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The Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1943-1946, February 23, 1893, Page 1, Image 1

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VOL. I. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, FEBRUARY 23, 1893. NO. 1. Ttie Tar Heel, University of North Carolina. . " i .... . ; v . . :. .. - ; .1 - , EDITORS. , Charles Baskerville, Walter MuRrnv, . , A. C. Ellis, . V. P. Wooten, . - Perrin Busbee, J, 0. Biggs, A. IL.McFadgue. -.. Editor in Chief - Charles Baskerville, Managing Editor, Walter Murphy, Business Manager, ' -A. EE. McFadgue. Thursday, February 23, 1893. CHURCH DIRECTORY. Baptist Church. Rev. J. J j. Carroll, D. D. Preaching every Sunday, morn ing and night. Sunday School at 9: HO a. m. - Prayer meeting every Wednesday night. Presbyteriqn Church. Rev. J. E Fogartie. Preachings every Sunday, morn- inrr and n!nhf. ovnpnf, t,hf rSfi Sll 11 day in each month. Sunday School at 10:30 a. m. Prayer meeting every Wednesday night, Methodist Church. Rev.'N. M. Watson. "Preaching "every Sunday, morn ing and night Sunday School at 10:30 a m. Prayer meeting every Wednesday night. Episcopal Church.1 . Rev. Frederic Towers, Sunday services at ,7, 11 and 7 o'clock. Weekly services at 4 p. Friday. Sunday School 4 p. m During Lent services daily at 4 p. m . . , UNIVEPySITY DIRECTOR!'. University Choir, Prof. Karl P. Harrington, Leader. Organists, J. A; Maxwell and Ciias. Roberson. ' UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE, SIX times a year. EDITORS. Phi. , Dl- W. P. Wooten, W. P. M. Carrie J, 13. Ingle, Jr., J. M. Cheek, A. H. Iioonce, , T. J. Wilson". , Business Manager, Prof. Collier Cobb. UNIVERSITY LIBRARY. Dr. Eben Alexander, Librarian, F, L. Wilcox Student Librarian. ' Open every day except Sunday, from 11:30 to 1:30 and from 3 to 5. Open Sundays from 3 to 6 p. m. " University Heading' Boom Open every day. Leading pa pers published in Union and State on file. University Press Association. II A. Rondthaler, president, r,u.DrB-Whitaker, Secretary i Julian Eogla Dr. B. Whitaker, II, A. Rondthaler, Walter Mur phey, Executive Committee. . . Object is to further the disburse ment of news-relating to !the Uni versity. ' Meets at the call of the president. University A theetic Association.- j Hi B. Shaw, president. : ' f J. L Pugh, sec'y. and treas. l Meets regularly the second Sat urday in September and January; Other calls subject to the president University Foot Ball Team. Michael Hoke, captain, Charles Baskerville, Manager. University Base Ball Team. Perrin Busbee, captain, W. R. Kenon, manager. University German Club. . J' C. Biggs, president, C. II. Turner, sec'y. and treas. Meets at the call of the president. Leader selected for each German. University, Glee Club. ' E. Parson Willard, president and leader, , - Charles Roberson", manager. Prof. Karl P. Harring.; direc tor. T Shahespere Club. ' - , : Dr. Thomas Hume, president, J. M. Cheek,' sec'y.-and treas. Meet in the Y. M. C. A. hall the third Tuesday night in each month. Library open one hour each day. Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society. : ' Prof. J. A. Holmes, president, rof. J. W. Gore, vice-president, ' Dr. F. P. Venable, secretary and treasurer. . ; Meets in Person hall second VTne' -day night in each month . Journal issued twioe a year. ' , Historical Society. " ' v Dr. Kemp Battle, president and corresponding secretary. . II. M, Thompson, secretary and treasurer. Meets at the call of the president. Philanthropic Society. (Secret) Meets every Friday night in Phi. hall new east building. v Dialectic Society. (Secret) Meets every Friday night and Saturday morning in j)i. hall nsw west building. The Order of Gim Ghoulds. (Secret) Junior. , . -. v i The society meets in February. October. Banquet Thursday night of commencement. Fraternities. (Secret) . Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Al pha, .Zeta Psi Alpha San Amega, Sigma Nu, Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Gamma Delta Sigma Phi. Beta Thata Pi Delta Kappa Epsilon, meet in their re spective halls every Saturday night. Y M. C. A. F. C. Harding, president, George Stephens, secretary and treasurer, -R. E. Zachary, organist. . Meets four times a week in Y. M C. A. hall. Members appointed to lead. Hand books issued every September. ' Philological Society, j x Dr. Eben Elexander, president. Prof. Karl P. Harrington, secre tary and treasurer, . . Meets first Friday night in .each month. The Hellenian. (Annual) Published by the Fraternities, '. . THE TAR HEEL. . A weekly paper published at the University of North" Carolina, under the auspices of the Univer sity Atheletic