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The Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1943-1946, October 12, 1893, Page 2, Image 2

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A 4 4. . o v. .THE TAR HEEL, Univcwitu -ot. Worth Carolina,;- ." 1 C ditor-in-Chief : ; 1,1 1 , Walter Murphy. Business Manager: ChAS. RoBERSON, ' ; . Associate Editors : ' W. P. M. CURRIE, CHAS. BASX.ERVILLE, .. s. Lrc, J. T. PUGH. car Subscription, per session : ' - 1 1.50 " -per terra, - - 1.00 copy each, - - . .w Uyerdsihr rates accoidiof to amount of act wanted and position. Twenty-five per ' it discount on standing ads. " Entered at the postofSce of Chapel Hill, N. C, 4 second class matter. Monday, Oct. 12, 1893. There is a college out in Ken tucky, called the State . College of Kentucky., This college has pro fessors, it also has a foot ball team. The foot ball team plays good ball, this fact encourages one of the aforesaid professors by. the name of Miller to write up .the account of foot ball, from- its inception in the blue grass state," and incidental . ly to refer to the records of other southern teams. He writes, and sends his article to the University Review of NewYork, it is accepted aud published. Here is what .Mil ler says in regard to the playing of his team against the V . M. 1. and of their great recoru W last year. "From here . (Balcony Falls, ya,) on to our destination we heard nothing but the praises of our an tagonists, J (The V. M. I.) how they had visited crushing defeat upon everything that dared - to tackle them, Trinity, North Caro lina, Washington and Lee, &c. Holy shade of the mother of Moses! where, oh where did you get your information, Professor ? The Uni versity of North Carolina has never played a game with the Virginia Military Institute. The Editor of this paper would sug gest to you, Prof. Miller that when you attempt to write up foot ball matters in the future, that you should confine yourself to the facts and accounts of your own team; for by your article in the Review you demonstrate that when you get off the main line of a subject you are liable to make a lapsis pennce. We will send you a copy of this paper Prof. Miller, and we want you to read it and then you .will know that the University of N. C. played six games last year and lost only one and that was to the U. of Va., which team we af terward whitewashed by a score of 26-0. The University Review, of New York, has in its last issue an article on Foot. Ball, in the South, taken from the Princetonian. The article is presumably from the pen, or from data furnished by the vulvar looking person of unsavory memory who umpired the game of foot ball between the University of North Carolina and University of Virginia lisVyeirn' ChaH6tteWilie.1:ThV article says: ''The teams that figur ed ,? most . prominently. last fall among the Southern: colleges were the University of Va., Trinity Col lege and the University of N. 1 C. The series of games played at At lanta Ga.. during the week r of Thanksgiving, resulted in awarding the championship to the Universi ty of Virginia. It is true that the North Carolina team defeated them in all exhibition games, but as the regular championship was won by a score of 30-18, the honor went to the latter. (A great deal of hon or, no doubt Virginia looks with pride to her being the champion. N. C. never claimed the honor, and never will; but it does look to us like the honor they claim has a hole in it as big as a tub.) The superiority of the Virginians was due largely to the personal train ing and coaching of Spicer, 91, half back on the Princeton team of 1890. He was engaged early in the sea son, and by careful work and coach ing of the material in the college presented at Atlanta a better team than any other college had yet pre sented." All the above is news to us except the fact that North Car olina and Va., were the most promi nent teams'in the South. As far as Trinity was concerned they were beaten by U. Va., 44-6 N. C. 24-0. v, m. 1. 34-0. 1 hat is a very beautiful way to figure, prominent ly. In theft last paragraph quoted above, mention is made of Mr. Spicer, who by his skill in coach ing put Virginia in the field at At lanta, and there on that fieldwhere she was defeated by the Universi ty of N. C. 26-0; demonstrated the fact that Virginia was the best team in the south, well! well!! well!!! the best team in the south, the best on field in Atlanta. Creat God and little fishes! We agree with you it was a great team, great in weight and suffering a great defeat. The only thing no ticed in the shape of great ability on the part of Virginias team, on that trip was their great ability to swallow booze. It was Mr. Spicer's training that made them play so lovely and winningly in Atlanta. Oh my! if that is so Mr.. Spicer, you are a deuced good trainer. You must train for the benefit of the op posing team, you are a daisy Mr. Spicer, and we hope you will train Virginia, until the cows come home. You are a sweet smelling kind of a tube rose