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The Roxboro courier. (Roxboro, N.C.) 1910-1943, November 17, 1926, Image 1

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Tobacco Is King?Service Is Queen, In Roxboro THE DATE ON THE LABEL IS THE DATE YOl'R PAPER WILL BE STOPPED ip)c lloxlnmi WATCH THE OX YOL'R PAPE1 AND DO NOT LET YOUE s i inscription EXPIRE air J. W. NOELL, EDITOR AND PUBLISHER. HOME FIRST. ABROAD NEXT. 51.50 PER YEAR IN ADVANCE VOL. No. XLIII ROXBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, Wednesday Evening, November 1 7, I 926 No. 46. ROTARY CLUB HAS INTERESTING MEETING Mayor Robert P. Burns &poke Mbil Interestingly On Town Affairs MUSIC WAS ENJOYED Last Thursday evening the Rotary Club had, a most interesting lunch hour. Misses Southall and Coe de liar-hted the club with their presence i nd furnished music for the ovca vim. ; Mayer R. P. Burns was an in vHed . guest and spoke mcst interes tingly on Town Affairs, expres-'.tg desire to see taxes lowered iiv Roxboro during the coming year, T"s was followed by Rev. P. Carv Adams. who spoke rn Armhtice Day. Rarely have we heard a ?tr:nger plea for law observance, and the Eighteenth Amendment especially, than, that ,^ven by Mr. Adams. There were visitors from Oxford and Snow Hill. Resolutions The members of the Mary Ham brick Missionary Society of Edgar Long Memorial Church wish to pay tribute to one of the oldest mem btrrs of our Society, cne we love and honored, Mrs. Ro?a Jordan Harris of Roxboro. North Carolina, whom our Ic-vinj? father has recently taken to U lntniilf. First': We cherish her memory ; .d endeavor to follow her example who dedicated her life to His ser vice. .. Second: That her piety, her cren . tlenes* and courtosy, with broad mind and culture made her a woman o * clpkaracter and influence*. We bear wtfliftfr testimony to her beautiful ?life. Third: That we offer , cur 1 ve ? :id sympathy to eacV member of lier. family, praying That they may k ver prove a* faithful to duty as she t'id, and thusi receive the /reward -t::d up for His children. Fourth: That a copy cf these rcs , oUiicjns be sent to the family, The . jloxbor) Cc ur icr, the North Caro lina Christian Advocate, and a copy p aced in the minute* -of our Society. MRS. LAURA LONG, MRS. W. F. LONG, MRS. H. W W INSTEAD. O I Notice Boosters The members of the Roxboro and Pf rson fXAinty Booster sClub are . ke<l to meet in regular monthly vr.ecjthing on Friday * night at 7:30 1 eVlrc.k. Plfeaae come, on time, and ' ::]! a i\* urged to be present, a* we svont to submit our report for your . approval cr rejection. If we are not i'np: thing:.- as you would have tWeoi <;< ne? meet with us anil tell us a bctcr way. Mevtinsr will be held in the Boost en* Club rooms, in basement of the O'.rf National Bank rooms, corner in and Depot Streft C. H. HUNTERfi Sec. Liquor Raid In Aliens ville Township Korly Sunday morning a raid vyas vade d:wn in Allensyille towr>hip t. apprehend " some ?? liquor iolatoTs fir.d upon arriving: on ?hi> <uspL'f;t?d . :.ot liquor was found hidden all ov^r ;the woods similar to the, way Kister art? hkiden. Two of tender ' vera eaujfht and brought- to i ial v here they were tried and boun?'. I ver to court. An income of $3<800 fropi hozs t-nd : r liability on 100 bale* of cotton is 1 e situation in which one Wayne -u-.nty farmer find* hlrtself. 1 -BIRTHS | . ' Born, tr? Mr. and Mr?, T.oiii* Wa~ : rtaff oft November 8th, a son, Hob ?rri He*ter. Mother and child do ? nicely. ? . 