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The Roxboro courier. (Roxboro, N.C.) 1910-1943, April 09, 1924, Image 1

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M J. W. NOELL, EDITOR AN VOL. No. IXL AMERICAN LEGION PRESENTS"SPRINGTIME" HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM APRIL 11 AND ljth. This Pray Will Be the Most Beautiful Ever Stated In Roxboro. J "Springtime" deals with the biight Slit Pnminw nf a geinn of 1868 aris. tocracy, and the daughter of the founder of "Brewsters . Pills." It is a musical extravaganza, and no one | will want to miss it. Below we give the cast of characters. Cast of Characters ACT I SCENE 1 Elvira Eastman, a social butterfly, (granddaughter of Elvira Judd) Xf? C I iuia> ww vjuuuiiiau K Desiree - -- ...Hilda Mitchell Joyce. .... Thelma Clayton Sue - Margaret.Carlton Mrs. Elkins ..Mrs. -T. B. Woody Scene 2?The same garden in May 1868. James Brewster, Founder of the Famous ,'Brohrater's Pills" - H Clyde Crowell r Thankful Standish, his sister ? Edna Qradsher Priseilla Brewster, his Daughter Helen-WJtite Primrose Standish, Daughter- '"of Thtbrf|ful .^Freddie Alien Tom'Higgins, of Boston Wallace White. Jack Wainwright, a Young Ijuientdr .... ?.Bob Sptherlin Bobby Brewster, a Lion with-ihe Ladies.? Wallacaf Woods Elvira Judd, a Young Widow. 1?? Mrs. Moe Goodman Abigail Tompkins, a Susceptible Maiden. ? Sallie Day ACT II Little Prtscilla, Daughter of Priscilla Brewster.?Jda Winstead _^V?ra Riggs, Daughter of.Elvira.? - Elisabeth Pulliam Daisy, Who Stutters ElnorA Raiff \f??tpp .Tnpif fifin r?f "WImtH" .Tap1( Bedford Love J'Wizard" Jack Wairiwright, the iFamous Inventor Bobby Sutherlin Mrs. Jack Wainwright, formerly Primrose Standish..-Freddie Allen Mrs. Elvira Riggs, formerly Elvira Judd Mrs. Moe Goodman Abigail Tompkins, Older but still Susceptible -1: Sallie-Day Bobby Brewster, the same Bobby [ ...?I-. - Wallace -Woods Zenobia?His Wife-.-Mrs. Carl Bradeher Priscilla Miggins?Widow of Tom Higgi'ns ---IMiss HelenWhite ACT. Ill Priscilla Dean, Granddaughter of Priscilla Brewster? ?Helen White. - Dr. Jack Waipwright, grandson pf "Wizard"' Jack Wainwright. Bobby Sutherlin. Bobby BTewster, Still the Shme Bobby - -Wallace Wood,s Phil, Engaged to Sue, Wallace WTittb , George, Engaged to Joyce j." .t - Osby Gentry | Parsons, Bobby's Man?W. R Gates j LIST OF MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I 1. "I Could Be Happy With One Little Boy"--Elvira and Society Group; 2.' "Captain Jinks" James and. Servants 3. "Our Wedding Day" Priscilla.! ' Primrose and Bridesmaids. 4. "Four Little Boys and Four Little. Girls"--Tom, Maids of Honor; and Best Men. 5. "Till All Our preams Come True" m Priscilla and Jack 6. "Pinale"?""Wedding Bells'.. ; ?emble. ?? -yr - _ AIT II. 1. "Springtime" .-Springtime Kiddies | * 2. "TiltaAll Our-Dreams Come True'ii _ Jack and Prlsoilla 8. "Stephanie Gsvottec".. EH vira and 1888 May Day Guests 4. (?) "Garden of Memorial" Prlacilla. ,b) Garden of Memories and Jeonette _ Spirits of Memory 6. Finale..(a) "fairy Tales" & ?7" (b) "Stephanie Gavott*" (e) "Garden of Memoriae" ifirm ? " 1. "Saw Ain't yon" Shamed--Futuiaat GranpS- - t.v"Springtlme"?.Prtcilla and lack n "Railhow Trail",-Elvira and Bobby 4. "Taxi" Mardi Gras . -B. Flnafe^-"Ralnbow- TftRT^TOOTE ~~~ v . ' *- Subscribe to. The Courter. i\'i' " " " . K % D PUBLISHER ROXBC JUST ANOTHER "WORD. A saintly old darkey was on hi' church when he was overtaken by a severe electric storm, the farther he went the harder the wind blew, the louder the lightning splashed the darker the day .became, until finally he began praying, and he prayed the following famous prayer: "O Lord, if it all amounts to all the same with you I do wish you would send us more light and less noise on the subject." ^ And. now dear readers, for fen that you will accuse me. of putting you in the predicament in which the old darkey was placed, I had bettei make my remarks brief and to the point. HenCe I hasten to it. A few weeks ago there appeared in another column of this, paper an article written by me in which 1 sought to mention some of all of oui candidates from the President dowr to our oym county representatives. But this_time I'm confining my remarks about the two gentlemen whe are seeking the two most responsible offices of any of our home candidates. One is an office of much responsibility by reason of the large number of- people which it repre sents. The other one is an office of much responsibility by reason of the duties that fall upon the one whc fills said office. In' mentioning Mr. 3. W. Noell foi senator 1 sought to mention the fact that he was a man who had the confidence of the people. This one thin^ alone dear readers, is enough to nominate and elect Mr**i. W. Noell as oui next state senator. But that is net all of it, we owe it to our sister county on the east to bring forth the best man possible as well as to ourselves. Granville County furnishes good men when it comes Tier turn to furnish a man. Now can't Person County furnish just as good men? I contend that she can, and in Mr. J, W. Noell we have a representative man, yea a man of whom we all should feel justly proud. He has declared till intention to serve his fellourman. II any man in the county had the interest and wefare of the people at heart it is Mr. J. W. Noell. And for sheriff my old friend Mr. J. L. Cothran is a man about which too much cannot be said for him. In my recent' article I mentioned his having broken up the Blind Tiger in his home community. This is true, the Blind Tiger business is almost unknown in this part pf the qpunty. If all of our constables were as stricjt as Mr. Cothran in seeing to it that our laws were carried out the Blind Tiger would dry up with thirst, and we should have prohibition in the truest s.ense. Bravery and courage are two of the important ear marks of a good officer. ? "Bravery is needed when they face the foe, Men of such ranking no cowardice should show." Of this quality Mr. Cothran has the good fortune to be possessed with not a little of it. He is'brave when he faces danger and forgets self thinking onlv of the faithful discharge of duty. To be an officer true to the post of duty he must be courageous. "Courage wjlt then uplift us, Courage that Is -.divine, And our gladened faces with love will shine." Fired with a" determination to do ones duty backed up with the bravery, required for the performance of said duty will go a long ways towards perform^g', iL Of thia latter quality M. Cothran happens to the" good fortune tP' he b-imfilL. of it. Vet in my own c'Sfidii^flpinion a man might still be the possessor "of the above named qualities, and . stiil be an abiect failure because what will his bravery and aourage amount to if he is not Godfearing. A fnan may be the possessor of every quality known to the human tongue, and with God left out of his life be. s miserable failure. ^ I happen to know that both of the gentlemen mentioned above, are men of the truest type of christian character, both of whom being, leaders among their respeetiva denomination. To my mind this speaks louaer than words of recommendation -that could be offered toJV<piuer 01 tndm. Dut-tbhr article" wonld be twcompteta wcie I to fafrto?iiemlnd~our sis far voters of their sacred' obligation as well as duty and privilege of vot ing. Don't you know sister Voteri /""S, ' ' ' it \oxbo HOME FIRST. )RO, NORTH CAROLIf REVIVAL SERVICES i BAPTIST CHURCH BEGINNING WEDNESDAY NIGHT ? APRIL 16 th .Rev. Samuel Judson Porter. D. D., of I ' Durham Will Do the Preaching 1 j Special revival services will be held Jin the Baptist Church beginning , Wednesday night Apiii lOlli at 7.80 o'clock and continuing Jen days or two weeks^Jhe pastor vkil 1 be assisted by Rfev. Samuel. Judson Porter, D. D., pastor of the First Baptist churyh I of Durham who is one of the ablest !, ministers in the south. Dr. Porter | was for some years pastor of the ! First Baptist church of Oklahoma,City, Oka. but is a native of this 1 state an<f was for some years in the pastorate. It is hoped that hq will preach on 'l Thursday and Frilay nights of next'.week at 7:30 o'cock and the following week he will preach at'3:30 and 7:30 every day. I j An urgent invitation is extended" II to the members of all the church .choir^of town to help in the ainging 1 and it is planned to have a large ' chorus choir, which will make the singing a special feature of the meeting. A splendid new song book has been purchased for the meeting, i Dr. Porter's first two sermons will ' probably be on the following topics: '."Lilies and Harpstrings" and "Love Excelling." This latter sermon has : been translated into Chinese andj widely circulated throughout China. '.The sermon on "Lilies and Harpstrings" is a literary gem of high or1 der. The church is very fortunate it) 1 securing the services of Dr. Porter anl a rich spiritual feast is in store for our people. X" cordial invitation ' is extended to all our people to ktj ! tend these seaeieee,- v, - -- -- tjL T 8- E."White, pastor. :f TOBACCO .AND TRUCK LAND: $20 to $50 an acre buys the best grade ; of Bright Tobacco and Trucking I Land: Why Pay More Five ImporItant Markets are VIDALIA. HAZLEHURST. DOUGLAS, NASHVILLE, , VALDOSTA, located in South Georgia, the Coming Bright Tobacco Seci tibn of the United States: Georgia's: Bright Tobacco "Jops the Market in 1, Price and is Sold Before Markets of 1 other fftates are Opened. Ten Year ierms u L>esirea. Join tne Excursion) to South Georgia and North Florida I next June. Cheap Round-Trip Rates. Plenty of time to see Country. Free Auto Trips to Inspect Lands and Crops. For full Information; write B. B. SAUNDERS, Asst. Ind. Agt., ABERDEEN, N. C. or W. E. "FRENCH, Gen. Ind. Agt., Georgia & Florida Rv., VALDOSTA, GEORGIA. SHOES, SHOES. Just received another lot of new novelties in ladies shoes?prices are low. . i ! Dixon & Featherston, Corner Main and Depot Street. 'for sale. . ' I have just received new stock of Deering .a#id McCormick mowers, i rakes, binders, harrows, Chattanooga plows and repairs. Also have good 'stock of WalteT A. Wood harrows, manure spreaders and other farm implements too numerous to mention, at attractive prices. ? 2 J. R. Gooch. 