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The Danbury reporter. (Danbury, N.C.) 189?-current, March 18, 1880, Image 1

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THE DANBURY REPORTER; VOLUME IV. THE REPORTER. PUBLISHED WEEKLY AT DAN BURY, N . C . PEPPER rf- SONS, PUBLISHERS AND PROPHIETOUS RATES OP SUBSCRIPTION. One Tear, payable in advance, $l 50 Six Months, - - 1 00 BATES OF ADVERTISING. One Sqoara (ten lines or lets) 1 time, $1 00 For each additional insertion, - 50 Contracts for longer time or more space can be made la proportion to the above rates. Transient advertisers will lie expected to remit according to these rates at the time they geod their favors. Local Notices will- be charged 50 per cent, higher than above rates. Business Cards will be inserted at Ten Dol lars per annum. O F. DAY, ALBERT JOKES. DAY & JONES, Manufacturers of SADDLERY, HARNKSB, COLLARS, TRUNKS. #c. No. 336 W. Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md. nol-ly B. F. KING, WITH JOHNSON, SUTTON k CO., DRY GOODS. Nos. 27 and 29 Bouth Sharp Street., BALTIMORE MD. T. W JOHNSON, TT. M. SUTTON, j. K. a. CHAHBE, O J JOHNSON, nol-l v H. 11. MARTINDALK. WITH WM. J. C. DULANY & CO. ' Stationers' and Booksellers' Ware house* SCHOOL BOOKS A SPECIALTY, Stationery of all kinds. Wrapping Paper, Twines, Bonnet Boards, Paper Blinds. 332 W. BALTIMORE ST., BALTIMORE, MI). ELII\RT, WITZ & 0., Importers and Wholesale Dealers in OTIONS, HOSIERY; GLOVES; WHITE AND "ANCY GOODS No. 5 Hanover street; Baltimore, Md. 46-ly JNO. W. HOLLAND, WITH T. A, Bit VAN L 10., Manufacturers of FRENCH and AMERICAN CAN 1)1 KN, in every variety, and wholesale dealers in KRCITS, MJTS, CANNBD GOODS, CI . GARS, J*c. 39 aod 341 Raltfcnor* Htrret, Baltimore, Md Onier# from Merchant* policited. "15^ A J. BOYI). JAB. W. HMD. BOYD & REID, ATTOIt\KVS-AT-W«\ Wentwortb, Rockingham, Co., N.C. WILL I'BACIOE IN THE COURTS UK Stokes County, other State Courts, and the Federul Court. October 24. 6m WILLIAM DRVaIKS, WILLIAM K. DEVIOUS. CRSISTIAX USVIIItS, of 6., SOLOMON KIMMKLL. WILLIAM DKVRIES & CO., Importers and Jobbers of Fereign aat Domestic Dry Goods aoa Actions, 312 West Baltimore Street, (between Howard and Liberty,) BALTIMORE. This paper will be forwaided to any ad dress lor one year on receiptof 1 Dollar and Fifty Cents in advance B. J. * R. K. BEST, WITH HENRY SO.NNKBOKN & CO., WHOLESALE CLOTHIERS. 20 Hanover Street, (between German aod Lombard Sf reels,) BALTIMORE, MO. B. BONNKBON, B. SLIMLINE. J. W. RANDOLPH & ENGLIS", BOOKSELLERS, f>TATIONERS, AND BLANK-BOOK MANUFACTURERS. 1318 Mainrtreet, Richmond. A Large Stock qf LA W BOOKS alwayt on »01-6 m hand. T» Inventors aid Mechauics. PATENTS and how to obtain tbetn. Pamphlets of 60 pages free, upou receipt of Stamps for Postage. Address GILMORB, SMITH & Co , Solicitors of Patents, Box 31, Wa thing ton, D. C. M.S. ROBERTSON, WITS Walking &Cottrell, Importers and Jobbers of HARDWARE, CUTLERY, Jo., SADDLERY GOODS, BOLTING CLOTH, GUM PACKING AND BELTING, 1807 Main Street. Richmond, Va B. M. WILSON, OPN.C., WITH R. W. POWERS t CO., WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS, sod dealers in Psiuts, Oils, Dyes, Vsrnishes, French Window Glas*, Ac., Ho. 1808 Mein St., Richmond, Va. PropriMcri Aromatic Peruvian BiUcrt Com pound Syrup Tolu and Wild Cherry. W. A. TUCKKB, U. C. SMITH 8. B. BPRAOINS. TUCKER, SMI 111 & CO., Manufacturersand Wholesale Dealers in BOOTS; SHOES; HATS AND CAPS. 250 Baltimore street Baltimore, Md. tol-ly. FOREVER. The hearts that beat with fond desire Too scon, alas ! grow cold and dead, As suns that glow with heav'nl.v fire, Soon sink in ocean's chilling tied ; Yet hearts there are no fate can sever, There is a light that Bhines forever. The heart that's lost in cold despair, That feels no hope's enlivening ray, Soon sinks beneath the weignt of care That saddened first its youthful diy j Then death alone its fate can sever, And banish all its woes forever. Till reason cease her