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The Danbury reporter. (Danbury, N.C.) 189?-current, October 13, 1887, Image 1

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"VOLUME XVI. • 1 ' Reporter and Post. PUBLISHED WEEKLY AT DANBURY. N. C. PKPPKR \ S#N, Pubs. is /'/. i>. ■ATM »»' Ml IIH« Kiri li>\ ; '' :i H 3no Yonr. paoahle In ad vancc,..V,,..'. ; Jji Month", BA I KM OF A l> V iHIIM >H«: ne Sqimr#(U?n Hue* or lew) 1 ilme £1 of> . or r-.irh •dutttounl lu*ertftfe£gi flo Contraet* for ot nmrr *paeo cnn be min proportion to tha r'IOVO rate*. Traimient advertiser* wHV hi- pxneeteri to rorolt JKCCOR.LLNJ; to tlio*o raiea aftho 'time tbuy «C*IHI ' their t'wvar*. l^u'.nlNoUcc?wlll beobvgedSopeprent.filmier ; than above rate*. IISINI ncM Card* will lu.- crtod at Ten Dollar* J •wfraunntu PROFESSION'. 1/. djtKDS. * | I E. L. //• / YMOJTE, J ATTORN K VAT LAT Mt Aii-y N, C. • Special atti'iitiun giwiilbihrAillectlftif of f I W. F. CARTER, rTO ti. r A*r-.y jp- L A ir. . MT. AIBY, SITItKY CO., W. C i . 1 vl«n\«. 1 lit Wi.i id J "THE MCADOtf HOtfe.F, *! I CiItKENSItOIiO, X. C. &• [ -CHAS. IX 1 'ERA OX, Pro' R. \ Has the largest, most elegantly furn- | inhed and best vetntilatei rooms of any 1 .Hotel in the city. V. DAV, ALBERT JONKS j •3Day Ste JoxxeSp I manufacturersM. % * .* 4 j * B,Ju V N K3 « t )io. 3Jo w. Baltimore vlvifWt,'Baltimore 1 Mil* .lUi'UARU WOOD HA w'lW. | * BBXlir ULJiDKIeSOS. W. llAC'O* WOOD, BACON &C 0 I m port t* in* Mid Jabber* of DRY GOODS'- .V&TJOXS, WHITE GOODS. ETC KM. unn-atl MatKrt St!,' 11 « I PHIL ALE L I'll I A,JI" A. . , ■ -;jc_ =? Parties having • r CUT MICA- - for sale will fiud it t# tfieir interest to f"rcspond with r A. O. SCHOONM AKER, 158 William St., New York. u. K. LKFTWII*. HI3GO, EI.LETT t-€RP3IP RICHMOND, VA.,' Wholesale Dealers in BOOTS, SHOES, TKUNKB, &C. Prompt attention paid to orders. »ul snli»- ttion guaranteed. *»- Virginal SlaH /'riton Govlt a tptcia.ij j March, 6. ao BKttT W. IMIWIIIf. FIHIAS D. TAVI.O- . '« R w. I'dWKHS & CO., WHOLESALE VRLGGIHTS, Uealer« in PAINTS, OIKS, DYBB, VARNISHES, , French and Atnorionn WINDOW GLAWS, PUTTY, &C BMUKINO ANI> OHKWIMJ CIIiAKS, TOUACCO.A BPKt.TAI.T\ XBO6 Mam St., Richmond, Va; A ugmtOnilfl— ■ , y GEO. STEWART, _ ! Tin and Sheet Iron Manu facturer. Opposite Farmers' Warehou*'. WIXHToiI, X. ROOFING. GUTTERING AND SPCUT-1 ING done at short notice. Keep* constantly on hand a line lot o i Cooking and S'-ovcs. s U MMER MILLINERY STAPLE NOTIONS j CONSISTING.OF the bent and niont Hellnblc COHSKTB. Trimmed Hats and lloiiucU. To »ull Everybody. First door Soutli of Hotel Fonntaln, WINSTON,JJ. C. Mw N- S Davis" Mrs Stanton & Merritt, Winston N. C. V- . ■ f : ... ,-DKAfiERS IN—> ■Millinery ? and Fancy Goods ■ IIIKBI, TBIMMED IIATB, LACES KM nKOIDKRIKS, *c , Sr. Klain Street nearly opposite the Ccptr Ittetel pHVIkCNci.-?*. i.j ~ r Unfailing Specific for Liver Disease. QVMOTPKiIQ i lor had taMo in dim> BUiTfO-s mouth; ton cue *oateU I white St coverctf with n bn.wn fur; t»aln In . the l-:u:k f MIUOS, or jolntH—oftt n mlxtakcn ft*r Khvumni Urn; eoiir ntouinch; IOHM »f aomutlmen uuunoH niut water- j brush, or lii(lL' Htttm ; tlatuK ury nud neld i eructutions; txAvcli ultcrnately costlvo .aikl lax; liea«laeh>; I.»