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Hickory Democrat. (Hickory, N.C.) 1907-19??, July 26, 1906, Image 6

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H\K \ Urtcfeors democrat 1 Published Every Thursday by W. E. HOLBROOK, EDITOR AND PROI- Entered at the Post Office at Hickoiy as second class matter. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. One Year Cash In Advance 1 1 -°° Six Months, " " s °_ - Three Months " " 25 Special rates given to long term ad vertising. THURSDAY. JULY 26, 1906. Democrat County Ticket. For Senate: J. F. REINHARDT. For Legislature: M. H. YOUNT. For Clerk Superior Court: C. M. McCORKLE. For Sheriff: D. M. BOYD. For Register of Deeds: JACOB SETZER. For County Treasurer: W. A. DAY. % For County Surveyor: # ENLOE YODER. For Coroner: J. A. RICE. For County Commissioners: JOHN SHUFORD, SAMUEL TURNER Q..M. SMITH, SUMMEY WILFONG I. ALEX YOUNT. The Secret of Blackburn's Power. When all is told Blackburn made a remarkable display ol strength at the Greensboro con vention. Had not the phantom of the long dead Eastern Repub lican Party been galvanized into some appearance of life and brought up solidly by Skinner, Duncan and other pie eating pa triots, there is not the slightest doubt that Blackburn would have won. Under the Republi can plan of organization counties containing fewer Republicar votes than a single precinct in Wilkes county had to be allowed two votes in the convention. With a few exceptions the num ber of Republican voters in the Eastern counties is insignificant. They have enough to fill the federal offices and that is about all. In spite of the President's broken promises; in spite of the prosecution' against Blackburn; in spite of the fact that it was known that the Eastern element, utterlyfpowerless and contempti ble at the polls, would probably decide the contest for Adams, Blackburn carried the only Re publican District in North Caro lina; Routed Rollins in Bun combe, Holton in Yadkin and Adams in Guilford. The lead ers against could not even sit as delegates in the convention they aspired to control. Men who professed to be able to carry North Carolina against the Dem ocrats wero reduced to the con temptible straits of admitting their inability to carry their own precincts. For cheir victory, such as it was, they were de pendent upon the help of coun ties in which the Republicans cannot elect a State Senator, a representative, a county officer, or even a township constable. What has the Democratic Party to fear from a foe led by such creatures? Does anybody imag ine that such leaders (?) will cause F. M. Simmons, W. W. Kitchin, Lee S. Overman and the other Democratic Captains one moment's concern ? ' 'Politi cal pirates and cutthroats" was Judge Bynum's term to describe the Rollins combination. But what was the secret of Black burn's strong showing? Simply that those sections where the Republicans retain life and vig or have become disgusted with the control of men whose only aim is to get an office, and Black burn was shrewd enough to see it. Fortunately for the Demo crats he lost the day. The diy skeleton of Eastern Republican-! ism cast the deciding vote. The men whom the rank and file tried to shade off are now seated more firmly than ever with their old motto still on the flag; CM fice is everything; and e\er\- thing for office." el bow the Blackburmtes froir. every seat at the pie counter. The Republican Party will be de f eated as usual by 50,000 major ity. Blackburn will go down with the rest. The "organiza tion" will see to that. They want no rival in the control ol office. "Office, office, office. That's what I hear 'em say, of : fice, office, office. Gallop and ga - lop away." A Deplorable Affray. On last Wednesday afternoon a deplorable affray occurred at Henkle's stable in Hickory be tween Mr. A. A. Whitener, an attorney of this place, and Mr. D. E. Hawn. Politics seems to have been the immediate ocea sion of the difficulty. Conflict ing reports have been circulated concerning the origin and details of the trouble. It appears that at one time Messrs. Hawn and Whitener dis cussed the subject of betting a hundred and fifty dollars on tht contest for sheriff between D. M. Boyd, Democratic nominee, and J. W. Shuford, Republican candidate. The proposed bet fell through. Some words on the subject passed between Mr. Hawn and Mr. J. F. Click, editor of the Mercury. It is said Mr. Click related the substance of this con versation whatever it was to Mr. Whitener. As far as we have been able to learn the facts the parties to the difficulty met at Henkle's stable where after some words in reference to the bet, Mr. Whitener is said to have called Mr. Hawn a liar and Mr. Hawn retorted in kind when Mr. Whitener leaped from the buggy and knocked Mr. Hawn into one of the stalls and was on him beating him when Mr. Thomas Henkle pulled him ofL, Mr. Hawn was very badly injured, a blood vessel in his face being burst and his face and chest pre senting a badly batterred ap pearance. Mr. Whitener's friends claim that Mr. Hawn used knucks in the beginning of the fight and that Mr. Whitener used no wea pon. Mr. Hawn's friends de y that he used any weapon and contend that a weapon must have been used by Mr. White ner. Owing to the condition ol Mr. Hawn, there has been no hearing in this case yet. OBITUARY.'' Carrie Alda Elizabeth, daugh ter of Moses and Elizabeth Yo der, and wife of J. Robert Weav er, . departed this life July 20. 