rays to fling Across ray wild, ray fcrver'd bruin, This heart to thine will fondly cling Where all niy hopes of bliss remain : And cease to love tbee it will never, Till death shall sink its pulde forever. The Better Spelling. The Dew fashion in spelling, says Professor David Swing, of Chicago, teems at first glance I ke a cruel slaugh ter of shade trees aod pet birds and the family dog but if oDe will look at the matter calmly he will see that it is no destruction at all, but is really an im provement of the old bouse, a trimming of the hedge, a mending of the old fences, a making of a turnpike where there has been too long a muddy road, and the hanging of a neat gate where our faih >rs were wont to let down heavy bars. We ought to make a distinction between mere feelings sod reasonable feelings, for if we have permitted ourselves to become MI attached to au old wooden plow that we would n3t exchange it for the best steel one, we are not persons of deep feelings but rather of deep babyhood and stupidity. The human race that will from deliberate choice spell the word program, programme, aud tisik, phthisi k, and which when its folly is pointed to, will proceed to affirm that it prefer* the longest way of spelling a wotd, should he compelled to go ba.'k to canal-boats and pack horses and to dipped candles aud to sermons two hours long, I'to gress is a universal movement of all thiugs. If our fathers had a poor plow and a poor wagon and a poor reaping tool, so they hod a poor way of spelling a sound ami must necessarily have writ ten as they acted, and thought in other particulars light, poor pens, poor ink and a poor spell.— Home Journal. AI.LKS ATOHB HATCIIKD BV A II KN — A lady residing at Cow island, in Louisiana, and wishing to set a hen, went into the Geld adjoining her residence, where some of her chickens had been layiog, and procured some seventeen eggs and placed tbetn under the ben. When, in the course of "humm events,'' the chickens were hatched, 10, sod behold, there cam 6 forth four small-sized alligators. It is supposed that alligators from an adjoining marsh had deposited their eggs in the field, and she, not knowing the difference, placed them under the hen And what is mote strange the young alligators fol low the mother hen around the premises as happy as a Colorado beetle in a potato patch— New Orlean* Timet. A CALK WITU TWO HKADS. —On Sunday ol last week, according to the Tarooro Southerner , a cow, belonging to Mr W. T. Whitting, in Halifax county, gave birth to a calf with two distinct, well formed necks and heads The two necks begin at the shoulder. Both mouths are in eating. The body and limbs are as other calves. This is one of the greatest freaks nature ean be guilty of His ealfsbip is doing well and growing finely. A San Franoisoo thief did not know that the woman whose pocket he tried to piok was the Gieat American Female Samson, belonging to • circus then in the city ; but he was sure he had made a mistake when she struck out from the shoulder, knocking him down like a ten pin hit by the big ball Scalis of North Carolina, Cox of New Yoik, Atkins of Tennessee, Stephens of Georgia, and Singleton of Mississippi, are the onlv Democratic members of this Congress who were in the House of Representatives before the war. The senior class of the North Caroli na University has selected Rev H. H. Tuoker, D. D., of Atlanta, 0«.; a Bap tist minister, to deliver the baccalau reate sermon at oomiuenceuiekt in June next. Rag* are advancing — Monthly Union Yes, trtmps are marching through town every day.