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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, September 18, 1966, Page 6, Image 6

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,Page 6 .v.v.v.v.v.v. iV.V.V.V.V.V. at's TODAY Committee members of the Hillel is presenting the first Sunday Supper Social of the y. ar this evening at 5:30 at : ths Hillel Foundation, 210 .' West Cam.ron Ave. Come I and enjoy a pleasant eve- ning of dining, conversation, '; dancing and relaxation. WUNC-TV will hold intervtews i at 7:30 p.m. in room 1-A '; Swain Hall for positions in: promotions, announc : ing, news, engineering, spe - cial ev3nts, music, and pro v duction. Binkley Memorial Baptist Church school is at 9:45 a.m.; morning worship at 11 a.m. Sunday evening at 5:45 students will be guests for a covered dish supper. Rides are available every 15 minutes to every service from Y-Court, the BSU Cen ter (Battle Line), Chase Cafeteria and the Nurses Dorm, or by calling the Church office at 942-4964. A meeting of the Congrega tion of the Wesley Founda tion will hold a buffet lunch eon at 12 noon. For reser vations, pleas call 942-2152. There will be a meeting of the Student Party Sunday night at 8 p.m. Gerrard Hall. All members and in terested students are invit ed to attend. NW PLAYING SfVEN MS RAY SIARK . PARAMOUNT PICTURES ; mmi wood. TECIDCOIO.T r : j voun nsnu fqh I TBEAVEEK-07 CTs ICih. I I OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK I i 09$ i -MONDAY- J I VEAL MILANAISE j SALAD BREAD . J - TUESDAY - I Oven Baked Chicken I WBEItRY SAUCE I I 2-VEGETABLES 1 SALAD-BREAD j il I - WEDNESDAY - j I Braised Beef Tips I ! 2-VEGETABLES j SALAD-BREAD I j -THURSDAY- j ROAST VEAL I WSAGE DRESSING I I 2-VEGETABLES SALAD-BREAD ! - FRIDAY - ! j Bar-B-Q-Beef Ribs I J 2-VEGETABLES ! j SALAD-BREAD J ! NIGHT SPECIALS J Tuesday 7:30-9:00 P.M. I SPAGHETTI I ALL YOU CAN EAT I $1.19 I II INCLUDES I 1-SALAD Tea or Coffee j Thursday 7:30-9:00 P.M. J I I Wh THIS t IS Wf hmma j PIZZA SPECIAL j y2 Price j j. Plain or Pepperoni j 194 W. Franklin St. j j CLIP ME OUT j L; :J ....v.v.v.v.-. Up At Carolina Contemporary Issues Series begins Sunday evening fol lowing supper at 6 (60 cents each) at the Presbyterian Student Center. A movie, "The Detached Americans," will be followed by small group discussion led by fac ulty and staff. University Party executive council meeting 6:30 in the Woodhouse Room. Committee members of the Consolidated University Stu dent Council please meet at GM front porch at 12:30. Will proceed to Greensboro for a joint meeting at 2 p.m. Plan to stay 2 hours plus transportation time. Trans portation will be provided. Hillel is presenting the first Sunday Supper Social of the year this evening at 5:30 at the Hillel Foundation, 210 West Cameron Ave. Come and enjoy a pleasant eve ning of dining, conversation, dancing and relaxation. MONDAY Interviews will be held Mon day and Tuesday for staff positions on the Carolina Quarterly. The Quarterly Dr. Mackie Retires, Professor Emeritus The towering mathematics professor can derive formulas, balance equations and shuffle fractions. But he an't begin to calculate the number of stu dents he's taught during his 45 y?ars on the University faculty. "Thousands," Prof. Ernest L. Mackie estimates the num ber of men and women who have passed through his class es. As the only faculty bfiicer in th? UNC chapter of Phi Beta Kappa for the past 21 years, he has personally initiated hund reds of the Oniversity's top graduates-including his own son and daughter-into the nat ion's highest scholastic honor ary. Prof. Mackie isn't returning to the classroom this fall. Retiring with the distinguished tith of "Professor Emeritus," he leaves bshind a record of devoted service to the Univer sity as teachsr, administrative dean and supervisor of several student' honoraries: ?, Prof. Mackie was elected to Phi Beta Kappa in 1916 during his junior year at UNC. With the second highest average in his class, he became secretary of the chapter. He obtained his M.A. from Harvard, the Ph.D. from Chi cago, and taught for a while at Clemson and Harvard. After Old Book Chatter Since last June, when you chaps dashed off to catch fish, and mountain lions and women and all those things, your sedate Old Book Corner has not been drowsing as much as you might think. To take the big things first, a couple of right good librar ies, one on STATISTICAL SOCIOLOGY, and another on ASIA, went out in the feature case, as did a smaller, but rather nice group of books on LINGUISTICS. You'll find