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The Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1943-1946, November 16, 1897, Page 1, Image 1

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(L ." ' H K THE) OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE UNIVERSITY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, CHAPEL HILL, N. C, November 16th. 1897. NO. 8. TAR Vol. 6. TWO VICTORIES FOR CAROLINA. Tenn. 0, U. N. C. 16. 7 - - On Monday, the 8th, the team play ed the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville. It was raining- heavily during' the entire game; but the Sun- . i J -11 A l . x i. day S rest nau uiuw cu wc mcu iu gei pretty good snape ana tney piayea much better game than they did against Vanderbilt. Play started at 3 o'clock. Tennessee won toss and Belden kicked to their 5 yard line, from which ball was brought 15 yards before be ing clowned. Edmunds makes 5 on mass on tackle. Baird, J. retires on account of a bad ankle. Morand takes his place and Nicklin goes to right half. On the next signal JNickhn skirts right end for 25 yards before being downed by Rogers. Malone' goes through center for 2y2 yards. Two trials over same place give 2 more. Edmunds makes Zx2 yards over left tackle and Nicklin fails to (rain around left end. Edmunds hits ft tackle for 5 and a double pass nets IS yards through center. Two trials through center gain the required 5. The ball then goes over on downs. Howell 9 yards on quick opening: a fumble but Carolina gets it, Howell V2 through line. Howell 25 yards around left end. Kluttz loses 7 yards. Belden punts to 25 yard line and man lis downed in his tracks. Nicklin makes 5 around left end. Two trials at cen ter and a double pass all fail and the fballis Carolina's on downs. Howell makes 9 on quick opening, Collins 2 on tackle-mass, and then 3 through center, Belden 2 through center. Howell shoots through quick opening for 3. Howell skirts end for 9. Bel den 2 over center. Howell 7 around 'tid. Collins fails to gain, touch-down to make. Howell goes the required listance and Belden fails to kick goal. Xorth Carolina 4; Tennessee 0. Tennessee kicks to North Carolina goal and Belden kicks 45 yards. On first down Cromartie breaks through and tackles behind line. Nicklin Jskirts left end for 6 yards. Three trials fail to advance ball and Caro- ina takes it. Collins advances 4 yards over right tackle. Bennett fails to mi.. TT 11 1 hr 3 it . Ck sulu. ijLuweii maites unu mcu y yards around end. Time called. Ball n Tennessee's, 20 yard line. SECOND HAI.F. Tennessee kicks to 15 yard line and Collins carries it back 25 yards. Shull is hurt and Turner takes his place. Ro1r1n 1 n i wu manes a over tcnici uuu vui jlins 3 over tackle and then 3 again. iHowell makes 7 yards over tackle; Col ons 4; Bennett 3: Relden ? Howell and Turner add 4 and Howell gets around the end for 16: Collins goes through the center for 10, Howell and Collins r each over, center; Howell 3 on quick Ipening and Collins touch down over jtackle. Belden kicks goal. North jCarolina 10; Tennessee 0. Seven min-futes. Tennessee kicks to 10 yard line and Belden brings back 20 yards. Collins ffoes20 through center, Howell 4 yards and Belden 3 through line and three tackle plays net 8 yards. How U goes around end for 10 and Collins fr 10 more. Howell makes 2, Belden j1. Ball fumbled, Bennett gets it. Lowell makes a beautiful 20 yard run to touch-down. Belden kicks goal. Seven and ihree-fourths minutes. North Carolina 16: Tennessee 0. . Fifteen seconds to play. Tennessee kicks off and Belden catches. Time called. The line up was as follow: THE LINE UP. TENN. positions. N. C. Bell, Center, Cunningham Baird, R. R. G. Cromartie Baird, J. (Morand) R. T. Bennett Tarwater, R. E. Kluttz