— Waterloo Ohteroer. DANBURY, N. C., THURSDAY, MARCH 18, 1883. OLD DAN. Farmer Henderson came in from the barn one morning with Lis hands and clothes wet aud covered with oiud, his face red, and hie eyes flashing. * "Ned !" he shouted as he entered the kitchen "Where's Ned '!" "Here I am," came a cherry voice in reply; and an instant after, a bright ( strong boy of some sixteen years, entered the old fashioned oountry kitchen from the adjoining woodshed, where he had been cutting potatoes for tbe day's plan ting '•Do you want anything?" "I want to tell you this," said Mr- Henderson, as he washed himself at the' gink, and ruob&d the weather beaten face with the coarse towel until it was even more red tban before ''Old Dan tuußt be killed ! Just see the state I'm in, and all from the worthless old rascal ! I wou't have him about the house an other day. He's good for nothing but to make trouble, and he must be Bhot before night!" added tbe farmer, wroth fully N d was about to plead for his pet, wl en his little sister came into the room. '•Why, papa, what is the matter?" she cried, running to him in astonish meut. "Did you fall iuto the creek 1" "I might as well," be replied, half laughing. "O d Dan butted me into the watering trough !" There was a shout of laughter from both children, in which their mother joined. "Well, Jedediah," said Mrs. Hender son. coming into the kitchen, and still sh&king with mirth, "what could you have been thinking about to let an old ram, 'most twenty years old, knock you into the watering-trough ?" explained her husband, ,- he took mc unawares. I had just filled one pail to carry to the barn, and was stoop ing to dip the other, when the rasca| came at me like tbe wind, and knocked me completely into tbe water ! Ho scampered, I tell you, before 1 oould get out lie kuew that he had done mis chief. Anyhow, he's got to be 'killed to-day, sure He's only a nuisance, and I'll shoot him to-nigbt, when we come back from town, if he's on the farm !" Two hours later Mr. and Mis. Hen dersob drove away to be absent from home until night. As they rattled out of tbe yard, Old Dan suddenly appeared close to the gate, and wagging his tail as if in derisioo, gave utterance to a hosrse Baa a !" The farmor turned, shook his whip at the old fellow, and cried, "This ts jour last day, u y boy ! make the most of it !" j Ned aod Carrie were the only chil- j dren. Leaving Carrie in the house alone, after they had considered for a while whether there was any wav of averting Old Dan's sad fate. Ned shouldered his hoe and marched off to ' i his work, planting potatoes with Brou son, the hired man, in the 'back lot.' But the little girl of thirteen had no thought of being afraid. She had the breakfast dishes to wash, some sweeping to do, and the dinner all to get before twelve o'clock. Time lied. The dishes stood in I shining rows upon the pantry shelves, the broom had performed its work ; and Carrie was preparing the vegetables to be boiled, when there came a faint knock at the doer. Supposing it to be one of the neighbors, the little girl did not rise, but called, —"Come in !" He wore a long black ooat buttoned to the chin, and very threadbare. His trowsers, too, were black aod shiny, and much too short for him. On one foot there was a boot, while the other was graeed by a ragged shoe. He carried a battered silk hat in his hand His face was long and solemn, but quite red, his eyes bleared, his hands very dirty, alto gether he wis a queer looking visitor "Is your ma at bome, miss ?" said he> in a half-whine, as b«i glanced sharply about the room. "No, sir," replied Carrie, wondering why he asked; "she has gone to Under bill. Did you wish to tee her ?" ' Oh, no," the nun re died. "I only ask out of politeness, you know," and he smiled solemnly at the little girl, and winked one eye. "No I oaoie on busi ness with your pa—particular, urgent business. S'pose he's round, is he not ?" "No, sir ; he went to town with moth er," said Carrie. | ' Now that's too bad !" exclaimed the 1 visitor, as he seated hiuitelf, "and I've ! come so far to see him. Hut perhaps your brother or sister would do as well." 