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The Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1943-1946, November 08, 1898, Page 1, Image 1

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I tt THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE UNIVERSITY ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. Vol.7. UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, CHAPEL HILL, K. C, November 8tb, 1898. NO. 8. L AH JtiJ&iSJU CAROLINA REDEEMED! 'Varsity Administered a Crushing Defeat to Virginia Polytecnic Institute in Winston Last Fri day. The 'Varsity team left last Thurs day evening for Winston where it was to meet their old opponents from Blacksburg. This was the first strong team that has lined up against the 'Varsity this season, so the outcome of the game was await ed with quite a good deal of inter est. Last year the Virginia lads defeated our team by a score of 4 to 0. Burning with a desire to wipe out this score, Carolina went into the game determined to win and to pile up a large score. As a result the "fame ended with a final score of North Carolina's 28 to Virginia's b. The two teams were about equal in weight but Carolina's superior training and greater knowledge of the game told in the long- run. Tin first half was close and exciting-, the Carolinians not yet having thorough ly warmed to their work. But in the second half they went to work with a dash and vi m which complete ly overwhelmed their opponents. Coach Reynolds was high in his praise of the team's behavior and said that he had never witnesseed a better game by Carolina. To name the stars for the 'Var sity be to include the entire team. The names of Rogers, Howell, Shull and Beunctt deserve especial nien tiou. For the Virginians Wood and Ingles played with their old snap and power and put up a strong- game. The crowd was rather disapoint ing in size, though it had plenty of enthusiasm. The line up was as follows: U.N.C. V.P.I. Koelher (Kluttz) R. E. Jewel Bennett R. T. Wood Phifer R. G. Cox Cunningham C. Stull Croniartie (Miller)Iy. G. Carper Shull h. T. Thomas Gregory L. E. Hubard Rogers (Capt) Q. B. Bell Cartland R. H. B. Ingles McRae(Howell)L. II. B. ttocbeck Graves F. B. Painter Officials: Referee S. B. Alexander. Umpire J. R. K. Cowan, of Vir ginia; Time Keepers, Blair and Daniels; Linesmen, Osborne and Hardaway. Time 25 and 20 min utes. Touch downs: Cartland 2, Bennett 1, Graves 1, Howell 1, Ingles 1; goals: Painter 1, Graves 1, Gregory 2. At 11 o'clock the two teams lin ed up.. Carolina won the toss and lined up to receive the kick. Paint er kicks 45 yards and Cartland ad vances 25 yards. McRae gains yard and Graves punts 40. Ingles gains 2 yards but in the next two rushes V. P . I. fails to gain, and the ball goes over on downs.) McRrae fails to gain Cartland makes 10 yards, then 2 McRaell, Cartland 3, Graves 4, and Cartland 4. Then Shull makes a beauty run for 11 yards. Vir ginia off side and Carolina is given 10 yards. By repeated grains Carolina carries the ball to Vir ginia's six yard line. Then Cart land makes a beautiful dive over right tackle f o r a touchdown Graves misses goal. Score N. C. 5. Virginia 0. Time ten minutes Virginia kicks 50 jrards and Gra ves advances zv. Carolina loses 5 yards on fumble. Cartland mak es 7 yards, McGrae 3. Carolina gains 25 yards. Ball fumbled by McRrae after gaining- 5 yards. Virginia dashes through center by a triple pass and gains 12 yards. Ingles 2 yards, then 'by guards back plays 10 yards; then Ingles gains 3 yards on double pass, then Ingles trains 3 yards around the end for a tauch down. Painter kicks gaal N.C. 5. Va. 6. Carolina kicks off to 45 yard line McRrae hurt and Howell substitu ted. Thomas fails to gain, Ingles gains 4 yards, Ingles 3 yards, Wood 3 yards. Ingles 2 yards; centre tried for no gain. A triple pass over centre is stopped by Graves for no train:' Ball fumbled and captured by Gregory on Virginia's 30 yard line. Then Howell makes a pretty dash around end for 29 yards, aided by beautiful interference by Rogers Off side play gives Carolina I yard and Graves goes over for touch down. Graves kicks goal. N.C. 11 Va. 6. Virginia kicks 45 yards and G raves advances 15. Cartland 3 yards. On double pass Carolina gains 15 yards. Howell fumbles. Time up. Ball on Carolina's 33 yard line. SECOND HALF. Carolina kicks 40 yards and Koeh ler makes a pretty tackle. But his knee is hurt and Kluttfc takes his piace. Graves ganis 2 yards. Howell 7. Graves 5. Cartland 7. Shull 6 and Howell 2. Graves gains 3 yards. Howell A and Cartland 9 yards. Rogers on a double pass makes a beauti f ul run of 30 yards. He is tackled several times but throws off all opponents. Shull gains 4, yards. Howell 6, Bennett 10 Ball goes over on 10 yard line for holding in the line but Virginia fails to gain. Cartland gains 6 yards and then Carolina dives over tackle for a touchdown. Graves kicks goal. N. 