9 . .? ? ' ^ Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Cr\jmpton~VT?h in' the Announce birth of a buby I'iri, ? So vam\jrr IStfc. Mother and rhild (iuirtic'ftfw; LAST WEEK'S SALES WERE THE BEST YET ? Y Some Thought Some Grades A j Little Off, But Roxboro Better Than $31.00 443,510 J.BS. ? $134,496.00 Notwithstanding sales were heavy I and the offerings high in order the i Roxbtfro market made an average cf | more than $31.00 for everything on | the floor, amounting: to 443,510 lbs., j thfc banks paying out to the farmers 1134.496.00. Some tt ought the market sagged a uttl' n some srradfcs during the week, but that must have been large- ? ly ftnaginery, for the average shows up; well, with ail other markets. We have never seen the buyers more anxious for tcba^co, and never have v.e seen them more interested in cur market. If any farmer thinks his tobarco has been slighted all he has j to do is to call the buyers attention ? to the pMe. or piles, and soon every thing is righted fand the farmer goes his \*ay rejoicing. The Hyco, Warehouse submits the ' folk\ving sales as an evidence of i what Tobe and Ge:rge are doing: j P. II. Briggs, 420 lbs for $180.70, average $43.00. Mitchell & Paylor, 930 lbs. fcr ? $375.18, average $40-34. Howard & Wr.t 920 lbs. for $434.53, ' average $47.23. F. O. Clayton. 516 lbs. for $228.83, a vera tee $44.34. Bea*ley & Porterfield, 572 lbs. for ! $257.80, average $45.00. Wrcnn & Kirby, 561 lbs. for $24,).- j' 84; average, $43.52. Wagstaff & Lee, 1070 lbs. fcr ! $547.42, average $50.87. The Winstead made the following plenditl sales: Criteher & H., 576 lbs. f:r $274.26, average $47.61. Long & Lee, 1050 lbs... for ' $448.04, ? average $42.67. Bill Williams, ?22 lbs. for $01.02, . average $4t.00. M. Adcock, 425 lbs. for $21 2.: 0,' average $50,0 i. Walker .& Thomas, 683 lbs. for $372.84, average $54.19. Ii S. Jordan. 770 lbs. for $326.88, i average $42.45. It remained for th> Pioneer Wa re h:use- to report the highest pile for') the season. Mr. W. R. O'Briant, a frranville -farmei\ sold a load with j hem and his high pile brought $93. This was a splendid sale, the low pile bringing $10.00. i Surely when tobacco average, from $40.00 to $54.00 it can not bj. off | much. Mark Twain said, "Be vir-; tu'us and you'll be happy," and we ay, "Sell your t bacco in Roxhoro 1 :.nd you'll get the highest price." Fatal Accident Little Raymond Russell of the j Mount Zion section suffered the loss j of pne cf his hands a few days afro i :n a corn cutter and was carried to j Watts H apital for treatment, but j : Vnod poison set In and his heroic j Htht for lif?* ended in his death. I Saturday morninjr. "All a Mistake" The play, "All a Mistake." will jriven at the Prospe t *TVI Hirh ; School on Friday nijjht. Nov. 19th. j ?it 7:30. Just before the play :?wp. i ? will he served at 6 p. m. This j , i fay is most interesting and amiis- i ntr, and you will <pend a plearant evening if yiu attend. The com- 1 mittee says ? Please come. O- . ? - . - I Presbyterian Church Sunday Sch;ol nt 9:4?. Your Clajs j nrod? you. teacher would 'U<e 'i).?e you tttew -en time. . 3(orninp service at 11 A. M. Srr "n^ by the PS.i^pr. Siincfay School at Mltehrll rhaprt :\X 2 P. M. Prcfcchinn at Wrinrim GroVe foheOl hou?e at 3:30 I*. M. P. rARV ADA.MS, Pa*t r. ? o? A Serine n on the screen is ChanitintE Pollock* P^odi<>ti<?n "THE HOOt." , at PaUiw 1 fl id?y 19jth, Matinee and Nifrht. I Play at Hurdle Mills " Was Great Success T>.e Hurdle Mills High School gavo ! their play, "Mis* Topsy Tarvy. in ' [ the school auditorium last ?Friday : n:j*ht, and from the many flattering J reports we have had concerning thifj play it mu*t have b*en unu.