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The Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1943-1946, November 01, 1898, Page 1, Image 1

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T Trim AR THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE UNIVERSITY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. Vol. 7. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, CHAPEL HILL, N. C, November 1st, 1898. : m. 7. i i " 1 i CAROLINA 11.0AK RIDGEO Carolina Plays a Slow and Uninter estlng Game Against Oak Ridge. The game with Oak Ridge was les Oak Ridge getting it. played here on Saturday afternoon, makes 1 yard Oak Ridge kicks off 33 yards to Gregory who advances it o yards being thrown back by Taylor ' 1 A 1 TXT v. raves maKes 4 varus, watson makes 2 yards. Howell makes yards. Howell on next rush fumty g it. Bennet Herbert 1 yard It had been raining all day and the Bennett makes 4 yards throug field was left in a very, muddy con- center. Herbert loses 3 yards being thrown hard on the muddy ground Taylor loses 1 yard. Bennett on dition. No doubt this accounts, some- fnr f hi mallnn nf double pass fails to gain. Ball goes over to Carolina. Howell makes 2-1 yards. Watson makes 4 yards Graves makes 3 yards. Graves 2 yards. Watson mikes 10 yards Howell loses yard. Graves niak es 2 vards. Graves kicks 30 vards owing to the inability of the play ers getting1 a foothold on starting The game was very disappointing to the student body and if we ex nect to win the games that are to he nlaved in the next few weeks Carolina will certainly have to im- and Bennett brings it back 10 yards r p for Oak Ridge. Morris is thrown Special features are few. Rogers back 3 vards bJ Miller- Morris made a beautiful run at the begin- makcs 3i 'ards- Bennett works a nimr of the 12-ame which brought trick on the 'Varsity -and kicks forth loud applause from the spec- through the line 10 yards where it tators. Gregory made some beau tiful tackles and Bennett played well in the line. For Oak Ridge. Bennett at full- hack nlavetl a beautirui rame. ms . i J -' line bucking was splendid and he seldom tailed to Lrain tnrougn tne P II 1 r TTT a is i alien on oy Ki raves, watson make 4 A yards. Carolina makes 8 vards. Time up. Ball on Oak Ridg-e's 22 yard line. SECOND HALF. Martin takes Roger's place at Quarter. Howell kicks off for Car olina 45 yards. Bennett catches and advances 15 yards for Oak Ridge being tackled by Gregory Herbert makes two yards and then 2 more. Bennett makes 4.yds Bennett makes 2 yards. Morris fails to gain. Taylor on the next rush is thrown bach by Bennett 5 yards. Bennett makes 3 yards Bennett fails to make the required yards and the ball goes to Carolina. Watson makes 8 yards. Howell makes A yards. Coxe takes Wat- 1 1 j T TT Tl A T. TT V. Morris; SOU S UldLC U iv. 1.x. XJ. vjricLVCS F. B. Bennett(Capt makes 5 yards. Howell makes S 1... TJ11 .-1.,- Al ,t,1 Subs, for Oak Ridge. Anderson, O'Berry yew u?. uuvvcu. uicwvi-o -r3 yciius. and McArthur. Touchdowns. Graves 1, Graves makes A yards. Howell Rogers l. Goals. Graves l. Officials makes 2 yards. Carolina fumbles Referee Dr. Baskerville. Umpire Mr. Ste- losing 1 yard by it. Howell fails phen. Linesman Gruver and Land. inne to gain required distance ana ball Keepers Lawsou and Woodard. g-oes over to Oak Ridg"e. Morris Oak Ridge wins toss and chooses makes 1 yards. Bennett make kick off. Carolina defending west yard. Uennett makes o yards. p-0al. Morris makes 3 yards. Herbert Oak Ridge kicks off 35 yards to makes 2 yards line. Phifer at right guard also plaed well. Two fifteen minute halves were played. The line up was as follows: U. N. C. O. Ridge. Kluttz R. E. Taylor . Bennett R. T. Brown Phifer R. G. Phifer Mclvcr C. Kirkpatrick Miller L. G. Homer Shull L. T. Joyner Gregory L. E. Ricks Rogers (Capt) ij. B. West Watson R. H. B. Herbert Howell L. II. B. Morris Graves Bennett makes 2 ball goes over to Carolina. Howell Georgia played an unusually snap- makes 3 yards. Coxe fumbles aud py g-ame. loses 2 yards. Martin kicks and Jones, Georgia's full-back,- was Herbert gets ball for Oak Ridge, much complimented for his splendid Morris makes 5 yards. Morris punting. The ball 'was passed to makes 3 yards. Bennett makes 4 him directly from the centre. He yards. Herbert makes ' 2 yards, used the side step and gave the ball Time lip. Ball in Oak Ridge's a spinning- motion opposite in dis possession on Carolina's 50 yard tion to the famous Jack Belden cork- line, screws. This motion was attained by striking the ball with the inner instep. Assistant Coach Nalle stated t.o- nig-ht that Jones punted eighteen times and averaged 43 yards. ; Georgia 4 -Vaudcrbiit 0. Special to the Tar Heel Atlanta, Ga., Saturday, Oct. 30th, ,()8 The result of the game this after noon between Vanderbilt University and the University of Georgia was a genuine surprise for the Georgia constituency. The Vanderbilt men were g-iving1 heavy odds and caused the Georg'ia team to go into the game scared green Vanderbilt kicked off and sent the ball spinning- over the line square between the goal posts. The pig- skin was brought to the 25 yard line and by repeated end runs Geor gia worked the ball to within 30 vards of Vanderbilt's groal. Here Jones, the Georgia full-back, failed n attempt to score five points from a drop-kick. The Georg-ia line did not hold well and the kick was blocked. 