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The Mount Airy news. (Mount Airy, N.C.) 1895-current, June 13, 1918, Page 7, Image 7

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Wmrn hkn. *• e. H md Mlaa Annta Paigar of Brtiw aad Joaaphina Mora at Gmartin ara in—>■ at Mr*. Carroll Hill la thia ettjr. Mr. Cwr|> GrtvM and Mlaaaa Lacy Hadlay and Lmey >1111 motorad to Wlinton Ma I am yaatarttey. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. 9 par gar of Graaiubsro ara guaata of thair dauffh tor Mr*. K. H. Korhtitiky on Fina aMaal Mlaa Mahal Gaorga haa arraptod a puatMan to Waahlnyton, 0. C„ whara aha haa haan apaniling aavaral waaka with har brother. • Mra. Harry Nalnu and rhildran of Kin, 'port, Tann., ara guaata of Mra. Nairn a' pa rant a, Mr. and Mra. S. M. Hala on Pandar alraat. Mlaa Nan Spainhnur laavaa tha laat of thia waak for Winaton-Halam after apandlnr aavaral waaka In thla city dotnff aparial duty aa trainad nuraa. Mra. J. B. Spargar I aft Saturday to vlatt ralativaa In Oak Rldga, after which aha trill apand a faw daya in Baltimora, Md. Dr. Sandy Moir of Francisco m a visitor ui thia city yesterday. Mra. W. 8. Dickson of Greensboro ia the |Mit of hor mothor, Mr*. G. W. Spirpr on Cherry street. Mrs. John Sobato returned Monday from Now York city where she has boon visiting hor sister. Dr. snd Mrs. Lnn Pringle of Smith wors visitors In this city yestorday. Mrs. R. E. L. Flippin and Miss Ger trude Smith of Pilot Mountain spent a ftw hours in this city this morning, they were accompanied home by Mr. Warron Smith who will make a short visit to Pilot. ) Miss Virginia Kern and mother, Mrs. Kern have returned to their home in Winston-Salem after visiting Mrs. C. I. Bobbitt op Roekford street. Mis* Gay Callaway left Tuesday to attend aummer school at Chapel Hill. Mesdames J. L. Harrison and Dwight Cook and children spent Sun day with relatives in Wc.itflold. Scott Hale, and Osier Woltx of this city and Rober and Kennott Brim of Brim have returned to their homes for th« aummer vacation after attend ing Trinity College. Rev. T. H. King is attending the B. Y. P. U. convention in Winston Salem. Mr. Gaston Christian and sister Mrs. Romnty Simmons of Westfleld were visitors in this city yesterday. Miss Helen Cramer has returned to Galax, Va., after visiting friend* in this city. Swan son Surratt of Camp Sevier is visiting relatives in thi; city. Mr*. M. E. V. Hine* of Mount Airy Rural Route was a visitor in thia city yesterday. anil reports her •laughter MIm Mary Jennie Hine* somewhat improved in health. Mrs. J. T). Belton of Winsto'n-Salem is visiting relatives in this city. Mr. Edgar Gilmet of Washington, D. C. is a visitor in this city. Miss Jamie Hadley has gone to Chapel Hill to attend rummer school at the University. Mr. Roy Mitchell will return Sat urday from Philadelphia where he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania. Miss Doris Alired has returned from a visit to friends in Westfield. Ned Bolt who is stationed at Camp Sevier ia visiting his mother in thiy city. ' 2nd Lieut. Blair Mines spent a few days with his mother enroute to camp in Arkansas. Miss Hester Smith has accepted a position as saleslady in J. L. Harri son's store. i Mesdamee U. I- Robinson WU1 Hale and Oscar Yokley and little Misses Alice Herman, Louisa Kochtltaky and Kieano and Katharine Long will at tend the Missionary district meeting •t Walnut Cove tomorrow. i Mra. T. B. Malay. Mr* Mary Wil liama and Mr*. Ban hlikjr ai lild« villa ai i ii«l laat night to >pa«4 mom tima at Whita Sulphur flpringa. Mr. Daxtar Goad of Hllliln, aiarfc of tha court of Virginia la • viaitor In til la city to bo naar hla wifa who la a pattont at Martin hoapital. Mr*, P. L Smith hu raturnad from • vlatt to ralativaa in Oak Rldga. Maailamaa N. P. Short and Dalla Banner ard Mia* Virginia Rannar •pant tha paat awk anil with rala ttvaa In (ftaanahoro. Mra. Rlrdaall ha* raturnad