-H of memory, wltli - ..a painful MP ligation o. having fallen to do Bonn thtnu: whlehoueht t«» have l»i*endone; debility; low -pir.ts; n IV.U-k, yellow- np l paarancc of tin PUIII and eye*; a «lry , fev*-r; ret UCHKTII MT the urlno l» aeaiitv and 1 lurlicoioretf. *nd,! allowed ta ataud, dc |n»Mt i a sediment. SIMMONS LIVER REGULATOR PURELY VeOCTABLC) Is generally u*M In t'.i- south to arouaa ! tho Torpid Llvsr to a healthy action. iricl®' wltlr rf*trJ9rdin«ry otr.oavy un th« L ,VE?L ' K = O?JEYS, AND BOWELS. «i irnjruu rc ran MalHrla, Dowel oinpbtltitx, Uynpfj ««la, Sitli ll^aduclie* Const IpHtlon, ISllinn*neMN ctlont, .Inuiidleo, ftlentul Doprcxiiiuni C'olle. \i 'Enk>r#Pd by the Uxcvf 1 Mlllloiirt of !jttlc». ;«» THE BEST FAH!!SY WCDJCINE ; for Chijdr/pn, for Adult«, anil for the Aged, "j V J - 9 ONLY GENUINE 1 cur Z Sump in red un frunt of Wrapper. , J. H. Zeilin.A Co., Philadelphia, Pa., ICtB IHOI-RlllukS, I*l let-, 91.00. Brown Rogers $ Co I;■ ■ T - ' | Wholesale and Rctivil H A ltl> W A li E : I.argcs', lino of STOKVS in Winston. , , . ! AjjjrkMilturcil Implements MACHINERY olall kinds i •: - j iurj\ essjlj\d saddles trc \ P.II\TS, OILS, " IK.YISIIES, ft, -\ Sj*ciU ttl• ntinji invited to their WAttey Clipper Plato* .'igr.tifs Dupont's o/.l an'l well known j Itiflt Pow iff, spet'iftly 1 >«. hclieve it*-* It i-i a lilCl ! W'uat nverybody says must bo ao. | UAVK l'Ol llfeAßDlT' ]). D- W'HOUI,ELI'S, j The oi-igihal Clnap John j Wineton C. IS VOTERS l - 'OR LOW. PRICKS! ; . r- ' .. X % Grcrtler Bargains ;THAN EVER BHFORE ' OFF2HE-3 4 nEAOY-NlAOi CLOTHISO, FOH MEN AND BOYS, . HATS CAI'X, HOOTS A. YD ;MlOtifr. j is O DTD'(IOO DS .J.YI)A'OTIO.VSOr ALL •' A7.A71.5. ' w, -, v yiSJ ciitl tC.ti'nllui. I.i our Hue i f , FINE ALL WOOL CLOTH FOR MEN S WEAR at* the.&'low price of 500 per yard worth auywbero Si.oo per yanl, + s ' J usl received lmo of hoods tor | ludics and children, to be sold at prices! that defy competition. ANOTHER LOT OF NVII9IN JI'HT ItH« IVKI>, 'which will l«> sold for the li-xt few days ni only 10c i>er. • aid, worth 20>-, 4 nice line of —jerseys / arrived to-dnj NEW MARKENS fjnoks and all kinds of Winter wraps j for l,adies ehild.irtito be sold enceed ln«lj low'.' ' It will !«■ to yoi.r intest when ili Winston To rail at The Original Cheap John's ! foi any thing you may iw*ed» found at the J a unsold staml, next door to P«t Oflloe. i "IVOTI 11 N'(r HUCCEKL IJIIVE KITCCESH." DAM BURY, N. (I, THURSDAY. OCTOBER li. 1881 Sfe^r'Si. .' "S^ THY sn I:ET WII.I. ; j floods that gillicr round my l> I Seom the wingaof Hod outspread; Hon s of thought ami worldy care iKull ofswoetest comfort are; Wolds ill bitterness and sneer I Fall iike music on my ear. | Once 1 conl.l not thus partake j (If each cttp for JcSus' sak.». | But I le.irne day, I To look up and meeklyssatv t j. ! oThv sweet will, dear Lord, not mini*. ; Thy sweet will, and only Tldne." I As ihe dear clirist on the sea j Hushed the billows, solo me j Did lie speak ami gently say, I "I'eaer, my brother, peace alway;" J And ujKin nty soui lie breathed, I the iwnec of heaven rectived. Like a quiet little child. Striving to be meek and mild, Day by day 1 try to take i All that couies for Jesus' sake. I tll this though! my wml doth ivs!, "Ood for me will do the best.' 1 Oh.' How e.e.v now to see All thing's are fur good to me: Fains and loss, of siuile and cheer . luist iu all is very dear: For my heart H whispering still, j '-Thy sweet will, Lord, thy sweet *«• ill .selite at. CAUHAOE. A Virginia exohaugo says • '•Cabbage tho most profitable cr ip of immediate section round Wytbvi 1 1c is lon the boom. Mr. 11. Vctnoo has sold j ' his crop of thirty-two aeren, .iggro jatiug | I about six hundred thousand |xiuii Is, to \ a Memphis firm at U ccuts a p lund, yteldiug him sl*2,ooo.'