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The Mount Airy news. (Mount Airy, N.C.) 1895-current, July 11, 1918, Page 2, Image 2

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Mount Airy News. jl b. joauaon * son. ri 11 Mi—t Airy. !». C, Jaiy 11th. l»t* Thrre la nothing new to toll about the war. It la a period of preparation far our iMa, and rapidly tha warli at gatting ready la going forward. In tha Maantlma fjermany t» evidently fat tin* raady for anotliar fraat effort aurh aa aha made noma weeka ago, and aorh aa aha haa been making alnca Marrh 21at. No great battle haj haan fought now for aaveral daya and comparative quiet la along all tha linen. Tha auppaettion la that tha Germane will renew tha fight in a big way before murh longer. The country is maiding ships and making praparttiona in • way to astonish the world. Wa nwdad ;hipa, am) wa ara buili'lrg hig ocean /oing steamers In 40 days that, before tha war, required two yaara to build. Wa ara doing things in such a larga and rapid way aa to maka it almost un believable that aurh la poaaibla. In tha meantime Germany ia dreaa frng up h«r officers in American uni forms and sanding them among our arm ian to deceive our soldiers. Of course they uaa only thoaa officers who ran apeak English. Thia trick worked to perfection with the Italians bat it is not working much to the benefit of Germany for the officer gets his passport to another country as soon aa he is caught by the Ameri cana. It appears that Germany ia ao disponed to resort to trickery that she is not believed about anything, and the general disposition to discredit a German and brand him with a lack of honor will be his heritage for a cen tury to come. A peace treaty will not restore it. ENFORCING THE LAW. In this age of the development of the race the court* and the law, with all ita machinery, appear* to be a nec essity. Some judge* no dispose of cases that come before them a* to make their court appear to be worth less to society, while other judges can impress the be3t element of the people that they can be of real benefit to the country in the suppressing of lawless ness In this connection it <■ In place to say that Mr. A. E. Tillcy, Judge of the Recorder's Court in this city, is mak ing an officer who is a credit to the State. His decisions are not icvere, and yet they carry weight that has influence on the community. He con ducts his court in a way to impress one that there is a dignity and im portance connected with it that does not usually surround the ordinary Magistrate's court where a penny and the coust is the rule for the disposi tion of all cases alike, be they trivial or severe. Take the case, for instance, this week where some young men were be fore hte Recorder's Court for violating the State laws as to driving an auto mobile. Now the rule has been in many courts to make it a penny and the cost and a suggestion to be more careful. All of which is known to not be worth a whit to society in the way of remedying thi3 prevalent and growing evil. Judge Tillcy taxed them with the cost of the action and sus pended the license of the young men for a period of thirty days. Now com pare that disposition of »he case with the usual penny and the cost. A penny and the rout makes a young fellow iimile at the expense of (he court, for what does he care for a penny and the cost? It is very well known that Jii> sentence does not bet ter conditions. But to stop a man from driving his machine for a whole U'rm of thirty days, right here in the best time for driving, is very much calculated to make him think of the laws when he again is allowed the use «. ' l>< public highways. /. I since Judge Tilley has shown hi disposition to handle these speed violations as he docs U might not be • bait idea if citisens In the future would have rases of violation made returnable before bis court. goada far year* tr< mw turning t. other Unw at i ia true at other Tha merchant la the jpMn ago want north and bought gooda ea tint*, al mMt ruusiAf th# iitU hiimlf when ha could pay. It waa not uncommon to buy gooda on *ix montha' ttn, and tluin |vt Um lint •xltndtd bill run* due. Now all thia la i ad, and in many inatancaa the eaah muat ba paid at tha lima tha food* ara bought. Thia ia aaparially trua of grocariae. Tha tandaney of tha buai naaa world ii to cut tha Una for pay mint to a raah baaia Thia wilt maan that tha r stall ma reliant will la turn want tha raah whan ha aalla hia gooda to tha ronsuawr, at laaat ha will ax pact prompt paymant that ha may maat hia billa. Aa a pointer to tha changaa that ara coming about tha farmar who bring* hia agga to town now muat aall tham to a man who haa a littla dark apace wmawhara about hia plica whara ha can eandla every agg. Thia maana tliat no mora bad eggi will ba aoid on tha market. No retail merchant haa tha right now to buy and aall agga unleaa ha praparaa to eandla tham, or buy* tham from noma reliable daalar who ha* candled them. One whole Hale houae bare haa already found that aome farmer* hava bean aelling had |*egga in uch qiantitia* aa to ba notice able. Ona man waa able to gat credit for juat four agg* out of two and half dozen. All tha other* ware bad whan the light waa. turned on in tha littla ■lark room. It ia now known that many people even go ao far aa to bring to market all egg* that fail to hatch, and alao bring along tha neat ' egg that ha* done duty for half the | year. All thu; ia now at an end, and | the public will in the future protect itaelf from *uch bad buainaaa method*. Another ruling that i« far reaching i* that of requiring full car shipment*. In the paat • produce dealer could aell half a car of produce to a conaumer in a small town. Now he muat make a I full car shipment. Thia will have I much to do with increasing the effi ' oiency of the railroad* for doing buai n«n, but wilt make it hard on the re tailer who ha* been able to get a half car *hipment when it wu not prac | tical for him to retail large amounta. Those are only pointer* to the fact that the alipt.hod method* of doing bu*inea* are not to be tolerated now that the country ia at War. Efficiency itt the demand now, and the man who ia not efficient i* not going to b« able to meet the demand* of government \ inspector* who are *ent out to see that the laws of the country are obeyed. The country ia full of professional men who fleece the people on every hand, and the day ia not far distant when these so called apecialiat* will not be allowed to enrich themselves at the expense of the people. Good business ia K^ing to' demand that equity lie the rule of action in all line:: of business from the man who brings a basket of eggs to town to the man who can draw his check for thousand*. MR. THOMAS FAWCETT. The people of this section will not allow Mr. Thomas Fawcett to retire from business if he wants to. While he is able to retire and possibly will ing, he is too artive and too valuable a man to be let alone. The people call on him for his good judgment and opinion constantly and, in one way or another, keep him busy. Now he has consented to be a candidate for County Commissioner this fall and so many have urged him to accept the nomi nation that he will allow his name to go !>efore the convention. Mr. S. A. llmnis carried a party of young people from this city to visit Camp Jackson last Friday Those makii<g up the party were Mi.'sea [>ella Johnson, Marjorie Sum ner and Thelma Ilennis and Mr. Henry Johnson. Some of these young people are relatives of Messrs. Joseph and Jan. II. Johnson who are in train ing there. tkm •*» buinad ttaaif out at malarial it 4» »tr od tha drug atora of Dr. Htaoa, tha Baptiat (hutch and tha rmidma of Mr. ■. C. Law«ilyn. The proper* y destroyed «u mm of th. hMt In lh< town at Dofceon. Tfc* raeidanea, atore and hotel of Mr. Norman was practical! y >w* and ral uable property. Mr. Norman had no insurance and tha loaa falls heavily on him. In thia ronnactlon he desires ua to thank the people for their aid In trying to save hie property and for the many expressions of aympathy. aa well aa more nubstantial aid, that ha. Seen given him. He will build hark hia hotel and store at once. The drum from the atore of Dr. Stone were aaved, hot the building, such of It aa eould'hurn, waa an en tire loaa. The Baptlat rhurrh which waa a brick building waa completely de stroyed, not even the bene Ilea or tha organ being aaved. They had I MX).00 inaurance on the building. The raaidence of Mr. R. C. Lewellyn waa the laat to burn of the deatroyad property, and moat of hia house fur niture wsa aaved. He had a splendid new two story dwelling of eight or more rooma and only $2,000.00 incur anca. At one time K appeared aa if tha lire would spread and destroy much other property. Some thoughtful peraon phoned to thia city and wanted the Are truck to come over and aid them in lighting the Are, for they thought the Are trui» could uae the water stored in the big tank in the new rourthouae. Knowing that the water aupply waa ffoubtfnl the ftre company started to Dobaon, thinking that the chemical apparatua might aid wme, of the water could not be had to pump. On the way to Dobaon a citi zen on hia wagon refused to give an inch of the road and continued on in the even tenor of hia way keeping strictly to the middle of the road, to aay the firemen. They blew the horn and rang the bell, and vet he declined 14 five an inch. It ao happened that an open npare waa by the road at that point, ami it appeared to the driver of the truck that he could paaa the wagon, but as bad luck would have it the ground by the aide of the road proved to be soft end the heavy truck sunk down and thus caused the rear wheels to ikid into the ditch. Aa bad luck would further have it the truck stopped exactly against a tele phone poet which had to be chopped down before an effort could be made to get out of the ditch. Once the poet was out of the way the drive chain of the trick -nught against the stump and broke. By the time the chain could be Sxc-i it was too late tc aid in the (Ire, for it had burned it 'elf tut. Some of the firemen say that the citizen gave as his reason for not giv ng any of the road th« excuse that he tii'.iight some m.M were out having a joy ride. It is the opinion that but for this accident the truck and fire company would have reached DoSson in time lo *avo 'he re«ide-,i: of M.