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The Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1943-1946, May 11, 1894, Page 1, Image 1

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fS'6'. ' IT "T H H THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF UNIVERSITY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. Vol. II. UNIVERSITY OF KORTH CAROLINA, CHAPEL HILL, 1894. No. 25. " ' "' -'4 ' . ' BASE-BALL. U. N. C. vs. U. Va. The Universities of North Carolina and Vir ,. ginia share the championship of the South until another game is played. The base-ball teams of the Uni versities of North Carolina and Virginia met in Lynchburg, Va., at Riverside Park on Friday, May the 4th, and treated the spectators to one of the li nest games of ball ever seen in Virginia. Both teams were in fine form and played at their best during the whole game. The fielding by both teams was excellent, but the North Carolina boys out hit the Virginians. By bunching four hits in the second inning North Carolina won the game. The features of the game were Captain Robertson's phenomenal catch in center field; and the beautiful running catches of Kenan in right field for North Carolina, and Harper in center for Virginia. , The teams were fortunate in securing Mr. Betts, of Washington, as umpire. Not one of his decis ions was questioned. ' The score by innings is as fol lows : Parker flies to Robertson and out; Worthington base on balls; Coomb strikes out ; Worthington thrown out on attempting to steal second. N. C. Robertson reaches first on Parker's error; Oldham base on balls; Lanier base hit and scores Robertson. Gregory strikes out; Iloneycutt hits to pitch, and is out at first; Oldham goes to second. Kenan makes a hit and Oldham scores. Stanley hits safely advancing Kenan to third ; Stanley steals second, and Graham strikes out. Score7 V a. 0 ; N. C. 3. Second Inning. Smith flies out to Kenan ; Watts base hit, caught off first by pitcher and is out. Harper follows with a three base hit. Marshall flies out to Robert son, W. N. C. Stephens out on fly first base. Robertson out on grounder to second. Oldham out on ground er to Smith. Score, Va. 0 ; N. C. 3. Third Inning. Johnston strikes out. Nelson gets a hit. Parker fouls to Oldham, and is . out. Worthington out on fly to Lanier. N. 0. Lanier gets a hit. Greg ory hits to Parker, who puts Lanier out, but fails to catch Gregory at first. Iloneycutt follows with two bagger. Gregory scores on Ke nan's sacrifice. Stanley flies out to Harper. Score, Va. 0 ; N. C. 4, Fourth Inning. Coomb flies out to Gregory. Smith reaches first on a bunt, goes to second on wild pitch, is advanced to third by Oldham's passed ball, scores on Watts's sacrifice. Harper strikes out. N. C. Robertson, W., strikes out. Graham gets , base on balls, and is advanced to second by Stephens's hit. Oldham strikes out. Lanier is thrown out at first by Parker. Score, Va. 1 ; N. C. 4. Fifth Inning. Marshall is thrown out on slow grounder to Stephens. Johnson's fly to right is pulled down by Kenan in one of. the prettiest plays of the game. Nelson reaches first on Gregory's error. Parker gets base on balls. Worthington flies out to- Robert son, W. N. C Gregory reaches first on Johnston's error. Iloneycutt flies out to Harper. Gregory attempts to steal, runs out of line and is out. Kenan reaches first on error. Stanley gets a Int. Graham strikes out. Score, Va. 1 ; N. C. 4. Sixth Inning. Coomb leads off with a two base hit to center, and reaches third on Robertson's error. Smith hits grounder to Stephens, and is out at first. Coomb scores on Watts's foul fly to Iloneycutt. Harper hits grounder to Stephens, and is thrown out at first. N. C. Stephens is hit by pitched ball, and gets his base. Robertson, AV., sacrifices to second. Oldham sacrifices Stephens to third. Lanier retires side on fly to Harper. Harper makes a difficult catch. Score, Va. 2; N. C. 4. Seventh Inning. Marshall strikes out. Johnson hits safely, but is caught off the base by Stephens. Nelson hits to Stephens, and is thrown out at first. N. C. Gregory gets base on balls. Iloneycutt goes out on foul fly to Smith. Kenan gets base hit, and advances Gregory to third. Stanley and Graham strike out. Score, Va. 2 ; N. C. 4. Eighth Inning. Parker thrown out on ground ball to Stephens. Worthington out on ground ball to Gregory. Coomb flies out to Robertson, W. N. C. Stephens flies out to Watts. Robertson out on foul fly to Worthington. Oldham out on fly to Johnston. Score, Va. 2; N. 0. 