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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, September 08, 1971, Page 6, Image 6

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Wednesday, September 8. 1971 Leaven Cabal Scott 6Lsitt .Rum tieMormance rescue. The Daily Tar Heel Films that rest too comfortably on dramatic formulas run the risk of emerging as facile. If a conflict is too carefully delinated, if the issues in question are too precisely dramatized, the result is Lkely o have all the sparkle and subtlety of a Tar Heel editorial. "The Last Run" approaches the brink, hovers at it, but largely through a fine performance by George C. Scott and some really sharp montage, escapes- if not unscathed, at least unspoiled. Scott plays the born loser, a retired get-away driver. After nine years of Playmakers secretary finds expression in art by Bruce Mann A ssistant Feature Editor Motion, emotion, and colour blend in the paintings of Helen Bedham House, red-haired secretary to the Carolina Playmakers business manager and currently exhibitor of over 15 paintings at the Morehead Planetarium, to reveal a woman of proud spirit and contentment who seems to have found her own means of personal expression. "It's more than a therapy," admits the former Ldenton, North Carolina resident. "It's a way of expression in colour for me." A therapy, a hobby and an obsession, Mrs. House's expression, flowering in 1964 when she found a need to freely emote her feelings on canvas, first developed, she says, under the inspiration and tutelage of Vic Huggins who was conducting an evening course at Ackland Art Center, and it has now resulted in the Ticket for Super More than 800 tickets for the Super Sunday movie series are still available at the Student Union Information Desk. Six films, "Goodbye, Mr. Chips," "Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice," "MASH," "Anne of a Thousand Days," "Diary of a Mad Housewife," and "Midnight Cowboy," will be featured in the subscription-only series. Sunday night, Super Sunday opens with "Goodbye, Mr. Chips," starring Petula Clark and Peter OToole. "Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice" arrives September 26, starring Robert Culp, Natalie Wood, Dyan Cannon, and Elliot Gould in a modern marriage comment. "MASH" debuts on Sunday, October 10, with the talents of Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould combining in a laugh riot. Spectacle keys "Anne of a Thousand Days," which stars Richard Burton and Genevieve Bujold in a milieu of splendor on October 24. Carrie Snodgrass extraordinary performance in the subjective "Diary of a Mad Housewife" will be on view November 14. The Academy Award winning ''Midnight Cowboy," with Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight, closes the series on Sunday. December 4. Super Sunday tickets sell for S3. 00. The Union also announces that this week's free flicks begin on Thursday due to the Super Sunday presentation. sales stagnation, of trying unsuccessfully to blend into the landscape, he resolves to test his nerve and skill m one "last run." But times have changed since his prime, and Scott is made the unwitting agent of a double-cross. Betrayal follows betrayal, and against a Mediterranean backdrop of coastal villages and hairpin turns, the run is on. The film begins with a delicately edited series of shots as Scott lovingly prepares and tests his car for the run. Contrasted to the devotion which emerges in the initial interplay between man and current solo show at the Planetariu. "He was a very wonderful teacher because he would not try to impress you with his feeling, but he wanted you to do your feeling - and being an older member of the class, why naturally I couldn't go in for some of the way-out things being done at that time. " Instead, Mrs. House stuck to her own feelings, a natural affinity to nature, an ability to capture the essence of a face in portrait, the strength to communicate emotion, and the blossoming power to collage colours easily in support of her theme, and the results, now on view at the Planetarium, exhibit diversity and richness. There is the towering, shadowy "Quest." "That was one of my earlier paintings and was done soon after my husband's death in 1961 - my imagination was still very much related to my husband and the feeling of cathedrals." ow Sunday Thursday's movie is a bizarre Japanese drama entitled "Woman in the Dunes." "Beat the Devil" is Friday night's flick, a comic satire directed by John Huston and starring Gina Lolabrigida and Humphrey