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The Pinehurst outlook. (Pinehurst, N.C.) 1897-19??, February 23, 1923, Page 9, Image 9

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for February 23, 1923 "" " Ml ,,,IIM" ' ' "'H" limHHI.llll.HH HUH. ,, , , iiiitiiijiiiiiiiiittiitiatiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(iiiiiiiiiiitiiJMiiiiiiiiitiiiiiitiiiiiiiiif(iititiiiitiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiiiiittiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiitiiiiiiiitiiitii Winners AtlThe Traps H. J. E. Thomas, of Sharpsburg, Md., won the prize for the best net score in the weekly hundred-target trapshooting tournament this week on the shoot off of a tie, with John Stewart, of Cold Spring Harbor, L. I. Both these shooters registered perfect net scores in the tournament proper and Thomas won the shoot-off, breaking 22 out of 25 as against 19 for Stewart. B. H. Scott and Margin Line, both of New York, led in actual breaks with 92 and 91 respectively. The leading scores were: H. J. E. Thomas, Sharpsburg, Md 89-11-100 John Stewart, Cold Spring Harbor, L. 1 79-21-100 John Ebberts, Buffalo .85-12-97 B. H. Scott, New York 92- 4- 96 Curtis Wiggs, Delaware Water Gap, Pa 69-23- 92 Margin Line, New York 91- 0- 91 Miss Iretta P. Bush, of Wynecote, Pa., led the field at the rifle shooting contest and won the prize with a high target of 140 out of a possible . 150. Mrs. J. H. Stewart, of Cold Spring Harbor, finished second, at 128, and Mrs. J. L. Keogh, of Buffalo, and Mrs. Hudson Budd, of New York, tied, at 115, for third place. Others taking part in the shoot were Mrs. W. M. Zett, of Richmond Hill, who registered 112 breaks, and Mrs. C. H. Brackebush, of Chicago, 105. .0 O0"i Lv IV - ... IXi North Carolina's Language ( Continued from page 5) the interest and loyalty of every one is American. North Carolina people are North Carolinians, not Poles, Irish, Scandanavians, Italians, Germans, or hyphenated anything. One of these days when industry has reached the magnitude toward which it is swiftly heading it is likely that the mill and factory population of North Carolina will be the most desirable mill and factory population in the world, for it will be of the soil, a part of the community, a home-owing and integral factor of the state and township, with American ambitions, and no hereditary interests in any other country on earth. Where the North Carolina hand works for the North Carolina employer, where both talk the same language, where each knows the other, and where both are citizens, born citizens, mind you, which is actual citizens, of the community, where both are living where they and theirs before them have been of the community, it will be different than where a string of fifty or a hundred foreigners are hired by the bunch and des ignated by numbers and herded in slume to stay until they have gathered enough money to go back to the old world of Europe. Think of that when you go out the road again for a drive, or when you ramble along the village ways, or when you are on the North Carolina trains. You are in an atmosphere of a little more than 99 per cent. United States, with the sentiment and the ambition and the habits and customs United States, and that is one of the reasons why the big industries of New England are turning toward North Carolina. The desire to get closer to the true type of Ameri can patriotism, philosophy, progress and civilization is starting an exodus of New England capital to the North Carolina region, where American influences are still free from the many objection able theories and practices that have come into much of the North with the unassimilable bulk of foreign immigration, and which is becoming a problem for the New England and the Middle states which they do not know how they are going to solve. ESTABLISHED 1818 MADISON AVENUE COR. FORTY-FOURTH STREET NEW YORK Telephone Murray Hill 8800 Clothing for the Tennis Player and the Golfer Flannel Trousers, Knickers, Special Shirts, Hosiery Shoes, Hats, Caps Shetland Sweaters, Personal Luggage Men's and Boys' Garments for Every requirement of Dress or Sporting Wear Ready made or to Measure Send for "The Replenishment of the Wardrobe" BOSTON TREMONT COR. BOYLSTON NEWPORT 220 bellevue avenue BELLEVUE STRATFORD Philadelphia. Pa. A GREAT hotel conducted with one pur pose; to serve surpassingly well. The Bellevue-Stratford is pleased when you arrive and shows it by making every hour of your stay pleasant. Attention to your preferences; prompt fulfillment of requests; satisfying comfort and good service in your private apartments. Life and entertainment, when you seek it, in the public rooms. Food that is always ex cellent and everywhere luxuries that only a hotel such as The Bellevue can furnish. A visit to Philadelphia suggests only one hotel. Broad and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. L. M. Boomer, President James P. A. O'Conor, Managing Director The Waldorf-Astoria in New York and The New Willard in Washington, D. C, are tinder the same management. i MlMJ'L XX Fir n ?JS2il tnnfl nrnwiSSA . i t. I "I

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