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The Mebane leader. (Mebane, N.C.) 19??-19??, March 30, 1911, Image 3

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The Constitution. The constitution is one of the most venerable of American classics. It was first published in 1789 in a limited, auto graph edition, which has been followed bv numerous other issues incorporating much intensely facinating and absorb- ing new material. The last of these, the fifteenth, sometimes known as the Sable suffrage edition, never attained any considerable circulation sourh of the Ohio river. At the present time a new edition de luxe, to be subscribed for by persons with incomes in excess of $2,00, is under way, orders being taken therefore at the various capitols. While not included in Eliot’s light some Five Feet of Foam, Froth ard Fantasy, the constitution is by some classed as humor «nd by others treated as a joke. It is never regarded as much between friends. The constitution is to blame fur the establishment of the United States sen ate, although the job of maintenance has been turned over to the Standard Oil Company. One of the brightest ironies of the document is that the house of representatives shall elect its own speaker. The constitution sets its be-iibboned be-pumped foot down upon Mr. Rocke feller making himself the Duke of Cle/eland or Mr. Morgan taking the tile of Prince Manhattan, yet permits them to send their pleasantly tainted coin over seas for importation free of duty to the Nabob of Naipur and the Barion of Worms. It also provides that no federal officeholders shall accept any preient or emolument from a foreign grandee; but it has been powerless to prevent the king of Abyssinia from unloading quarterly consignments of the gaudiest zebras in Africa upon our beloved President The constitution provided that the President shall be the commander-in- chief of the army and navy, but,unfor tunately, made no allowance for his rewriting Webster’s Unabridged Dic- itionary, designating the most talented liars in the country and naming his successor. Another matter to be remedied is the clause that there shall be no slaves in the United States, as some provision must be made for the ultimate consumer. After an absence extending over 70 years the constitution has returned to the White House sad'y battered and full of holes. It might be well to state right here that it is far easier for a rich man to go thrpugh one of these holes than it is for him to go through the eye of a nee lie—or to enter the kingdom of Heavon, for that matter. —Life. NOTICE! A fine blooded Gre gorian station for the season of 1911. A guar antee for $7.00. Par ties can call at my stables,3 miles south of Mebane, J G. CRUTCHFIELD MARCH 23th. JOHN H. VERNON AHORKEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, BTJRI^INGTON, N. C. OflFice over Bradley’s Drug Store ’Phone, 6 5. For Sale! Batts 4 ear prolific com at THOMAS STORB: CO. Graham, and R. L. and S, F. SPOON Burlington. It will pay you to plant this com. John W. Sickelsmith, Greensboro, Fa, has three children, and like most children they frequently take cold. “We have tried several kinds of cough medicine,” he says, “but luive never found any yet that did them as much good as Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy.’* For sale by All Dealers. H. STEINMETZ FLORIST RALEIGH - - N. C. Roses, Carnations^ Violets Otner Fine Seasonable Cut Flowers, Flowers For Weddings, Enterta inments. FLORAL DESIGNS AT SHORT NOTICES Fems Palms and all kinds of out door bedding plants. Has Millions ot Friends. How would you like to number your friends by'millions as Bucklen’s Arnica Salve doe«? Its astounding cures in the past forty years made them. Its the best Salve in the world for sores, ulcers, eczema, bums, boils, scalds, cuts, corns, sore eyes, Sprains, swellings, bruises, cold sores. Has no equal for piles. 