* This is worthy tho considerati )n of | our people- We do not adviso >JI to , try 30 aere crops, or even 10 acre crops, but to try i-s much as each o»n wo) 1 cul tivate and handle. One aerc * ill raise 1 4,000 heads; av'raging live p.j nn In to I tho head, as they to do in this section if properly cultivated, w.ill pro j duce 25,000 pounds, and oven at one cent per pound would yield S2SC ' to the acre. Henderson and Jackson oou nty farmers are shipping a goodly i[o in. ',ity of cabbage, and we learn they twee ive uot over ono cent per pound.— .'l i'tvi.'le Citizen. Di'NNf).—One pint of hop yeast, four tablespoons of sugar, half a cup of flut ter, one egg, and flour to make a s ill' dough, work thoroughly, mold in round • cakes, put in greased pans, let rts'j ai d ! ! bake EUCIT C.vivK.- Three eggs, one cup- i , ful each of siig-ir. molasses, butter, ' , i sweet mill:, two cupfuls of raisins, one, j j . teaspoouful each of etutiauion and all- I | \ spice, half teaspoouful cloves, half a . ; nutmeg, five cupfuls of (lour, fiv»tea- > ' spoonfuls of baking powder. I i " ; . t The Supremo Court ol North Caro. j [ina.decides that where the defendant j set dogs on a cow to drive her froui a j licld not enclosed by a lawful fence, j. and tho d.ig chased the oow beyond the y enclosure and there injured her, tho at- j tack being begun withtu the enclosure, , ( ; although the injury was completed out. j j ! side the enclosure, was within the iu- . j tMa and moaning of the statute. j HOLDING THE PLOW. j ' Didn't you tell ine you could hold ' I the plough ?' said a farmer to an j Irishman he had taken on trial, 'lie ' I aisy, uow,' says Pat, 'How could 1 1 i hould it, an' two horses pullin' it away ' i 1 | Just stop tho erayturcs, au' I'll hould 1 i it fur ye.' c SAM JONES LATEST ALLE- T GORY. t '' You have heard tho expression s 1 Tho naked truth,' and perhaps you do t not know how it originated," said .Sain " | Jones in his Rod Rock sermon yester- r day. " 1 trill tell you. Onco upon a | time Truth and Error went in batluug e j together. Error came out first, put on j Truth's clothes and ran away. And | error has been trying to wear tlu same t | garments ever since. When Truth .Mine out of the wator the only clothing | it could fiud to put on was what be- j ! longed to Krror. 'Heforp I will wear : such garments as thoso. said truth, 'I T will go naked all my life.' Truth has f ll i kept its wotd, and gees through the j c world naked, without frill or bang or ■ v bnsslc r a anything else.'' 1 * COOKING RECEIPTS. Ilr« Kor.v NUT CAKK.-TWO eups sugar, wi.p eu|) milk, two-thiids butter, three cups flour, three eggs, t ♦ ablesj oonfnls baking powder, one cup r.«t ki.rin Is cut tinu. CAKK. — Two cupfuls loaf sug-r, two : icujifuls butter, f.oir eggs, two-tUrdi 1 cupful sweot cream, two-thirds cupful lalcratus, half of a nutmeg, mixed stifi i nn4 rolled thio. j" It&B\1>.- -Oni" (junrt ot iniik, ol %\ teoejqifal of bie#d cjuiubs, yolti ot ( i^r o j„,.g..^ P ll hmten, J oue eutiful |-butter of au egg. Uako oare | fully until the mixture becomes a cus ' tard. iieat the whites of Ihe eggs to ' a stiff froth for frosting. CoitM MEAL Mrmxn.—Ono and one half cups of corn Rica!, the same of two tcaspoonfuls of baking powder, one half cup sugar, one half teaspoouful of salt, small tablespooiiful of Incited but ler, two eggs milk enough to make a stiff batter. J'KIKU ONIONS. — Have frying pan I hot, put iu a good sized piece of butter or meat fiyings (after frying meat), put in the onions sliced sprinkle with pep per and salt and pour in just a little hot . water, cover closely, l«.t cook twenty miuute* add a teaspoouful of flour in a little uiilk uud when it bails it is ready to serve. I'UEAD AND IJItTTKtt FKITTKUS Mafco battel of a half pound flour, quar ter ouuee of buttia - , two eggs, milk, and half a spoonful of salt. Cut some "slices of bread and butter, not very ' thick : spread halt of them With any ! jam that may be prcferied, and cover thorn with the other slices; slightly press t'lern together and out theiu out in square, loug or round pieces. Dip them in tho battery and fry in boiling lard for about ten minutes: drain theiu before a liro on # piece of blotting ; paper or cloth. G.ItEKN MANPniNO. V.I [fly Allen, of .