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The Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1943-1946, June 18, 1974, Page 2, Image 2

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The Tar Heel uJ J v liii JLi ,1 AM MAN. Jordan King Hussein welcomed President Nixon Monday with jet fighters, bagpipes, and loudspeakers on this last stop of the Middle East tour, and said the next milestone on the road to peace was disengagement of Israeli and Jordanian forces along his western border. The presidential party arrived back in the Arab world in mid -day. just hours after Nixon and Israeli Premier Yitzhak Rabin issued a communique announcing the same nuclear reactor and technology for Israel which last week had been promised for Egypt. The motorcade received a warm but restrained greeting from an estimated 100.000 citizens watched closely by 10,000 armed forces and police. In his toast at a state dinner, Hussein said Jordan looks to the "strong and friendly hand of America" in his goal of separation of forces along the Jordan river. amid NEW YORK - China and France exploded nuclear bombs in the atmosphere only hours apart Monday, the first time in history two such tests were reported carried out in one day. The Chinese blast deep in the Asian desert was described by the Indian Atomic Commission as a one-megaton blast equivalent to I million tons of TNT. It dwarfed the French test in the Pacific which New Zealand officials put below the 20.000 ton range, probably a missile warhead. Neither France nor China announced the i ' C3 " i .Si if s rrrj j ---o v' f( 3 - u 1 U J 'ZSl ZSl" &i i. 1 ZsP ) I" "N C. C?) JzzJ l - : ( ) f 1 1 f-5j (UJ (0 Qj) CLASSIFIEDS : UNC TOUR OF THE GREAT ! CITIES OF RUSSIA AND i FIMLAf4D DECEMBER 20-31. 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But he cited what he called "a new element in the Middle East mix . . . The United States now has made a ix decision that we will undertake not to impose a settlement j:j but to use our influence effectively to bring leaders to Middle::-: East nations together to find fair and just solutions." : The 38-year-old King sought U.S. aid in three long range : goals: g Restoration of Arab sovereignty over the holy city of : Jerusalem. Recognition and restoration of the legitimate rights of $ the Palestinian people who, he said, should be free to choose jij: to stay in Jordan, federate w ith Jordan, or be independent. ;: Withdrawal of all Israeli forces from the territory : occupied in the war of 1967. Meanwhile, he said, the next step should be disengagement of Israeli and Jordanian soldiers. CMma tests but they monitors. were confirmed bv outside The Indian monitors said China's explosion took place in the Lop Nor testing area in Sinkiang prov ince, about 1 .500 miles west of Peking, at 2 a.m. EDT. A one megaton bomb has 50 times as much explosive power as the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima. In Washington, Defense Secretary James R. Schlesinger told a news conference China's test "simply reflects the slow paced - on STEREOS: GET THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEY FINEST EQUIPMENT LOWEST PRICES FULL WARRANTIES; CALL ANN SHACHTMAN, 942-772; VISIT 1510 CUMBERLAND ROAD. YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID. 1 bedroom, furnished apartment in private home. Private entrance, full bath and kitchen. Large living room, walk-in closet. Very quiet Ideal for student couple or professional woman. 942-2268. Indexing, proofreading and related services. Experienced, reasonable. Gowan & Cloud; Box 1131; Zebulon, NC 27597; (919) 269-7095. PARLEZVOUS FRANCAIS? Non? Come and speak French in two months. 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Kissinger, leaving the traveling White House to attend a NATO meeting in Ottawa, said Monday the Arabs are now willing to recognize Israel's existence and that for the first time in 26 years Mideast peace was possible. He left Ben-Gurion International Airport for a NATO foreign ministers' meeting about an hour before President Nixon took off for AmmanJordan, on the fifth and final leg of his M iddle East tour. Kissinger told a news conference the Arabs arc now willing to recognize the existence of Israel as a Middle Eastern state. , He said he thought the negotiations between Egypt and Israel, and Syria and Israel, engineered by the United States since the October war, had resulted in a gradual depolarization that for the first time in 26 years made peace possible in the Middle