frt>m a viait to ralativaa in Murkavtlla. Mlaa Floy Martin and im.thar Mra. Martin of Abardarn arc ipMU of Mra. J. K. Matthawi. in thi* city. Miaaaa I ran a Thnmpnon and Thal ma Martin and Willi* firwn King ara attandlng tha R. Y. P. IJ. in Wlnaton Malam. Mra. Mitchell of Hillxvilla. Va", •pent yaatarday with her -inter Mra. Kmma Jankina at tha Jvnkina Hotal. Mr. J. R. P tttamon of tliia city ha* an ad In Tha Nawa thi* week wanting to buy blackbarrie*. I.ook hi* ad up for particulars. Mr. and Mr*. E. C. Fny huva return ed from • Walt to their daughter, of Roanoke Rapid*, Vs. Mlua Gladys and Noll Raich of Elkin spent tha pant week end In thi* city tha gue*t* of M"i*« Lola Woltt. Minn Lillian Martin of Stjart Va., ia •pending aome tima in thi* city, called hara by the *ertou* illm-a* of har father Dr. Dick Martin who ia a pa tient at Martin Hoapital. Mia* Anna Msrrltt of Annapolia, Md., i* visiting relative* in this cty f (ireer Woltx left yesterday to en' tha traning camp for Boy Scouts, at Bingham Height* near A<heville, un der tha direction of Mr. J. Stuart Al lan of tha State University. A eon wan born to Mr. and Mr*. J. H. Gwyn at Oak Rwlga, N. C. Friday, where Mra. Gwyn and chil dren are the runt of Mra. Gwyn'* mother. Mi**e* Lillie May George and Eliza beth Sparger leave today to attend iumm«r school at the fltata Normal college, Green*boro. Mr. and Mra. Merlin Robinson re turned to thia city last night, after •pending eight month* in Waco, Texa* where they went for Mr*. Robinson's htatlb Mr*. W. S. Reich of Elkin .spent the pant week end with nrr Mster Mrs. Charles James in this city. Mr. Pnul Ashby, whore health ha< failed *ince he entered the gorem ment servii-e several months ago, ha* been sent to the Govmmnt hospital at New Haven. Conn., and ia very murh pleased with the transfer, and thinks the climate will benefit him. Mi*. J. L. Ashby left the ft rut of the week to vL' it relative* in Winaton ,-ai« m and W-tllcertown. Mr. and Mm. A. L. Clark and chil dien of Roanoke Kapids are visiting Mr. and Mr*. E. C. Foy. Dr. R. W. Reece made a business trip to "Oak-Leaves," hi* farm near Boonville, yesterday, he was accufn panied by Mr. Ball. Mis* Lucy Boo* of Walkertown, ar rived yesterday to visit Mis* Margar et Ashby, on Main Street. Mrs. A. Trotter and little grand son Eugent Whitman will leave Sat urday for the home of the later in Winston-Salem. 0 Mr*. J. L. Woltx leaves today to (end the district meeting of the Wom an* Missionary Society of the Metho diat church which meet* in Walnut Cor*, this meeting will be attended by the president of the organiiation, Mrs. Robertson, of Greensboro, and Mr*. H. A. Dunham of A*hevil!e, who I* the Conference secretary, a* well a* delegate* from thi* district. Mi** Josie Ashby left yesterday to viait her aiater in Winaton-Salem af ter which she will return to Richmond, Va, to resume her profeeelon as train ed nurse. >rtl for the lower jrmnlmi. Thuae who t* apply ■teali writ# to the Board at White Plain*, H. C. Mr. J. A. Blue at the White Plain* aeetlen waa here with aeveral l.uaiiela of June pear he* last Saturday. He aald he had fifty treea of the June variety that are new ready for the market He will have in hu orchard thta yoar aa many aa a 1000 l>u«hela of Mr. Jnehua Rothrork and alater* Mia* Iaabel 1 Rothrnrk and Mr*. Hugh Wood in aftd baby of Marttnavtlle, In [ dlana upent part -if laat week viait j m| the family of Mr. P. H, Rothrork »n Pine street. Mr*. Jim Burke, of thi* rlty, ha* rereivod a card from her brother, Arnold Colt, of Virginia, that he ha* arrived «afely in Prance. Mr. P. 0. Holromb and daughter, Miu Minnie Ruth, left Saturday by automobile to upend aeveral day* vnit ing in ('harlotte and other point* A telegram from Mr. Jim Hal* to hi* parent* in thie city last Monday conveyed the Information that he wa* (saving for France that day. A daughter wa* burn to Capt. and Mr*. Frank Walker, of thi* city