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The Mount Airy news. (Mount Airy, N.C.) 1895-current, September 25, 1924, Image 8

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if ■«* Ator with R'< kforri TW Um follow,ng territory ahal! ha and eoaatitnte Ward No. I to wit: lighiilM at the in tor** ct ion of Mate an4 Waahlln gtreoto in tha Town of Mt. Airy, and rmta( wttk Franklin ataaat to Santh (treat; lliiri wttk Sooth gUaat to Ptea atioat; Item with Pino atraat to the a* LoeUl'a Croak, the a# Tha Town «f road*to tha K^hCMPHHH Airy and Stewart'* lina to tha Virginia with tha Hm ' ,£17 to tha Fancy limits of tha Airy; thaaee with ... to Main (treat; thence with Main atraat to tha beginning. That all call* for road* and atraete aha!! ha held and construed to moan tha naiddla of aoch road* or streets. 2nd. That thara ahail ha a naw Kegiatration in Ward* No. 1 and No. I, a* above described and dafinad sock registration to be h*M in with law, and far the next b f 23. a™", Tnw" " tfTk ah«w room, on Main gtiaal. To Menat Airy, that the polline "m procinct in Ward at Old Central wart era* Co-operative me) on Franklin in The Town of Moont Airy, M. C. th. That W. J. Herring be and la hereby appointed Regiatrar tor rd Mo. 1. and that E. L. Pnttoraon wry Wolfe ha and they are appointed Judgea of Election hi Ward No. 1. That C. P. Melton ha and ha ia h.-rabjr appointed Retriatrmr for Ward Na. I; and that E. 7. M(-Kinney and D C. Bowman be and ther are here by appointed Judge* of Election in Wart No. B. lie it further ordered that Wart* Noa. t, S and 4 be and remain aa at preaent and aa heretofore bounded and defined By order of the Board, thia Sept. «th.. 1M4. 1 A. Freeman. Jno. D. Thompaon, T. W. Deri. A CARD OF TMANK8 Editor Nawa: We aaV apace in your column* to retarn our aincere thank* to the many friend* and neighbor* who ware ao kind and sympathetic dur ing the ilinen* and death of our hue hand and father. Reapectfuily, Mra. J. D. Lowry and children. AFTER EASY WAS BORN W«*k and PainfuL Mrs. Miller Benefited by Taking Lydia L Pinlth>m'> BiiIM Tim **i «i* Tiittr* to let «n know how X have been ben.-flu-o b» SS-AfiTr my ■ 7v«»«t»bU - M 1 iMd _ dl about whwe It ^helped I tell all my 1 j>d of famak troublea __ E. Pinkham'a Va*aul>le • trial Y«w may aaa thia iip!§1s«l L. nominate J wig* irf Km Iworiir't cowt to ap» pott* M|« H. H. LaweQyn, Dm praa Prowotio* day will ha oharrvMl In 1 the Sunday arhooi of Central Matho dtat church aaat lwl»> morning at the 8 an day kM hoar and a ha liw at the 11 iWiit hoar. Enrjr •ee what tfca Baa day .Mhaei ia doiatg. Barrier wiM ha hald aa aaoal at night. fltawaiila will meet at 7 p. m. rvary Taeaday from now aatil cafarata. at 7 p. m. aa tho lint float at tha church WaAaaday arming. No taach- J Tha Mlaataai Study ciaaa will maat Tliuiaday afternoon with in. John L. Aahhy Wilmington. 8opt. IS.—Ml*. Kathe rine M. Cowsn wm today elm— by the commissioners to to mayor af Wilmington. miwJInt Hot Inibaad, J. H. Cowan, who died recently. Mia. Cowan will bo the first woman mayor in the Mate of North Carolina. The new woman mayor arfll take the oath of office on Monday M arlll ■or** the unexpired term mt her bae hartd, which run* until Jane, IMS. The salary is HJOO par year. 9tsp That Ache Doat worry and complete aboat a bad hack.* Gat rid of that pate and lameness! Uss Doan's Kidney POh. Many Mount Airy psspls havs uasd them and know how effective they are. Ask year neighbor! Hero's a Mount Airy ease. Mrs. P. C. Brannock. 171 Orchard St.. says: "I was down with my hack and had a catch in the sbmR of It all the time My kidneys acted tee freely and ay head had a constant ache. I was terribly us nous at times and would be so dissy that ■pecks weald ^ance before me. I heard a lot a boot Doan's Kidney Pills, nnd rot a boa. One box of Doan's cored me." (Statement riven July IS, 1918.) On April 23, 1923, Mrs. Brannock added: "I havent had any serioos trouble since Doan's cured ma, bat T use them occasionally Just to keep my kidneys in rood order. I am glad to confirm my former statement." 80c.. at all dealer* Poster-If ilburn Co.. Mfrs Buffalo. N. T. NOTICE 11 North Carolina, Surry County. Mount 1 •\iry Township. In Recorders' Court. 