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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, November 19, 1958, Page 1, Image 1

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'3 r Dcr 70 WEATHER Warmer today with an txptcted high of 82. FEDERAL CONTROL The editor advocates federal control of education. See page 2. VOLUME LXVI NO. 51 Complete iS) Wire Service CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1958 Offices in Graham Memorial FOUR PAGES THIS ISSUE r r QB ilk o . - - . r ' A O ID!" "ITS i fin .n J! i I: V I! I I .1 1 r ml SIP InJiili UP Wins Thirteen Offices VOCALIST Shown is pretty pop-vocalist Kack Anthony, who sang in nighfs Carolina Caval cade of Talent. Miss Anthony, a senior from Gastonia, is a member of Chi Omega scrority. Sam Gets A Bath; Old Baths Remembered "Sam needs a bath every year. Doesn't his face look better?" A Chapel Hill policeman was, of course, commenting on the removal of the "new suit" of paint given Silent Sam, the Confederate soldier, ! Monday flight sometime between 3 end 4 a.m. The blue coat and white trousers (instead of weathered gray) might have been painted by a Carolina stu dent, the policeman said yesterday. watching the paint being removed But J. P. Ellington, superintendent of maintenance painting for the University, disagreed. When Elling toe first saw the paint job, "I thought they'd taken Sam down and put up a Carolina man. But the blue was a little too dark." In addition there is still this evi dence: two "Duke' words on the east and west sides of the statue's tone pedistal. Recalling past experiences with "amateur painters," Ellington said the Sam painting hadn't really been so bad, except for the words written on stone. . Other years had brought the paint ing of columns all over the campus Memorial Hall, Morehead Building, the Library, Graham Memorial. One time, Ellington remembered, ink bottles had been emptied into 'the Old Well. IFC Plans Statement On Gambling The Inter-Fraternity Council with the Student Council and the ( Inter-Dormitory , Council Tuesday night concerning gambling on the campus. IFC President Tucker Yates said that the statement would be re leased at the end of this week. He termed it necessary for the IFC to The University Party swept through thirteen of the fifteen class officers elected last night. The new Freshman class officers are Jey Deifell, President; -Stewart Priddy, Vice President; Maxine Green Field, Secretary; ,Tom Alexander Treasurer; and Peggy Costner, So cial Chairman. In the closest race of the election, Charlie Graham , edged past Davis Young (SP) as Sophomore Class President by a margin of only votes. Other Sophomore officers are Joe Warner, Vice President; Sharon Sullivan, Secretary; Dave Alexan der (SP), Treasurer; and Carol Tieslau, Social Secretary. The Junior Class officers elected yesterday are headed by Wade Smith, President; Jack Spain, Vice President; Martha Morgan (SP), Secretary; Graham Claytor, Treas urer; and Mary Margaret Brown, Social Chairman. There is a posibility of a re-vote in the sophomore Class Presidency. A recount was held and candidate Davis Young's margin of defeat was cut from 4 to 2 last night. If the Elections board feels he has a valid case they can order such a re-vote. Grad Constitution Approved The Graduate Club constitution was approved by a vote of 185-51 last night as approximately 20 of the graduate student body turned cut. It was the largest graduate turnout in recent years. The new Constitution provides for a Graduate Club, four executive of ficers, and a Graduate Council with legislative power. The Graduate Council is to be drawn from each department and school of the University with the Graduate Club members in that school or department electing a rep resentative or his being appointed by the chairman of the department subject to the graduate members in that department's approval. Another proposition failed to be put on the ballot, deleting the head cheerleader from being an elective office. The bilj that deleted the head cheerleader passed the Student Legislature that deleted the head cheerleader passed uhe Student Leg islature three weeks ago, but re quired a constitutional amendment. The bill should be voted