\c .brrue. N. •.] A farmer is »ui>posed to Lc practical ly acquainted with everything concern ing agriculture, and to know what is best to do under all circumstances in order to obtain remunerative crops; but the fact is that no one farmer in au average lifetime can try enough experi ments to know everything, and he must embrace every opportunity to find out add to study tho recorded experiments of others. The informalloif regarding 'vheu ol how to break land, and when to turn tinder sod or stubble, or a crop grown j .for manure, has couie down to *is from | ur ancestors, and has not been verified j b y experiments. One farmer continues ' to break the stubblo .'and in October, j another always bums off Ihe weeds and ' stubble in February, and then breaks the land for corn or cotton, and each t.links his plan right because his father ] did so. Very few have experimented to liud whether there is not a better plan. Mauy of our ideas have been re ceived froui Northern farmers and writei s, where die conditions of climate j are quite reverse of those existing in the jjoath. If the plowing is not done , in Northern States before October it cannot bo done until alter the first of May, as the land is covered with snow t or bonnrt fast with ice. , The Northern (v. iu»r often breaks 1 his sod land in September, and either sows wheat or expects the freezing and thawing weather of October to pulvcr- ' uo and to prepare the land to receive c the annual covering of snow, aad with | it a supply os ammonia, which the ' Southcrf farmer must buy in commer cial fa" tiluors or obtain by growing a green crop fot manure, in the South r tho conditions are quite different. Sep- Umber is a hot month, October is fie- ( quently almost as warm. Drying winds sweep the bare fields ; winter rains wash tho corn and cotton lands into gullies, 11 and all the elements seorn to conspire to 0 rob tho soil of nitrogen. 0 o How can this great loss be prevent- „ ed ■ Caonat the farmer, to some ex- 0 tent at least, cover his land with manur ing crops which will shade and protect the land from sun, wind and washing j a rain until he is ready to plant the spring y crop 1 n This covering after serving the pur- ( * pose of shaping the land for several j ' months, and iu that way improving the #' condition of the soil, will be equal in *' value, when turned under, to many w wagon loads of manure. w r;iE CirilSE Ol'" THE COUNTRY Over a hundred millinei lving idle, j [ It ha* been taken out of the business ; 11if the. country by tho force-pump i! 'overtaxation. It is of no u-e to any one*. It do"s the govcjtimoni harm, ; t . arouses the cupidity of Congress, it ! 'tefc- the people injury. Our currency i ! iSfc.nol so plentiful that a hundred' mil l lions can be drained ot£. Without seitous |%;!riment. Merchants need hoi !