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The Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1943-1946, February 23, 1893, Page 3, Image 3

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BASE BALL PROSPECTS, CANDIDATES &c. . The prospects for base ball this j spring are good. There is an j abundance of good material in the University out of which a first class team can be developed. But in order chat success may crown our efforts' every man must : work hard and conscientiously. Considerable interest is manifest-, ed by the candidates and the stu dent body and the proper athlet ic spirit pervade the university. It is with pleasure that I note so many candidates for the nine, twenty-seven being in training. Of this number only five were on last year's team, viz: Oldham, ' Honeycutt, Maye, ' Kenan and Robertson. Busbee who was captain of 1 89 1 team is filling the same respon tible position this year. Ellis sub stitute on 1 891 team is trying for second base. Of the new mate rial may be mentioned, Steph ens who occupied the box so ac ceptably for Oak Ridge and Mason who played second on the same team, Wilson captain and first baseman of last year's Guil ford college,, nine. Stanly and Gregory both came with good records from Horner' s. Devin "the man-carrier half-back" is a candidate for the position of first baseman. He is said to be a hard hitter. Gray, J. and Love are also prominent candidates. Among the others who are trying for the team, Graham, E. Gray, R. V. Denson, Shelton, McAlis ter, Syme, Rankin, Harty, West, The weather has been such as to prevent almost all outdoor work, but during the next month we h6pe to put f in good work on the diamond. Of course it is too eariy yet to form any accurate idea of the relative strength of the candidates for the various po sitions but I feel safe in saying that every position will be hotly contested and acquired only after hard work. Too much attention cannot be paid to the care that the candidates should take with their arms. I have noted already several 01 me piayers unpenning the use of their arms by over ex ertion and too constant use dur ing the cold weather. The captain has already signi fied his attention of calling down the number of candidates for the team; This is a wise step, as a number of those in training have no possibility of making the team and only consume time that might be otherwise used to advantage. Th , is a disposition among a few of .? t players not to follow the directious and instructions of the captain. This should not be tolerated. , If a candidate persists in not obeying the captain, he should not be considered eligible to the team. Mr. W. R. Kenan has been elected business manager of the :lub and under his management the financial department will be well looked after. It is: a wise and economic plan to elect as managers of our teams men, who, besides possessing the qualifica tions necessary to competent man agers, are also to fill positions when necessary. - We hope to publish in our next issue the full schedule of games for the season. It is the intention of this de partment to offer any suggestions that seem good and make any criticisms that shall be deemed necessary on the work of the base ball players and on athletics in general. All will be written with the view of promoting the best interest of athletics' in the University. Various more or less charitable explanations have been offered for the treatment, given by the Ashe ville Citizen to ' the recent " Glee Club concert in that city. It has been suggested that the reporter might have been suffering from indigestion; or that one of the "Varsity" boys monopolized his best girl at the dance ; or that he couldn' t attend the concert and asked the opinion of some body who thought he had some cause for being disappointed; or that, after having been to the opera continuously night after night for a week or so, he forgot that a Glee Club is not an opera troupe at any fate that lie was suffer ing in some way. To say the least, we are surprised at the Citizen. Any intelligent and dis cerning criticism of the concert as a whole would have been wel come; but to hear the Glee Club was a disappointment, that one of the members of the Club blushed over a rose given him, arid that a german at the Battery Park fol lowedthat is a strange freak of nature in the daily paper of our cosmopolitan Asheville ! The same concert in Charlotte and Greensboro on the two succeed ing nights drew crowded houses and elicited the warmest praise from the local papers. Indeed, this is the only incident of the kind that has ever occurred dur ing the two seasons of the club's existence, during which time it has visited most of the principal cities of the state. We are glad to see that the other Asheville papers do not follow suit. Ashe ville has a warm interest in every thing that pertains to the Uni versity . Y. M. C. A. NOTES. i Dr. Battle has, at the invita tion of the association committee, resumed his Sunday morning lec tures ; they now commence