Rice. L. G. Borland Watkins, L. T. Shull, (Turner) Smith, L. E. Esborne. Calhoun, Q. Rogers Morand, R. H. Collins Edmunds, L. H. Howell Maloney, F. Belden Tackles could not advance the ball on account of the slippery condition of the ground. Abbott. Bingham 0, U. N. C. 14. On Tuesday the ninth the Bing ham School boys went down before the Varsity by a score of 14 0. The crowd was large. A strong wind was blowing across the field. The game was called at 3:30. Belden won the toss and chose to defend the western goal. Bingham kicks to Carolina's 2 yard line, and the ball is brought back by Bnxton 15 yards. Buxton gains 1 through quick opening. Bennett 15 yards. Howell 35 yards around right end. Buxton 5 yards on mass on tackle then 15 yards around end. Howell 8 yards through line and 15 around end. Buxton 3 yards through line then 1 and U through line. Ball fumbled and Rogers falls on it, but is called back ' both sides holding. Varsity fails to gain and the . ball goes over on downs. Bingham's ball, Gerstle 3 yards, Richardson 1 then Gerstle 10 around end. Richardson rushes centre for 1 yard. Ball goes to Carolina for holding. Howell bucks line for 5 yards, Bux ton makes 2 through quick opening. Howell 4 on tackle, Buxton 8 then fails twice and Howell once, Varsity trying to push up hill for tonch down. Bingham loses 7 yards on doubl; pass then is given 10 for Car olina's off side. Richardson fails to p-ain through centre then they gain 3 yards on right tackle. Bingham loses ball on fumble. Howell tries centre for 5 yards. Buxton makes no gain through quick opening and then makes 7 on mass on tackle. Howell 5 yards and Buxton 2 yards through quick opening, then Howell 7 around end for touch down. Time not known as time keeper said 18 minutes but called time at end of 14 minutes. Belden failed to kick goal. N. C. 4 Bingham 0. Bingham kicks out of bounds and ball is kici-ed off again this time to 15 yard line and falls on ball. Carr 1 through centre then they lose 2 and fumble. Carolina gets ball and Howell makes 6 yards a- round end. lime called, ue'e time 14 minutes. Second Hale. Carolina calls for another time keeper to look after the other one. Rankin is appointed. Belden kicks to Biaghi m's 25 yard line and i '--- . ! the ball is advanced 5 yards then 4 and Gerstle bucks centre for 3 then they lose ball on downs. Howell 5 yards twice then Shull fails to gain and Varsity loses the ballon downs. Bingham makes 7 yards over left tackle then loses 2 followed by 5. On two rushes on centre Gerstle gains 1 yard and Rice 5. Ball is fumbled and Bingham falls on it. The ball is lost on downs. Buxton 1 Bennett 1 and Howell 55 yards around end, longest run made dur the trip. One yard of touch down. Belden makes touch down and kicks goal. Time 9 minutes." N. C. 10 Bingham 0. Bingham kicked to 20 yard line and Bennett advanced ball 11 yards and then 7. Ball fumbled but Varsity gets it second down 4 to make. Rogers 15 yards on double pass a round right end then fails tog'ainon same. Howell makes 7 and 10 are given on off side. Howell 5 yards on tackle and Rogers was stopped by the crowd and loses. Second down 10 yards to gain. Buxton 6 and Howell 4. - Carolina loses ball on downs. Bingham cannot gain so kicks 25 yards and the ball is brought back by Rogers 5 yards. Howell 3 yards around end. Here Bingham's coach called time at end of 15 minutes and Buxton made touch down. N. C. 14-Bingham 0. Whole time played 30 minutes. The agreement was for 20 min ute halves. Bingham's coach seem ed to have no idea of college ethics or honor. Abbott. LINE UP. N. C. position BINGHAM Cunningham C. Collier Cromartie II. G. Taylor Borland TL,.G. Glenn Bennett R. T. Harris(Capt) Shull L. T. Rice Rogers Q. B. Houston Buxton K. II. B. Carr Howell L. II. 13. . Gerstte