-1 •Ju excess to'do business jjj, j money market has ahcad'y CalHoans- be plentiful, but ! tiioo loans' arc author tuattut- » i iu>n has money "to >pnrc he place, i! where he can get his hands on it at u day's notice. He has grown cautious, possibly a little timid. Then the prospect of a still further accumulation, with another hundred millions abstracted from business, is somewhat appalling. \\ hat wll bo the end ' is what everybody is asking. Are we to be taught by a financial i crash that tho must be reduced, or will the democratic party lake time by the forelock and by judicious work prevent such a calamity ! Level-headed democrats have but ono opinion of the prime duty of the hour. It is to squarely faco the facts and insist on reduction without further delay. If their conference with Mr. Cleveland at Oak View results m an agrecmeut upon some decisive plan of action, and if the Pressdcnt, seeing the dangers with which the country, is threatened, places himself at the head of the party, bent on immediate reform of the revenue laws in souic shape or other, the merchants and the common sense of the republic, iirespective of party affiliations, will be with them.. FARM POINTERS. The cultivation of sunflowers is on the increase. The object is fourfold; for ornament, sanitary effects, food for poultry ami in some localities a substi- I ;uto for fuel. £very farmer needs a roller. A plank diajj" and pulverizer is also a use ful implement. Kuliach or Persian . r ' owd > ur now btiug advised iu beans kep seed, to prsivcut damage from tho bea,.' weasel. Tiy boiled fwcct milk for chicken diarrhoea. It is generally conCb'ied that the Pay currant is a success. Proper trimming is essential to suc cess in all fruit growing. An overbur dened tree will exhaust nature's store i house and become impaired in lioalth j and defective iu fruit. The good lesults of tils drainage arc ■ j not altogether manifest in wet weather, jlt is equally beneficial ill time of drought. Additional encouragement to the I practice of planting peach stones of the fine varieties is given in tho last re|xirt of the Massachusetts lloiticiiltural So. i cioty. Accordiog to the report of Ibis I society's committee on fruits, one | grower who has competed at every ex hibition wliero prizes were offeied has j done so almost eutirely with seedling: fruit. The hog is a grass eating animul, i though people do not always seem to j realize it. Swine like both grass and ! hay. It is reported that the round headed j apple borer has been successfully ex- j eluded from trees by placing fre-li manure around the base cf tho tree and in coutact with it. Stephen llcale remarks that there is ono great advantage in using turkeys to rear their young, viz , that a turkey j hen will take to any young ones, whe ther hatched by herself ur not. According to a practical farmer, the increase of a flock of sheep will pay the ] cost of keeping it, leaving the wool; clear profit ; or tho keeping may be charged against tho wool, which wilt not exhaust it all, leaving the lambs j clear profit. Chioken cholera.—Let the poultry j at all times drink from at irou vessel. When they have the cholera, put in the 1 water chips of red oak bark and some anvil dust from tho blacksmith shop If they are able to walk (o the water i and drink tboy will gut wcll. It will i act as a oertaiu preventative, and none i will take the cholora if tbev drink this j waier THE OLD STORY. Father (to daughter:) "Have ypu ; accepted she addresses of Mr. Monej-, t ' bag. ' | Daughter: "\e*,. pspa." i 0 Fathor- "Well, isn't he very cIJ, ' I my dear'" | i»anylitoi " Yes, papn: but ha.isn't j. 1 nearly as old as I wish he wan." i rniUNK TO MAKK ME WORK. I"{ ;r " -.- J! • j urinltfto? make tne wotk, said a i 'j young man onij^day, '0 whioh an old man jilted right 4*°° drink, ' ! wdjjfl W work. Hearken j. to nltf a moment, and I'll tell thee ' II something that liny do thea good. 1 ' | was onoc a piosper nu farmer. I had i a good, loving wife, and ttvo as fine lads as ever the sun shone on. Wo had a ' comfortable home, aud lived happy to ' 1 gellier, but we used to drink ale to make !us work. Thoso two ladj I have laid in drunkard's graven. My wife died '; brohen-heater, and she now lies by her ! 