1906, at the age of 31 years, 1( months, and 20 days. She wa> baptized in infancy, and at a' early age confirmed a member oi ZiOn Ev. Lutheran church. Sh( was a teacher in the Sundaj - school and organist of her church, and ever took an active in teres in Christian work. In all re pects she lived a consistent ani faithful Christian life, and 1 oi her death-bed she gave evidGric* of her readiness to depart an( be with Christ. She Bleeps ii peace and hope awaiting th( glorious resurrection morn. She will be sorely missed ii her church and Sunday-school, and most of all in the hearts oi those who knew and loved her, The funeral service was conduct ed by her pastor in the presence of a large assembly of her kin dred and friends. The sermon was from the text: Ps. 23: 4. —"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for Thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfor l me." J.C. M. Several of our merchants are taking stock this week. Brief Report of the Farmers In stitute. Held in Hickory, N. C., July 25, 1906. Pursuant to notice the Institute was held in the Graded School 'building. The program was rendered in full save the 'speaker on "wheat culture." The first speaker—Hume on "Soils." He gave the different soils, and how to treat them tc make them more fertile. What to sow on the different soils to Dut more humus in the soil with out which no crop could be rais ed to profit. He especially em phasized deep plowing. The next speaker was our owr Mr. John Ingold on the "pota to." He gave his method in full and answered all questions tc the satisfaction of all. In the p. m. exercises, the first was Mea chamonthe "corn." Have his mathod of preparing the soil; time for planting; selection of sjeds, and method of storing. And while Mr. Jeffreys the "poultry" man was finishing his talk to the ladies, our own Mr. Reuben Propst was called to tell what he knew about the potato. He astonished his audience at his clear and sensible talk on the sa*ne v He is one of Catawba's best farmers. Our townsman A. C. Link read a paper on the shipping and sale of the potato crop—this 1 was brief, but to the point. Then came in Jeffreys, the poultry man, delivering his talV to both male and female. He 1 told his audience how to seled ? from the stock which should be : pure and of one strain, How ■ to select eggs for hatching; oi • diseases and their remedies; anc - finally how to preserve eggs for - eight months. While the farm -1 ers tuwied out pretty well—less ■ than seventy-five, yet there » ought to have been a representa tion of not less than three hun • dred. Mr. Hume insisted at the • close that every farmer presenl f be a committee of one to solici! e half dozen of his neighbors tc 1 come with him next year. These s Institutes would do much towarc • elevating and dignify farming, a if the farmers would interest ? themselves in them. It is nol - possible that any farmers or oth • ers to go away without a gooc idea or thought, if put to prac n tice would amply repay them. Missss Grace and Mary De Berry who have been visiting their aunt, Mrs. Riddle, returned to'their home in Charlotte Wed nesday. Mrs. Holden, Mrs. Carrie Gam-" ble and her friends, Mrs. Petti grew, and Mrs. Burton and her little baby girl, Mr. and Mrs. Ed gar Yoder, Mi*. John Lentz, Miss Lee Lentz and Connelly Gamble, visited Catawba Springs Tues day. New Goods i ■*> I l:ave jiiftt rpened up my store in \\ est Hickory op posite the Piedmont Wag on Sliops. A full line of Fancy Groceries Also Flour, Grain anc tFeed Stuff. I solicit the_, patronage of the public; and will give lowest prices 011 all goods sold Every order delivered promptly. Give me a trial. J. P. Phifer Phone 125. West Hickory ' Be&ntha Kind YOO Have Always Bougtt Charged With Infanticide. | J. T. Yoder and R. Propst, two of Catawba county's good citi zens, were here Monday and told us there was strong suspi cion of a woman's infanticide, and the child had been buried at a church in their neighborhood on Sunday. These gentlemen with a number of other good cit izens decided to have an investi gation made on Tuesday. The verdict of the coroner's jury af ter a post mortem examination was held and sustaihed evidence sufficient to arrest and commit LENOIR COLLEGE, Hickory N. O. Co-educational Courses for degrees with electives. Music, Art, Elocution and Preparatory Departments. 