upon along with another proposition to have legislative elections only once a year in the fall. The election should take place w ithin two weeks. The Grad Club Constitution is the first in the histoiry of the club which started as an offspring of the YMCA. Its executive officer, president, vice-president, secretary, and trea surer will be elected at the time of regular student body elections in th spring. The Student Legislature, line-up Bob Grubb and Bob Turner,. both remained clouded after last night's UP, coasted to easy victories over elections as three independents Don Dotson running independent from Town Men's I. Charlie Gray (UP) ran and won unopposed in Town Men's II. Two independents won in Town Men's III, . as doubly endorsed Ed Levy, and non-endorsed David Club Elects Officers . Jack Mitchell, a sophomore of Chattanooga, Tenn., was elected president of the Canterbury Club, the Protestant Episcopal Church felowship group for college stu dents, at a recent meeting. Other officers include: Angus Duff, vice-president and program Local policemen commented that iaKe a siana on ine matter. Yates told the TFf! Mondav tha M lUf VIUV Oi-rVfe 1 1 lUll llhiU . t t I ihr-n. ,m k n r.,A,., .chairman: wan Kobmson, secre- na niprv l a i rig nnrcn zt I'nrcnn i liivi v. nuuiu a. LiaLivuuvYii un i Hn drinking at the Carolina-Duke "1' re,my Duvue' "eSUICI' a"u came. Coolers and ice will be con, iom u weai IOOQ "airman fiscated. and the ushers have been At the last mcting the members instructed to set the nol ire to take of Canterbury - uub unanimously care of people who show, signs 0f aPProved a new constitution intoxication. Ram And Ewe Editor Resigns This action was initiated by the Student Government. lie advised the council mem bers to tell the members of their Vote Coming On Amende Two constitutoinal amendments tado, chairman of the i Board, said yesterday. Election Spectrum' Features Creative Art Forms swept inlo office. The line-up in the legislature af ter last night is 23-23 with four in dependents. Organization of the Leg islature will have to wait until it convenes next Thursday. Tom Cordle and Joe Mazzei swept Evans both were elected Dorm Men's I for the Student Party, as they whipped Don Hayes and Randall Johnson. Mazzei, however, won in a very colse race. An independent copped one of the two seats in Dorm Men's II unseat ing an incumbent, Roger Foushee (SP). Jim Scott, the independent, and Jim Crownqver (SP) won easi ly with Crownover's victory almost landslide in proportion. John Frye (UP) finished third behind Scott. Nine Elected a To 3 Councils Three candidates won seats in the Student Council Elections last night, as nine students were elected to judiciary posts. Elected to the Student Council The SP won three out of four were Erwin FulIer and Tor,y Sal seats in Dorm Men's III bringing iner without opposition. their rieWatinn from that riistrirt Joe Warner copped a three can to four. Winners were Ray Bag- didate race from Angus Duff and Sam Varnadoe resigned yester day as editor of the Ram and Ewe The policeman did say that a the campus humor magazine. Var- houses about the crack down. i i . -ii.i - . . i r ucanng a i;une sucKcr was seen nadoc cave lack of time and lack The IFC vot?d to coonerate with in Chapel Hill on Franklin and 0f staff as reasons for his resigna- the Panhellcnic Council in spon- Wl11 be voted on by students with Raleigh Streets Monday. tion. sorins a hlood drive. Detail will in the nex ew weeks, Bob Fur i i i i. While cleaning off the paint from The humor magazine is sched- ue worKtQ out ldier" Sam. workmen C. W. Clark and uled to ont twirn hi5 vear Jamcs Ldward Moore has been Robert Elmore asked if the Rebel and interviews to select an new aPPomed to investigate the possi- One of these, authorizing the had ever been painted red. With the business manager and editor will bility of withholding diplomas un- appointment of the head cheer blue and white paint, they were be held within the next two weeks. lil a11 fraternity debts are paid. leader by student government, had cleaning off red paint, reminiscent r v Yates urged the council mem- , a a of the Intense rivalry between Caro- ' Accord,nc to Varnadoe, the Ram Yates urgea tne council mem