\ l_ewe'. lyn. • vc. - There were those here at Mount Airy who thought it unwise to send) the Fire company and truck out of town. Down at Greensboro it ia the custom to call the fire department to come out into the country many milea away to aid in fighting a fire. The truck owned by the town ia supposed to go anywhere an automobile* can go, and get there even quicker than an automobile. The machine ia heavy and of course will mire down in soft dirt. But if it ia given a road way and a clear will get there. Of course the pumping arrangement would be worthless with no supply of water, but the chemicala will aid in many fires. Mr. Walter Mabe and Mias Liixie Pike were united in marriage at the home of Esq. C. W. Vaughn on route 2 recently, E»q. Vaughn performing the marriage ceremony. Both young people live tn that section. mill here. It ktt btm oparatiag in • vary aattafaatary way far mm Mm*. 8itmily the Prim HilitwU uah aa •fort ti bar oat the naw raMpaay, and thia week tha deal *u flurf. Mr. W. C. RulTln, manager of the mill* at Frtaa, V*., and alaa the Mill* at Mayodan, N. C, bought tha prap erty Koro and wtO take it ovar thia weak. Ha baa aaid that tha purpaaa at tha rota pan y buying thta Mill la ta Malta thia plant a vary larga ono in rraaaing tha nuMbar of handa ta aar aral hundred. At praaant It la thair purpoao ta continue ta operate tha knitting Machinaa now m uaa and ta put in a larga Aniahing plant Kara. At thair Milla at Mayodan and othar pointa thay knit man'a and boy'a un darwaar, and afta> tha knitting la dona a oartain amount of aawing ma rhina work la required ta complete tha garment. Now it la tha purpaaa at tha naw managara to ahip from thair othar milla to thia point and have thaaa garmanta completed at thia point. It haa baan laid that tha naw company win give employ ment to aa many aa ftva or «tx hun dred woman hara. Much at tha work now being turned out ia for tha army. No huainean daal in yaara haa Seen made bare that will mean mora ta our town, for a larga number of woman here will be only too glad to have employment that will give them a liv ing wage and Rteady work. T)m Pilot Mountain Baptist Association. The next M«irion of Uie Pilot Moun tain Baptist Association wilt meet in . thip city with the First Baptist Church on Tuesday, July 30th. The association will be in session for only two days and as many as 150 delegates from othdr churches are expected to attend. These dele gates will be entertained in the homes at the people and along with them will come leading men of the denomination who represent the various objects of the church organization. The intro ductory sermon, which is one of the attractive features of the meeting, will be preached at 11 o'clock on the first day by the pastor of the First • Bapti-st Church, of Winston-Salem, the Rev. Dr. J. B. Weatherspoon. Food Notice. No dealer or uicr of sugar can pur chase sugar linn July 1st, except household consumers, without a cer tificate. All retail dealers, hotels, res taurants, hospital* and county homes and other institutions are included m this list. All of these should write without delay to the Sugar Division of the Food Administration at Raleigh, stating the nature of their business and asking for proper blanks upon which to tile their statement. When these statements have been mail; out and returned to Raleigh, the Sugar Division will send certificate for the sugar requirements of each firm or institution. Sugar dealers are requir ed to sell sugar only to their regular customers apd to confine such cus tomer, even their regular customers, to a minimum not to exceed three pounds to each person per month. Any person required to obtain certi ficate that fails to do so by July 15lh will be deprived of the use of .sugar until January, 1919. This notice is given to impress upon the sugar dealers t?ie necessity of having these certificates. This July 9th, 1918. W. F. CARTER, County Food Administrator. Mra. Burns' Letter. Here is a letter that is certain to prove to interest to people In this vicinity as cases of this sort occur in almost every neighborhood, and peo ple should Know what to do in like ['irrumstances: Savannah, Mo., 12, 191 A. "I used a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoea Remedy about nine years ago and it cured me of flux (dysentery) I hail another attack of the fame complaint some three or four years ago ana a few doses ef this rem pdy cured me. I ha it recommended Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoen Remedy to dosens of people since 1 first used if G* LM t>» far *• Vmtn TMs WmtL •f *a Cmm*, *•— It ia near tiaM that the firi.n ba fM to thtak about dM 7>in that an oaaing af Una fall «ad w ulu pupaialim, aat only to attend bnt to ewry MMlktaf to wtttil. Wa ara