25c at Mebane Drug Co. THE VESTAL AN UP-TO DATE HOTEL Comfortably Furnished Table Supplies with the best that market af fords. W. G. TRIPP, Proprietor. Graham N, C. F. NASH ATTORNEY AT LAW PRACTICES IN ALL COUifTS HILLSBORO. N. C. When you have rheumatism in your foot or instep apply Chamberlain’s Liniment and you will get quick relief. It costs but a quarter. Why suffer? For sale by All Dealers. Z. T. HADLEY, OPTOMETRIST Eyes, Examined and glasses fitted. Graham, N. C. THE McADOO M. W. STERNE, Proprietor. Greensboro, N.C. A Strictly First Class HOTEL. The repeated sale by the Maderos of 4,000,000 acres of rubber lands to ex- Serator Aldrich’s company for $20,000, 000 in gold should not be without influ ence upon tne fortunes of the Mexican revolt. If you have trouble in getting rid of your cold you may know that you are not treating it properly. There Is no reason why a coW should hang on for weeks and it will not if you take Chamberlain’s Coasrh Remedy. For sale by All Dealers. It is distinctly in the public interest that bills limiting cold storage to six months are Jnow well on their way through the Legislatures of both New York and New Jersay. Long ago bacteriologists showed that refrigera tion does not stop the process of decay in food but merely imposes a check and that unwholesome conditions are present even where actual decomposition inifrht be postponed for years. The farmers and other producers should benefit, too, by these measures, which affect the practice of storing food l>rocucts in the New Jersey and New York plants for excessively long periods that they may be bought at the low est possible price and sold when the fnarket has been cornered to a large extent. 0 3 H T 1 0 2 m iA K) 0 > ID 3 0 2 n > QTQ (D S3 o O i JL “ CD 2 r P O CO (t> Ui O l-+i 3 P s CD I— ?s* Ui B CD M I 3 (D 3 OQ o c- § 2. g Ms O" 3 O p O p w 5^ CD w O o 3 CO c S- ^ S3 SLs; 3P CO p 3 &- p 3 CL Soutiiern Raliway North, South, East, West, Direct line to all points very low round trip rates to all principal resorts. Throujirh Pullman to Atlanta, leaves Raleigh 4:05 P. M., arrives Atlanta 5:- 25 A. M., making close connection for and arriving Montgomery following day after leaving Raleigh, 11:00 A. M., Mobile 4:12 P. M., New Orleass 8:30 P. M., Birmingham 12:15 Noon Memphis 8:05 P. M , Kansas City 11:20 A. M , second day, and connecting for all other points. This car also makes close connection at Salisbury for St. Louis and other Western Points. Through Pullman to Washington leaves Raleigh 6:50 P. M., arrives Washington 8:53 A. M., Baltimore 10;- 02 A. M., Philadelphia 12:23 Noon New York 2:31 P. M. This car makes close conuection at Washington for Pittsburgh, Chicago, and all points North and West, and at Greensboro for through Tourist Sleeper for California points, and for all Florida points Through Parlor Car for Asheville leaves Goldsboro at 6:45 A. M., Raleigh 8:35 A. M.. arriving Asheville 7:40 P. M., making close connection with the Carolina Special and arriving Cin cinnati lOKK) A. M. following day after leaving Raleigh, with close connection for all points North and North-West. Pullman for Winston-Salem leaves Raleigh 2:30 A. M., arrives Greensboro 6:30 A. M. making close connection at Greensboro for all points North, South, East and West. This car is handled on train No. Ill leaving Goklsboro at 10:45 P. M. If you desire any ir.formation, please write or caiL We are here to furnish information as well as to sell tickets. H. F. Cary, G. P. A. Washington, D. C. H. Pamell, T. P. A. 215 Fayetteville St., Raleigh, N. C. The most common cause of insomnia is disorders of the stomach. Chamber lain’s Stomach and Liyer Tablet coreect these disorders and enable you to sleep. For sale by All Dealers. “A LADDER TO HEALTH” Is pure food,—the tounda.tion of pure food is pure bread, and the foun dation of pure bread is Cook’s De light flour. We therefore say order to-day it does not pay to delay. R. C. HARRIS (Miller) Cook MiUintiCo. Mebane, N« C. Do you know that of all the minor ailments colds are by far the most dangerous? It [is not the cold itself that you need to fear, but the serious diseases that it often leads to. Most of these are known as germ diseases. Pneumonia and consumption are among Why not take Chamberlain’s ^u?h Remedy and cure your cold while you can? For sal« by All