4-9, 4ts Timberlake. N. C. , that it is to your interest to help pot in place the best men possible? Hardly one of you will read these lines but ?what has' not a brother, a son, a husband, or a father, or at least a friend whom yon would like to helpprotect from the deadly serpent, intoxicating liquor. Don't you know the best way to protect them is by putting it man in office for sheriff who stands for' the eradication of this jswr?? - ;? /. ; Don't you know that It Is a disi charge at yoursaered 'duty, duty- to your country, duty to your govern i ment, and duty to your feliowmsn ? . So let us all vote for the man who i in the words of the pdit: '? I "Smith the wrong he beliesrea -it] , wrong, 5 ! ?H As did the Knight with stainless "O t?lt?? WW sai^if) nf -W w w-i i eflngly strong. . , H TOTtrrur unsftaiJ/ . ' -li r- O. T. Gl'nn. " |ro 1 i %t ?? ABRQAD NEXT h'A, Wednesday Evening rw FARMERS TAKE NOTICE Mr. J. H. Black well, "Tounty Agent Granville County will be in Roxboro TUESDAY, APRIL 15th, (Tueaday of Court) for a public demonstration in Cotton Growing. Demonstration will be held at the recess hour on Tuesday of Court atj the J.. A.. Cong farm North 1 East of Town, Mr. O. L. Satterfield officiating. If you" are interested in Cotton growing this year be present, tell " guilt neigh!*)! to be there, lets got together this proposition and make it'; a go. jtV THE PEOLES BANK. NOTICE TO THE OLD * * j SOLDIERS OF PERSON. \ xne state Keunion will be Held i 'May 9th at Charlotte. The general j reunion will be held at Memphis, j , Teim., June 4th. The County reunion . wjll be held May 10th. The Daughdesire a full attendance. Come, old i boys, once more. --^our old comrade in arms, J. H. Burch, Commander. ?_?A j NOTICE. I, O. D. Bailey, County Supervisor, do hereby appoint the List Takers for the various Townships as follows: AJlensville, J L. Gentry, Bushy Fork, D. A. Hester, Cunningham, N. H. Montgomery, Flat River, C. A. Hamlin, Kolloway, Lee P. Woody, Tirzah, J. A. Fogleman, . wtve Hill, T. C. Wagstaff, fcoxboro, J. S. Walker, Woodsdale, C. T. Hall. 2ts AT BUSHY FORK. ! The play "A Cabin Courtship" by jQQ^AlIensville High'School students .^ ^e presented at Bushy Fork tjr*h School; Thursday night, April ft'>1 ftrh Admioaion 35 and 2f) cents. Come everybody. ?i o ? 1 " What: A play "A Cabin Courtship." When: Thursday night, April 10th. Where: Bushy Fork High School. DEATH OF MRS. HAILEY. Mrs. J. C. Hailey, mother of Mr. J. S. Hailey, died at her home in Clarksville, Va., on March 2$th. She had been critically ill foe. several weeks and her death came as no surprise to her family. NOTICE 1 Be it ordained by the Board of | Commissioners of Roxboro: Section 1. That section thirty-six of the Code of Ordinances, adopted September 5, 1916, be and the same is hereby repealed, and the following substituted therefor, to-wit, vizf ""Section 36. If any person /jj?r cor-! poration shall permit any premises occupied by or in the possession of such person or corporation to become unwholesome or unsanitary, or un sightly^ by reason of accumulations' thereon of trash, waste material or! ether substance, or by other means, i and shall fail or Tefuae to remedy I such condition after having had two i days notice thereof, such person or. corporation shall forfeit and pay the sum of Five dollars, and the addi-' tional sum of one dollar for every | day such condition is permitted to remain". Section 2. That this ordinance shall be published ' forthwith and shall be fn foncd and effect from and after- its adoption. Adopted by the Board of Commissioner? of Roxboro, at a meeting on April 4th which" was an adjourned meeting from the regular meeting held April 1-st, 1924. <W. I. Newton, Mayor. Hattio T. Burch, -Clerk. >~0 REVIVAL -AT PRKSBVTEiUAN CHURCH. The revival at the Presbyterian church which .was conducted by Rev. 1 H.^Gmper closed laat Thursday! wight. Hie services were well attendod and the preaching was greatly en. Jujad, as Mi. tlruver is a apsnlfor nf power. . -7"] Tf you havn't been getting your lliuiieya ninth nub ?