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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, September 06, 1971, Page 6, Image 6

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p. i a r 1 II itatr fc ' 1 1 ; i l i iiyiviiviiciiv t i i i a m Opbioni of The DiiJy Tir Hed irt expressed on its editorial page. AH urtcjned editorial are (he opinion of the editor. Letters and column represent only the opinions of the individual contributors. Harry Bryan, Editor Monday, September 6. 1971 1ST Valuable tradition should not be lost When Chapel Hill's aldermen meet today, the main topic of discussion is expected to center on what is to be done with the street vendors, who were last banned from Franklin Street July I. According to Mayor Howard Lee, the vendors will probably be allowed to return to the street in the next few weeks with only "minimal restrictions protecting pedestrians and traffic How on the sidewalks. " Hopefully the mayor is correct, for the street vendors are as much a part of Chapel Hill as any other thing the downtown area has to offer. As everyone knows, Chapel Hill is a college town, and whether the aldermen can accept it or not, it must relate to a campus scene that is constantly changing. Street people and street vendors have become an integral part of that scene, and without them, a part of the atmosphere of the Chapel Hill college community which seems to attract many students to this University will be lost. Scott should the positive from The Greensboro Daily News Governor Scott's second public address in Asheville during the last month - unlike his first - did not castigate his favorite whipping boy, the Consolidated University of North Carolina. At the AFL-CIO convention last week, instead. His Excellency indulged in sweet words of praise both for the personal leadership of President William Friday and the excellence of the institutions he governs. The praise came at an opportune moment. For the last nine months the Governor has mounted a campaign to restructure higher education; but having found his green stamps in shoi supply after a caustic round of v c- r and rue. Mr. Scott now reco. i.cs that he cannot bulldoze his way toward educational reform. He cannot, in a word, abolish the 40-year-old Consolidated University but must attempt to find some means of building on what is good in that system. At Asheville, for the first time, the Governor called for "an extension of the concept of the Consolidated University to include the entire system." That kind of talk could be the Ofyelatly OJar 2irrl 7$ Years of Editorial Freedom Harry Bryan, Editor Mike Parnell Managing Ed. Glenn Brank News Editor Lou Bonds Associate Ed. Lana Stames .... Associate Ed. Mark Whicker Sports Ed. Ken Ripley .... Feature Editor Bob Chapman . . Natl. News Ed. Bob Wilson Business Mgr. Patti Hughes Adv. Mgr. Alderman Ross Scroggs has questioned whether or not the vendors should be allowed to use public property for private gain, and he would be correct if the vendors were contributing nothing to the town. But as was said, they do make a valuable contribution and should be allowed to return. Perhaps the best way to solve the issue is to put it before the residents of the Chapel Hill and UNC communities. Let the vendors return, and if someone disapproves of the vendors' presence on Franklin Street, let him boycott their products. If no one will buy their wares, the vendors will obviously leave the street and never return again. Chances are, though, that the majority doesn't mind the vendors' presence, and, if allowed to return, the vendors will continue to thrive and remain a part of the Chapel Hill tradition. continue approach start of a leadership effort to bring contending factions together in their search for effective re-organization. Certainly there is no reluctance on the part of Consolidated University leaders to go along with a restructuring blueprint which preserves the university as the apex of the educational system - a concept wisely envisioned by the Carlyle Commission. Much of the difficulty, rather, lies in whether such a system would include a board with governing, not co-ordinating, powers. Governor Scott can render the State of North Carolina a great service if he continues to emphasize the positive instead of the negative in his search for effective re-organization. It makes sense to build on the sturdy foundations- of the Consolidated University. That merged system has proved its worth for almost half a century. By using its foundation to move forward -perhaps even in stages or by steps the Governor and the General Assembly may come up with a plan palatable to majorities on both sides. Woody Doster .Bra The drug information booklet, "On Either Side of the Mushroom" includes virtually everything one should know about the phenomenon of drug use except w here to buy the stuff. It will be distributed beginning today to UNC students at no cost. It was produced by the 1 7 member UNC Drug Information Coordinating Committee with a SI 0,000 grant from the University. This is undoubtedly one of the best SI 0.000 the administration has ever spent. "On Either Side of the Mushroom" includes a description of hundreds of drugs and other controlled substances, giving readers an idea of the pleasures and hazards associated with their use. It includes a description of both physical and psychological effects that users can expect. Assistant Dean of Men Pete Hall worked extensively on the production of the booklet. "Our purpose was to