'T haven't any sisters," faid the little hostess, laughivg, "and my brother's over in the back lot. He'll bo in by and j by, though, if he'll do." "Well, I don't hardly believe he will, afler all," said the uisn, shaking his I head thoughtfully j "md I can't wait to. day. any way, 1 hain't the time Bit I'm terribly hungty If I could, I'd stay tor dinuer, miss However, under the circumstances, perhaps yi u had Let ter give me a light lunch before I pu; a ' piece of pie. a cup of tea. a little cold 'Lyj^eat, ,ifr suiiietluijg of that s^rt." "Oh, Certainly ; only I can't give y u the meat, for we haven't it in the house," said Carrie ; "but I will find souieihii g '■ Aud she brought iroui the pantry a whol-i apple-pie, which she | laced before ! hiui, with a knife and fork "If you will help youiKelf, I'll have | the tea ready in tbiee minutes " "All right, my deat !" said the HUM seizing the kuife and drawing the pie In wards him. ' I will act upon y> ur ed vice. The last liuie I took dinner with j General Grant," he contiuued as he cut J a great piece, and began to eat, ' h>' sa d : tome, Governor, governor,'said lie, nev. er disregard a lady's advice and I have always remembered what he said and he chuckled merrily, and no'lded his head at the delicious looking paetry j before him Carrie wondered a little at the table manners of a man who had dined with | Grant, but she steeped his tea, flavored | it with rich cream and sugar, and passed it to him. "I am not much of a hard for tea," said the man, as he drained the cup, j "but my doctor says that I must drink it i for my digestion Ruined my digestion I while 1 was in the army, you rce," and |he winked solemnly. "By tho way," he j continued, picking up the silver teaspoon j from his saucer, "have you any more f i these? Tbey are as neat a pattern as I > f»ii saw, and odd, too. I should like to | see the rest of the d zen, it' you nave ' tbem " "Mother has only eleven," said Carrie, j in her innocence, "and she is very proud ! of them; but I will show them to you " Then she brought the little box with the precious table silver—eleven tea spoons, four tablespoons and an ancient oream jug, all pure silver and shining j brightly—and placed them before her in | quisiiive visitor to admire. He bai finished his "light lunch " j That is, the pie was demolished and the j teapot empty. As the little girl handed him the treasures, he arose, took the box to the window examined its contents with a critical eye fir a moment, and then, as if in joyful surprise cried "I am right 1 They are the very spoot s ! The very same identical spoons that my friend lost when he was a b.>y ! How lucky it is that I have found them at last !" With these words and a very low bow, the rascal opened the door and slipped away with the spoons and the silver pitcher down the path towards the gate For an instant Carrie stood motionless ; and then rushing after him, she shrieked : "Give me those spoons ! They are my mother's spoons, and you are trying to steal them! You are a thief, a thief' Bring them back ! bring them back ?' I- Tile man, however, paid no attention to the child's cries, but ran rapidly down the path, carrying the box in his arms; and the spoons and pitcher would have been lost forever, had not a new party j appeared on the scene Old Dao was quietly nibbling the grass near the gateway Hearing his little mis tress' voice, he looked up at the very in stant that the tramp passed. What he saw about the man that disturbed him, I don't know ; but erecting his head with a hoarse "Baa-a !" he shot after hiui like a eannoD ball. The man turned to receive him. and defend himself, but the ram struck him | fairly in front, and knocked him half senselets, flat on his bsck, scattering the | silver in all directions. For an instant the fellow remained sprawling in the dust, then he slnw'y j arose, limping and groaning, and without ! a glance at his enemy, began to gather up ; hie stolen spoil* | He had partly nompleted his task, who" Old Dan, who hud all this liuie been watching the proceeding from beneath hie shag'jy eyebrows, shook hia long i beard, and with another tremcndoui j I "Baa a !" dashed at him again, and over he went a