laat Wednesday. Captain Walker got a furlough and cam* home to spend a few day* with hi* family a* the ra aul t. A daughter wa* horn to Mr. and Mr*. H. M. Foy Wednesday of thi* week. Dr. R. J. Rank* left Wednesday to accept n position in the army a* a civillian Veterinary erargeon. He will he employed at Aberdee, Md., and will draw a salary that pay* large money, if or it mu*t not be forgotten that the Government place* a high value on ita stock a* well aa on the *oldier*. Muaical Entertainment. MiaxJulia Pr.chard gave a musical entertainment in the rooms of the Commercial Club laat Monday even ing in which the gave Mi** Nell Fol ger, one of her pupils the leading part. Mi** Prichard is a teacher of recog nized ability and is doing a work here that i* highly pleasing to those who know what can be accomplished by a high clasa music teacher. From time to time in the future Mm* Prich ard will give other entertainment* for the benefit of the music loving public, a* well at for the practice it will give some of her advanced student*. . \ Some Chicken Business. '! Mr. <Ira Roberta, a popular -al«i man in this city, docs quit* a little business on the Mile, in the way of keeping a few line chicken*. He this year had 25 Plymouth Rock hena and ha* sold all hi', eggs at $1.00 for 15. He has since the first of the year sold from his 25 hens more than 2000 e- • . anil practically all «f them were bought by people v.ho live here at Mount Airy. In addition to thi he ha raised a large numl*r of young i-hicka. Mr. Roberts is a fancier and I knows the business and knows how to get results even in a small way. A little figuring will show that he ha* made money thi« year by keeping a few hens, for he has spent only about $2.00 each week for feed. Open Air Revival. A rather novel plan for summer evangelistic meeting* has been adopt ings have outgrown the church and the big grove has been seated com fortably and lighted with gasoline torches and the evening services are being held in the open air. That it is a most satisfactory arrangement is demonstrated by the large crowds t who are attending. Many are motor ing out from town every right and it is reported that much good is being accomplished. The meetings have been in progress for more than ten days, and Mr. Jimison states that they will go on for an indefinite period. Msny professions of faith have si ready been reported and the revival is growing in interest at every ser vice. From Every Viewpoint TKe Most Beautiful Shoes Created A MONEY-SAVING SHOE SALE We are not reducing our entire stock but for special telling we have picked out hundred* of pairs ladies' shoes and oxfords, a big lot of chil dren's, and our entire stock of Men's and Boys' Shoos and Oxfords, at less than wholesale price*. In our stock of Ladies' Oxford* you will find a nice aaaortment. mostly with the ever popular military heel, and with either plain or wing tips. There are lines and styles to suit every foot. Men's "Walk-Over", Stetson and Boyden in both Shoes and low cuts at half price, based on present market prices. A full stock of Tennis Shoes, all styles and grades. Sandels in all leathers for Men, Women and Children. WE SELL ONLY DEPENDABLE SHOES AND P * f i ** r • f GUARANTEE TO SAVE YOU MONEY. Making A Country He The Sanitary Plumbing Co., of thi^ city has rei-cntly installed a complete Pneumatic water and light system in I the home of Mr. J. (J. Adams of r'taU Road. Mr. Everitt ami a fore; of men have Keen at the home of Mr. | Adams for two weeks putting in the i plant. The nystem constat* of a gaso line engine, electric motor, pump and outfit for a modern water and light system. The whole costing Mr. Adams about $1,000.00. Mr. Adams is a well to-do country merchant and farmer and has a beautiful home in which this modern improvement ia made. Mr. Webb of the Sanitary Plumbing Co., tells or that he is expecting many other well-to-do citizens of the