bits and pieces of them scattered about, mostly on the 97c and 58c shelves. Also brought In during the summer were libraries on AMERICAN COLONIAL LITERATURE and SOCI OLOGY, which we thought were too good for off-season showing, and which will be coming - out this fall. If you're interested and will leave your name, we'll drop you a card when we get them processed. A lot of less organized and smalled clumps came in as a matter of fact, this was our most successful buying Summer and are now in the various cases. Especially tempting are some books on the South and the Gold Rush days In the West. Finally, the prices have had a thorough going over, and you can be reasonably sure that any book you find In the Old Book Corner has either been bought In, or had its price clipped, since June. COME IN AND RELAX. You'll find the back of the Intimate the same lazy spot you remembered, and If your soul is all scratched up from the hurly-burly of text buying, it's a wonderful spot to heal your wounds! HIE iniDATE eoonsnc? 119 East Franklin Street Chapel mil open every niht needs applications for assist ant editor positions in both fiction and poetry. There are also several positions open on the business staff. No previous experience is nec essary. UNC Faculty Club Room will 0D?n for luncheon at noon Monday. The dining room on the main floor of the Monogram Club will serve cafeteria style lunches to members and their guests from 12 to 1 p.m. weekdays. Pictures for the 1987 Yackety Yack will be takn from noon to 7 p.m. daily Mon- , day through Friday accord ing to the following sched ule. Men will wear coats and ties; women will wear sweaters or blouses. The schedule is according to the first letter of the last name. Monday Seniors A-E; Tuesday F-J. Important SDS meeting at 7:30 in 205 Alumni Hall. WUNC-TV will hold interviews at 7:30 p.m. in room 1-A Swain Hall for positions in: promotions, announc ing, news, engineering, spe cial events, music, and production. joining the faculty here, he was named to Phi Bata Kappa's ex ecutive committee. Since 1958, Prof. Mackie has servrd as a senator from the South Atlantic District in the national organization of Phi Beta Kappa. He's now serving a s cond six-yaar term, which ends in 1970. Though he's turn ing over his local post to Dr. Claude George, associate dean of business administration, he plans to complete his term as senator from the nine-state dis trict. Over the years, Prof. Mackie has served as Dean of Men, Dean of Students, Dean of Stu dent Awards and Distinctions and faculty advisor to Phi Eta Sigma, freshman scholarship fraternity which he established here in 1947. A member of th3 Golden Fi erce, he also belongs to Sigma Xi scientific fraternity and Phi Gamma Delta socia fraterni ty, In 1963, he received a Tan ner Award for excellence in teaching. "I've enjoyed my contact with students over the years," says the retiring professor. "It's helped keep me young." He doesn't see much differ ence in the present college gen eration and students hi knew Idecades ago. "There's simply more of them," he obseryes. "Today's students are much better prepared and more up-, to-date academically," he add ed. "They have more to do and more sense with which to do LONGER WEAR . . . LOWER COST! The Superb Quality In Every Florsheim Shoe Is Built Into Every Detail, A Result Of Skilled Craftsmen Working With Only Premium Mater ials. That's Why Flor sheim Shoes Wear So Much Longer. Antiqued Tassels Priced At $29.95 Lien s Ltear THE DAILY - - Y r HMM, YES. Now what was the name of that text for Upper Swahili Dialect 197? These and similar questions are part of the Semi-Annual Book Hunt at the Intimate. This anonymous coed seems a bit weary of the whole thing. DTH Photo By Mike McGowan Bex: Rest Just Doesn Help At All (Continued From Page 1) Hedgepeth says that once the effects of the pill or pills wear out, the student is "more burned out" than he was to start with. These comments were borne out by a student who remark ed, "I stayed up on dex two nights ago, and plenty of rest just doesn't help at all. It takes you a couple of days be fore you can really live again." Responsible Use But at the same time, this student also said, "I wouldn't use them unless I used them responsibly. You can't ask for dex all the time." With the beginning courses, the demand for dex is on the rise again, and there will no doubt be students who will be taking dex for the first time, especially some who are on the verge of being drafted if they fail to meet certain aca demic standards. . When faced