second time, his treasures flying from his hands And now be ian a stianee battle. ! With cries of rage and pain, the man re covered his feet, and turned upon the ■ atii, kicking ard striking at him furiou - ly, while Old Dan, accustomed to such I warfare from ye»rs of experience with t ie boys of the country side, easily I elud* d him, and in return, butted him to ; the earth again and again. Tho spoons and creaui pitcher were j knocked hither aud thither, as the ooui bstan's struggled, The road was trampled ' iuto something like a race course, the air | wts b led with very bad ianjiuage, very ! anyry bans, and a great cloud of dust. ! Bui alter some five minutes, victory | d iclaicd itself upon the side of the qua i \ ruped, and b'uised and bleeding with ' | clothes in rairs, uiiuu* hat and shoes, the j vanquished uiun suddenly lurntd away a>t iao limping down the road, leavine hi-, ttutiig nist in full tiossessiou of the I fi Id and the stolen silver. Old D»u remained motionless, gating j after his enemy, ui.tii he disappeared Riouud a distant turn in the road, then shaking the dut from his ooarsc wo ii he nave utierance to a low gruinh'e of satis ■ faction, and wagging his tail, returned \ to his dinner in Ir >nt of the house Half an hour liter as Carrie washed ; ! the coveted spoons and the bright little \ pitcher, and laid them carcfuily away once more, she to.d her brother the story, } and how the robber was foiled ; aud Ned, j full of emhusiam. cried. "We will not kill O.J Dan at all. fm I do not believe that father would shoot 1 ; him now for a hundred dollars !" And the boy was right The old rau> woo more than he knew when he louirhi the tratnp and Conquered hiui. He won his mailer's regard, and a free ai d happy life for the remainder of his days.— i Youth k Companion ( Centralization. The decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Seibald and others. fr> tn Baltimore, in whose behalf an upp ie-a tion was made for a writ of habeas oorpus, on the ground tl at the Fedeial election law which they had violated WUH uncon stitutional and void, goes the whole figure j and makes clear tbe great changes which | have happened to our government during the past twenty years Judifc Field again files a dissenting opinion We j shall make no comment, except to nay that tbe cou r t has indeed cut loose from its old moorings and has embarked upon a sea of construction as latitudinarian as any which a mere politician would ohoose to sail upon. The court havinir thrown ; ' aside precedent, are now without compass | or chart, and the strongest mind will j steer the vessel before tiie popular breeze | | to the haven where he would lie ; if to j empire, then to empire; if to a consoli dated oligarchy, with all power vested in 1 Congress, then thither. But in any case ! i wc must understand that until tl is dcci i sion shall, in the progress of events, be reversed by the people's will, it marks a great onward step to the fiual overthrow j of the government established by Wash j ington, Jefferson, Adams and the patriotic | fathers of our country How to do Good. Johnnie is a boy about six years old He was playiog the other day with an other boy a little older than himself, whose clothes wore in tatters and rags, his mother being dead and his father poor. Johnnie did not say anything 1 \ tben but early next morning he left his ! own bed and crept in beside his mother, and said to bcr, "Ma, you should make that little boy I was playing with yeatei day a suit of clothes" ' Why do you ' | think I should do so ?" asked his mother | ! ' Because," said Johnnie, 'ne is nearly | naked, and he has no mother." Tbe j suit was made and sent to the boy, and he came to Sunday Sohool with his new suit on, and was as happy as oould be— Jonnic was glad to see him Now, some \ other little boy reading this nay know ,of a lad whose olothing is ragged Ask 1 your mother to make a suit and send it to him —it will make wu happy It it more blessed