anyhow, Mr. Spicer, and we would like to have you umpire just one more game for us. Mr. Spicer's training made Virginia. win, so the Princetonian says, we will now state what made us win and that was the training of Cowan,, ex Captain of Princeton, and Graves of Trinity, Conn. Thef thattf a team on the field, - and that-they stand first; in foot ball, with Trinity college;second and che University of North Caroling. Ithird. . i ; Virginia no doubt was, the first to put a team in the field, but I North Carolina was the first to play the scientific game of foot ball, for in 1889, the team was organized and ceached for some time by Hector Cowan of Princeton, and in 1890 by Graves. That our team was the best on the field in the south last year, no one can truthfully deny! below will be found our record, for last year, the record of air the games of ball ever played by North5 Carolina college teams, and that the average of each southern team as it appeared in Caspar W. Whitney's page in Harpers last year. U. of N. C. vs. Richmond college - 40-0 " U. Va. " . - 18-30 44 " Trinity, " - . 24-0 " 44 Auburn, 44 - - 64-0 44 Vanderbilt 44 - -34-0 44 U. of Va. " - - a6-o Record of State teams. U. of N. C. played 11 games, won 7, lost 4, made 266 points, opponents 82. Trinity college played 10 games. won 6, lost 4, made 201 points, op ponents 135. . Wake Forest, played 10 games; won 5. lost $t made 137 points, op ponents 134. . Record of Southern teams for 92. -The .annual -incame:of -colleges and universities in the, first rank are compared as follows: Michigan university ! 1 1 400,000 California university Vi: -270,000 Cornell university : . 500,000 Yale university ! $32,000 Wisconsin university 270,000 Harvard university :v . , 687,000 Columbia college 1 ' 650,000 Massachusetts Institute Technology , 267,000 Iowa university 125,000 Another comparison was made of the per cent, of tax different states appropriate for the support of their universities: Michigan, one-sixth of a mill. Wisconsin, ninj -fortieths of a mill. Ohio, one-twentieth of a mill. Nebraska, three-eights of a mill. Minnesota, three-twentieths of a miil. ,'V:;.,; California, one-tenth of a mill: Kansas, a fraction sufficient to net $75,000 per anuum.- The Dai- ly Cardinal. And poor U. N. C. has $2D,ooo- 'But she'll do more With that than many with much more. . ' . ... ' SCORB. . of N. C, 6 5 1 o 196 30 U. of Va., 531 1 no 48 Swanee. 6 a i i ta Am Ve. M. I. 4 301 54 18 Vanderbilt. ' R a A n t.i ts. xrinuy, 5 13 O 40 110 Auburn. x 1 i n i Wash. & Lee, 4 1 t o 12 70 gl?cch- 3 12 o 22 5a Rich. College, 3 0 3 0 6 64 u. 01 lenn. -s o o in The iVarsities' leave on their first trip on the 18th inst. Thev play St. Albans Academy on the 19th in Lynchburg, Washington and Lee on the 20th and Virginia Military Institute on the 21st in Lexingtcn. This will make a very pretty trip as the team will visit some very historic ground. Those men who make th'p tP.-im have certainly excellent opportuni ties for pleasant travel find aU. fnl recreation and it comes with out expense to the men too, The Team is improving consider ably, and is playing a decidedly better game of ball than it has for some time. We are glad to see that the number of men who are applying for the team is increasing, Capt Barnard should put forth eve ry effort to make the team a suc cess. He is going to make a good Captain and under his guidance the team shoujd eclipse all former teams. We have good material, and the knowledge that we have such an extensive schedule of dates this year should make all work hard, conscientiously and laborously. Let us get out a team that will be of as much credit to us as last year's team. We can do it if ail work, and we must do it. LAST SATURDAY'S GAMES. Princeton 12 Lehiah n Hnr. vard 32, Amherst o. Wesleyan 18, Trinity o. U. of Ponn p a . 0. West Point. l6 LnfnvPtt n - .j v. 1.1, Sunday's World dpvntpM nn. whole page to pleasant descriptions four most prominent men in Ame rica right now e. g., in colledans eyes. Hinkev. Yule's Waters, of Harvard. Princeton and Mackie, of Universi ty or rennsyivania are the men. We are glad to see Mr. W. Ros coe Bonsall, Princeton, '89 on the Hill again. He is the guest of Mr, Chas Baskerville. The first number of the Univer sity Magazine for the current year has made its appearance. With its new cover which is a work of art, and the excellent style in which it is printed, it has a decidedly attrac tive appearance. The articles in it are of special interest and would be a credit to much hrger and better known Magazines. Prof Collier Cobb deserves a deal of praise for his untiring efforts to make the Mag azine the representative College Magazine of the South. In our opinion he has succeeded. The Banjo Club will be a new feature in the University. Mana ger Roberson says the outlook is encouraging and that this Club will be strong although this is the first year. If possible, a trainer will be secured so as to make the ma terial more available. 1

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