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The Pinehurst outlook. (Pinehurst, N.C.) 1897-19??, April 13, 1918, Image 1

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TMEHNEHWBT! VOL. XXI, NO. 10 SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 13, 1018 FIVE CENTS ROBESON'S SPOON Saves the Day and Wins North and South Championship Annnul Coif Tournament in Xin DlvUlona Flayed SSI rr ALL HUNG on that spoon shot. In all the history of Pinehurst golf, it is doubtful if ever there was so much discussion of a fairway shot. Fancy approaches, and twenty foot putts have fisrured large in almost every final championship match. Irving S. Robeson was up against it. One up at the end of the first eighteen holes of the final round of the United Xorth and South championship, he had gone out against R. A. Stranahan of Inverness a two to one favorite. But as the brilliant itinerant gallery slowly swept towards the finish, the hearts of the Tin Whistles were heavy, and those two to one fellows were strangely silent and introspective. For Stranahan had evened the match at the turn, and with a succession of two hundred and fifty yard drives, followed up with a streak of genuine championship play had edged two holes into the lead by the time they reached the 13th. This hole wa3 halve 1 in par. Some nervy work by Eobeson on the fourteenth saved one hole, the fif teenth was tied again, and then at this critical juncture the breathless multi tude saw Bobeson drive dead into the bottomless sands of the great pit just over the pond. One down, one more as good as lost and only two to go this was the prospect when he shoveled out on the edge. . He lay 200 yards from the green. And it was the green or bust. He selected his spoon for this most vital of all shots. "He won't get there,' ' said the amateurs. "He will go over," said the professionals, when he leaned on it with all his might." They still debate whether he hit it as he intended, or whether it should have been short or over. The fact is that the ball came to rest ten feet from the cup as if it had been trained for the part. The score was not so wonderful at that. He went down in five. Stranahan 's third went over, he recovered himself badly and lost the hole, leaving the score even as they approached the 17th. Here was the perfect dramatic finish for the championship, not equalled since Phil Carter saved his bacon two years ago with a twenty foot putt on the same green. The chances had suddenly svning violently in Robeson's favor. For Stranahan ?s strength lay in the long game. He had consistently had a shade the better of it getting to all the greens, and had made the most of it. On the other hand, he had only won one short hole in the entire match. And the crux of the battle was right there at this short and ugly 17th. Eobeson 's drive landed him safe from the innumerable pitfalls by the edge of the green a safe for a three as if it Lai already been chalked up. Stranahans mahie Trent wide, and left him straggling in vain for a half from a vicious trap. So, in the most dramatic style, with the whole world looking on. and the home grounds covered with tie expectant throng, they drove from the last tee of the thirty-six, with Bobeson ore up. The erratics of this last hole left everyone quite limp. Both -irixe? were a bit off. Robeson's spoon carried Lira nearly hole high on the swosi but into the dangerous folds of a trap. -nLich has been the grave of more than one near-champion. Stranahan was short, but had a clear shot for the green. It was his last chance. If he could lay his third dead, or near enough to sink a desperate putt such as Paul won with in the April tournament two years ago, he had a chance. But sad to tell, he was over anxious and looked up. His fourth was perfect, a long straight run-up to within a few inches of the cup. If! There never was a game with so many if. Robeson recovered on his third, and rambled up within a couple of feet on his fourth, at whien the Inverness champion very gallantly conceded the half, and so the match. WHAT BECAME OF SCHOFIELD Well, but what became of Schofield, that romped Lome unchallenged with the medal, and Fownea of the 74, and Doc tor Gardner; what became of Gates, champion of Carolina tournament, and Mark well, the terror of Lake Shore? I will tell yox For two rounds Schofield held Out in hi old style, running away with Howard Phillips 5 and 6, laying out R. O. Tnnstall of Norfolk 5 and 4. But on the third round there eame a big wind, and it spoiled his style, while Robeson proceeded on his inevitable and placid way. Stranahan, unheralded and unsung, developed a speed early in the same that accounted for Ir. Gardner no 3e-s than four op and three to go. He was carne-i by Yat-es to the six teenth, Larirg dirj.-osed of Donali Par son without mercy on the twelfth green Tie consolation narrorred into a bat tle between Dr. Gardner and Ho-warl Philips, in which Philips inevitable 7s outbalanced Lis equally inevitable 2?, leaving the Doctor vici-or 2 cp. THE BATTLE CF THZ ICTUS. The Tin Willies Lad their inning -srien their champion took off the raia i-TOph". The re?t of the lical brigade THE SPRING MEET Little Hera Champion of Pinehnrst Track the TimWy O Avtmy With Wmrtmm IIdfild Sprlar m rprU and lYIil aad CrjtmUtm 'fadlcafd AND NOW CAME the how down on the Track. Heralded as the Spring Steeple Chase, and aug mented by a pure of $2-0 put up for the champion of the Flat mile, the rtable-3 that hare been contributing to the gaiety of the Sandhills this Win ter groomed their horses for the main event, aud all wefct in to establish a final classification. When it corner right down to business and the. big money, the -steeple chase ha narrowed to Herd's Little Horn and Xibbs fax&ous Melos. So the trade was cleared, the full course was layed out, and all rupercexneraries remored, to set tle just where these two were to stand for the Season. TLe old rival jockeji took their places Why-mark respleadant in the Blue and White, and Call riling for Herd. TLe Pinehurst stables en tered Firebrand as & pace maker, but he could hardly taHlj even as that in this rae of giants. TLe story is qukkly told. JXelo sprang to the leal in hi test form, and twice circle 1 the field, leading at eTerr jurtp. HI supporters are quite justii in the delight expressed at Lis per formance, his ityle and his speed, as kng a. it lasted- TLe difference in the ConUxif.d on cg .4. - -3 -IS i

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