Association, devoted to the interest of the University at large" : ' n . Issued every Thursday morning; It will contain a summary of all occurrences in the University and j village, of Chapel Hill. i Space will be assigned for the i thorough discussion of all points j pertaining to the advancement and i growth of the University. i A brief account each week of the ! occurrences in the' amateur athe-1 letic world, with especial attention to our own athletic interests, and progress' in Football, Baseball, Tennis, etc. v Ail society news, personals and every subject of' interest both to the students ar!cl citizens of the vil lage, will be treated each week. " The columns will be open to dis cussion on all appropriate subjects with an endeavor to do full jus tice to everyone. The chief and his assistants will decide as to ap-. propriateness of articles -no anonu mous articles will be accepted with out antho i nam . Mrig known to the chief," which will be a confi dence, if desired. -:;; . ': ;.v-.'f.: t Advertisers will note that this Js the best, quickest, and surest, means by which they can reach the stu dents. For notes see or - write "Business Manager of Tar ' Heel Chapel Hill, N. C , or drop him a card and he will call. ' Subscription one' Dollar and a half per session: This spring 75cts. . SALUTATORY. The growing demands of the University have shown the need of a weekly paper. The Univer sity Athletic "Association regard ing itself as the means by which such a need could be supplied, at a stated meeting elected a board of, editors (chief and five subs. ) and a business manager. , : With this apology only, the first issue of the first volume of the Tar HEL makes its appear ance. This new venture is necessarily entered upon by the present board with no little trepidation, never theless with a determination, to make a success which can only be done through the indulgence and assistance of our faculty and fellow-students. Therefore we in vite honest criticism and .my aid in the advancement- of J-his -uiew project will be thoroughly appre ciated. ' i . , ,' V " ' : -v.'; r . : - --n -';'!- - - ; .. THE LEGISLATIVE COM MITTEE VISIT THE UNIVERSITY, The following members of the I legislature composing- the visita- tion committee arrived at the Uni- versityon a special train Friday I morningf February 3rd: ! ;. Messrs. Battle, chairman ;Cheek" 1 Ay coke, James, Pou, of the sen ate and Messrs. Holt (chairman) Euse, Parker, Starnes, Walker, Ward, . of the house. , , After breakfasting, the regular chapel exercises were attended, i then visits were made to the read ing room, libraries , and various 1 lecture rooms where classes were assembled. The numerous labor atories were inspected as well as some of the students' rooms. In the .t afternoon meetings of both the societies were held and the gentlemen who were not alumni were made ' honorary members: Just after prayers the boys called repeatedly for speeches from" our visitors, a majority of whom re sponded most felicitously and gave words of encouragement for the-future outlook of the univer sity,, from a legislative appropri ation standpoint. All saw the need of a sufficient appropriation tv fully equip, this the most use ful ar i important of oil the State properties', and give to a univer sity, of whose past brilliant record and wiiose future prospects are suclh. as would make any State in the union proud'to be the', - jpbsses sor of such an heritage to hand to posterity, a sufficient appropria tion to put the university on a ! financial basis equal to its rapid expansion " and growth. When some of the committee expressed their deep regret at not . 'having had an opportunity of receiving an education, in their youth, we coulds not but feel that ;t ; was a duty that was owed to future gen erations, and which has been due to those that have passed away, that the supreme law making power in the State, ought to make tuition at , the university free to North Carolinians , as is done at the University of Virginia to Vir ginians and the only way to do this is to appropriate a sufficient amount to keep the university up, until resources from outside States arid the technical courses shall make itself sustaining, and, too, we couid not but think what ; a shame and loss it was to North Carolina, that it. had failed, to open the doors of the university, in the past to such sterling man hood as represented the legislature on the committee. The body of the students were well pleaded witH ; our friends, if they are , fair sample of our legislators thL ycaC'i-N'orth'-'Carolifia is in good hands. They know the needs of the University.

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