200 Students. Eleven able and experienced Professors. Library and Reading Room. Chemical and Physical Laboratory. New Dormitory for 100 young young men to be erected AT ONCE. Board and lodging at actual cost. In young men's Build ing $6.50 per month. In young ladies Building (steam heat, elec tric lights, etc.,) $7.50 per month. PiP Hickory Business Collegfte in connection with Lenoir College offers full courses in Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Typewriting, etc., S2O per course. No need to go off to hunt a Business College when you have a good one at home. Intestigate. Next session opens Tuesday, Sept. 4th Address R. L. FRITZ, President. I CLAREMONT COLLEGE | g ' HICKORY, N. C. j| || A HIGH GRADI SCHOOL fOR YOUNG WOMCN, GIRLS j| §Hj 1 .arue brick building, heated throughout, water on every fioor and lighted by electricity. Beautiful Wi campus of -0 acres. Literary, Business and Nor jPfi nial Departments, also Art, Music aiul Elocution. J|i Able corps of teachers. H School Opens Sept. Wth. four Scholarships to & M be given to Students. || 0 For catalogue apply to President 8 D. W. READ, I 1 HICKORY, N. C. 5 Grand Campmeeting EXCURSION. Lenoir to Gastonia. Excursion to Run Saturday, July 28 Returning Sunday Night, July 29th. On account of the Famous Weskyn Methodist Campmeeting at the beautiful Loiay F&ik, Oastcnia, N. C. Hear the famous Evangelist, Rev. William Northern, of Jrdiara; also Ftv. H. W. Hawkins, Rev. M. G. Hartzog, Fev. Faggett and otheis. Special ansrf (ircnts rrade with Hotels and Bearding Houses to acccrrmcdate tie crcwd. Tents amd Refreshments on the grounds for visitors. Refresl rr ert car on Uain. See the Loray One Million Dollar Cotton Mill and many others. Reserved Seat Car 25 cents Extia. This Train Willi Pcsi i tively Run Rain or Shine. Tiain will leave Lenoir 4 o'clock p. m., and arrive at Gastonia 7.45 p. m. For further particalars apply to. J. A. JSENIIOWER, A. W. DULA, Conover, N. C. Lenoir, N. C \ Bp wj KfW/J\ w i J§m t I YES! grape: tobacco 1 . J is just a little sweeter than any of the so-called sun-cured plugs I |i made to imitate GRAPE, and they are all imitations— R WHY? ■ because that rich, sweet flavor 13 peculiar to the genuine Leaf, and I ||| we have been buying and manufacturing it for over fifty years. i II IT IS MADE BY A FIRM THAT KNOWS HOW i 1 R. A. Patterson Tobacco Co., Richmond, Va. to jail Dora Marler, an unmar ried white woman living about three. miles south of Hickory, who is charged witli whipping and having her ten-months-old baby lall on the floor that caus ed injuries from which cause the child died in a short time. Dr. Henry Abernethy attended the inquest and found a bruise at the back of the child's ear suf ficient to cause "death. p Miss Winnie Hickey, of Cran i bury, is-visiting her aunt, Mrs. J. i F. Del linger, on Claremont t Heights. -BEFORE starting on your summer va cation you may need a new Suit Case or Traveling bag. We have just opened a new stock of leather cases from $3.00 to sls. Then too, the matter of collors, shirts and underwear is a timely topic for being well supplied means addi tional comfort and pleasure. Itrdz-fiiltitr tlolliing Co. Outfitters for Men and Boys Hickory, N. C. 15 mMHßOttap I UNTO EVERY MAN ff g Is given the right of Investi- || | gation. Hj Many remain ignorant by taking somebody's word for a thing. !M §1 We give the WHY and WHEREFORE for every- M thing we do in our optical wcik, and prove it to your |S H eyes without digging or cutting on them. si A few bargairs in gold-filled Watches. The price p{ 1 SB.OO, SIO.OO and $12.50 1 Sg while they last. , . *4 I The Morrison Bros. Co. 1 111 - Official Watcb Inspector for C. & N-W. Railway i Making Money 1 1 m i For Her People j I IS OUR SPECIALTY. § ® Last Saturday we closed out « a block of property at auction | ® very successfully. % ® We can do (he S£me thing |j ;K again. If you have a propo- w sition write us about it. § Remember we sell real estate $ of all kinds and we can make ® $ you just as many dollars as we $ a have those who have been & §J former customers. s 1 r © CM City property, farms, etc., are al tip ways to be found in abundance on @ our list. Sg We want to get acquainted so J* ® write for special list —it will be worth while. « | I "WE SELL THE EARTH." | | Lenoir Realty & Insur. Co. 1 I * LENOIR, N. C. | @ J. E. Mattocks, Sec. and Treas. Jj| m ®

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