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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, November 05, 1938, Page 6, Image 6

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PAGE SIX BULLETINS 'Ways And Means Committee of Phi Assembly will meet this morning in the YMCA building. Diphtheria Again The last case of diphtheria to be had by a student at the Uni versity was discovered October 25. Those resting well at the Uni versity health service yesterday were G. Mitchell, E. B. Hart, M. B Burch, J. F. Robertson, R. M. Burchel, J. D. Hoyle, T. R. Bled sol, M. W. Evans, R. Wildman, F. H. McCain. K. Mathewson, R. A. Carroll, G. Mac Mullian, M. Louthian, P. Brumm, M. Crutchf ield, R. Fowl er, T. M. Tilley, L. S. H. Kan, F. E. Grogan, F. Hayes, H. E. Bissette, S. S. White, N. Taylor, F. R. Allen, L. Lockhart and H. H. Lorch. Pardon Me, But .... (Continued from page three) does not allow him to breathe . without filling out an applica tion to do so, admitting that he is not being paid for his respiratory antics. What, I would like to know is how you lads manage to get such mar velous material for your teams and still conform to the Con ference." The Coach and the Athletic Director guffawed heartily. "Friend, we wink at the Confer- ence when the going gets diffi- cun. no. use taKing a tning 10 seriously. Now, what we do to promote good feeling and inter- collegiate, football is simple. Many of our millionaires have contributed liberally to the Fund For Poor But Willing Football Plavprs. fVmspniiPnflv- wa hnvp a scholarshin svstem and a soc- ial security bureau which satis- factorily handles all matters pertaining to the athlete's re--ward. It works splendidly, as :you probably have observed." "Yes," agreed the O. P., filled -with envy. "It certainly does. " Well, good day gentlemen. I ; must be off." Navy Defeats VUNC Harriers (Continued from page three) fhe finish line, ran 21:16. Mid shipman Jack Harby ran 21:45 for third and Crockett's fourth place time was 21:49. All of these finishes were close except the first two. Perhaps the biggest blow to the Tar Heels was Fred Hardy's inability to finish. Having de veloped an ankle weak from an operation performed last sum mer, Hardy was considered ready for competition. Navy's taking the lower placings hurt Carolina most. Ted Walker seventh, Pat Clancy eighth and Dudley Adams ninth dropped the other Tar Heel finishers far back in the finish order. Jim Hall tenth; Clarence Fink twelfth and Clifton James thirteenth were the other Carolina entries. Wimpy Lewis ran ahead of Hall, and Bob Doty followed James; both were running unofficially. Pharmacy Frosh Elect Officers (Continued from first page) members of the Mortar and Pestle party of which Joe P. Tunstall is party chairman. Dur ing the general election last year 21 Mortar and Pestle men were elected to office; only two men of the Kappa Psi faction won , elections. Let Us Shave Your Beard And Cut Your Hair Then You'll Make The Ladies STARE The University Barber Shop Local Doctors Refute Reports ' (Continued from first page) ' of Public Health who said, 'There is no more danger of contracting diphtheria in Chap el Hill than in any other part of the State." University officials asked that the false reports be cleared up in view of the fact that more than 12,000 high school seniors are coming here today for the Carolina-VPI game and other events in connection with High School Day. ' MEREDITH SAYS NO "Hearing that there is diph theria in Chapel Hill, Meredith college authorities have required all Meredith girls with "Stunt Night" dates with Carolina boys to break them. "All Meredith girls known to have attended the post-game dances in Chapel Hill last week end , are under observation of Dr. Bessie Lane, college physi cian. University Host To High Schoolers (Continued from first page) girls will be the guests of the VPI and University Athletic As sociations at the football game. The bands, under the direction of Earl Slocum, will give a con cert from 1-2 o'clock. Many nov el musical selections are expect ed to be played by the 19 bands, numbering over a thousand 223 Entered For Cake Race (Continued from page three) thony's 8, Phi Alpha and Kappa Alpha 7, Zeta Psi 6, Pi Kappa Alpha 5, Lambda Chi Alpha and DKE 4, Sigma Chi, ZBT and Phi Kappa Sigma 2. Host Committees To Aid Guests (Continued from first page) dred girls would accept the invitations. A . v mmssmm x - . . s Paul Whiteman Every Wednesday Evening GEORGE GRACIE Burns Allen Every Friday Evening All C. B. S. Stations Eddie Dooley Football Highlights Every Thursday and Saturday 52 Leading N. B. C Stations Copytight 1938. Liggett & Myers THE DAILY Degrading Pamphlets Are Distributed (Continued from first page) ing was done to prevent distri bution, many of those in the au dience took it for granted that the union was sponsoring the in formation. Late yesterday, at the same time Gilmore released his letter of protest, the anti-Derry stu dent group made known to the Daily Tar Heel, for publica tion, a signed statement of their stand on the matter. They de nied that the CPU had anything to do with issuing the leaflet and apologized for somewhat abusive tactics used in distribution. The mimeographed three pages in question began with an excerpt from Who's Who in America concerning the life and career of Dr. Derry and con tained quotes from recent writ ings about Catholicism and Com munism. Part of it is as follows : "The great danger in America today is not that of