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North Carolina Newspapers

The Mount Airy news. (Mount Airy, N.C.) 1895-current, June 13, 1918, Page 3, Image 3

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he Mr, Phon. try Itml WANTED—Poattta* or work to do by the M. Aiidrt>» 161 ("harry FOR RENT—My atara hou«pr betweei t. M. Poor* it mi W. Vj Callows] Co. Alao Paul Allrad Mr***. Dm yoar with privilege of wn. Utpd i. V. A I.I.RED. I WOULD ha (lad to talk iyovar witl you about that coumaf In Mteiio graphy you hava b—rJ thinking ul taking. (iat my >porta cut-rata am anrolt during Juno. Mr a. Compton. TWO milk row* for aale./Ana of ihow freah juat n w«-»a /Igo. W. F Jackaon. Prira rnuailRuble. W. H. Wakefield, M. D. of Charlutti will ho in Mount Airy at Hluo Ridg» Inn on Friday Juno Nth, Pilot Moun tain at The ffotel Maturilay June 15th The dortor limiU hia practice to tha madiral and surgical Lrwtmrnt Fy« Ear, Nona and Throi^ diaeaaox anil fitting glaanen. Ask your family phyaician about your consulting Dr. Wakefield. 2t. FOR SALE—Two /ota oin Cherry at root. 80* MM) faat. Now ia the t ime buy one of thcrW Iota. J. F. Allred. 1 i!t pd HAIL! HAIL! HAIL! Now I* the time to inaura your crop aijaii^t loaa and damage by hail, nee ua get rates at once. Prather-Fulton Insurance Agency. DO YOU realize that your entire to bacco crop may be lout. Can you af ford to lone it? Protect your labor and money inverted a Hail Policy in the old Franklin Fi*t Ii.aurance Co. Talk it ovirr and get rates from Pra ther-Fulton Insurance Agency. FOR SALE Practically lew Loth range at a f.acriflce, Uve bought i.maller stove reason fm Helling, ad dress P. 0. Box 233. Cityl SEE MRS. Compton at 237 Oak street or call her over the telephone Mo. 30 for special low rate in Shorthand and typewriting. ^ FOR SALE—One (raiser thresher re built and good as new will sell a bargain in it. One second hand (6) six h. p. oil engine in ^'No. 1 shape. One (18) Com mill aiWone (20) inch corn mill both new. !3|ouId you need some repairs for your thresher Mend in your order at once. D. E. Nelson, Ararat, N. C. i WANTED: To contracV for logging and sawing 2,OUO,OOU feet of Puie lumber. Conditions idaal. Short haul. Address W. E. White, Mebane, N. C. COMMISSIONER'S SALE. By virtue of an order of re-sale made by the" Judge of the Superior Court in the case of Alene Callaway Lavendar against H. G. Callaway and others pending ni the Superior Court of Surry County 1 will sell to the high est bidder on Saturday the 15th of June 1918, at one o'clock P. M., the following de scribed property, to-wit: One house and lot on lower Main Street, six rooms and known aa the Schafer hou-e and lot near the big gulley; also one house and lot on Elm Street known as the J. 1. Belton house and lot. Terms of sale, one-third cash; one third in twelve months and balance in two years. Notes required for de ferred payments. This May 14th, 1;>'S W. E. MERUITT, Com. CARD OK THANKS. We wish to tVnnk our friends and n«ifhk>"is fo: their kindness and nym . pa thy to us during the days of reccnt bereavement in our home. j. P. Brown. Clinton