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The Danbury reporter. (Danbury, N.C.) 189?-current, April 06, 1944, Image 1

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THE DANBURY REPORTS* Established IST.? COURT ENDED WEDNESDAY P. M. HIS HONOR JUDGE CLEMENT IS POPULAR WITH THE FOLK—SCOTT AFTER TH SINNERS— CASES DISPOSED OF Judge Clement is popular. The people like him. He ia bo com mon-sensible, plain, able, and chews tobacco. Our kind of folks A mart, who chews tobacco is . gentleman and a scholar, accord ing to Stokes' standards. Scott, the Solicitor, serious an : >per, goes after the sinners *• escape. Sheriff John Taylor presides ov er the decorum of the auditorium while the mill grinds. Clerk J. Watt Tuttle swears the witnesses, and handle® the rec ords. Cases disposed of are as fol lows: STATE AGAINST: George Flinchuni, o.c.i, SSO ni.d cost. Jimmy Smith, a. d.w., $l4O to be paid to hospital, physician, etc. and also court cost. Thurmon I Hairston, assault, no] pros. C. H. Hairston, assault, $lO & cost. Walter Gibson, reckless driving, 3 months "on roads. Monroe Mitchell, a. d. w., si. months on roads. Joe Joyce, assault, cost. Odell Mitchell & Henry Mitchell, assault, cost. Carnell Anderson, assault and larceny. As to assault, 4 monthf as to larceny, 12 months. Tommie Riggs, o. c. i., SSO an-" cost, and $47.92 to E. T. Ma be. Roby Eaton, possession of li quor, SSO and cost. Jcsso W. Bullin, infg. liquor, SSO and cost. Rorcoo Eaton, transporting !i - SSO and cost. Walter Albert Reid, o. c. i. t ssi) and cost. John Wm. Hawkins, assault $25 and cost. Cornelius Priddy, o. c. i., SSC and coet. Volume 72 I Joe ILiirston, v. p. 1„ $25 am! r „t. John W. Carter, o. c. i., S3O and •03t. Mrs. E. C. Willey, o. c. i., SSO n 1 cost. Jim Vaughn, o. c. i., SSO and cost. Spot Martin, operating car vithout.license, $lO and cost. H. S. Webster, o. c. i., SSO and cost. Curt Nelson, o. c. i., dismissed. Phillip Clark, larceny, continu ed. Duko Taylor, failure to send ! child to school, cost. Rufus J. Linville, b. & e., not guilty. ' Willie Matt Joyce, a. d. w., $23 and cost. j Wooirow Flinchuni, reckless driving, 6 months on roads. Woodrow Flinchuni, o. c. i., 1 months concurrently. ' David Murry, v. p. 1., $25 and cost. R. E. (Ire) Smith, rape, three years. Ed Simmons and Will Davis, ['setting fire without giving notice to landowners, Will Davis, not ( guilty: Ed STmmons, 1 months. Deeeie Mitchell and Leroy John- Ton, larceny, continued. I Deeci" Mitchell, larceny, cost. Coley Martin, a. d. w., cost. Walter Gibson, reckless driving, : i previous judgment changed to $5«» ) and cost. { Monroe Mitchell, a. d. w., pre jvious judgment "changed to SSO |and cost. j Filly Mu ry, aidir.T and abettin.; in t l '" manufacture of liquor, case dismissed. Henry J. Coe, v. p. 1., $25 an.l ! cost. i Dave Dalton, possession of li quor, $75 and cost. , Pete Boyles, manslaughter, 12 months on roads. Canie Sands, b. & 0., and 1. & r., case dismissed. y> Sam Boyd, E. Mabe, Everette Bennett, Everette Simmons, " Dillard Goin, Jimmy Riggs, Claud Bullin, John McHone, Sam Cromer—failure to send .children to school—cost and com ply with school law. Walter Hill, failure to sen! 0 child to school, cost. J. C. Tilley .larceny " * * Danbnrv, N. C, Thur day, April 0, 1944. Car.le Moore, manufacturing li i quor, SSO and cost. Frank Jacobs, manufacturing li- ■ quor, S3O and c°st. GRAND JURY MAKES REPORT i State of North Carolina, County of Stokes. To His Honor J. H. CLEMENT, Judge Presiding: The Grand Jury for the Spring j Term of Superior Court of Stokes , County, 1944, respectfully submit the following report: We have acted upon 32 bills of indictment, 31 of which were found to be true bills and one bill continued until next term of Su perior Court. 1 Presentments of all criminal na-1 l ture known to our body were | made and acted upon. A committee from our body visited the Stokes County Home and found the inmates well f or and buildings in good condi-! tion except for some painting which is being done. A committee from our body vjsite! the Stokes County Jail an 1 found same to be well kept and i in excellent condition, sanitary an.! oihnvise. A committee from our body ! visit ci ihe Stat.? Prison Camp an i I i found the prisoners well cared fr. and well fed, and buildings ill i good eonaition. I | A committee from our visited all county olTices and tour, i the records in good condition an I o.liT"s "\Cell kept. The committe • recommends that the buih'ing i • kept «.'ei. er, prr:ien!a:ly the r rooms ! )?nted in the courthouse. ! Respectfully submitted, O. M. FLYNT, Foreman. — i H. P. LOFTIS MGR. FOR CHERRY : ! H. P. Loftis has been appointed : manager for Hon. Gregg Cherry's campaign for governor in Stokes | county. J ! GEO. YOUNCE CANDIDATE ■!' | George Younce, is Democratic i candidate for the House in Guil ford. He was formerly solicitor here. MEN INDUCTED INTO ARMY, NAVY ' r !i • : ■ while 1 men ar : I in Auction into the na... !» • • • .