Dealsn. A. E. FORDHAM, & CO. GREENSBORO, N. C. Carries a splendid line of superior makes of shoes, for men, women and children. Just received a full assortment of low cuts and button, straps, and San- dal. Don’t forget when in Greensboro to call on this low price house. TBEY WILL SAVE YOU MONEY, SEE TH£M« A. E. Fordham, & Co. Greensboro, N. C. Crawford Plumbing And MILL SUPPLY CO. W NSTON, N.C. Are headquarters for boilers, engins, and all kind of machinery. New and secondhand. We carry a full stock of wood and.steel pulleys, belt ing, and shafting, hanges, etc., Write us for prices or information CRAWFORD PLUMBING &MILL SUPPLY CO. WE HANDLE RELIABLE BRANDS OF FERTELIZER INCLUDING Miller Tobacco King, and all goods made by the Piedmont Mt Airy Guano Co. and a number of other Standard brands. Prices and terms right. RALPH W. VINCENT, AGENT FOR W. F. DAILEY, mkbane. x. c. In my absence Mr. W. O, Warren, of Holmes and Warren will giv you attention. JUST RECEIVED Three solid car loads of fine BUGGIES and SURRIES. A large stock of spike teeth Harrows, also in stock the new SOUTHERN TONGUELESS HARROW. A full supply of all implements needed on the farm. Don’t fail to see us, we sell close. GOBLE BRADSHAW, COMPANY BURLINGTON. INSURANCE ! I carrj’ a full line of Companies, including Fire, Life, Accident and health Insurance. In fact, anythiijg in the Insurance line. When in need of anything in this line call on me. Rates reasonable S. G. MORGAN STAR LAUNDRY DANVILLE VA.. Rebuilt, and equipted with the latest and most ap proved machinery, is now open and prepared to do the BEST of LAUNDRY work on SHORT NOTICE Any work left at J. H. LASHLeY’S store will re ceive prompt attention. STAR LAUNDRY, DANVILLE, VA. NOTICE Any one who wants to plant a garden, •* pasture their cows, cut wood, or desposit trash or filth on the lands of MehanBLanilanilliiiprovBiiiBntCfl will please get permision before doing so from W. E. WHITE, Mebane, N. C. PHARMACY ALAMANCE Keep on hand a cofnplete line of pure fresh drugs, and up. to date assortment of toilet articles, perfumes brushes etc. All kinds of DRUGGIST ACCESSORIES. With each purchase we give you a cash register tic ket, when you have purchased $5. return tickets and get 25cts in merchandise. It is free, it is yours for the asking. Keep them, they count up. ALAMANCE PHAKMACT J.C. SIMMONS, Prop. GRAHAM, N. C. A FULL STOCK OF NEW CROP OF GARDENS EEDS The freshest and most reliable sold in packages or in bulks. Make out your memorandum and come to see us, and let us fill it from such reliable Seed growers as D. M. Ferry and Co., and T. W, Wood, and son. Don't forget it. Mebane Drug Co. F. L« WHITE, Manager, Mebanet N. C. DAINTY FOOT WEAR! The BEST and PRETTIEST that can be construct ed out ot leather will al ways be found in our store, and other things equaly as important is you will always find the most expert shoe fitters with us. We carry a stock suited to all classes. If you want a shoe the lat est cut of Americans most famous makes we have it, if you want one for service then come to us. We pride ourselves upon pleasing our patrons. PRIDGEN AND JONES Durham, N.G. THE YANSTORY CLOTHING STORE OF GREENSBORO Makes just such a display as you would find in the stores on Broadway—including all the new colors, tans, blues, stripes, white, etc. Gar ments made of genuine Swasette, the daintiest, most comfortable and long-weaming material known in the manufacture of high grade under apparel for men. \^en in Greensboro make this your headquar ters. The Yanstory Clothing Store C10THIN6 flATSlHD GENTS FURNISHING "OF THE BETTER W We cordially invite you to make our store your head quarters when in Raleigh, mail orders receive prompt atten tion. L £/s c FOUNDRY All classes of high grade iron, and brass cas tings, Machine molded pulleys. Guaranteed repair work, special machinery built to order. RUSH JOBS Givins Special Attention. £oOK lewis foundry CO. GREENSBORO N. C. WINSTON-SALEM N. C Remember that our piano contest closes April the 29th Do not fail to put eveiy effort in the work untill that date

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