with such a question, lower classmen gen erally turn to their residence hall advisors. These seniors or graduate students serve as counselors to about 40 other students. Two advisers questioned on what they would tell students if asked about using stimu lants to study gave com pletely opposing views. Both are honor students and have maintained high scholastic averages. One said he was completely opposed to their use, and termed stimu lants "ah artificial way of achieving results. He said he has never taken any "dex" himself, and instead uses cof fee and cold showers to stay awake while studying for final examinations. Dissuades Advisees He said that if he knew of any of his advisees using "dex' he would attempt to dissuade them. The other adviser, after being assured his name would not be used, , admitted openly that he himself took stimu lants, "a maximum of once a month," "People take them from sheer necessity," this senior commented, and then gave the following reply as to what he tells his advisees: "Everybody I know uses them. I can't say who does it because it's against the law but I tell them that I take GOOD USEB FURNITURE! NEW Mattresses And Box Springs A Selection Of Used Lamps . A Variety Of Cherry And Maple Seconds In Lamp Tables, Coffee Tables; Instep Tables And More! Linda's Antique & Used Furniture Shop 106 N. Graham St. For All Your versity Florist TAR HEEL 'v, . .... ... -rfp" I i j l 1 I - h i j ; " : i 1 J - - ; ; - -.: f . . r? .' ?- ; - V . ' . ' : " St. . i- n t, . A "a 4 them; I tell them the truth. "The consensus is that no body likes them, but that quizzes close together force them to do it. Yet I would never give them any or tell them of a source. "I have heard of people who have ill effects from staying up two or three nights in a row, but these are only rumors. I have never known anyone who has had any trouble." Then he added, "I guess you have to look at both sides and take the risk." How did he begin using them? "I knew a guy who had one; I had two exams in a row my sophomore year, and I needed he extra study, time. I feel . that my performance was helped a lot by the extra study time, and that I was hindered very little by stay ing up (all night)". Put Out The Word How does he himself get them? . - ; - "I put out the word. . . which results in somebody saying, 'hey I know some body' or 'I can get some for you." He noted that some of his sources have included sons of pharmacists and pharmacy students. As a final comment he said, "I have been tempted several times to ask my doctor for them, but I was afraid of what he might tell me." Ear lier he had said: Job Hunters, $ Attention $ g The Daily Tar Heel is g $ looking for a male stu- g dent with", willingness to $ learn and a capability to $ handle a ereat deal of re- V. sponsibility to work as Night Editor. g: Working hours are jiji Monday through Satur (day night from 7:30 - 11 : p.m. Salary is $17.85 per j:-: week. : The job entails oversee ing of the composition of the paper. . Experience with page layout and make - up is desirable but : not absolutely necessary. :: Apply at the DTH of- fices, second floor GM, this afternoon between 2 :$ and 5 p.m. : 942-1243 Flower Needs Legis (Continued From Page 1) Court in the Judicial Depart ment. It presently is being con sSdered by the Judicial Comm ittee of Legislature. Purdy would not predict the outcome of the bill but did say there is a possibility of other bills on judicial reform being introduced. Several bills providing for residence hall improvement will probably join two that al ready have been introduced. The two being considered now ask for $400 each for social facilities in Old East and Old West. There are also rumors that one legislator has a plan to re duce the cost of textbooks. "There will also be a study of our system of governing our selves," Purdy said. In this field, there will be a lengthy bill introduced to re form the election laws. Includ ed in the bill will be a section to avoid a repeat of last spr ing's election when all votes for Legislature in Morrison were invalidated when a can didate withdrew officially ab out noon on election day. A second election was needed to select the four Morrison rep resentatives. Purdy also expects the legis lators to do a lot of work be hind the scenes. "My philosophy on items which involve administrative decisions is to work quietly without publicity. After all, the Administration makes the dec ision," Purdy said. "It is easier for Student Gov ernment and the Administrat "All dex does is wake, you up. If you yawn