<uaily I good and well rendered. ? ? "There m-av bs other schools in j Person county that can excel these . boys and jrirls in an athletic contests j Hut when it comt* td . presenting a ] play they measure up with the very; best in the county, and we are pre- J cictinsr a -fJ>ri?Kt future from the ; products of school. A grower in Bouuf:rt Ccuntv re- j * mtly -told 12 toi^s of fine soybean J hay. This hav is equal in feeding'! value tu the finest legume hay of j the West and can be grown more j '<v? v a Jm Mr*. HaU - ? a it ^ the ww uSretouched por trait of Mrs. Frances Steven* Hall, principal in the famous Hall-Mills murder case_at New Brunswick N. She had this special picture tak en because newspaper photographs had her looking like-"a terrible, ug ly. scheming woman/' Conference Appointments Only One Change In Roxboro District Orphanage Sing ing Class D-n't forget the Oxford' Orphanage Singing Class will give on of their J concerts here on next Saturday night, Nov. 20th. This concert will be. worth the price and yoa^wjll regret the time cr the money expend ed in seeing it. At the graded school building Saturday night, Nov. 20th. 7;30. , ~ J But They" Will Try It We can't understand just why, but \ occasionally we hear of some fellow wro trus ta get by with operating an autoniobile under fictitious num bers. One came to F! iboro .last Saturday bat he didn't operate long until Sheriff Brooks had him under arrest and hauled m int> court where he -was gjven & stiff-fine.- .? Town Tax Notice ?The Board of Town Commissioners haVe ordered all unpaid taxes, for the year 1925 and any unpaid taxes prior to 1023 advei-ti^ed for sale in the first issue of The Courier^ after December 1st, 1926. Come in now and pay your back tax and save the trouble and expense ?;f being ad vertised and- sold. , B. B. MANGUM, Town Tax Col lector. ? o-=-9 Evidence continues to accumulate showing that the farmer who grows his food and feed crops cannot be hurt seriously by the lew price of coUon. Life Saver Honored ?JjSJh ^" Schully of New York ETnfi o f;on*rti??ion?l Modal 6 "?*?<1 mora than 400 4rowi>img. J*r*>?* ft-Onr The Methodists, and All Good Citizens Are Glad To Know Many Ministers Returned KEV. ELLERBE - MT G I LEAD !. -After the close of what was pro uduntjefl as one of the lAMy best iver tieTd ~^i?h:p Kdwrn' V. ' ftoaton read' the announcement , of the appoint ments for the year 1026-27. It is a Source of groat pleasure that lew cfanges were made in this District* there being only one, that of Rev. M. C. Ellerbe, *vho .vns sent to the Mt. Gilead Circuit at Mt. Gilearf: The appointment for the Durham ?District wa.< as f.ollows: Pres'd?Tj7 eider, M. Bradshaw. Burlington; Front street, .1. B. Hurley. Webb avenue, J, W. A?itr>\. Wo<t Burlington, R. G., Overton. Burlington circuit. J. V*. Harris. Erooksdale circuit, W. 1.. Loy. Car tboro circuit, J. F; Starne?. Cedar C rove circuit, T. C. Durham. Chapel ? Hill, Walter Patten. Durham, Bran- : San# .1. \'. Knight. Calvary, ?)'. H. , McCraken..' Carr, R. It. Grant. Duke \ Memorial, JH. C. Smith. LakewCod, j. W. DimmeUe. Trinity, W. W. Peele. West Durham, J. A. Martin. Durham circuit, H. L. Hendricks.] Gruham.and Ilaw River, G. W. Star ling, I II ilUbor-) circuit. S. F. Nicks. Leas fcurg circuit, E. R. Clegg. Mebanc jcbcuit, B. T- Hunley. Milton circuit, i W. C. Jones. Mount Tirzah circuit, i H. E. Lance. Person circuit, J. W. j Bradley. Roxboro; Long Memorial, F. M. Shambui'ger. East Roxboro and Longhurst, C. B. Barclift. Rcuge mont circuit, J. Bascomb Hurley. SaUtS' Alamance circuit, F. A. Lup I fon,' ? ?? ; : ? Yancejfrrille circuit, "W.