1 John H. Midkiff vs. Hurley Holcomb. The defendant above named will 1 take notice that an action entitled as 1 above has been commenced in the ; Recorder's Court,of Mount Airy town ship, Surry County, North Carolina, to recover 1440 00 on implied contract 1 plaintiff allerinjr that he has paid ' 1(> the use of defendant the amount above stated, and has not been re naid; and the said defendant will far- 1 ther take aotive that he is reauircri ♦o appear at a court to he held st the courthouse in said township and county on the 24th day of October, ' 1924; and answer or demur to the \ complaint in said action, or the plaintiff aril] apply to the court for the relief demanded in said complaint. This tM Sept. 1924. H. H. Lewellyn, Judge of Recorder's Court. Plant NOW! Special mixture of purple, yellow, and white German Iris, $1.80 per doaoa, Doable white, pink and fad peonies, 98.06 per dosen. We eaa furnish toera than 400 varieties of Iris and Peonies. Largest yellow and largest pare white Jonqails ia existence. Mammoth bulba, 91.60 per -i,, ... i _,n, (Iomti. dctier hock up on jonquils this fall as the govern in sat allows no more of these Dutch bulbs to eater our ports after this year. Delphia inn. Sweet William. Shasta Daisies. Coreopala, Gallardm. Physostegia and other perennials. 91.89 par dossn. Be sore to plant your perennials this fall instead ef next spring. If there is a rare Hulh or plant you want, let as gat it for roe. We are agents for one of the largeet firms In Holland and for the largeet grow ers of Domestic halhe la Asset tea B«x *97, Ardmore. Hteas FW Norfleet-Baggi, Inc, WiKtM-$*«, K C T3F" ' Dodge Brothers Dealers mi TW Mount Airy Branch ON MOORE STREET Tracks cm be ftmmd of the at all R. L MACKIE, Manager I •*«*»* >ld son of Mr and Mrs. A. W. Mc iury vu urban IW am illowed to fall heavily to the n the McLean mUmm by • vUtorj ■everal day* ago. ipparently in play, by Major Harris, an employee of the ogical aurvey, who wma calling at :he Mf I <aaa hoaae. Ine cplicably Har- t 'la allowed the child to fall heavily i ■a the floor, striking his forhsad. Ha rat unconscious for several ind in a some what (or h longer period. NOTICE I have a a mall farm I will sell at i bargain to the right party, located >n the main road a short distance rom The Hollo*, Va. poatoffice, and I miles from Mount Airy, N. 'C. Vbout 20 acrea, half cleared balance n woods. IV soil is very product ive. One seven room dwelling, paint d and in a No. 1 condition. Feed tarn, spring house, * poultry house rirsd in, and plenty of fruit of sev eral kinds This is a very desirable >laee for one wishing to farm in a mall way, it is near the Blue Ridge Icadetny and near a Methodist harch. I have one good work mare which s also a good saddle horse. My raaaon for selling is that I am luitting the farm. For full particu ars apply to Ernest Culler, flu Hoi ow. Va., R t ho* 1. ltp | :1pr; Tablets fur .. Jtia, riM# pains that he heart, MHouanaaa and ion; Chamber la la's Satva, rvary family for barns. soaMB,Tl ■rounds, piles, and skin affections; hese valued family medicines to ea-, y i cento. Dont miss H. none* , Take notice that the budget to the rown of Mount Airy hashes* filed n the office of the Clerk of the R.>«rH >f Commissi ones* of the Town oi Meant Airy and is open for public in ■psction. TKst the Board of Cota nissioners will bold a public hearing m same at the Town Hall at seven :hirty o'clock October 7th at which dM any person interested may be uraaaat and heard This the I gfl r.CKMj . A; ' if If you are planning to buy a lighting plant— BE SURE you investigate the J. B. Colt system of Carbide gas lighting, cooking and ironing before you decide. Lower in original cost than other plants of equal value, 55% cheaper to operate than an electric-light plant (accord ing to published statements of the Wisconsin Agricultural College), and furniahee the light that science sqya is nearer to sunlight than any other artificial ilhuninant. The highest insurance authorities agree that Carbide-gas is safer than the illuminant it replaces. No complicated mechanism to get out of order—no parts to replace-*no fuel or lubrication. The J. B. Colt system requires only recharging (average two or three times a year) with Union Carbide, and removal of residue which then gives service as whitewash, sofl corrective or germicide. And remember—besides lighting, this system furnishes gas for cooking, ironing and water-heating. The J. E Colt "pit-type" plant is installed in a convenient place in the yard, out of the way and away from the buildings. Very liberal terms of payment allowed. Have a Colt man tell you the whole story. JU B. COLT COMPANY fmdii m ntmmt hrmmck) OUm and Largest manufacturer* of Carbide bghtlac cooking plants is iht ootid ■ Tmr%, HT. ■ M» MN.T.UkMi C6ettenee«i. Tm M rmiiin. cat »»- It Braamaa tM.

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