Heel as being included in yester m ine intense rivalry Dtiwecn aro- . . , . hers to trv to nrevent anv vandal- tin nrf st.u rntw arm we 13 o"gaiea 10 suoscrio- - - - " ' "".I- 77- 8 eiecuon By VIRGIL EARLY Poetry, fiction, art, drama and music. All will be included in the new campus literary magazine. The Spectrum, to be published soon. Editor Dennis Parks reports that The Spectrum will feature creative writing by students and faculty of the University. "The Spectrum is to be a contemporary masazine stressing- intimacy through unity It is to be a living form rather than a commentary," said Parks The first issue will follow a gen eral theme relationship between people. The magazine will contain ap proximately 32 pages of written material plus advertisements and will sell for $ .35. It will also in clude six cuts of original campus art work. Only establishments which fit in to the general character of the magaine are being solicited for ad vertising. The idea of the Spectrum arose last spring in the YMCA meetings. Parks said there was a feeling of need for such a magazine. This This fall the organization took place with the YMCA's financial backing. The Spectrum editor has full freedom in the .magazine's (UP). appointment are Art. Editor, Jo Trupp and Business Manager, Do ris Berry. Because of a Hack of office space in the YMCA building, the Spectrum offices are located in the Coop house on W. Franklin. The writings and art work are being judged on a scale of 0 to 5 -.,,, v f .. Thompson uy uie fcuui. iiie oniy criterion rs the materials excellence. Parks stressed that material is still be ing , accepted for this issue and should be sent to: Spectrum, 208 W. Franklin. well (SP), Mike Shuiman (SP), Joe Huh Ragsdale for the third seat. Oppenheimer (UP), and Dan Brown Duff was runner-up. ((SP). Libby Johnson and Rosemary Rob- The University Party copped its erts won clear majorities in the second seat in nominally SP Dorm race for honor counciI. the third Men's IV, as Bob Sevier beat out seat was a dead heat between San- Dave Matthews (SP) handily. Bill Porter, incumbent SP legisla tor from Dorm Men's V, eked a dra Trotman and a run-off will in all probability be necessary. George Grayson led a field of 10 small victory from Jimmy Hartung candidates for the three vacant seats in the Men's Honor Council. Four SP candidates coasted to A surprise winner was Dewey Shef- victories in the race in Dorm Men's fleld. an independent running with VI, as incumbent Dave Jones won out selection board endorsement for along with running mates Bob No- tne second of three seats. bles, Henry McPherson, and Bob The third seat was won by Howard Holderness. f 'if b v " HI i i is- . i I i . 1 r ,; ii Staff Meeting Planned A staff meeting of The Daily Tar Heel will be held Thursday at 4 p.m. in the newspaper of fice. All staffers have been urged to be present for Yack pictures which will be made at that time. crs and advertisers to print at ism Z'mst Duke- He reminded Ellington, who has gone through least twice, otherwise the money many, many paint Jobs during foot- has to be returned to the subsenb ball season, said whoever painted crs. Sam this time did a good Job. "I'd A AUr,tUt , tn tu' like to find them. I might put them u ,.; r finances of the magazine, since the members that a student could be kicked out of school if he were found on the Duke Campus after women's closing hours. The IFC is still working on get- makeup. In' the YMCA meetings Dennis -- Parks was elected editor. The oth- DENNIS PARKS er Spectrum positions filled by ... sparks The Spectrum 'Beat Dook' Parade Friday; Awards Given At Pep Rally The Pi Kappa Alpha "Beat 1 Chi Phi, Air Force Drill Team, tion of such a committee. IDC Planning To Take Stand On Gambling The Inter-Dormitory Council plan to take a definite stand on gambling tonight in the form of a joint state ment with the Inter-Fraternity Coun- , cil and the Student Council. Rudy Edwards, IDC president, said yesterday that by-laws for the council will also be voted on at the meeting. , The council will discuss the possi bihties of opening the social t rooms A group of coeds will meet to-1 of eight men's dorms this weekend day to draw up a statement of pur- and of securing