at 12 (mid night), you take some dex, and by 1 a.m. you no longer yawn. "Sometimes I wish it would be more readily available." The fact that some students use stimulants in order to stay awake or studying does not mean they are not afraid of its consequences; there are plenty of rumors of students suffering nervous breakdowns from an overdose of "d e x." The classic rumor which sev eral of the students interview ed reoeated told of a student who had stayed up three successive nights on dexe drine. When the student handed in his final exam on the last day, the professor discovered that the student had written a three-hour examination on a single line of notebook paper, each line of writing on top of the other. Though this is only an ex ample of the rumors circulat ing on campus, Campus Po lice Chief Beaumont did con firm that he himself had had to take students to the Univer AunouncMG! STREB'S BAKERY & DELICATESSAH 'Kosher Meats & Sandwiches European Breads Specialty Pasteries STREB'S BAKERY & BELIGATESSAH AT EASTGATE SHOPPING CENTER b l - - (The Price Of Entree Includes Two Vegetables, A Salad, Bread & Butter, Cake, And Tea Or Coffee.) '1? Vi 4 iT? 3- fv iature ion to compromise on issues if they havn't been forced to take public stands." Purdy feels that this session of Legislature may produce more bills and resolutions than any in the past. "For every gripe on campus he said, "there is the potenti al for a bill." " "Students have t complain to the people who can do some thing about their complaint. After the complaint is heard, then we can make the needed change." This session of Legislature has haki 46 bills introduced since it convened in April. Many of them were approving appointments of President Bob Powell as he set up his admin istration. Also introduced and passed was the $220,000 budget of Stu dent Government. The budget included the requisition system which is aimed at preventing organizations from over-expending their budget. Of the 46 bills introduced, 29 have already been passed. Purdy said the number of bills introduced probably ex ceeds the number introduced by any session of Legislature at this point. "We have a lot of legisla tors who are serving their fir st term," Purdy said. "They are showing imagination and initiative in their work." Purdy said he could not an ticipate a lot of things which might develop this year. "With 50 individuals runn ing around, thinking, who knows what might happen." sity psychiatrist "for writing crazy exams." Concern Grows University officials question ed recently on the use of "dex" on campus acknowleg ed growing concern with the use of stimulants, and said that future cases would be dealt with more strictly. During the next few weeks, the student running down a dormitory hall shouting, "Hey anybody got a dex?" will again become a familiar scene. The fact is that if, a student really wants one of these pills, he can get one without really trying very hard. He may have to pay more if controls on the pills are tightened, but for a student on the borderline whose studies have been lagging all semes ter, a dex can be a very precious thing. "You have to look at both sides an take the risk." A lot of students will be taking that risk all across the nation. Where The Girls Go THEMOMOGKMA SUNDAY MEN! ' KTrL.' "'"J" ""VV, 5 -V x 7 " . ,m" . .. " . " - . , , -1 J i : j t t September 18, 1966 Yack Photos Pictures for ; the MO Women will wear sweaters or blouses. Seniors: Monday, Sept. 19 A-E Tuesday, Sept. 20 F-J Wednesday, Sept. 21 J)lu Thursday, Sept. 22 P-T Friday, Sept. 23 U-Z- Juniors: Monday, Sept. 26 A-E (and late seniors) Tuesday, Sept. 27 F-J (and late seniors) Wednesday, Sept. 28 K-0 (and late seniors) Thursday, Sept. 29 P-T (and late seniors) Friday, Sept. 30 U-Z (last day for seniors) Sophomores: Monday, Oct. 3 A-E (and late juniors) Tuesday, Oct. 4 F-J (and late juniors) Wednesday, Oct. 5 K-0 (and late juniors) Thursday, Oct. 6 P-T (and late juniors) Friday, Oct. 7 U-Z (last day for juniors) Freshmen: Monday, Oct. 10 A-E (and late sophomores) Tuesday, Oct. 11 F-J (and late sophomores) Wednesday, Oct. 12 K-0 (and late sophomores) Thursday, Oct. 13 P-T (and late sophomores) Friday, Oct. 14 U-Z (last day for sophomores) , ;r: it'll. Come in and browse at our selection of old school Tromblee's for fall Priced at $7.50. Clothiers of Distinction Franklin Street 1 11. ft V l 5- . . M ' : - I ; ' i W 1! i 147 EAST FRANKLIN Clothiers of Distinction 124 East Franklin St. oy sHjL siaHAii ,JlJl e

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