Communism but of Fascism, already visible in its beginnings in such organ izations as the Knights of Col umbus," (Note: Dr. Derry is a prominent member and officer of the organization mentioned.), "Ku Klux Klan, and Mayor Hague's Jersey City set-up. We are not advocating Communism ; we attack vague Red-baiters who obscure the main issues in a cloud of emotional , attack, and we say that unless such bogus prophets are squelched by pub lic opinion this country is in danger of losing its birthright freedom, equality, and democ racy." The leaflet, concocted by a group of University students who frequent a downtown book shop, ended with a burlesque of Orson Welles' dramatic broad cast of Sunday night pertaining to Derry's speech, and an un metric but rhythmical "poem" about the Detroit speaker him self. Send the Daily Tar Heel home. Tobacco Co, mm-& c x-' Vv' v y:- -v , v x ;X ,v -X X a : 4 ' TAR HEEj Loop Games Are Numerous ' (Continued from page three) del faces the University of Rich mond with little hope to over come the Spider strength; the game is at Charleston. Over at Greenville, Clemson is set for the visit of George .Washington U. and expects to figure in an other victory. South Carolina has a real task on its hands as the Duquesne lightning bolt hits the city of Columbia shortly afternoon. VMI and Wake Forest inaug urate the football day in Vir ginia, and a battle royal is pre dicted with the best man win ning. Both claim to be the best man, and the dispute will be aired at Lexington. William and Mary, the conference doormat, will see what can be done with the hombres from Hampden Sydney. Shore Answers Editorial Charges (Continued from first page) influence me in my choice of committeemen. This is one of the most natural things on earth. It comes under the heading of gratitude. Show me an election where this is not so, and I will show you a Utopia. Show me someone who is immune to this, and I will show you someone who is not worthy of the posi tion they hold. In answer to Mr. J. B. Spill man's statement, who, incident ally, is a sophomore, I also have a few things to say which may enlighten my classmates consid erably. It has only been very rarely that I have had the pleasure of reading such an illogical piece of nonsense as the statement which he made in yesterday's Tar Heel. Mr. Spillman stated that I have not put one man on my committees who has even been known to vote for my opponent. If he would have read the' list of committee members, instead of criticizing what he expected to occur, he would have seen the names of some men who were on the opposite side of the fence during the last campaign. Head ing these, was Bill Ward him self. Mr. Spillman is intent upon "breaking into politics" here at Carolina. The only pity is, that he does not care how he breaks in, even if it's through the back door. Spillman was one of Ward's most ardent supporters. After the election, sad to say, Mr. Spillman was still not in pol itics. There was only one way he could possibly get into the limelight, and that was to take up a mythical cause, which is not worthy of the slightest con sideration. You have seen the result of his "faux pas" in yes terday's Daily Tar Heel. All I can say is that I have selected-the committees honest ly, sincerely, and to the best of my ability. The proof of the pudding will lie in the kind of administration we have." Woodhouse Dares Committee (Continued from first page) Woodhouse repeatedly empha sized that he was in no way op posed to Carl Durham and that Barker's election was- not his primary object. "I'm making this fight solely for democracy," was the keynote of all his re marks. In regard to a statement of Earl H. Hartsell, instructor in the University English depart ment, that the committee's se FLASH! If It Is GOOD FOOD You Want, Go Directly To The Famous Chapel Hill Restaurant THE TAVERN ......-.x-:-rK::-:-Vx:w-x . ... says it for smokers. . . refresh ing mildness . . . better taste more pleasing aroma everything you could ask for in a cigarette estertiefc more pleasure fir millions SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1933 lection was "practical democ racy," Dr. Woodhouse said, "Yes, he'll go down the liEe. He'll rationalize any decision his party makes." Meetings to' organize voters to carry forward a campaign to write Barker's name on the bal lot in Tuesday's election, in clude a speech at Edgemont school in East Durham this morning at 10 :30, a larger meet ing probably at Durham court house tonight, and a protest rally at Graham courthouse to morrow afternoon at 3:30. "OSCAR THE KINGMAKER" Fighting what he termed "Os car the Kingmaker and his co horts" Dr. Woodhouse repeated ly emphasized the importance of preserving democracy and dem ocratic ideals, "rhave faith in the plain people but this sort of thing will discourage thousands of them from asserting their right of voting. "To arouse the average voter to fight his fight, and to hand down a heritage of democracy to my descendants, that's my sole purpose in making this fight. Barker's got nothing in his power to bestow that I would accept and I emphatically am planning to make no race my self," declared the professor. Mcintosh Celebrates Birthday In Bed Wednesday A. C. Mcintosh, of the University Law department, celebrated his 79th birthday in the hospital. But even though he underwent an operation only a f dw days before, he was in a happy frame of mind. how fast that .1 1

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