more vending ma pose for a proposed Social Stand- chines. ards Committee. Plans fnr pstahliUiirm a r-amnns Nancy Adans, Women's Hon- st0re near the new dorms. Avery. or Council head who has spear- Parker and Teasrue will also be rnn- Coeds Meet To Draw Up Statement neaaed tne drive tor sucn a com mittee, said yesterday she feels confident of the full support of all dormitories and sororities after this statement is issued. The committee met earlier this week to discuss tne views ex pressed by women students in re gard to the formation and func- sidered. Dean Takes Dim View On Duke Vandalism Dean Robert Cox of Duke Uni versity said yesterday if any Duke students are caught doing damage to the Carolina campus, "just lock on. Another paint expert, George J kept iticics or Durnam. suggested mat The Publications Board, meeting nity Council convention in Atlanta. Lllington leave the "Duke" written yesterday, decided to give advertis en the stone base or the statue. crs credit. and produce the maga And if UNC wins Saturday's game, zine twice thjs year jn order to 'Carolina should also be written mcet thejr financial obligations ith the score. The bill was not on the ballots C-..JAHA T 1 .... I T rt i. 1 . : 1 1 A X TV" : I -1 1 "I. XTTT i . l I v- . m I PAmmnnfinrt sn tViA iliefillceiAn I uwdusc oiuuent r-iegismiuie au- youn riuar pamue win ssuiii, rn i oou-w niieneaa ni umega, lau vuiimicmuis mo ukvumiuu i tjjem Up an(j we wj deal with inonzea me reierenaum last day at 3 p.m. in iront oi woollen Epsilon Phi, tiverette Dorm, Delta ai me raeeuns, sue oauanuni; them. Thursday, less than six days be- Gym, proceeding through campus, Delta Delta, Delta Kappa Epsilon, president of Cavr Dormitory, said fore yesterday's election. An down ' Franklin St., up Columbia Graham-Smith: that the proposed committee ought Dean Cox ana Duke Pep Board amendment must go through at St.. across Cameron Ave., and back Air Force r-rnm and "RupIp to answer questions concerning chairman Ty Heineken said they least a six-dav waiting neriod aft- tn, thi rvm. r tr., iit, r tt:i what the Campus Code covers. The regretted the painting of Silent m;trA Trvr-V . . . -' IlaHF cn,a, uciia ... . , I , 7 ... "IU1 aHFww w w.o icpiMtiiiu-i,. Tjepisiatiire nas nassed it before I. TViiHv.thro ptiMps in the na- t v tr committee wouia maKe tne gin oam supposeaiv Dy uukc stuaenis U M;o1 T4.T.otY.. . . " 1 . . . . r lcwia uui in, xvucl uam- , , 7 uvv uic iiaiiuiiai unci i, i a k financial records have not been "nff office. ?"e" EX"m h" Ieast a sixay waitinS Period aft' to the gym. m... 1. iL. 4-j4Am4- I 1 ifi i r: . x ... 1 . . I n writ a rt tho rvio anrt )t KjLuS vu vii owwv,,. raue wm cuiuhclc xux hc uuuw mai cneerieaaer car. n JvanDa ai-i i Tvtra Tianc Ko . ... I ' I i i ii j - v m iiuiiij aauvv krvvii uiauu The student Constitution cur- 10 De awaraea rnuay mgiu ai me - n., -,Ar v siA,4;nn University ciud pep rany. une ------ r . - - - The "Duke" won't come off com pletely for everal days, Elling ton said, because stone absorbs the I liquid paint recovers and streaks badly. A $and blaster will proba bly be used since the paint was1 applied by a spray gun instead of by brush. ; G. M. SUTE Activititt for Graham Mmor Ul todiy includt: Rccrtation and Dtcoration Cemmittt, 4-5 p.m., Grail; Pan hilnJe Council, i-6 p.m., Grail; Carolina Womin'i Council, 7-9 p.m., Grail; Chtit Club, 7-11 p.m, 'Roland Parkar I; Publicity Com mifttt, 7:33-9 p.m., Woodhouto Confrtnct Room; Kappa Kappa fmma, 7-9 p.m., 20$ Alumni. . Bartok Featured Tonight will he "nnirme." according to Bcla Bartok's last three quartets Car(er Jones head cheerleader. The University Club has planned a wide-sweeping pep rally to be gin about 6:30 Friday evening. Les Sutorius and his combo will Poo RaHv To Be Uniaue rather than appointment, of the trophy will be given in each of n . . , foiinwin? divisions: mens The second proposed amend- dorms, men and women's dorm ment calls for a single fall elec, combinations, sororities and ira- Th last pep rally of the season tion of all members of Legislature, ternities. Miss Kathenne carmicnaei, Dr. pha (queen float), car, Mangum dorm; Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Alpha, Man ley Dorm, Doug Clark's