4. Ninth Inning. Smith reaches first on base- hit. Watts hits to Gregory, and Smith and Watts both out on double play. Harper reaches first on Stanley's error. Marshall's grounder is fielded by Lanier to first, thus ending the "ranie. N The following is a tabulated score of the game. j N. C. . AB R lBSHPO A E Robertson, W.f c f, 4 10 1 4 0 1 Oldham, "c. ....... 3 1 0 1 5 10 Lanier, 3 b 4 12 0 12 0 Gregory, 2 b 3 1 0 0 3 2 2 Honeycutt, 1 b ... 4 0 1 0 12 0 0 Kenan, r f:. ...... 3 0 2 1 2 0 0 Stanjey, ss 4 02 0 0 0 1 Graham, If 3 0 0 0,0 0 0 Stephens, p - 3 0 1 0 8 0 0 ;-... - . Total ' - 31 4 8 3 27 13 4 I U. Va. ab r Ibsiipo A E Parker, 3b ....... 3 0 0 0 2 3 2 Wofthington, 2 b.. 3 0 0 0 1 0 0 Cooinb, c 4 1 1 0 7 0 0 Smith, 1 b.. 4. 1 2 0 6 2.0 Waits, rf... 3 0 11 1 00 Harper, cf 4.0 1 0 3 0 0 Marshall, rf 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 Johnson, s s.. 3 0 1 0 1 0 1 Nelson, p 3 0 1 0 3 1 0 Total ... .... 31 2 7 "l 24 6 3 Struck out, by Stephens, 4. Struck out, by Nelson, 7. Bases on balls, by Stephens, 2. Bases on balls, by Nelson, 3. BASE-BALL. NORTH CAROLINA vs. VIRGINIA. North Carolina Loses the Game. The second days' game with Vir ginia was played in Charlottesville on Virginia's home grounds. The Carolina boys failed "to get to gether" in the field, and at the bat their Avork was worse than their fielding. They didn't hit Nelson's drops at all. The Carolina boys surely put up the poorest game they have played this season. The N, C. Scrubs would have shut them out with such playing. Virginia was first at the bat. Parker hits to short and is thrown out at first, Worthington goes out on fly to center ; Coomb strikes out. Rob ertson, W.J leads off for N. C; hits to second, the ball is fumbled and Robertson reaches first; goes to third On passed ball. Oldham hits to second, on error reaches first and Robertson, W., scores. Lanier hits to short,and the Virginians get in double play, putting out Oldham at second and Lanier at first. Gregory hits to second and is thrown out at first. Score: N. C, 1; Va., 0. Second Inning. Smith hits to Honeycutt, but he fails to pick up the ball, and Smith is safe at first. Watts surprises the assembled mul titudes just at this point by hitting a home run over left field fence. Harper gets a base hit to right; Marshall hits to second, and on error Harper goes to second and Marshall gets safely on first. John son flys to left, hits the ground as there is nothing else for it to hit, and Harper scores. Nelson hits to pitcher, and is thrown out at first. Parker hits to pitch, who throws Marshall out at home while Parker is going to second. ' Worth ington hits to right, and on error gets to first and Johnston and Parker both score. Worthington crosses the peak on a passed ball ; Coomb' fles out to pitch. N. C. : Iloneycutt hits to pitch, and is out at first. Itenan strikes out; Stanley flys out to left. Score : Va., 0; N. C, 1. Third Inning. Smith goes out on fly to Stephens; Watts hits to ., pitch, and reaches first ; Harper hits to second, and in a double play Watts is out at second and Harper at first. N. C: Robertson, R., hits to right and gets to first on error; Stephens strikes out, but third strike is muffed, and while Stephens attempts to go to first Robertson, R., reaches second. Robertson, W., hits to short and is thrown out at first. Oldham' fails to touch Wilson's drops, and is out on three strikes. Score: Va, 0; N. C, 1. Fourth Inning. Marshall hits to second, and is thrown out at first. Johnson hits to short-stop and is -out at first. Nelson hits to pitch, and is thrown out at first. N. C: Lanier grounder to second and is out at first. Gregory is hit by pitcher and gets his base. Honeycutt flys put to first, and Gregory is out at first by Smith unassisted. Score: Va., 6; N. C, 1. Fifth Inning. Parker hits to Stephens, and on error gets to first and steals second. Worthington strikes out ; Coomb hits to pitch, the ball is thrown wTild and he gets to first. Smith flys out to left; Parker leaves third before flv is caught and is out. N. C: Kenan grounder to second, and is out at continued to third page J -

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