>f your shoea Try WilburnoA Satteffleld. Douri 4 ' v. ' - . $1*50 April 9th, 1924. Saturday afternooh Mrs. W. C. Watkins delightfully entertained the ' Friday Afternoon Club in honor of her chirmlng sister, Mrs. Robert Overby Yancey of Salisbury, who is . a recent bride. The reception and I drawing rooms of . the. handsome home- were literally abloom with lovely spying flowers converting the rooms into a veritable bower of fragrance artd MMi) of yelluw.?High' tables were daintily appointed and arranged for rook. Handpainted tgl' ley -cards carrying _out the color scheme of yellow , were passed.. After a spirited game of rook the hostess, assisted by Mrs. Talmadge Long and Mrs. D. W. Bradsher, gerv. ed an elegant salad course consisting of chickenmaalad, tomatoes and I dressing, deviled eggs, olives, hot j I rolls and coffee. Little' Miss Anne . | Watkins pasted the favors which ] [ were exquisite baskets fashioned in ( the shape of jonquils containing ] cream mints. Mrs. Watkins!, guests were: Mesdames Yancey, L. M. Carlton, A. S. deVlaming, E. P. Dunlap, T. W. Henderson, W. R. Woody, J. D. Morris, W. . Bullock. J. At mid T. and-Kd.Long, W. D. Merritt, W. T. Pass, R. , J. Teague, J. J. Winstead, T. E. Aus- . tin, Ed Davis, J. D. K. Richmond, G. , W. Thomas, G. Cabiness, W. S. Clary, ( Errol Morton, T. B. Woody, C. Mer- , ritt, Preston Satterffeld, B. A. Thax- , ton, N. Lunsford, H.-S. Morton. N'. , Leaper, D. W. Bradsher, B. G. Clayton, W. Newell, Misses Lucile Pearce, Maude Barnett and Mary Harris.? Contributed. Mrs. R. J. Teague was hostess Saturday at a most elegantly _ appointed * luncheon when covers were arranged for twelve. The place cards and flow- | era?wax*?in- pink accentuating the , color 'motif carried out. in the menu. , I Miniature spring, maids in pink at| tire marked the guests place, while I | the center piece for the table was! of \ pink carnations. Exquisite gladioli , and other spring flowers were used , in other decorations. An elaborate four course menu was served to Mesj dames M. R. and'\B A. Longf H. W. and J. J. Winstead, E. E. Bradsher, T. W. Pass, Mamie Merritt, T. E. ( Ajiatin. Frpstnn Satterfield, A. S. de- . Vlaming and,Miss. Emma Long. , FIELD MEETING. J Our iField Meeting will be held at Olive Branch on the third Saturday in this month. The program is not < , being published but we are expecti ing a good* one. Joe B. Currin, Pastor. , t r SPEAKING AT PROVIDENCE ] LOCAL. i Mr. W. C. Warrick will address!^ the Providence Local on several agricultural topics on Saturday evening at 7:30. The public is cordially invited. ' J. H. Shotwell, Chairman. j o r- > I r NOTICE. J c Willie Allen, colored, has left my|f employ and broken his contract tfithout cause or my con?ent. and this, is to notify any one from hiring or har-, 3 boring said Allen. Any one violating j notice \rill be prosecuted. I This April 7, 1924. 4-9, 2tspd B. O. Hix. I ' ' Portorica sweet potato seed for ! sale. Apply to W. R. Blalock, Rox=- -boro, N. C.. Rl. .. 4-i9^2tapd. ^ j Just received another lot of those c daiifty Hand made Shirt Waist. Wil- r burn & Satterfield. jL 1 . .A ^ .1 FOR 'SALE! A n^e.iiHKD, Jf>t, well located, de- * sir able in every respect, on South Main Street Will sell at auction on Saturday April 12th, at 12 o'clock, M. In front of the oourt house door. Re- j member the data.-? ? , JOE KIRBY , 1 VEAL WANTED, 7angingr frojp 3 100 pounds up. Beet price paid. See J, S. Hobftood, Roxboro Cafe, Rox%oro, N. C. . 