Belden(Capt) F. B. Richardson Kluttz R. E. Duncan White I. E. Robertson Officials, Dr. Baskervilleand Mr. Breese. Additions to the Library. Concluded from last week. Weyman's For the Cause, Doyle's Strange Secrets, Pemberton's Christian of the Hills, Doyle's Rud ney Stone, Marferd's Dawn of Civ ilization, Marferd's Struggle of the Nations, Dowd's Life of Vance, Church's Occasional P.apers Vol. 1 and 2, Hutton's Literary Land marks of Rome, Claghorn's College Training for Women, Allie's Let ters of St. Augustine, Dunaway's Graduate Courses for 1897-'?8, Mohaffy's Empire of the Ptolemies, Balzac All of Roberts Bros, edi tion except following Pere Gonot, Duchess de Longrass, Caesar Bir ottean, Eugenie Grandet, Cousin Pans, Country Doctor, Two Broth ers, Mignon Magicsldn, Cousin Bet tie, Sons of the Soil, Lily of the Valley, An Historical Mystery, Coddard'sJason Edwards, God dard's Member 'or the Third House, ,God(Hrd's Spoil of Office, Horton's Constailtjne; Canon's Ballads .of Lost : Haven, Myrick's Tobacco Leaf.! CLASS CHAMPIONSHIP NEARING THE CLOSE. Sophs. 4, Seniors 0. The Class Championship game on Tuesday between the Seniors and Sophs was the poorest exibition of foot-ball seen on the gridiron this season. Busbee, Thompson and Little for the Seniors and Tate, Woodard and Hume for the Sophs deserve the greatest credit for their playing. THE LINE UP. POSITION c. R. G. L. G. R. T. L. T. R. E. L. E. Q. B. SOPHS Gant Reynolds Clark Lynch Winstead Jones T. Glenn Guion(Tate) lluinc Woodard(Capt.) Tate(Porsoti) SENIOR Brogden Thompson Little Moize Pfohl(Carver) Foscue Sams Follin Gold R. H. B. Busbee L. H. B' Whitaker(Capt.) P. B. Sophs 10; Juniors 4. At 2:30 Saturday 'the Juniors and Sophomores met on the gridiron to do battle for the class championship. Both teams were suffering from in juries though the Juniors were proba bly more handicapped by this cause than the Sophs; Capt. Woodward '00 won the toss and chose to defend the western goal. Capt. Winston, "9 kicked off and on account of a fumble recovered the ball with a gain of 15 yards. Then by steady hammering at the tackles the Juoiors slowly but sure ly pushed the ball down the field and shoved it over for a touchdown. The whirling mass play which the Juniors have developed so near to perfection was irresistable and at this point of the game it looked as if they were go ing to have a walk-over. After the next kick off, however, the Sophs were not long in recovering the ball and by quick opening plays and an end run of 20 yards, the ball was carried close to the Junior's goal line. Here the ex citement was intense, It was third down, eleven inches and a touch down to gain and ten seconds to play. Wood ward called the signal for mass on right tackle but the ball was fumbled and bounded across the goal line, Mc Fadgen falling on it. The Sophs had lost their chance to score during the first half, although coming so near it. In the second half the Juniors weak ened and the Sophs were not long in making a touch down, but failed kick goal. Donally and Davis, the Junior half-backs were laid out in the next few rushes, and Tate and Hume the '00 half backs skirted the ends for long gains scoring another touch down for the Sophs. Woodward kicked goal and no more scoring was done. The line up was as follows: THE LINE UP. positions. JUNIORS. Center. Wilson R. G. Wag-stall', (Cox) L. G. R. T. L. T. R. E. L. E. O SOPHS. Gant, , Reynolds, Clark, Person, Winstead, Jones, Lynch, Woodward, Capt. Hume. J. Tae, Glenn, KittreJl Crawfoid 15 unu Swink McFacl-en Winston, (Capt.) R. II. Donally, Hume T. L. H. Dilvis p Pearson Umpire, Mcchlinjr. Referte, Kvno:t-. Time-keeper. Graham. W.lliams College lias mwl numoer oi us siuukup the

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