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The Danbury reporter. (Danbury, N.C.) 189?-current, July 06, 1944, Image 1

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. THE DANBURY REPOR3&R Established 1ST:? Will Dewey Do? In his speech of acceptance, Governor Dewey was quite rough on President Roosevelt. He denounced him for "wrangling, bundling- and confusion." He said the President is nothing: but a "tired old man, who cannot be entrusted with the task of securing peace after the victory i.- won." H • intimated that ho and his party could have no a much, bettor war j'-b than li' ii-' v it and his crowd of Xe.v Dealer . Hut r sti happens that the country has the record on Governor Dewey, and lie will have a hard time explaining a num ber of things before the campaign is over in November. For instance: When President Roose velt in 1940. seeing the danger threaten ing America, called for an air force of 50,00() planes and an annual production of 50,000 planes, Dewey said in a speech at Dallas, Tex., May 27, 1940: "What is the good of talking about 50, • 000 planes unless we knew what we are talking about? To produce 50,000 planes a year it will take a plant four and a half times as large as our present plant, including all plant capacity under con struction. Experts estimate it would take 4 1-2 years to accomplish tlii-* Within o years after Dewey's, America was producing, under the ad vice of Franklin Roosevelt, 100,009 planes a year, and four years after Dewey's speech was building 9,000 a month. This is a specimen of Roosevelt'.- "bungling and confusion," and an ex ample of Dewey's judgment and patrio tism. Who has been asleep, that "tired • ' man at Washington*' or the brig:!, young Governor of New York who thinks he could have done the war ,;•!. better? Build a Road to the Park It is a crying pity that beautiful Hang ing Rock Park cannot be reached except by traversing several miles of unim proved and at some places ''an.::erou road.-. Tin-re i a roral pile .if \ as pent cash ir. tk c ' iei's "markel to'* r> ad-. V iP.v million-- cr .lol'iai • icing idle, it owing t' .'.'.ii' i eason-. "lis money t aot be a-.ii tor constriction now, the State highway authori:i- - -'auld certain ly repair ar.d widen th ; >- road to Hang ing R x.a: I'a /. w/eY-h will be used by c : '*s- '."■. -and-; of onv people of this -s-vt'op. of the State from now on. The trail from the Camp up a mile or less is positively vicious. Nature has provided this mountain rpot with wondrous beauty, and the authorities have greatly further embel lished it. The main (thing lacking is a road that may be negotiated with pleasure and safety. Volume 72 Danbury, N. C.. Thur C ay, July '5. 1944. The Fourth's Casualty List Without anything but sympathy and pity for the nearly 500 people of the United States who died in the festivi ties of the holiday just over, ir is passing strange and worthy of comment how many people are determined to get them selves killed every Fourth of July. Or' course the automobile ! in the death 'ist. Many, many pe- j :!e starting out for a good time, d" not. have enough rens" [-• -Any alive till night. jhe ideal gi i>u|) head-d >r the fune al pallors is always the three barenead youths ri ding on the front seat of a roadster. The wise young guy at the wheel imagines in his beer that he is an expert and cannot go wrong. When you see an outfit like this coming down the highway, do not be traveling so fast that you cannot with safety get out of the road and let him have it. He is always headed for the devil, and nothing will stop him. Then there's the fellow who tries to beat the approaching train at the crossing. And the idiot who is in such a hurry that he is willing to take the risk of passing the car ahead of him en the curve. Ar.d the guy who wants to show his girl how fast, his roadster will run before the blowout comes. And so on. But of all the nincompoops who so eag erly want to end their career and that of their companions it is tho holiday party in a boat, off for a picnic down the river or across the lake. Very soon after the start the star idiot begins to rock the boat, and laugh so sillily when the girls begin to scream. Soon the patty is in the wnt;?!' for a few minutes till all U still. AM hoiv latci dra Ling parties are hunting fo'- th-.m. \\\ must not t\ rgr, the nk-wii who thinks ! e can swim a mile and then back without lettine: down. an e-.xn idiot:, enough to let you nail them up in a barrel so th.e.v can go over Niagara Falls, ar.d mal: ; a v"- ,r •! ».c : i the headline • maaow. )I; is venerally in the hea.l lines, and v»-u m;iy ' a i M ."' flowers. Of. v* 1 • • '' r :*;•••: ur , ananaUd we I '• T> 'v who get- him ■' • 1 , ■ ■ * ■ ■. ' ; ; ait.",ur■ ing imbecil- . Will His Shortage of (iasoline Be the End of Hitler? Russell Hill, correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune, wires his pa per that at a conservative estimate To per cent, of the natural and artificial oil plant capacity in Germany and in Ger man-held Europe is idle today. The terrible raids of American 1 anc! British and Russian air forces are bringing Hitler to his knees. Hardly any opposition by German aircraft is now offered our planes as they continu ously day and night blast down the oil EDITOR PUBLISHED THt I^DAYS What Is a Sk'eker? Not necessarily one who has evaded the draft, and skulks at home to save his hide, while others offer their lives thai you may continue to be free. Kut the per« ai wh » has money to spare and refines t » buy war bonds with which '• ■ 1 -y? -Lh+ing on t v . )• fronts may b 1 e* '"-if i tab 1 / fed aa 1 c! ah( d, and ai '"'A 1 t' f ' that k'nd of a .- ny - kcr, vhen tl ! ys c n th / ill ki . v aad you w:'l be envied in y >ur position of betrayal to your own boys or to the boys of your neighbors and friends. Do you know that when you try to hold your money and make more money with it, and take advantage of these times when it is easy to make money, while those who do not have an opportunity to make money—but are giving their all that you may live easy in security and make more money—you are just as much a slacker as "the "ellow who hides in the woods to stay away from the war? Do you know that if we lose this war that the fold hie; money in your pocket or in the 1 ank will be absolutely valueless, and n worth the paper it is printed on'' Do y >u know that the money in yotn* pocket :'s n > f worth as much as the bonds which the government is offering you the best security in the world? The diff erence ; s that the bonds draw interest, and the mon w dors not. Both are ex actly al'ke in their safety -just a prom ise of t'v government to pay. We hi re the pet ale of Stokes comity who have money a.nd ,v ho re;ali ~ the tar: ible seriort-mo- of this eruc' i tim. will not t Stt»k« s county rail (low *• in it- oinoa. \\\- kmr* that there an many think:!--.*' and patriot ie p»* pit* in our c a«y. and we i - l'.eve that before nexi when the drive is ovew evervbfstly will buy all th.e bonds they can bnv. All the at banks in-airann com panies. eot*!»oraionc. oid individuals woo aiv •«.V.ig'.nt and business wise wall a a -» 1 :y h aids to your limit. on ' '»a.d and prosperoi's when woe . '-a..-—and it is just as sura to et me to the arms of th.e Allied Natio: s as tlicit the snn will rise tomorrow. resources of the Nazis. Some of the best military . ef the world are saving now 'can haivPv last till Chir a- Let us hope they ;jv - 1 the power ef the C a man anv.:es is's+iM tremendous. But m o tori ? e d divi sions cannot run en dry cylinders. When the las f resources ef German oil are gone, the German war machine is bound to stall. v ' Number 0,70>

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