-C. Mcrritt. Duke's chapel. J. M. Ormand. Ba hama circuit, W, F. Craven. Profes sors in Dufcp university. II. E. Snc-nce, J. M. Ormond. and_Jf~ E. Myefs. Student Duke university. Trinity ' Q. C'., C. C. Hubbard. Student Duke .university, Grog&on, Q. C%, R. M. | Caudle; Student pastor at Ch?pe?l i Hill, J. G. Phillips. Assistant secre' jtajy of General B;ard of Education, I J. M. Culbreth Mr. Jerry Holsom back Dead Death ra|'.ed Jfny tlolsomeback. . fatfcer f M-*. Joe SolnwiVTriff 1 Rovboro, W?(.np^H?y at B a. m.' T)r*th c?tnc an * result of old a*e. . Th?' body of' the. riwejmod wn* brought t3 Ronboro for burial, i'crm i the C>?weH county heme-, where Mr. Holrcmebaok hod been In HI "he*Hh for some time. Mri. Soloraan iawell : knowrt to maity people here and her ; many friends, hold for her thsir drep c?l sympathy. * * t " FIVE (MEN FROM I TWO TRIPS^OF STORK Snow Creek. Vi./Not. 16? - lite stork has made two vinits ~to~ the home of Mr. and Mr*. Luther l>ingfieid, of this place. I within 19 month* and has brought five children. Yester day triplet* were horn to thejn couple, while twins arrived last year. Mr. and Mrs. Wi'ng ficld have been married five yean* and have *even robust children. ? ? ? Boy Dies at Watts Hospital Raymond Kus.*el, 12 year .'old son of Mr. Henry Russ$l, Roxboro, N. C., -Route 5. died at 2:0.0 Sat urday a., m. Sf ov. 13. in Watts Hos pital. . About three week* ags Raymond ' caught his haritj in the .rollers of a corn shredder. AIT of his fingers [ except his thumb were removed. It was thought he was getting; on fin? I until Wednesday when he began to complain, and on Saturday following he was. rti^hed to Watts Hospital. There they decided he had lock jaw and blood poison. All was done for Hni that willing hands, could do, but t in spite Lf thfat God saw best and i called him to His hotpe. The funeral services were con ducted at hemp^ Sunday by Rev. J. ] W. Bradley. He was laid to rest at . the Paul's burying ground near Lock Uly. ' He leaves a father, mother, one siv b?r a rirT two brother* to moUrn their I Iom, May Odd's richest blessings r r "jst upon them. ? A neighbor Big Auction Sale On Saturday Nov. 20th the Atlan ta Coast Realty Co. will sell at auc tion a part of t,;?* Caltoliha Farm?. These, farms nave been subdivided! hn<l are. being offered at most at tractive terms. If y u are looking iSt a -rord home it nti^rht pay you to attend this salt*. Death Of Mr. Wm. Blalock A stroke f paralysis proved fatal to on<> cf Person county's veil known citizens, Wednesday morning abcut : <5. o'clock' when William Blalock, age j 67 was staken by death, succumb ing to an attack of paralysis, which occurred a short time before his death. . The deceased had been a , : evident of Moriah for many years, and had many friends in Roxboro. Off For Wilmington The following Baptists a~e attend (hvt the Baptist State 'Convention which is in fccsi^n in Wilmington I this week: Rev. and Mrs. W. F. ' We*t and Master Billy. Pev. and ; Mrs. J. C. Canipe, Rev. J. A, Beam, RcV.'L. V. Covins. Rev. X J. To<idt and Mr. Arch Dirkersor.. Record For High Prices Mr. W, R. 0*Rriant, a prosperous tobacco farmer from Granville .ecun , ty wan among the many satisfied i farmer* from the Oxford section la?t week and sold a load of tobacco with The Pioneer, His prices' ran gr ! cd from 40 t"> 93 cents per pound. Tome on to Roxbiro Mr. Tobacco 1 farmer, and be convinced that Rox bcro is a splendid market. Stew and Box Party Providence B. Y. P. U. will hive * (tew And box party on Thankseiv <ii# Day, Nov ?