Rrown, Kmma Brown ITALIAN QUEENS! In the operation of my bee business I conduct a queen rearing yard and at thin time I have a few more queens than I need in my own yards. These queens are bred from fine Ita lian stock und are the finest queen* that can be had. Satin faction guaranteed. One queen $1.00; six for $5.00; twelve (or $9.00. FRED L. JOHNSON Moual Airy, N. C THE NEW REGISTRATION. Hm following la a list of th« young nun who regiaterad laat «Mk becom ing at mg* .luring the put ymr: r John 8. Galyaan, Round Peak. Hoy A. Tkomu. Pilot Mtn. Alvia E. Lovo, lit. Airy. Jaaon W. Mytri, Silmm. Grtnvllb Pruitt, Mt. Airy. > Prod Eidi, Mt. Airy. Rowland C. Boxlay. Otta Raavaa, Mt. Airy. Matthew Gatea, Mt. Airy. Grady V. Moaer, Rock ford. But* Keiger, Mhoala. Bryan Johnson, Elkin. Chuie M. Jeaaup, Brim. Willi# P. McCormick, Ruckford. Fred Eaater, Mt. Airy. John H. Johnaon, Ararat. Eakar Hark, Ararat. Cline I., Mt. Airy. Arthur T. Aahburn, Siloam. William M. Tavlor, Pilot Mtn. Nathan W. Cook, Mt. Airy. Albert L. Buigman White Plain*. Henry C. Woodruff, Mt. Airy John A. Norman, Ml. Airy. I>bvi» t.wvn, Mt. Airy. Tho V lUchcl*. Siloum. _ J. Win. McK. freed. Whita Plum*. Wm McKinley Barker. Mt. Airy. I John A. Vernon Hound Peak. Elmer Lmrt, Low Gap. William K. Helton, Mt. Airy. Arthur W. Kiikman, Mt. Airy. Edward A. Brook*. Mt. Airy, Holier L. Cockerhum, Low Gap. Marvin Cleve Key. Siloam. James W. Maya, Dntmon. Marcus W Evans, Rusk. Lincoln White, Dobaon. Joe M. Collins, Dobaon Richard W Freeman, Dobaon. Edward Loyd, Thurmond. Litel B. Norman Thurmond. Robert P. Harris, Thurmond. Alex W. Cockrrham Kappa Mjlla. Tildan Ramey Low Gup. Robart y. Colbert,' Thurmond. Thomaa/R. Simmons, Thurmond. James A Marahall. Suite Ron.I. Jamea W. Creed R<iund Peak. Tyra W, Billings Thurmond. Joa M. Hollaway, Thurmond. Dan W. Whituker, State Road. Chnrles A. Mayes, Ruak. J. (Mine June::, Dobaon. Mallory Ai.thony, Ruak. Hobnrt C Ijiwmin, Siloam. Marion Cnllahan, Dobaon. Rufua W. Wallora. State Road | Tiewey Norman, Thurmond. I Robert A. Snow. Rnsk. A11..tin Gentry, State Roml. Sidney R. Draught), Rockford. Wm. McK Jackson. Elkin Grady McK. Fmeraon Round Peak.! Isaac I.. Wright, Round Peak. Willie F. Johnson, Round Peak. Irvan Snow, Dobaon. Ernest Claude -Stokes Thurmond. | James Edgar Davia, Dobaon. maph D. Wilmoth, Dobaon. Harvey Brevcnburg, Siloam. Karon L. Ray, State Road. Jamea C. Draughn, Ruak. Juniua B. Wallace, Ruak. Thomaa F. Lewallyn, Round Peak. Charlie C. Callaway. Round Peak. Oscar B. Key, Ruak. William 8. Childreaa. Dobaon. • George B. Folger. Dobaon. Sidney W. Hamlin, Dobaon. Faker J. Collina, Ruak. Wendell B. Stone, Dobaon. Willia E. Parker, Rockford, Walter L. Johnson. Flkin. Jamea B. Gilliapie, Dobaon. Robert C. Newman, Elkin. Arthur A. Newman. Elkin. Eater F. Stanley, Dobaon. Richard F. Linville, Rusk. Osia P. Walla, Elkin. Andy T. Muncua, Ruak. James H. Click, Elkin. Dallas M. Holder, White Plaint. Jame.4 E. White, Rusk. Eugene G. Phillip*. Elkin. Edgar M. Shaffner, Elkin. James V. Nance. Rusk. Clifton Chaney, Crutchfteld. Barney M. B. Key, Crutchfteld. Hubert Hatcher, Mt. Airy. Jack