to give than tn r. oeive " O B Ireland, of the Governeur (N. Y ) Tim**, hai left that paper and gouc 1 into the New York custom buuse. NUMBER 41. Historical Skutchcs. A MEMORABLE INPTAN HUUT. A sharp Indian fiuht, one of the 1 most closely contested that ever took place in Texas, was fought on the 27th of .January, 1851. Lieut Gd Burleson, with a detachment of cavalry, was on his way froua San Antonio to Camp L"8 Ojuelos. When near the Nucces river, he eaw - three Comanche Indians on horseback Taking eight men, and ordering the rti-t ' of the party to keep the road aud move on, he pursued them. Al'er running for two or three miles i the Indians came up with eleven of their bald on foot, aud prepared for ' b ittle. • * ' K.ji lesoii's men, who were old Texan 1 rangers, moved up within fifty or sirty ! yards of the Comanche line, and opened the fuht. By some mistake they dis mounted The Indians charged, and a terrible hand-to hand figbt ensued. Shots were fired at the distance of a | foot or two. The field was an open prairie, ou ( which tlierd was not even a bush tor cover It was a trial of strength, skill >III c 'irage. The rangers fought be hind their horses, shotting under them or over the saddles lied uien and white men, Colt's six j shooting carbines and bows and atrows, ! I e vol vers and lances wtre mingled in a general melee. There was no shouting, | no urn* oe ivering, but each man fought ■ on hi» own 'hook," and for life. M >ny of the iucidents of personal process would, if they had occurred in a hattl.i between madevial nights, have i been celebrated in song and chronicle. A Comanche singled out Jem Carr, u 1 wool, brave ranger, and obarged upon ' him with bow and lance Jem with ; steady aui fired and shot hiui ; then fir. d again, with the same effect. The I dia • s ill advanced, shooting arrow s after arrow The arrows caui with less aud lei-a force, until ihe last one hardly leit ihe bow, as the plucky, determined j warrior tell dead a few feet from hig w iito f.e, Jew received four severe wounds. "Tt was like clock-work," be said; ''every t iue I ratse.i uiy carbine they stuck an arrow iu mu." He had his carbine to hie face, ready :to tiie. when no arrow, passing through i the last j mt of bis right fort-finger pierced the breech of the gun. Luckily the wuod splintered and released his hand Baker Barton, one of those indomita ble spirits who are "game" unto the last, received three mortal wounds He died >n his feet, holding to the born of bis saddle. Oue of the coolest of the rangers was a man name! Leach His self posses ! sion was wonderful. Burleson, seeing aa Indian aiming a pistol at Leach, raised ] his revolver to shoot. "Dou't shoot at him, Lieutenant," called out Leach ; "he's only bluffing. I've been watching him; there it no ! load in his pistol. Finally the Indians fled, having eight wounded and leaving four dead on tbe field. They were bo thoroughly whip ped that, contrary to their custom, they did not take their dead with them. Two of the rangers were killed and several ! were wounded. A gentleman who visit ed the field thirty days after the fight found it covered with arrows Over 200 were picked op on • space of leM than one-fourth of an acre The Torchliyhl says ao experienced ; Granville farmer speaks of opening a farming school at an early day. The object of this ia to teach the youth prac tically how to cultivate and cure suo cessfully the fine yellow tobacoo Ha says such an art in this oountry would be far more beneficial than the profea* 1 sion, all of which are crowded. Remedy for a cough—Beat op a fresh egg, add a spoonful of honey or molas ses ; pour over these a quarter of a pint 1 of hot water, not too hot, or it will set ! the egg ; stir well, and give the last thing before going to sleep An old proverb says '.hat ''tho anvil lasts longer than tua hammer." Tbia ia probably th only consolation the uqder> most man in a figbt hat.

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