1 two sons. lam seventy-two years of i age. Had it not been for drink I might j ' ! now have beon an independent gentle- j I uiac; but I used to drink to make me ' ! work, and, sure, it makes mo work now. At seventy years of age I aui > ' ' obliged to work lor my daily bread ! Diii'k, and ii will make thee work.-In ' /itit'l Printer. LIVESTOCK. 5 j The use of the wind-null has ro'jdereii ' j stock-raising much loss diffir alt fur 1 I where running streams were nf oessarj an r [ pastures the water can now i*. >o 1 : the fields by pipes from th' ; tanks sup' plied by the wind-mills. The -Imcricnn Sloe' {num. thanks tt»t notwithstanding the maup wui great feen j efits which have 1' oen from tiiuo to time ! urgod in favor r.f soiling it is an utidis- I putud fact till) (, t|i e practice is »ot luak- I ing muoh he ad way among far r | mcrs. Finely cropped clover, bay moMtenod .villi vv ater that hi*, been salted, and sprinkled witlnwii in 'al iiiakcW an excellent food tor old Hock that camtCl well masticate bay. it should be fed " in connection with mixep groom] gra.'" II also, with a small allowance of Unseed r "«#i. !' ' k Protl-J ,or Stinborn got one ponml of i ' ' grow'.h on steers. f -J '"o' '» tarns. ! ! ami outdoor no i>ain toil "I I' l6 same ' | ° I 1 | way. Prnt'ecsor Shellon made A diner I i cnee of gain on pigs of fifty pounds shel- j . tored, above 'hose unsheltered. Pro- ' . ; f-ssor Morrow had ll>4 li«. diffoacnce j . : ol'ga.' 1 ' per ealf lielwcfii bousing aud tx- ■ i j posure." It will soon bo tune to csuple the j I sheep if eatlv lambs be expected. Only ■ rams of the best mutton breads should f be used. The best breed lor 9 cross on ! the common she p is the SouthJowil i 1 Kwos from : 'H'h cross if kept for breed- I ing another season and then mated with ' Oxford r Shropshire rains, will produce j I tin finest and oest lam lis for maakct. i A correspondent of the Southern Cult 1 livato'• who snys he never bad the hog I j cholera among his hogs although his i j neighbors have it, gives the following preventive. For twenty-five ho-d, give j, \ twice a week, bran about one peak, salt | | one quart, wood ashes one peek, soda ; quarter of a pound, and one tablespoon ( | ful of carbolic acid—all mixed woll. , At this season the preparations should i be made for fatttniug the weathers ai.d j extra ewes intended for market.w If; : the, be separated from the breeding ' flock and given all tee fosd thoy can eat ( j a better price and heavier weight can be , secured The maukct is never fully i supplied with fat sheep whioh are usualy j sold on the approach of winter. TEN USEFUL MAXIMS. 1. Never put off till to-morrow what , ! you can do 10-day. 3. Nover trouble j ; others. 3 Never spend your money 1 I before you have it. 4. Never buy what " 1 you do not want because It is cheap. 5, P i Recollect that pride is nif re irksome to u |bu b' rue than oithcr hunger, thirst or i | eobl. 0. Never feast so that you will 91 |be obliged to fast after it. 7. Nothing :'1 ! is felt troublesome that is done, willingly ! ! 8 Never anticipate evil—an imagined 81 calamity is always more painlul than a ! the real one. 9. Always take hold of things bv 'tieir smooth handle. 10. 