at 9 a. m. lasting one-half, hour. The subject for next Sunday's talk is ' 'The Saducees and Pharisees. " Following this the doctor will be gin his lecture on St. Paul's life and works. These Sunday morn ing Bible expostulations are pre pared in Dr. Battle's .happiest style and are both interesting and highly instructive. - During the present week the regular nightly meetings at 6:45 have been suspended in order to enable the students to attend, the series of missionary meetings at the Methodist church. Next week the regular exercises will be resumed. April 6-9 are the dates of the coining State Convention to be held at Winston-Salem. This gathering of young men interested and active in the cause of Christ promises to be one of unusual in terest. OUR ANNUAL. The Hellenian, this year prom ises to be the best that has ever been issued by the fraternities. It will be much larger than be fore, and the book will be one of unusual typographical and artistic excellence. It will be published by a large northern 'publishing house and will be properly illus trated with numerous engravings, cuts, photograves and scenes of university life, instead of the usual plate, of the coat of arms and badges of the representative fraternities as has been done in the past. Each fraternity will be represented by a photograph of their chapter at the University. The following '.; editors , have been elected: Thos. B. Lee, ed itor in chief, Chas. R. Turner, Walter Murphy, and Garnet Smith as business managers. ' The following are associate ed itors: Michael Hoke, Perrin Bus bee, E. P. Willard, John Mattox, Howard Rondthaler, A. S. Bar nard, and Julian Ingle. The action of the Glee Club in dividing among themselves the proceeds of their western trip has been severely criticised. We are glad to learn that this criticism has not been altogether merited as the balance in the treasureres hands was small and scarcely cov ered, the outlay some of the mem bers had been forced to make. Of course as a University organiza tion it would never do for the Club to be used for private spec ulation. The following members of this year's law class received their license to practice law at the Feb ruary term of the supreme court of North Carolina: Messrs. Bick ett, Thomas, Sapp, Hays, Spcnce and Gattling. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS. The custom of the students of the University is by no means tobe sneezed at. This is shown by the numerous competitors for that trade. The Tar Heel makes its first issue with some 230 sub scribers. It is issued every Thurs day morning and is read by every student in the university as well as by the. faculty and numbers of the citizens of Chapel Hill. There is no publication more intimate with the students and with which the students are more intimate hence it offers the best, the quickest and the surest means of advertisement to aU connected with the university or village of Chapel Hill. Our rates are low. Each advertisement carries with it the recommendation of the en tire board of editors, which will have no little influence. ' Adver tisements from unknown (to us) parties will therefore be investi gated before insertion. , The Tar Heel is a paper owned and op erated by the students and for the students, hence the editors mean to protect the students in so far as lies in its power. We do want advertisers (they will be more than repaid by such advertising), but we. only want advertisements from reliable people. ; - NEWS CLIPPINGS. a modern valentine. I've written it, love, with a stiff steel pen; For the geese. I understand, Are so learned, now, that their quills, I trow, Must supply their own demand. I've secured it, love, by the aid of glue, Instead of a strand of hair, Which I cannot obtain, for I see, with : pain, ' I have really none to spare. I send it to you by the postman, love; For Cupid, I grieve to hear, Is afraid of the cold, and has grown so old That he doesn't go out this year. But the message is ever the same, my love, While the strs their course fulfill, Though to me and to you it may seem quite new, 'Tis the old, old story still. . C. W. Latimer, in Harper's Magazine. The library of the . University of Texas has been presented with 38,000 volumes by Tan Kee, the Chinese lecturer. There are forty-three candi dates for the Cornell nine. Sophmores at Wesleyan, who take English, are to write a short novel to be handed in at the end of the winter term, in place of a weekly essay. Mr. Hoke Smith, whom the newspapers say will be one of the cabinet officers, is a North Caro linian b birth, and lived for many years at the University, his father at one time holding a pro fessorship. , , In the present national congress the University is represented by the following alumni: Senators Ransom and Vance. Represen tatives, Henderson, Branch Gra dy, Alexander, Crawford In the congress elect, in addition to above, is Mr. Gaston Ahi Rob bins, member that from the 9th congressional district of Alabama.

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