'J. 16, Va. 6. Virginia kicks 50 yards and How ell advances 30 yards. Rogers gains 22 vards, Howell 5 a d then Ben- nett in a beautiful run makes 30 yards. Howel gains 1 yard then 7 yards then Bennett 2 and Graves 1 yards, then Cartland 2 yards and Shull 5. Then Bennett makes the star play of the game. He snatches the ball and dashes over the Virgi nians' line. Three times he is down ed but regains h:s feet each time. down. Graven kicks goad. Carolina 22. Virginia 0. Virginia kicks 45 yards and Car olina advances 15, thru gains 1, Rogers 3, Roebeck retires and Hardaway takes his place at half. Howell gains 3 yards, Bennett 7 Howell 10, but Carolina loses th ball on account of holding- in th line. Virginia is compelled to kick 25 yards, Rogers catches ball Howell gains 3 yards. Graves ' and Howell 7, Graves falls back U kick but fumbles. Ball goes over By a double pass, Hardaway gains a yard, Painter here fall bac for a kick. Then big Bennett dashes through Thomas and as tin ball , Hies through the air to Painter Bennett catches it and gains 4yard? Howell makes a beauty jump for yards and then 2 more for a touch down. Gregory kicks goal. N. C. 28, Va. 6. Virginia kicks and Graves advan ces 10 yards, Bennett ganis 20 yds Howell 25, Bennett 2, Shull 7, anc Cartland fails to gain. Buxton takes Cartland's place and Miller is sub stituted for Cromartie. Graves kicks 30 yards and time is called. Final score North Caro lina, 28. Viginia, 6. A Student's Sentiment. Almost every year various arti cles appear in the Tar Heel, set ting forth the views of some stu dent or collection of students, on different phases of our College life. Some of these articles may be sar castic and unnecessarily bitter, all of which is entirely uncalled for, and is out of place; but the majori ty of them are simply corteous, but frank expressions of opinions on matters of vital interest to the wri ter. This privilege belongs to ev erybody. In a free country like ours no man can be 'denied the right to raise his voice in approval or dis approval of anything that involves liis own interest, and especially so when his interests are being tram pled upon, andhis rights and privil eges taken from him. Be it far from the present writer to say or imply anythnig injust a bout any man or any department of the University. If he does do so, let the public sentiment of the stu dent body condemn his act, and correct his error, but grant him the privilege to defend the rights of himself and his fellow students. It is passing strange that in some departments of the University men full grown men- are treated as tho' they wete scarcely weaned from their mother's breast and are gov erned by rules that have long been extinct, even in the "prep" schools. The University has indeed come to a deplorable state of affairs, when it gets so that a student can't leave the class room after the bell rings without being pillored before the class and a storm of abuse from the Then with four men hanging on professor. Much less has that his back he falls over for a touch-! professor a ri-ht to drive him back and force him to take his seat when other classes are awating him, and other professors are being annoyed elsewhere. In fact, the writer' understanding of the rules of the University is, that a man has a right to leave the class room when ever he chooses, provided he does not disturb the rest of the class in doing-so, and if he stays too long, the professor can simply mark him absent and report him to the Presi dent. Abuse is unnecessary and uncalled for under any circumstan ces, and is always demoralizing to the class. And yet order must be mantained. To do this, rigid discipline must be enforced. Indeed, so rigid is the discipline (?) in some departments that a man can't even smile at the numerous absurdly ridiculous things that happen there without being ordered to leave the class room. That is order with a vengence. What, pray, is to become of the majority of us, when a man who ahvays knows his lesson, ami who was never known to mis behave on class, is ordered out of the room just because he laughs? The writer would consider it a. great lavor it some kind mend. would tell him why it is that under one professor a class is studious and well behaved, and under another professor the very same class is dis orderly and careless about its les sons? Why is it that, in the latter case, nan or two-tniras or tne nour at every recitation has to he taken up lecturing the class about its conduct both in the class room anil out of it, and then at the end have the class rewarded by informing them that they know nothing; that hey learn nothing in College except bow to root in the mire; and finally go out into the world greater ignor amuses than when the entered Col- e? How can a man help being in iguoramsu wnen au ms ume on class is taken up with something entirely foreign to the lesson, and nothing is said or done to encourage lim to study? Truly, "There is something rot ten in Denmark , and the sooner somebody finds the source of the trouble,' the better it will he for all concerned. Captain of Foot EJall Team Elected. At a meeting- of the team last Wednesday night Mr. P.O. Rogers was elected permanent captain of the '98 team. The choice is a wise f . T . . .... I.. t 1 one. uapi. Jvogers nas wurweu hard and conscientiously and deser ves the honor. We hope to see the entire college now get behind C.ipt- ain Rogers, Coach Reynolds and the team and pull together harder than ever to make the best possible out of the team. We have got a hard struggle before us for next Thanksgiving Day, but we have got to win, just simply have got to win, there is no two ways about it. Now let's do it.

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