Combo, Kappa Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha, Mclver-Joyner, Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Delta Theta, Parker dorm, I tVio came timp maV thp ndp I Lneeneaderr "- r both at Duke and here to control more ouisianu:ng. me piupuse oj will be featured at the record con cert tonight at 7:30 in the. main lounge of Graham Memorial. This is the second record con- the committee is not to define a lady, she said. The physical structure of th committee will consist of one over all council and smaller committee? in each dorm and sorority. Miuv Tlnim orwl "Riirrlo Pnrnc TVii 1 . ... T-. tt:- i r., A,c.rr "" fel vxh-, Annthpr hnnsp nresifipnT pom- m. i. i .lames ti. rvinE anu iwy uinouuu6 - AUOlt board UISCUSSCS . . tur a uena, oigma Aipna r.p- mented yesterday that the commit- un-r0 Wm hp thP SIlon- blgma Ftl1 KPsil.on, Kutiin- te. would warn girls not yet UlJc BanrNa the Campus Code, but function is necessary because girl' won't take the responsibility of warning each other, she said. students and protect property, Cox said. will judge the parade Employees' .Rights The Student Audit Board dis- Force ROTC. cert sponsored by the music com- . . 4 ... j i j I j v. c.a a The. "Beat Dook" queen and mittee of GMAB. The concerts will students fnm areg tiy. Fund x at its meet- court of six were chosen from 24 Play TryDUtS Today be resumed alter me inanKsgiving i non . . . . Kt. int Mondav afternoon contestants last nignt. ine queen holidav on Thursdav evenings. I . . . . .t. i j t j . . Lni4 h.-r rmiH will ride in the nenre trnm t n o nwpr nuan arpa i I mm nnrn n nns in nidw 1 1 1 1 i uni - . ...... . ... .v-w.o w. " . 7 -r,f j ftvpr the will De neid tms aiternoon at in? TVio first rnnrert after the vara- .u v-- j rn ,:n 1 st of ha? e nnl ries concemme PlKA float and preside over tne , , i . rt iiii i ji i it 1 dim luiiuvvt i a wiiii - i tion will be on Dec. 4. Perform- converge on the intramural field the fund employes regarding va- pen rally Friday night small chapel of the Episcopal contest Church between 3 and 5 o'clock. We Goofed Department The vote of Student Legislature - r .l . i t.i i f I .... . .. I i: i j I Tiirl erin f the DeaUtV lances oi net idr auu to meel the teamt llght a b0nlire tauuu, mu leave .nu vau.u, Parts for seven men and three on the r.ronosed iurv bill was 23 Mnlliran. Ism artist, will be fea-1 j -v Don Grav. eh arm an of the were: Mrs. lVKugnc w.m.w. . ' . ... i "I -uuvac. ' . , Ka. of station women are open xor me piay, io to 11 and not unanimous as re IUICU. I ... ,,1. . , .... 1 ""oiu, ouu uic yuooiumij ...w... - - . . . Behind The '8' Ball A pool tournament, sponsored by the Tournament Committee of GMAB, will be played today at 2 p.m. All games are free after the first round of play. A round is composed of two out of three lames of "8 Ball." INFIRMARY After the rally at the field stu- r ; r-r p unlove WTF. Raleigh; Dr. S. B. Knight be produced Dec. 14. dents will form behind a truck I be undertaken b the board. and Dr. Hugh Lefler. All persons Interested in acting containing the band and march on T .fa hp bnard'J The order of the parade is as or participating with the technical Delegates to the State Student the town. The rally will end ui I to campus or. following: police escort, Air Force work have been urged to com the center of Chapel mil witn Uanizations, inviting questions CoTor Guard, uwu cana, Aipn3 rwiu iuiuu .., uc - much cheering and cries of "Beat about the use of Student Activity Delta Pi, Alpha Tau omega, arr- tainea imm . ui , o-no, I Grimes, Alpha Gamma pelta; . we riaaKers uicvt SSL Delegates Legislature will meet in the Roland Parker Room of Graham Memorial tonight at 9 p.m, ported in Sunday's Daily Tar Heel. The date for the Little Singer of Paris concert is Sunday night and not last Sunday as reported. Spencer Dorm's buffet supper was held last Friday and not Tues day night," . Students in the Infirmary yes terday included: Helen Mallory McGurk, Al fred Milton Haynes, Crodon Lee Basnight, Hucih Alan Foster, Welton Curtis Sewell, Valentine Rupeiks, Charles Montgomery Hicks, Herman Edward Tickel, Julian Willis Bradley, Alan Rseh and Michael JqJih 5wainf

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