Waugh, Dobaon, Col. Early Thompiion. Elkin. Col. Lucas Wowles Dobson. Col. Jesse W. Stuart, Pilot Mtn. Andrew C. Span,- Mt. Airy. Will F. Greenwood, Mt. Airy. John H. Inman. Pinnacle, Gurney Levi Allred, Pinnacle. Kmmit T. McCoin Pinnacle, i Jasper Creed, Pinnacle. Jesse Collins, Pinnacle. Brady l-une, Pinnacle, James A. Deathridge, Mt. Ai:>. Claude J. Johnson. M». Airy. Ale* M. Hudson, Pilot Mtn. Samuel G. Joyce. Mt. Airy. William Mckinley Cook. Brim Tandy S. McCormick, Round l'«ak. Birtis Coleman Pilot Mtn. Worth Money, Elkin. William I. I'hillips, ML Airy. Jesse R. Sechrist, Pilot Mtn. William B. Wood, Rockford. Sam Tilley, Ararat. Hary Lee Roberson, White Palms. James E. Canter, Ararat. Cobie McK. Simpson, Ararat. Dr.rius S. Wall, Ararat. Robert Payne. Ararat. Sim W. Hernmings, Mt. Airy. Sewell M. Portis. White Plains. James E. Snow, Siloam. Lewis Johnson, Mount Airy. James R. Riddle, Mt. Airy. Euclid K ("happcll, Mt. Airy. Carson Moxlev, Mt. Airy. John Key, Siloam. William Brown, Mt. Airy. Wade C. Moody. Mt. Airy. Luther McK. Hardy, Siloam. Daniel Gentry, Ladonia. Harrison Younger, Mt. Airy. Millard C. Mchone, Mt. Airy. Marshall Overby, Mt. Airy. Sherman Hall, Mt. Airy. Thomas B. Baker, Siloam. .Maiston li. Hill, Pilot Mtn. Branscom Wall. Siloam. Julius M Dcrern, Pinnacle. John H. Stone, Siloam. Luther C. Mann, Rockford. Rural Jenninn Doss, Rockford. Frederick 1- Bunker, White Plains. Willie Hodges, M'. Airy. James E. Collin*. Round Peak. Harry K. Swanson, HM Mtn. | Columbus F. Payne, Lnmbsliurg Va Milton Y. A'hbtirn, White Plains. I Surver M. Jarrell, Round Peak. Prei - J. Amliurn, Round Peak, Brady P. Hiatt. I.o» Gap. Cuthbert Boylts. Pilot Mtn. Francis M. Terry, Mt. Airy. Walter It. Gillev, Pilot Mtn. Reed M. Cook, f'il-H Mtn. Walter H. Criti, Mt. Airy. Romie H. Hardy, Mt. Alrr. Robert R. Matthew*. Mt. Airy, Rufu. W. McGea, Mt. Airy. Jum A. Gilley, bobaon. Urn A. Bran nock, Mt. Airy, i 'lamia A. ■trharda—- Law Gap. ioka Waiter Bra aha, lit. Airy, frank* Hkcfca, ML Airy. John D. Jahaaoa, Mt. Airy. Gn4y t- Havmura. Mt. Aiqr| William a. Caudill. Mt. Air*. Waltar H. Siak, WkiU i'laina. Charlaa H. Wright, Mt. Airy. Carl W. CMMraai. Pilot Mui. I>onnia M. Evans, Low Gap. Robart t. Mt. Airy. Killua B. York, Mt. Airy. Lary V. Jonaa, Mt. Airy. Climon f ■ Martin, Hlioan. •Samual K Barnaa, Mt. Airy. McK inlay Doaa, Hiloam. William J. Chandlar, Mt. Airy, [.ark Kurkar. Jr., Mt. Airy. William R. Wall, Ararat. Charlaa R. Fowlar. Plnnarla. Carlaaa Daathridga. Mt. Airy. Oliver l.ight, Mt. Airy. Rogar W. Inman, Mt. Airy. Jnxaph Hollingaworth, Mt. Airy. Iluirn W. Dixon, Elkin. Hoaaa L. Arnold. Klkin. William B. I.vftwirh, I.adonia. Alvah A. Matthewa, Pilot Mtn. Kolia E. Starling* Mt. Airy. Hiffln f>. Harrington, .Shoala Col. Coy Payna, Mt. Airy. Col. Salami Dohaon, Mt. Airy. Col. Mat-k Reynold*. Ararat, Va. Col. Early Dohaon, Mt. Airy, Col. Kukoiii- ll..Adama, Mt. Airy. Col. Arthur Joyra. Mt. Airy, Cm, Caron M. Ponn, Brim. Col. Wn. B. Wilmoth, Thurmond. .Sam Marahall, Mt. Airy. MrKinley Jonea, Brim. GREAT SURRY COUNTY PARADE. On Saturday, June 22, one of the Greatest Patriotic Par* ade» and Celebration* Ever Attempted in the State Will Take Place in and Through Surry County. 