enable people to make a reasonable, intelligent decision in the matter of drug use." he said. "We are not conce.ned with gaining converts to any philosophy." The committee and the University felt that a drug information booklet was by Lana S tames and Dr. Takey Crist Question: What is an ectopic pregnancy? - Signed, Cindy. Dear Cindy: Occasionaly the implantation of an egg occurs n a s:te other than in the uterine cavity (lining of the Uterus). When this condition occurs it is called an ectopic pregnancy. It is thought to occur in about one per cent cf all pregnancies. Question: Now that we, as IS year-olds, are considered to be adults what changes have taken effect in N. C. Memorial Hospital regarding abortion? What are the necessary requirements that must bne met? - Signed, IS. Dear 18: The legal age for consent to any medical threatment, including surgical operation, is 1 8 or emancipation. .cNTlv THE UAXELST IN J Sorful fSOt tjtt Gerry Cohen Lee qualified for Once in a while, a political leader emerges who makes sense, who doesn't try to hide what he means behind a smokescreen of verbiage. Chapel Hill Mayor Howard Lee seems to fit the description. Lee is perhaps the most ambitious black politician in the state. Three years ago a political unknown, he has emerged into a figure recognized throughout the state. Since the defeat of Reginald Hawkins, Sr., in the Democratic primary for governor in 1968, many have speculated about the possibility of blacks again running for high office in the state. In the last several weeks, Howard Lee has been moving toward a committment to run for N.C.. labor commissioner, a Council of State position voted on across the state. Lee thinks he has a good chance to be the first black person elected to state wide office in North Carolina. He sees his candidacy as being a good thing both for himself and for the state "to test the attitude of an electorate only 20 per cent black." Lee, who holds an M.A. degree in social work, thinks he will be able to pull heavily from the student and youth vote, the liberal vote and from the black constituency. Lee has not yet made a final decision. Tl inform ibook: necessary due to widespread drug use in Chapel Hill. "On Either Side of the Mushroom" was put together to try to squelch some of the mis-information surrounding drugs. The committee found that drug use among UNC students is mainly limited to marijuana, the hallucinogens, amphetamines and barbituates. "We found the use of heroin and the opiates to be mainly limited to non-students in the Chapel Hill area," Dean of Men Fred Schroeder said. A special problem among drug users is the multiple drug user. Hall said the drug information committee found that this type of user is doing "geometric damage" to himself rather than arithmetic damage. "The multiple drug user doesn't realize that the effects of one drug intensify the effects of another." The booklet includes a section of leeal advice that tells a user how to act from the arrest to the hanging. Qit this section out and put it in your wallet. Committeeman Debbi Potter was in charge of researching and writing this section. "We found most of the existing drug booklets inadequate for UNC students Such right include any medical d t -1 c h ? a ! h - - - - one's self or for his child. There is no age Lrr.i:. that is. ar. minor may consent alone to medical help services to determine the presence cr treat venereal diseases and other diseases reported under G.S. 150-1 31. The requirement for an abortion is the signature of two physicians, one of whom shall be doing the abortion operation. Question: I have just started taking the pill and I overlooked asking my doctor one important question: How long can I take the pill? - Signed. B.S. Dear B.S.: The length of time varies with a doctor's philosophy and h.s interpretation of recent literature on oral contraceptives. Some physicians feel that a woman who hasn't started her family should not be on the pill longer than four years without coming off it and using lot sf $HLzr6& TJIY IT YOU'LL Lite IT He indicated a decision will be announced in November or December. The issue will be decided in the May 2 Democratic primary. The Commissioner of Labor has not been an important person in the past, but Lee hopes to be. He hopes to help labor, to get better health and safety standards for the state's workers and to show the voters that a black man in office is not to be feared (or supported) because of his race. Lee sees no blacks being elected as governor or lieutenant governor "in the forseeable future." He is being supported by Wilbur Hobby, president of the state AFL-CIO. Labor delegates at Thursday's state AFL-CIO gave Lee a standing ovation when he addressed them in Asheville. Lee, who hopes for strong support in the student community, cited his efforts in Chapel Hill as indicators of his responsiveness to youth. He promised to visit every college and university campus in the state between now and the May 2, 1972 primary, if he throws his hat into the ring. The mayor supports student voting in college communities, saying that it is "one of the biggest steps toward establishing a true democracy in our society. The old argument about students ative from a legal point of view," she said. "They are mainly concerned with drug laws on a national level." Potter said a Chapel Hill l3w firm was asked to review this section of the booklet to insure its accuracy. Professors in the School of Pharmacy were asked for help in the preparing of sections of the book dealing with drugs and their effects. The obvious criticism of such a booklet is that by its very nature it may encourage drug use. I find this criticism false. The booklet is balanced without being bland. The decision of what tone to put the material into was agonized by the committee. "Do you attempt to placate all sides and say nothing or do you call them as you see them and create some criticism," said Dean Schroeder. 