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North Carolina Newspapers

The Pinehurst outlook. (Pinehurst, N.C.) 1897-19??, December 15, 1921, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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DECEMBER 15, 1921 PAGE 5 Hotel Arrivals AT THE CAROLINA George W. Baker, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. David L. Luke, New York. Miss Mary A. Luke, New York. Charles W. Luke, New York. Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Chadbourne, N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Coster, New York IT. J. Moores, Raleigh, N. C. Mr. and Mrs. Newton Olcott, New York. Ed. M. Updegraff, Hagerstown, Md. E. W. James, New York. J. Edward Ogden, New York. Dr. A. R. Ledoux, New York. Mr. and Mrs. Horace P. Wood, Boston, Mass. Miss Elizabeth Wood, Boston, Mass. Russell Geer, Norfolk, Va. A. B. Goldsmith, Northfield, Mass. W. W. Windle, Millbury, Mass. Mrs. G. H. Doran, New York. J. E. S. Thorpe, Badin, N. C. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Stevens, Auburn, Me. H. C. Munger, Plainfield, N. J. Eniil Stehle, New York. Paul E. Bonner, New York. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Headley, Germantown, Pa. Thos. B. Headley, GermantoAvn, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Elms, East Orange, N. J. Morehead Jones, Charlotte, N. C. K. S. Tanner, Charlotte, N. C. R, H. Johnston, Charlotte, N. C. . George Low, New York. C. K. Eagle, New York. W. A. Bonnell, New York. M. A. Sherritt, Philadelphia, Pa. Thomas W. Lamont, New York. Arthur H. Loekett, New York. Wm. Cruger Cushman, Montclair, N. J. Charles A. Rice, Plainfield, N. J. C. A. Campbell, Plainside, N. J. L. H. Gates, Plainside, N. J. W. H. Rogers, Plainside, N. J. W. M. Ailing, Plainside, N. J. G. Boman, Plainside, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hawley, N. Y. Samuel M. Langston, Camden, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. Evander Lewis, Memphis, Tenn. Mrs. Otto G. Smith, New York. Miss Russell, New York. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. O. Wood, Chambers burg, Pa. G. II. Wood, Chambersburg, Pa. Miss A..L. Lovcland, Detroit, Mich. E. G. Hays, Pittsburg, Pa. N. B. Richardson, Pittsburg, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Liffite, Wilmington, N. C. Miss M. D. Liffite, Wilmington, N. C. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Thomas, Charlotte, N. C. Mr. and Mrs. A. Sperling, New York. J. R. Monroe, Maplewood, N. J. II. H. Thomas, Summit, N. J. J. D. Gedney, East Orange, N. J. E. F. Britten Jr., MapleAvood, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Herring, Southern Pines, N. C. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Kahler, Southern Pines, N. C. Mrs. Frank Galey, Southern Pines, N. C. Ernest II. Bellamy, Wilmington, N. C. Peter J. Eichele, Red Bank, N. J. Mr and Mrs. R. L. Payne, Norfolk,Va. S. H. Paul Chapin, New York. C. R. Bard, Summit, N. J. Mrs. Adnah Neyhart, Framingham, Mass. Mrs. William S. Barr, Baltimore, Md. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Howard, Pasadena, California. Verna Kluckhohn, St. Paul, Minn. Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Gibbon, Charlotte, N. C. Mrs. J. M. Oldham, Charlotte, N. C. J. E. MeGee, Automobile Green Book. Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Mayo, Rochester, Minn. Dr. and Mrs. Stuart McGuire, Eich- mond, Va. J. II. Cornell, Charlotte, N. C. Dr. and Mrs. H. A. Royster, Raleigh, N. C. Hubert A. Royster Jr., Raleigh, N. C. Dr. and Mrs. Bacon Saunders, Fort Worth, Texas. Miss Jane E. Saunders, Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Peck, N. Y. Dr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Downes, N. Y. Dr. and Mrs. L. Hummer, Baltimore, Md. Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Watts, University, Va. C. Harry Bowles, Winchester, Mass. Carl E. Sutphen, Newark, N. J. Kenneth Sutphen, Newark, N. J. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Balf e, Brooklyn N. Y. Dr. and Mrs. Edward H. Ochsner, Chicago, Ills. Curtis F. Burnam, Baltimore, Md. Mrs. John C. Munro, Milton, Mass. I. S. Stone, Washington, D. C. Mr. and Mrs. Alexius McGlannan, Balti more, Md. Robert C. Bryan, Richmond, Va. Dr. and Mrs. J. M. T. Finney, Baltimore, Md. Dr. and Mrs. Randolph Winslow, Balti more, Md. Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Winslow, Balti more, Md. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Ricks, Danbury, Conn. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph. Morrison, N. Y. P. F. .Beyranther, St. Louis, Mo. . J. M. Mason, Birmingham, Ala. Lloyd Noland, Birmingham, Ala. Henry H. Shank, Pasadena, Calif. W. D. Haggard, Nashville, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Caldwell, Nash ville, Tenn. Dr. and Mrs. E. S. Judd, Rochester, Minn. Dr. and Mrs. R. II. Jackson, Madison, Wis. II. E. Fries, Winston Salem, N. C. J. L. Ebaugh, Winston Salem, N. C. GOLF CLOTHES LIKE GOLF CLUBS HAVE GOT TO "FEEL RIGHT" WHEN you buy a golf club you are literally fitted to it. You try its weight, its balance, its "give," and its "feel." A golf suit should be put to the same test. Its weight, its balance, its "give" in the blades, its "feel" on the body, all are important. That is why we devote so much time to the modeling and making of our golf clothes. We don't stop at the mere superficial features, such as pockets, pleats, and belts, but dig right into the prob lem of producing a golf garment which by its fit and "feel" shall give you that sense of capability and confi dence which you have when you use your favorite club. Hand-tailored at the price of the other kind $5500 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK Men's Shops Separate Entrances on West 38th and 37th Sts.

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