funny enough that the FopF.-t convention declared : amendment is abore ?;,;,tv and is loft to the judgmont ana conscience of lacti individual One of tho young men who will be among the richest of the rich men of the first decade of the 20th century is Harry Payne Whitney. He is at present tho heir of three great fortunes. His father, William C Whitney, is worth probably no less than $75,000,000; his uncle, Col. Oliver Payne, has nearly as much, and it will go to him. His wife, who was Gertrude Vander bilt, will receive something like 15,000,000 from her father; so taking in all in all, Harry Payne Whitney is liable to be one of the richest men in Lo United States a quarter of a century hence. He is a fresh-faced young man. is a lover of all athletic cnnHsandis not averse to the club and social pleasures, which he can so well afford. Anderson Intelligencer. - Grip makes one tick, weary and resOesa PlMI1 totocaUvs liemxhS UwfiS rest. A Wahoar Near (julfney. Wo iearn today that No. 74, uort iiboaiia ireignt tra.n, wrecked last night at a small place called Thicket, y near G a li ne V, S. C. A washout was the cause of the wreck. It was not loarned whether or not anyone is badly hurt. Good Gravel Mixture. A gravel mixture containing ten parts of pebbles ranging from an eighth of an inch to an inch in diameter, six parts of sand and four parts of clay is said to be an excelleut material for surfacing roads. Experi ments have shown that this com bination as a whole will neither "run" nor crumble under the wheels of a wagon. Pneumatic. Questions Answered. Yes. August Flower still has the larg est sale of any medicine U the oiviiized world. Your mothers and ffraadmothera never thought of using any thine else or indigestion or billioBgnesf. Doctors were scarce, and they seldom heard of appendicitis, neryous prostration or heart failure, etc. They used August FJower to clean out tho system and stop fermentation of undigested food, reulata the actioa cf the liver, stimu late the nerrous and organio action of tho system, and that is all they took when feeling dull and bad with head aches and other achesVyYou only need a few doses of Green's Anjost Flower, in liquid f ormlto make you tified there is nothing serious the mler with you. For sale by ll dealerJl in civilized eoun tries. 1 4 sy ... ... i r y - Pie " ' ' ' ----- - t. We bought a line of Samples of tiics:' -mm ai loss than 50 uv font ;f the regular prices. 50 dozen pure linen pieces worth 1UC Nice lot 10 and S5c. Come early and make your selection before the assort merit is broken. You can buy them for less than we have been paying ourselves. 40c. pieces for 25 c Very Respectfully, i THE DAILY STANDARD ,-3 JL i-j , is . , 1 l-l)'. ' t H i'. ?4 i?t "itt even; rUyt Sunduh cry i for only JOo per week or ,Jo- ucr mouth, t-za sap 9 prints home and other news that is. of interest to our readers and to make it grow better we must liave the pat ronage of the people, Giya tie a trial when you makoi' jota next order for Job Work Work ready when promised. 5 5 If you awnt to buy anything: you can ca1' for it through The Standard. Advertising rat'. Ju J The Standard .j. made known on application. N

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