-i j Ci.-t v p: •! :• Wii . : i. •' ;:ir J oil P.:,OH i ;>n Gibson James Franklin Fowler Cecil William Smith Raymond Dexter Tedder Eldon Harnett Xewsome Norman Junior Vernon Following white men are called for induction into the army April 10: i Ray Smith Wcodrow Wilson Flinchum William Roy Martin Jesse Albert Burrow Daniel Bullins William Hardin Hooker Harold Alton Tuttle Claddie William Nelson Walter Glenn Oakley James William Holder Lemuel CalawefT Hams Thomas Lee Alley Leo Carlton Collins I William Wayne Joyce The following colored men are j called for preinduction physical March 31: George Edward Sheff James Columbus Simmons Roy Vestla Penn Buney Cam Dearman I Ralph William George | Lester Edmon Franklin, Jr. ' The following colored men are ! called for preinduction physical exanitnarton April 7: Romie Carter I Burel Sylvester Forrest Jenkins D. Davis Janies Lorraine France James Edward Plater Edgar Galan Simmons James Howard Goolsby ' Claude Hairston Times Thomas Reynolds Joe Bill Smith James Oliver Jessup 1 Jerry Lee Penn David Snr.i Dearman George Russell Glenn t Pdeifrh Everett Martin Jesse Monroe Sr.-.ith I Roosevelt Dalton George Henry Smith, Jr. ______ I HEATH OF BAKFR .Moir Palter, of King. dl\l i suddenly Saturday night at a i I Charleston, S. C., hospital. 11 , 1 j I;.ul been working for sometinv it Charleston on a defense job. Survivors include the widow ; I Ltlia Bowles Baker; five children. ; Fa ye, Nell, Jimmy, Johnny and : Harold Baker, all of the home ihe father, W. O. Baker, and step mother, Mrs. Martha Riser Baker. I Route 1, King; three brothers Frank Baker, C. F. Baker and H. R. Baker, all of Route 1, King. and~{wo sisters, Mrs. A. Z. Fulp, ~ King, Route 1, and Miss Nina jßaker, of Waahinfton, D. C. , PUBLISHED THI [V : T».\Vf' EDITOR t i* S 1 '! Slfi si. t"j Jl l 1 • V i Pi *io'vol-:. Senator from Seath ('a» olir.a oerta iily oeeply lower o,l himself in the f.vimation of decent c/lizt iv of both, political p ivties when ho linn,led the President such a gratuitous insult as that delivered at the meeting of the tobacco growers in Washington last week. The tobacco men had gathered to dis cuss price ceilings, etc., when Smith ap peared uninvited, proceeded to butt in, and instead of trying to help the farm ers with some constructive advice, took up his time snarling about bureaucracy, and lambasting Roosevelt, even pro nouncing the President to be nothing more than a "carpet bagger from New York." Old "Cotton Ed", suffering with cere bral atrophy and slobbering with vin dictive malice, should certainly be "purged" by the people of the great State which elected him and which he has dishonored- He may be protected legally by his "senatorial immunity," but he is not shielded from the withering contempt of millions of both Democrats and Repub licans who believe in common decency, or who however at variance they may be with the policies of their President, ac cord to him the respect due to the chief executive of tTie nation. Instead of injuring the President, the Senator from South Carolina has skunk- lym-'P If to the level of a stinking bilge-ditch digger. Wendell Wilts Wendell Willkie, seeing the board set against lv.m, has withdrawn from the corte t for the Republican Presidential nomination. Mr. Willkie, who was by far the ablest candidate in the race, was too liberal for those who pre searching for a candidate to beat Roosevelt. Ho believed in prac tically the same strong anti-isolation policy of FDR. Indeed he was so pro nounced in his views along that line that manv of his party considered him reallv a Democrat at heart. He stood for a pol icy almost opposite to that which is the record of his party. i Nemesis j Doom trails relentlessly the Axis pow ers- If the War Department as Washing ton is correct in its assumption that Ger manv now is able to produce no more than 300 planes a month', while U. S. fac tories turn out more than 9,000, the re sult may be quickly gnessed. While a great authority— Sir John Dill —estimates that the rat empire will be destroyed and tffat soon. 3,745.

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