1 believe the booklet's tone and style is professional without being preachy, accurate without being boring. As Debbi Potter put it. "We aren't trying to dissuade you from dome anything you are already domg, one way or the other." I urge everyone on cither side of the mushroom to get a copy of this booklet and read it. sorr.ethir.g ele :o: tr.ree to tour Question: hat is the mol common type of birth control used throughout the world. - Signed. Curious. Dear Cur.ous: The rr.o: widely ued ca..ej rrr er. I: appeared m Furope ir. ':h centum The condom two purposes avoid pregnancy and prevent general disease Ouestion: I know that alcohol and drugs affect sexual functioning but can cigarette smoking, especially if one smokes heail? - Signed. Smoker. Dear Smoker: We are not aware of an well controlled studies that have researched the matter. If anyone knows of any evidence we would appreciate the information. 1-b DM "71 state labor office voting hugh bond Issues is an excuse, students are not given enough credit for their intelligence." He indicated he will appoint students and other young people in the community (under 25) to the next three or four openings on town agencies, such as the Housing Authority, Redevelopment Commission, Recreation Board and Planning Board. Howard Lee has my full support if he decides to run. If we had a few more Howard Lees, perhaps politics would be a little more hopeful. POLITICAL NOTLS: With the primary "just" eight months away, local politicos are beginning their annual rites. Two state senate seats, two state house seats and three spots on the County Board of Commissioners will be open in 72. Primary fights seem brewing for all spots. The county YDC meeting September 29 may see the first blood drawn this political season, as a new president is chosen. Two candidates are in the race. REGISTER to vote-Thursdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., second floor of the new town hall. If you live off campus, you can register if you say Chapel Hill is your home for the forseeable future. Dorm residents have a little harder time, but it's worth your time to take a try now if you lived here last year. New students have to 7 - . J iM vA Oa.ty VwS IT- Question Ho old should I be before having a pelvic, cancer smear and breast etam" - Srgr.ed. Freshman. Dear Freshman We're not sure aje really makes a difference. A pe'.v.c. cancer smear and breast exam should be a part of every physical examination for an our.g w oman Question: I hae been having trouble getting to sleep lately after my boyfriend and I hue had intercourse. Th problem has reilly been bothering me and I would like to know what could be causing my insomnia -Signed. Sleepless. Dear Sleepless. The cerebral cortex wry sensitive organ and m spite of what we feel consciously we may not be able hO u.,m..;j.u 1 S V ::ouslv . Could it b (Letters should be addressed to Lana Stirnes and Dr. Takey Crist, in care of The Daily Tar Heel. Student Union. Chapel Hill. N C. 27514) COn RIGHT JQ'l by I a-.a S:;va u"f V. Tmkev Cm: All rich: rcuneJ Letter Committee needed is To the editor: I've read several letters in the Tar Heci recently which either support or complain about the food service or, campus. One letter attacked the new Pine Room set-up and one letter attacked the use of styrofoam cups in the Union Snack Bar. I agree with both of these complaints But I read in the Orientation Issue of the DTH that Student Body President Joe Stalhngs was going to organize a student committee on the food service. I hope that Mr. Stalling will do so. and will do so with great speed. The food service can't be expected to know what students want unless we tl! them, and this committee is urgently needed. Be quick. Mr. Stjllmgs, he quick. t orn Simms Durham wait 30 days, until Oct. 2-sarne if you moved from onampus to off-campus (3 different precinct). Your vote can make a difference. STATE leaders and University officials are bracing for next week's higher education hearings. UNC administrators will be out in force to make sure Chapel Hill doesn't draw the short straw, a possibility. HILLSBOROUGH Mayor Fred ( ates has thrown his hat into the ring for one of the Orange-Chatham County district seats in the General Assembly. Cates told me he expected to make good inroads into the student and black vote, but county leaders peg him as a conservative, meeting with 3 cool reception in both communities. COUNTY elections board officials are worried about the headaches from student voter registration in Chapel Hill. "Can you imagine 10,000 people in Woollen Gym" one said. Precinct caucuses might have to be held in Carmichael auditorium under the present system. Rumor has new precinct lines in the works. All of the campus is in Country Club precinct, one ofssix or seven in the city. Caucuses are the first step in selecting national convention delegates. FORMER mayorial candidate Roland Giduz has criticized Mayor Lee for "publicly encouraging students to vote here." Rieht on. vv-- : ,0 poje f"P fx I V JLr- I

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