4 By small gains attained by line bucking, whirling- mass plays aud andem formations Vanderbil t plac ed the ball on Georgia's fifty yard ine. Here it went over and Geor gia punted high aud far. Vander bilt's full-back fumbled and Georg-ia recovered. Georgia signaled for ler crack right half to take the ball McCutcheon responded to the call and with the assistance of beautiful nterference he carried the pigskin round left end for a touch down. Georg-ia "rooters went wild and didn't seem to mind Jones' failure to kick the goal. Mercer Colleg-e won the Georgia Inter-Collegiate Oratorical contest here tonirht. P. W. Historical Society. The first regular meeting of the Historical Society was held in the Chapel in the evening1 of Oct. 24. Mr. II. M. London was elected Secretary to succeed Mr. McCor- mick '98. Dr. Battle read a very interesting paper by Mr. Donald Mclver on the "Scotch Settlement o f the Cape Fear". This paper tracing the growth of the Colony from the Bat tle of Culloden to the present time, gave us an insight into the life of a people who, remarkable for their christian fortitude and integrity, constitute the best element of citi zenship in the Cape, Fear Section of our State. A paper on "Hatteras in '61" showing1 the value of this point to the Confederacy and describing- the first Union Naval victory was read by Mr. H. P. Harding. Dr. Battle then entertained the club for the remainder of the hour with some amusing reminiscences about the early teachers of what are now "defunct schools". Philogical Club. Prof. Harrington entertained the Vanderbilt rallied and by pound- Philogical Club Tuesday evening, ng Georgia's line time and again Oct. 25, with a very interesting pa- carried the ball to within 20 yards per on the "Letters of Lipsius." f the coveted goal. On third down The characteristics ot Lipsius, she tried a fake tandem play and the writer, as well as some very a- Rogers who catches and runs 90 yards. Graves in the next rush is sent Corlett round right end, but muring- p-'culi antics of the man yards through whole field for a hurt and Buxton goes in at b ull back tmiH-i flnwr. Graves kicks au easv Herbert makes 3 yards. Herbert 2 vards. Bennett makes 1 vard Score Carolina 6. Oak Ridg-e 0. Herbert makes U yards. Oal Oak Ridg-e kicks 32 yards to Ridge fumbles and Shull gets it Orprmrv who ndvnnces the ball 10 Howell fails to gain. Carolina J w yards. Howell makes 10 yards, misses signal ana loses j yas by it. Wn tcni-i mnWrc 8 vards. Graves Martin kicks. Ball goes out of makes two yards. Howell makes .8 bounds and Oak Ridg-e gets ball, yards. Howell makes 5 yards. Taylor thrown back 5 yards by Howell makes 11 yards. Watson Bennett. Herbert makes 4 yards. makes 2 yards then 4 more. How- Bennett fails to g-aiu. and ball goes ell makes 14 yards. Watson on over to Carolina. Coxe makes 2 (next rush fails to gain. Howell yards. Coxe tails to gain. Martin makes 5 yards. Watson 4. yatds. kicks and Miller falls on it. Ball ,-. - - . r 111 1 CM-. -11 li. T11 iGraves makes b yards, u raves lumoieu anu onuu gei,s u. u,ui f makes 4 yards. Carolina here fum- again tumbled and Carolina loses 6 "hies but regains ball. Graves then yards by it. Martin kicks and goes through line lor a toucn uovvn nenneu gets uj.u iui watt xxiuge and advances it 25 yards being tack led hard by Gregory. Morris .being helped finely by Phifer. Time 2 minutes. 4 Graves misses goal, makes 2 yards. Herbert makes 1J 1 Score: Carolina 11, Oak Ridge 0. yards. Bennett fails to gain and for an untimely fumble Corlett were well brought out in the piper . would certainly have scored. This A very old volume of his published was her only chance. letters were presented and examin- Vamlerbilt had evidently depend- ed with good deal of interest by the ed too much on gaining ground members of the Club. QUn funrl Clort--1 Printers lv Prof. Tov and Dr. gia's line especially strong on de- Lins:ott were on the programme, fensive work and it was late in the but were postponed until the next oame when she discovered her abil- meeting as these gentlemen were ity to make headway round right unavoidably absent. end. (jreonna Had tne ngnter but rast-i cr team and won the game by beau tiful punts coupled with the work of fast ends. McCutcheon her right half in offensive work and end . i r .1 i 1 1 ii. in aetensive was ueciueuiy ine star." Vanderbilt was crippled by the necessity of playing her sub-halfbacks, and more especially by the abscence of Phil. Conncll at full. Vanderbilt lacked ginger, while Saturday's Football Scores 10 West Point 0 11 Carlisle Indians 5 23 U. of Chicago 11 23 Brown 0 6 Oberlin 0 24 Trinity 0 23 Dartmouth 5 ' 11. S. Naval Acad. 18 LaFayette 0 V. M. I. 1 Richmond Col. 0 U. of Va. 47 Columbian 0 U,ofGa. 4 Vanderbilt 0 Yale Harvard U. of Penn. Princeton Cornell Williams Wesleyan

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