East. "It is our conviction that for the first time the Arab states, even the more radical ones likeSyria,arelalkingabout a continuing state of Israel, and some of the Arab states seem lo have made a crucial decision to work out the modalities" of coexistence, Kissinger said. Sirica said Kalmbach should serve the sentence in a federal minimum security institution, such as Danbury, Conn., or Allenwood, Pa., or a similar institution on the West Coast where Kalmbach lives. He was ordered to surrender two weeks from Monday. James H. O'Connor, Phoenix, Ariz., his attorney and friend of 25 years, read a sentence from a letter given to the probation officer in explaining why Kalmbach became involved in Watergate: "He is a man who accepts without hesitation the truth of statements from those he has accepted as friends." In explaining Kalmbach's involvement in raising hush funds for the original Watergate defendants shortly after the 1972 break-in at Democratic offices, O'Connor told Sirica, How io talk Back To Your Campus Newspaper, Fill out the questionnaire on page four and return it to the Tar Heel office. Israel ze "l believe that as a result of this trip Israel will understand that its long term security is better guaranteed by what is going on," he said. Kissinger mediated the troop disengagement agreements that separated the armies of Egypt and Israel in Sinai and the armies of Syria and Israel on the Golan Heights front. The Ciolan Heights agreement will be fulfilled June 26. f k JO. miemm JERUSALEM The United States announced Monday plans to provide Israel with peaceful nuclear technology similar to that promised Egypt last week. "We are prepared to do for Israel w hat we did for Egypt," Secretary of State Henry A Kissinger told a news conference. And as in Egypt's case, Kissinger said, there would be safeguards to assure the technology will be used for peaceful purposes and not to manufacture weapons, The announcement was made in a communique signed by President Nixon and Israeli Premier Yitzhak Rabin near the end of Nixon's visit to Jerusalem. The O BOSOM "When he realized his trust was misplaced, he turned off his conduct." Kalmbach pleaded guilty Feb. 25 to two violations of the old Corrupt Practices Act. soliciting S3.9 million in funds for an illegally organized campaign committee and offering a European ambassadorship in return for a SI 00,000 contribution from J. Fife Symington, Jr. WANTED One or two (or team of 2) people to sell to dorms St fraternities during regular school year. Chance for excellent income from less than 15 hours a week work. Contact: Joel Meyers Student Stores Univ. of N.C. Bailey's Cycle ry is NO w o . .we're beside the Plaza Theaters .WSV.VAV.V1V.V.V.V.VAVAVAV.V.V Featuring; O Maserati Bicycles O Schauff Bicycles O 1 st-class repair service daiUey s lew 967-2555 Vr. U MMMlMUMitisfc ; iihiiia Minimi! i Hfiinin Mi ilniiii ' 'iiMVulifriinfn m itHt-tittvUMtV lh iWr"iiaiwlWiiiii fty "l) fyS We buy used texts, paperbacks, outlines, all! C3UY YBUm Before you head out to the mountains or coast, pick out a batch of good reading matter! news from I NilLLx IBB 11 0 Oft communique said the two countries will reach pro isional agreeement an turther sale of nuclear fuel to Israel in the coming months. The U.S. -Egyptian nuclear agreement, announced Thursday, caused lear among some Israeli leaders, including Menahen Begin, leader of the rightwing opposition party, who thought it would give the Cain) government the ultimate ability to make nuclear weapons. Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan said Sunday if this prov ed true, "the peace mission of President Nixon will become a fatal and historic mistake." Kissinger said Monday he was confident the safeguards would prev ent this but added. "We will review the agreement to make double sure there are no loopholes." Egyptian Foreign Minister Ismail Fahmi said Sunday his country would not manufacture or acquire atomic weapons unless Israel did. Kissinger said he understood the Israeli concern. "Needless to say." he told reporters, "that lor a country that has liv ed as precariously as Israel, anything vvith even a vague potential lor increasing the military dangers isa source of great concern." But. Kissinger continued. "I believe those Israeli officials realize there is no danger of a military diversion that they have been re a ssured " Tar Heel Ads Get Results Mohasco Furniture Rental Company, 1819 New Hope Church Road Raleigh, N.C. 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