'Hie officials in thin movement, com posed of J. B. Sparger, Chief Mar shall, anil fourteen township marshall* are preparing a program which will he completed in a day or two and dis tributed over the county, giving full details, premium*, schedules etc. A brief outline of the day ia an follow*: Early in the day mora than a hundreil decorated automobiles and floats will leave Elkin for Mount Airy A number will leave Siloam and Shoal* Township* come to Pilot Moun tain, the meeting point for Pilot and Westeld townships. This parade will than start for Mount Airy. At ten o'clock the parade will leave Mount Airy for Elkin, The judges stand will be located at White Plains. It is thought that the parade will be more than three miles in length. Three stops of a few minutes each will be made along the route, at Piney Grove Schoolhouse. at Dobson, and at Kair view, and possibly at one or two other points. Patriotic speakers will de liver four minute speeches at these, points. The parade u to coniiut of genera! j patriotic floats, floats representing the Red Croas, the Y. M. C. A.. Food Con servation, "THE ALLIES," and the War Savings Campaign. Premiums consisting of War Saving* Stamp* are to be given the prixc winners in this parade. A premium is also to be giv en to the moot patriotically decorated home along the route of parade. Ar rangements are being made to have the mothers of Surry County boys in the military service ride in the parade as the guests of honor of the day. They will all be supplied with the ser vice flags by the RlhI Cross of Surry County. If a sufficient number of cars can b« secured arrangements will tie made to take other persons and or ganizations. Two bands and possi bly three, will furnish the music of the day. When the parade arrives in Elkin (which will doubtless be about one o'clock) a celebration is to be held. The people of Elkin are arranging a program there that will be a titling climax to this great demonstration. More of the details will appear in the circular. This is Surry County's day; it will be her greatest day; It is going to take work and effort. Those in charge of the day arc going to call on you to do your part. After reai'ing the circular, you are a*ked to consult your township mar shall at ones. The marahalls are as follows: J. K. Sparger, Chairman, Bryan—Ben Thompson. Hobson--Dr. Ira 8. Gambill. Elkin—E. F. McNeer. Franklin- Edgar Cnckerham. Longhill—Silas M. Stone. Marsh—C. A. Sebastian. Mount Airy—G. C. Lovill. Pilot—J. 8. Patterson. Rock ford—Luther Wood. Shoals—L. D. Marian. RiloMl—Wright Aafcburn. Stewaifs Creek Krank SpargW. , WaaUMd—N. D. 8. HiU. j .... mmamm - To caatract logrtng and mwih tha t unbar on Um naw powar plant at tha town of Haunt Airy. Work to hafin July IS. For particular* aaa John Banaar, Chairman, or L V. Barbar, Soparintandant It life Was a Misery Mil. P. M. J MM, Off PUaar, Okla., writoai "Prom th« time I tu ... 