-?feth.-at Providence ? church. The stew will ; be at 5 o'rl-elc, P. "JK.. ?n,d the b?x party will bccln *t 7 P. M. The public it cordially invited. ~ Channinjc Pollack's. Sta?e Sueeet* -TILE FOOt" with Ednouad Low. Mr tie Palace. Theatre Friday Not. ! 10th. . ltatio?e and Night. SHERIFF MAKIN6 IT HOT FOR LinUOR DEALERS Both Men and Liquor Were Captured And Brougfet Here DEPl TY SPRAINS AN'RLB Ruperts reached Sheriff Brooke at few days ago that two men fr?m Longhurst had become a little too familiar with boofce, so he sent sev eral of his deputies down to investi gate matters, resulting in a long chase, reaching from flcxboro by way of Cunningham to the Virginia ; Tne. where they were captured and | brought back to Roxboro. together *v?*ith several quarts -of the covete4 i fluid. In the chase one of our dep uties- Sustained a painful sprain if ne ankle; but he grot bis man and brought both to town where they were' tried and bound over to Jan uary term of C'-ourt. Baptist State Convention U is very comforting tD the Bap t-tiits of North Carolina, and the rest i of the world, as well as to all of ? Clod's people to knew that we witt. go to the Convention at Wilmington, with an increase, in our gifts to bs ; pevolence of more than $6Q,<HHK6fr over last year. We believe that we have passed the crisis and tVat God's people are 1 coming back to Him and to Ilia wcrk. Sunday Schorl 10:13 A, M., E. L. Wilbum. Supt. Priea?hing 11 A. M. Subject: ? The Meaning of tVealfc." The Pastor in his sermonette for i the children will *how ??Somethinjr which no one has ever seen bet cm j and Will never see any more."* Preaching 7:30 P. M. Subject: "'One Thing Needful." B. \\ p. U. G:0O and 6:.10 P. M. ? A. cordial welcome extended to aiL "This is the victory that cvercometh. the world, even our faith. I Jno. 5:4 Fir.^i Baptist Church W. F. WEST. Pastor. Evening Class at Bethel Hill H. S. An evening class on poultry is be ting i-cnclu^od in the Vocational Agr riculturn> Department every Friday at 7 p. m. by the Vocational Agricul tural teacher, assisted occasionally , by exerts from the Extension Di vision at Raleigh. All those intercst I ed are unr?d to attend. In addition 4?. poultry Mr. W. W. Shay ,the swine Extension man, is expected to discuss feeding and marketing cf hogs cn Friday night Nov. 26th. Be sure to hear him Mrs. Briefs Buried Wednesday Mrs. Annie Brig^s, a*e 47, wif^ of W. W. Brypjtja, was buried in thr? ! Leasburg: cemetery Wednesday after ' noot at 2 ?? 'clock. The services were j- conducted by Rev. E. R. Cte*fc. Mrs. Brings had been in an infirm condition for several weeks, as the result of an attack of paralysis, and ; Tuesday at 1:30 p. m.t she was claimed by death. She wan long a resident of the Leasburg section of the ccunty. Surviving: are her ha.v band and several children. - ??? ?? * "-O ? to Brunswick Stew And Barbecue There will be a b runsw'ick stew and barbecue at Caldwell HigH ? School Wednesday nifcht, Not. 24th. Kveryb:dy is invited to come amf brlnir a friend. Please teM your friend to meet you there. Notice The local ehapter of United Ihkojcti tcrw cf Confederacy wi)l m?t next Tuesday, Nov. 23rd,' 1926, -at p. m. ai. the home of, Mr* B. B. Manuum with Mrs - Mangum and ; Mrs. Wiostead joint hMMaM A a member* are requested to notify them it they cannot be present.

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