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The Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1943-1946, October 15, 1903, Page 1, Image 1

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TAR HE! iUo Vol. 12, UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, CHAPEL HILL, N. C, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1903. NO. i OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. SOUTH CAROLINA DEFEATED. North Carolina Comes Off Victor in an Interesting Game at Co lumbia Saturday. South Carolina is far from dis graced because defeated by the team from the neighboring State yesterday atternoon. J. he score was 17 to 0. From start to finish the local collegians put up a plucky struggle and long before the first half was at an end cheers of admira tion rose from the disinterested spectators to mingle with those of the crowd of supporters of the Gar net and Black. Few had expected victory and many had no idea of so small a score on the part of the visitors. They came with a record of vic tories of which few of the Southern teams can boast, and won on many a hard fought field. South Caro lina's team was green and had play ed but one game that could hard ly be dignified by the name. Five of the men had never appeared in a foot ball game of any merit before Yet the team stood like veterans the rushes of the North Carolinians and time and again the ball went to South Carolina on account of the inability of the other side to gain. The visitors stuck very closely to old line foot ball, using no new . for mation as was expected as a result of the new rules. Tackle-back for mations and tandem bucks were ll,:ed time and again. South Caro lina's ends showed up well through out the game, and the Tar Heels seemed to consider the line a better chance than the ends. Foster's courage and grit was equalled only by his skill as a player. Few plays crossed his end, though the inter ference of the North Carolinians swept him from his feet. McKay, who was substituted in the second half, also appeared to advantage, getting into the plays with spirit. Oliver broke the North Carolinians' line several times and aided ma terially in sending Capt. Gunter through the holes. The last named pire, Guion, of North Carolina; athlete was, as ever, a star, taking ! linesman, Green, of South Carolina every chance that came up. linesmen, Herbert for South Caro- For North Carolina Jones, Ja-jlina, Engle for North Carolina; cocks and Donnelly slaved trood timekeeper. Edmunds, of South ball.. Donnellv is as much a star I Carolina. Touchdowns: Jacocks who fell on it. North -Carolina failed to gain materially after try ! -11 f 1 I l f ing au or ner DacKs, ana Keea blocked Jacocks's drop kick, falling on the ball. Oliver and Gunter too the ball and then Wyman punted for 60 yards. North Carolina worked the ball up tne field by hard line plunging, using Mann many times, until a touch down was made. Goal was not kicked. The rest of this half was played be tween the 2o-vard lines, both teams being forced to punt, and the hal ending with the ball in North Car olina's possession. Score 5 to 0. In the second half South Caro liua kicked off. North Carolina was soon forced to punt. Immed ately after the ball was put in play after this punt one of the startling plays of the afternoon occurred Wyman was passed the ball and, evading the opposing backs and ends, came up the field for 40 yards and was caught near the 25-yard line. Soon afterwards the bal went to North Carolina oh downs, and the Tar Heels again took the ball for a touch down, thougfh the path to the goal was stubbornly fought. This goal was kicked and another touchdown was made a few minutes later by North Carolina, . 4 f 4 . n4 4 atter hard lighting. I he game ended with the ball on the 25-vard line and the score 17 to 0. LINE UP. North Carolina. South Carolina Townsend Cox Hester Jones, G., Jones, H. Stewart Donnelly Townsend Engel Wilson Jacocks Mann Berkeley Newton R. H. R. E. L.T. R. T. R. G. C. L. T. L. E. Q. B. R. H. L. H. F. B. Gunter, C. McKay Reed Wilds Reed Fendley Oliver Foster Iee Gunter, C. Wyman, J. Wyman, B. Boyle Referee. Wilson, of Sewanee; um at foot ball as at baseball. Capt. Jones plunged through the line al most unaided at times, his great strength being his success. Engle generated the team with much skill. South Carolina's supporters were more than satisfied at the showing made. North Carolina's eleven was composed largely of men of last year's team and outweighed their opponents practically 15 pounds. Kendly, centre for South Carolina, worked hard throughout the game and the critics complimented his work highly. North Carolina kicked off in the first half and Capt. Gunter caught the falling leather. After ad vancing the ball some M yard it was Jot to one of the other side ' ft 2. Mann. Score at end of first half: North Carolina 5; South Car olina 0. Score at end- of game N. C. 17; S. C. 0. Columbia State, Oct.llth THE GAME IN DETAIL, AS SEEN BY A NORTH CAROLINIAN. Game called at 4.15. Gunter won the toss and chose to defend the south goal. Jacocks kicks off to Gunter, who returns the ball 20 yards, Oliver goes 4 yards through tackle. (Winter goes through left tackle lor 3 yards, South Carolina tries 2 more plays which fail and kicks to Jacocks. Maun then hits hft tackle for 3 yards Jacocks goe through right for two, South Carolina is