coun ty to equip theii homes with this same ; kind of water and light system. . \ V [Surry Man Gets High Degree. ! Mr. Criti George, son of Editor T. I M. George, of this city, was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philisophy, I at Chapel Hill last week. This is no honnry degree, but rather represents n period of many years hard study. It is a rare thing that any man gets this degree under thirty years of agfc. It i« one of the highe-t regrees that men work for in the modern colleges. Prof. George has made Biology his specialty and has completed the ronne at Chapel Hill and taught and done special work for several years with a view to getting this degree. He ia now in the army, stationed at Wash infton, D. ('., having been assigned to Ithe branch of the Medical r Sunday School Convention.\ | The annual Sunday school conven i tion for Mount Airf circuit will b« . held at ^alrm church next Sunday. ^ It will be an all day affair with din i ner on the ground, and will b« held out in the grove where the hi* revival is in profrtiw. A »aried and attrac ' tive program has been arranged and I a great crowd is expected to attend. There will fie exercises by the differ ent school- of the circuit at the morn | ing -e.'Mons, followed by an address.1 i and in the afternoon the'.*e will be j more >|*.'i»kif>ir and diacusaibns. It is I announced that Prof. O. V. Woosley,. . Sunday school field secretary for the j Western North Carolina conference,1 i will be present and deliver the princt-, ! p»> address of the day. Attorney John Folger and the Rev. Geo. D. Her- j man will aUo deliver addresses. The people have been making large pre-1 paration for the event and it promises j to be of much help to those interested in Sunday school work. Mr. Wooa-1 ley is said to be a most interesting speaker and is an expert in the work, i The convention will begin at 10 a. m. j State of Ohio. City of Toledo, Larae County, ae. Frank J Cheney males oath that he la senior partner <>t the Firm of F. J Cheney a Co. doing business In the Clly of Toledo. County and Htale afore aald. and that sntd nrm will l«r the sum of ON* Ht'NDRKD l« U-I-ARII for each and every res* of Catarrh that cannot be rured by the use of HAIJA j CATARRH CURB. FRANK J CHKNCT •worn to before ai« and sabecrlhed I la mr area* nee, this ith day of Decern- . her A D. lift. A. W (ll.KA«ON (heal) Notary public | Hall'* Catarrh Care la taken later* ally a ad aets throuah the Btood oa the Usrnss Isrnces of the System. Bnad fee teetlateeleJs free. r. J. CHKNCT * CO. Talsda, O. •old by all dranrlata, The. ■all'* family Hlia for tsaMiatM. More Hun T hree ThouMad B»fci«i Die in North Carolina * I am the BaOy. I am the yourite-t I- .tituMon In ttu> World—and the oldeit The Earth is my Haritage 1 come into be'-r. and wtten I go I le-c.. it to the next Cererat.on of Babiea. My mission i* to lei.e th* Earth .T lietter place than I found it 1 With my million litt.e B-uther- an.i Sitters I can do thin. J >hr vorUl does not impose too many handicaps. Now I need Pur*. VilV and fresh air and Play. When I am a liU - ahter I thai) need (food M-hooU ir. which to I earn the lesson* of life. I want to live, 1a.<»i. lore, work. play. I want to hear iroori m.i»* r«-ad good books, see beautiful pictures I want to build He i.s» and Rosib and Railroads and Cities. I want to walk in the wood.*, in the waters, and play in the mow. I am Yesterday, ToJif and Tomor row. If you will make my way easy now. I will help you whet, f grow up I am your Hope. 1 AM THE BABY. "Can you tell me," vud the court, addressing Enrico I'fjssi, under ex amination at Union Hill, N J„ as to his qualification* (or i .tiimiKip, "the difference between the powers and prerogatives of the King of England and those of the President of the United States T" "Yeaaor," spoke up Uftsaai. prompt ly. " King, he ft; steady hh"

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