1 looked with dread from om motflt to the Mat I suffered with my back and baaiiag-dowa paia, until lifa to ma wm ■ misery. I would think 1 could Mt endura tot paia any loafer, aad 1 gradually got wane. . . Nothing itemed to kelp me natil, one day, . * . 1 decided to The Woman's T< "1 look tour bottle*," Mrs. Jones go** °* to ■ay, "and «u not oaly greatly relieved, but can truthfully lay that I bar* aot a pain. . . " It baa now been two yean since I toolcCardui, and I am still in good health. . . I would ad vise any woman or girl to use Cardui who la a sufferer bom aay tamata I you tod the need of a food strengthening tonic to build up yournw-dowa system, take (ba advica at Mrs. Jones. Try Car dai. U helped her. Wa hehrre it will baip yoa. AD DrigfiMs !• BUCHKRKS WANED! I will ba in tha markat a*a"< lor BUckbarrir« thu rauMr and will pay f 1JM par buahal of M pound* or V par pound for tham. Cask will ba paid. Do not cat atirka, laavaa or wntar in tham. I am buying tham atrirtly 'or praaarvaa and jam, tharafora thay muat nut hava any traah in tham. My pUca to raraiva and botl tham will ba in I ha big laaf tobacco factory waat of Plantar* Warahouaa oppaaita 9. A. liannia A Co. Ptek tha barriaa una day and dalivar tham tha next, thay will not da if thay ara aour. Will baytn buying Wadnaaday. July 10, 191M. I will fumiah barral* to haul tha barpaa in. Thia J una loth, 1W1M. 7-lHK. J. R. PATTERSON. ♦ YOU SHOULD NAME THE SURRY COUNTY LOAN & TRUST (0. AS YOUR EXECUTOR FOR THE FOLLOWING REASON3: The buainesa of thia Company ia to act aa Executor of Willa, to adminiater estates, to nerve a* guardian Qf minora and truatee of property under willa. A board of careful business men direct the affairs of the Company. The Trust Company never dies and ia always found at ita place of busineaa ever ready to give proper attention to the affairs of your estate. The Truat Company will aee that your will ia drawn cor rectly and, when named as Executor, makea no charge for properly drawing up the will or keeping it under •eal in ita vault DIRECTORS W. W. Burke, A. G. Bowman. W. F. Carter, E. H. Wrenn, F. S. Eldridge, W. A. York, G. D. Fawcett, W. W. Hampton, W. G. Sydnor, J. D. Smith. OFFICERS W. F. CARTER, Preaident. E. H. WRENN, Vice-Preaident GEO. D. FAWCETT, Sec. A Treaa. A*k ymtr deafer about »K# New Pwfaiioo Ktr cwene WiUf Heater. Vm Alaklin Security Oil -AJwiyi available, inex pensive. (ALADDIN] Why Tolerate - - a Hot Kitchen? Use a New Perfection Oil Cook Stove. It will do your cook ing perfectly, give you a cool kitchen—and free you from the dirt, work and discomfort, from coal, wood, ashes and imut The long blue chimney gets every atom of heat out of the kerosene and concentrates it directly on the cooking utensQ or oven. The New Perfection lights like gas and can be instantly and accu rately regulated for any cooking need. It bakes, broils, roasts, boils or toasts to perfection—with no smoke, amell or dirt. And it keeps the kitchen cool. Made in 1 -2- 3-4 burner sizes, with or without cabinet top and oyen. STANDARD OIL COMPANY (NEW JERSEY) Wuhinfton, D. C Norfolk. V» Dunmorr. Ml Rtchmonii V» OuiIwk N. C jW.Vfc OiulMKn, 3. C NEW PERFECTION OIL COQHSTOVES

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