off hide and is penalized yard, Mann fad In gain. Donnelly fails to gain. South Car olina is off side again and loses 5 yards. Newton goes through centre for 4 vards. Jacocks roes through right for 3 yards. Jones, G., fails to jrain. Jacocks tries goal, hits Newton in the-head and South Carolina gets the ball. Oli ver hits right tackle for 2 yards Gunter goes through right tackle for 1 yard. South Carolina is forced to punt and Wyman kicks 20 yards. Donnelly hits right for 4 yards Jaco rks makes first down. Donnel ly goes two yards over right tackle. Mann is thrown by Foster on next play for no gain. Jacocks goes 15 yards but fumbles and Oliver falls on the ball. Wyman hits right tackle for no gain. Left half goes through left tackle for 2 yards. m-r-v 1- t H It Wvman duius to Jacocks. Mann t hits left tackle for 5 yards. New ton goes through center for 6. On the next .play Mann shoves through left tackle for 20 yards and a touch down. Bully misses goal. Score, N. C. 5; S. C. 0. N. C. receives kick off. Wyman kicks to Jacocks who re turns 15 yards. Jacocks hits left tackle for 4 yards. Jones tries left tackle for no gain. Newton bucks centre for 1 yard. Jacocks hits right tackle but South Carolina gets the ball. Wyman goes over right for 1 yard and tries centre for no gain. Wyman punts 30 yards and North Carolina gets the ball. Newton, bucks centre for 1 yard. Jacocks hits left tackle for 4 yards. Newton hits centre for 3 yards. Mann dashes around right end for 4 yards and then bucks right for 3. Jacocks punts 40 yards to Wyman, who goes around right end for no t t . t i r i i gain, rcignt nan goes over rignt tackle for 1 yard. Wyman punts 30 yards. Time is up, with the ball in Carolina's possession on South Carolina's 25-yard line. SECOND HALF. Wyman kicks off to Newton, who runs ball back 15 yards. Jones lits left tackle for 4 yards and then :h rough centre for 3 yards. Ja cocks loses 1 yard around left end. Mann loses 3 yards around Foster's end. Jacocks punts 45 yards to Wyman, who runs out of bounds. Ball is brought in 15 yards. On a double pass Wyman succeeds in getting past everybody and runs 40 yards before being thrown by Cngle in a beautiful tackle. Gun ter hits left tackle for 4 yards. Wyman hits left tackle, fumbles the )all and Stewart falls on it. North Carolina has the ball on her own 30 yard line. Jones makes 3 yards over left tackle and Mann adds 2 over same place. Jacocks goes 5 yards over left tackle again. Yfcr- ner here hits 'lownsend a foul blow ii the eye and in put out of the i i t ii r game, jone iukks jcii i.icKie lor 4 yards. Maun goes 5 yards h rough na me place, and Jacocks add 4 yard again over Mine place, Maun tries K it tackle once more for a. r . . . m twoaid. rot iouw-nt Willi this, Donnelly carries the ball 15 yards over left tackle again. Wyman, B., gets hurt and goes out of the game. Boyle takes his place. Donnelly hits right tackle for 3 yards. Mann adds 2 yards over left tackle. Bully bucks the line for 10 yards and then adds 4 over centre. Don nelly hits left tackle for 1 yard. Foster makes a beautiful tackle and is hurt but goes back into the game. Jones bucks centre for 1 yard. Hy drick is hurt and Lumpkin takes his place. Mann goes 2 yards over left tackle. Jones hits centre for 4. Mann is then shoved over left tackle for a second touch down, and Jacocks converts it into a goal. Score. 11 to 0 in North Carolina's favor. Jacocks kicked off to Wyman, who returns 5 yards before being thrown by Newton in a beautiful tackle. Gunter goes around left end for 2 yards. Wyman hits right for 2 1-2. " With only 1-2 yard to make, Boyle hits line between Stewart and Hester, but makes no gain. The ball goes over to North Carolina on South Carolina's 20- yard line. Donnellv hits center for 5 yards. Mann hits left tackle for 4 yards. Donnelly adds 3 yards in the same place. Mann is given the ball again and shoves through left tackle for 8 yards and his third touchdown. Jacocks kicks goal. Score, North Carolina 17; South Carolina 0. Wyman kicks off to Jacocks, who returns 10 yards. South Carolina loses 5 yards on off side play. Donnelly bucks right tackle for 4 yards. Berkeley takes Mann's place. Berkeley gains 7 yards over eft tackle. Jones hits left for 10 yards. Great holes are made by Donnelly. Jacocks is hurt but re mains in the game. Berkeley loses 1 yard around right end. Jones gains 5 yards over left tackle. Berkely goes over left tackle for 3 yards. Jacocks goes around left end for 4 yards. Donnelly loses 1 yard over right tackle. Beautiful tackle by Foster, who is laid out but resumes play. Jacocks makes 5 yards around left end. Wilson goes in at quarter. On a quarter back run Wilson loses 3 yards. On a similar play Wilson loses 2 yards. The ball goes over to South Caro lina. Wyman makes no gain around right end. Wilds makes nothing over left tackle. Time is up; ball is on South Carolina's 45 yard line. Final Score: N. C. 17; S. C. 0, Tennis. Virginia has challenged Carolina to a game of Tennis, doubles and singles, promising to pay the ex penses of three men to Charlottes ville. All students who wish to content for these places will hand their names to Hal Worth. An en trance fee of 50 cents will be charg ed to buy ball. Nairn iniut be in by Saturday evening a tlie meet will conk- off the last of this mouth. ill I i h

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