4-2, 2tapd. J The snappieat' line of Straw Hate for yo*n>r men we .have ever shownWi'i&ra \ SaHerhcld. WANT SOMETHING^- * 1 Terhaaa jtour neighbor has just j what you ur*nfcc=t?H your wants iu our "Want column." Beat w*y " to find it. " . ' ,'Y ' '7 irVv . * " . " 1 '"V WKKK ; et a PER YEAR IN ADVANCB il K No. 15 OAKLEY'S STUDIO Uoth?r Roxboro Enterprise Worthy of Your Patronage. On oar rounds . we dropped is at he Oakley Studio and was surprised it the completeness of this business. Mr. Oakley has had long experience is a photographer and has fitted up lis'place of business on Main Streat, iver the Princess Theatre, in the beat fashion. He is prepared to serve the ~ jeople of Roxboro and Person county n a "manner equal to that found anyvhere, and his example is only anoth>f reason why you should not have ^ ~ o try another place for work in his Ine. In fact, there hardly anything leeded -which can. not be supplied in ftoxboro in^fny-HrfeT At the Oakley Studio you will find inythyig you want from the small >ost card photo to the life size portrait, and find just as good work aa ?ny one could desire. Ho carries a arge line of moulding and frames, vith glass for any size portrait. He las a lady in charge "_and the ladies ire cordially invited to make his place their resting place when in / town. ' / ANNOUNCEMENT ' EXTRAORDINARY. j, I hereby announce myself a emH=~~ late for sheriff subject to the will of :he people. If you will elect me I win serve absolutely free and give $S00 to the school fund for the privilege >f being sheriff. Of course, yon will sot .expect me to give any bond unler these circumstances. Your friend, J. D. Long, ? Bushy Fork, N. C. / ' / JUST ANY OLD THING. V * Our genial friend, Mr. Ned Moore, isks us-to state to the public generally that he ic a - cin3iidate" for the senate, the house of representatives, for J 1- C and wnnld a candidate for clerfc of the court but for the f%ct that there is no election for this office (this irear. Yes, Ned says he wants an of- . v See and just any old thing will do. NOTICE. I hoj?e to meet the people of Mitchtil's Chapel community netft Sunday it the hour of 3 o'clock and hold services at the usualr"f>lace. A cordial nvitation is extended to the people >f the community to come out at the lour above mentioned. W. O. Sample. SALE OF CHILDREN'S GARMENTS. The ladjes of the Episcopal church kill hold a sale of childrens garnents, aprons and fancy articles at Pass' Furniture Store Saturday, \pril 12th at 2 o'clock. If you "need lomething for the children come and 'et it~from us. 4-2 2ts. / , o |/BROOKS-HUNTER. ?o-? On last Saturday Mr. R. Tom .3rooks and Mrs. Delhr Hunter werenarried in Houston, Va. This. wm juite a surprise, as not even their nost intimate friends were acqoaint>d with the coming event. Mr. and kfrs. Brooks will make their home n Roxboro. : ? "N / 'J SAINT JOHN'S CHAPEL, CUNNINGHAM, N. a <> PALM SUNDAY. Auiil 13th. This : a tin flay in which we commemorate >ur Lord's Triumphal JSntry into Jeusalem as King of the Jews. .Colled 'aim Sunday because the multitude >roke off palm branches and strowd them in road before Him. Mornng Prayer, Holy Communion and lermon at 11:00 A. M. SAINT MARK'S CHURCH, Roxboro, tf. G. PALM SUNIDAY: Church School at .0:00' A. M. Evening Prayer and lermun at 7:80 P. *. Subject of ser- ' non: "Hia Triumphal Entry". Come . ind- worship with US- ' r_, J. L.. Martin, Rector, ? o?; : gnvire'vc - MITCHELL'S CHAPHL. Rev. M. S. Morris will preach at Mitchell's Chapel Sunday. April 20th, _ 1:30 o'clock, P. M. The public Is' ?or-r ? lially invited^ to" bear tMs man of end. '

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