going to Imh fear Katn ia tha <-aunty thta fall Itoaa • ommunity fain and ana Cawrty Fair. The Ceas munity fain ara to ha bald at Aapkyr. White Plains aaH Dam. Tbaaa I* aim will ba tha week before tba (bounty fair, and I hopa that every farmar la tha county wilt malt a hla plan* to at tand at laaat ona of thaaa Fair*. It will ba worth hia tuna to attond aa it will hava a great educational vaiua to tha farmar in helping bin to talart and cara for hia farm prodiu t* at homa, such aa telecting aaad com, at*, 'and than it will ba of untuld valua to him if ha ax pacta to carry any exhibits to tha County Fair. It will alao ha of groat valua to many >*armara in mark eting thair farm produca aa thay will laarn how to gratia and pack thair fruit* and vegetable* In tha moat markatabla condition. If you expect to exhibit at any of tha Community Fair* writ* to tha Sanatory and lat him know in order to halp him gat *oma ulaa of what to axpact. In thia way ha can make battar arrangemnt* about room for tba exhibita, ate. If you axpact to axbibit at Zaphyr, commumcata with Mr. W. B. William* who ia tha Secretory; if at Whit* Plain* communicate with Mr. I. A. Blua, and with Mr. Frank Dod*on at Daron or Pilot Mountain. Thaaa man will ba glad to tall you anything you wiah to know about tha Fair work, or you can *a« ma aa I pa*a about ovar tha county and I will ba glad to halp and adviac you all I can. If you hava not alraady xubucribad anmathing to tha Anancing of thaaa Fair* tha Secretarial will ba glad to receive any amount no matter how *mall it may he. The State help* to finance these fair* but tha people muit help, therefore every one ahould do hi* or her part. But remember, wa will have a Fair anyway whether you help bear the expenses or not and you ara invited to teka a part juat tha Lets all get something ready and go there to learn something whether wa win any prixe* or not. The money ia a small conside ation in comparison to the other advantage* of the fair. Therefore lata all go to at least one Cotnmuni^ Fair and then all meet at the County Fair. Lets make this tha beat year for Fairs in the history of the county. Let* make a record at the Community Fair* and the grand round-up at the Cotnii.7 Fair. Ewing 8. Millsapa. For Sale. Si* horsepower Peerless portable engine in first class condition. Coat new, $650. No. 4 Geiser threshing machine; fair condition, cost new $450. Price for both, $550. Satisfaction guaran teed. E. M. Mclnturff, Salisbury, N. C. Dm from (Vfki am banks in u>m« city Dm from bank* and banker*, aa aborting bank Outatda < :Wk» and otto Total. LIABILITIES Capital atack paid ia $ 7B,u5G.» Suroluafund S,imo U» Undivided proflta, 1M.UZ1M Circulating nataa, M.noo.QO Dm to banka and hank ere. 1.21H.4* falMd—I dapoaiu ■abject to eWk M.M.B f'aabiara eharki miMudlnf, 1.700.HC Tartifleatoa of depoait. J<2, 14Z.M Poatal saving* dapaaita MH Billa vayabla. 40.000 0» Liabilities other Lhaa abaea, 2,700 *► Liabtlitir* for radiaeounta. 30.000.0fr Total I7M.MM.7S State of North Carolina, Sorry Co., aa: I, T. <; Faweatf, caahier of tba a bora nam ad bank, do eolanutly awaar that tba above •tatemcnt ia true to tha baat of my knowledge and baHaf. T. C. Paw catt. Cart. Subscribed and nroi n to bafora thia July 10 1*111. W. P. Callaway, Notary Public. Gao. D. Fawcett, Tboa. X. L. f. Armflald, Director*. On Saturday, July 20, at 2 P. M. I will offer far sale at public auction t» the highest bidder the following: All my farming tooli including «er aral good aacond hand plowi, ona double section steel harrow, ona tw» horse wagon, Mcond hand buggy and other farming tools. Terms eaah. Sale at my home on White Plains road. W. J. York. HOW THIS NERVOUS WOMAN GOT WELL Told by Herself. Her Sin cerity Should Coo. rince Others. rhritmhtr. 111.—"For fear 7*mn I ■afTrrad from imgularitiM, >nku«l was in • run dowa condition. Two of our boat doctors foiled to do mo any good. I beard k> nodi about what l.jrdia E. Pinkham 'a Vegetable Com pound had dona for other*, I triad it and was enrtd I am no loafer ner vous, am refuiar, • nd in excellent uvula i Deiieve in* I oaipounu win care any femaie trouble. "-t-Hn. AXJCB Hkllh. Christopher, IlL Ni miusiis— is often a symptom of wr&knese or soms^fnnctfcoal derange ment, which may ke overcome by this famous root IM herb remedy, LjlS* E. Pinkhs a's Vegeybfc Compound, aa thousands of womeb have found by experieaee. If complications 'ito, write Lydia E. Ptnkham liedidneCo-.^Lynn, Maaa.. for suggestions in regard to your ailment. The result of its long experience ia at your service. "There'i a Little Lump of Sugar Down in Dixie" $1.00 Player Piano WORD ROLL QrRS m5 IT you own m player piano, «end u« your I and those ot two other player-owner* and \fic j la atampa and rtcelT* thia sample roll by p»V / eel-post FREE. , \ j Thli la to Introduce the <WL3 WORD ROLLS. { Otter la limited to 100 Rolla. so get In quick. Large stock of NEW QRS WORDS Roll*-aak (Or catalog—get on oar mailing llaL Winston Salem. N. O.

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