11 Always count 10 before you speak, if angry—if grent'y so, count. | Subscribe lo the Heporler-Post, only b ' $1.50 per year. [t NO. 13 SCRAPS. , * lrtpli (imp—That kept hy the towm tliat kopt by llio town clock. Kxpcriouoe is the maeter in tlic school of life. . TSic skeleton m the closet is ofteo in she shape of a long necked bot tle-. ... ; ; Purpose S| like eggs, unless tliey be batched into action, will run into de cay. Capital purchases uiijust laws, and then .darners for the punishment of thole who advocate justice. ' * #4* 0 | Death makes u beautiful appeal to, charity. .When wo look upon the 3ead t ( ,ri 11, ,«o composed aud still, the kind ness and love that arc in us aU, noum 1 furtli. Where necessity ends,. Audi curiosity begin, and no soot**a- W)e i°- > supplied with every tiling uuliffc: cql. le j mand than we si I dowu to at-. 1 tificial appetites. Heiress—"l am liSwii M » »** ine thai yor. ooniu so.ofto&>but for mji money." Arda&l WMKS— "\oi* M». ; cruel to say so, Ifiw* ouii 1 get youit 111'JUO* witUuMl jou l vv *Y on \vsiMb a fc®opsuko> that wilA si* v.ays readied ywi, of saeV -1 Ao, dm ling,'W sa*i Kiidsrty. 4 W hat's Ik* 1 I iuakt«« with, myself" sltf> whisjc«A TtaMv wilt b'>u, wniit«j skottly Tin. i*D*ker's twins, as- bends O.VM kk» eofliu of i»» olukd y a better l isrdes of Uod's otaraolee tb&o is either , ibo creed ot t Luj activus. oi' fuo' Ameri can board . • An agricultural exchange asks 'ti|#*r- L to make lioj£» pay." Ibis is a, ijard (|uestif)o to answer. Tbo best *Ajt to c ■ avoid tUf difficulty is not to s«4 hog any»iu»£ unless be pays \;iu. fpr. it in _ advance B»id »ene *glethor>o' fir \\ esley, Ul u«nr forgive ' 'Tliea. 1. lu.jic, sir,' , j said Wesley, 'you ne*«r sioi" Lord! ! I I tat on said : 'lie thai ..nnaot forgive j o-thers, break i down the baidgt over t wfcich be must pass himself, j j (iod niado both leant and laughter, „ |i,nd both for kind purposes; for as i | au „ 'iter enables mirth and surprise to I t)i oathe so tears enable sorrow 'tovo.-'t it«. MI P a,lent| y- Tcars hluder ...... i ''oujiuc despair and niad i sorrow t»nm I>t v * ' j ncssr t POULTRY. _ " -»osL Give your fowls granulated chau I It is a capital preventive of disease. Fatten you surplus uhiokens now fo* I the fall and early winter market. Make arrangements for visiting some one of the many fairs and learn from the poultry men (who will be there) ail yon j can ol the jest breeds and their proper care )Jo ih Plymouth Itocki Shd W/an- , dottes are hardy breods. IVyandottea mature the quickest, because as a rule they are not as large as Plymouth lloeks. The latter breed will weigh more more at eight weeks old. Copperas is a splendid medicine to keep on hand fur poultry. Whan they have the roup wash their hoads with a solution of it aud put sumo of the solu tion in thoir drinking water as a tonio. It provides ihem witn soluteiion,whioh is necessary. Tbo e»g orop in tho South oould ba • maili, almost as profitable as the early fruits, if the hens rooaived the same at tention and care that is given the plants. Any section that oan produoe eggs in abundanoe as earl; as January and fails so make tho hoßt of it, is letting a gol den opportunity go by. IIOW TO OAN GRAPES. Pick grapes from stems, tabing only the perfect ones, and wash and spread them on a table on whieh you bavo previously put a tabic ololh. Leave until dry. When dry fill the eant. Then plane on stove to boil one pound sugar and one cupful of water to every quart of grapes. When boiling fill up the cans with the hot liquid. Before scaling leave stand about ten miaatei ai.d till up again, as thoy will have set tled. lie sure to have a dauip elotb around .the bo'tie when filling Will lio lit for uso in six weeks. A Michigan farner who was bittea bv a horse, fears hydrophobia, is going to Paris for Ircatmont by M. Pat tour.

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