Bogart. Showings for Thursday and Friday movies are 4, 6:30, and 9 p.m. Saturday's film, "Giant," is an epic film based on the Edna Ferber novel, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean. Due to the unusual length of the movie, showings will be at 4 and 8 p.m. only. si Tryouts start Friday Tryouts for the second Carolina Playmakers production, "Amanita: The Death Angel," will be held in the Graham Memorial Lounge on September 10 and 1 1 from 7 to 1 1 p.m. The presentation, a multi-media type show which will include such things as motion pictures, music and sound, environmental design, lights, and audience participation, will be under the direction of author-coordinator Sam Allen. "Amanita: The Death Angel" centers around the theme of population crisis and survival. Serving as the symbolic basis for the What happens when you always keep at least $100 in your Wachovia Checking Account? You always write all your checks free. Member Federal Dtxit Insurance Corj)oration machine, the relationship between Scott's passenger and his gun moll is a travesty d: Martin Buber. P'Do you think of me as an 4it0"' she asks. He does.) As a veteran driver, Scott 15 a craltsman who despite years m the service of gangsterdom still embodies the old values: self-discipline, loyalty, love. His charge, a killer weaned on t.v. re-runs of "Little Caesar." is the pathological product of a new, undisciplined world. His pleasure is killing, his loving sex, and his poetry ("A boy has never wept nor There is the bright eye-catcher, Pir.e and Pottery." "That's one of the funny ones I did in ab out a night. And I had right much fun with that because that was the one I put under the spigot and just washed." Then there is the gray "Freudian Compose," which tries to caputre the ids and outs of the famed psychoanalyst. "Well, I had a very good friend who, I guess, inspired me to become interested in Freud and I read quite a bit about him. This painting tries just to catch the essence of Freud." And the list goes on and on, as our talk ranges from "Outer Space," executed during the penultimate moon landing, to the many nature pictures "Boating," "Seascape," the exquisite "Winter," and the paper-towel brushed "John's Island." A painter by inspiration, Mrs. House flashes a free-spirit smile, and dressed at the moment in orange, aquamarine, and purple design blouse which might easily be of her own composition, she radiates the elegant good nature so inherent in her paintings and continues talking in precise, rolling tempi, which move in swirls much like her paintings. "I feel that my paintings - quite a few of them, anyway - have movement, and often it's very hard for some artists to get that, yet I don't seem to have too much trouble." Her face assumes an elegant, slightly impish expression as our visit draws to a close. "You know what I think that comes from?" I nod unknowingly. "I was born on equinox, and as my mother said - I came in with a storm and I've been a storm ever since . . . ." Or more likely, a refreshing April shower of warmth, natural colour, and splendid, pleasant movement. This inspirational part of Mrs. House's personality is on view in the North Gallery. show is the term "amanita," a poisonous mushroom, which metaphorically represents the irony of the life and death cycle, the growth of population, and, unless current practices cease, destruction. The cast, which according to Allen will need to perform in certain "abstract" ways, requires both versatile male and female actors and actresses. Imagination, according to Allen, is the most important thing to bring to auditions. "Amanita" will be presented in the Graham Memorial Lounge Theatre October 26-31. dashed 2 thousand k:rr. the dying words of Dutch Schultz. Yet despite the melodrama iruherer.t in such parallelisms. 'The Last Run" off. Sensitive portrayals by Scot: and Tony Musante as the gunman, make the conflicts, on the whole, believable. On occasion the heavy hand emerges to link heart- beats and engine revs, but genera'.:;, thus sort of thing is kept in check. The result is a fast-paced, smartly photographed adventure which, -J not flawless, commands its share of respect and attention. Another, less effective - and less modest - genre flick is "The Anderson Tapes," which makes too many promises it simply fails to keep. We're promised a caper-a highly detailed suspenseful tale of yet another "perfect" crime. A "Rififi." ""Topkapi." or "league of Gentlemen." And for the first half of the film we're skillfully exposed to even- cliche of the genre . The familiar details of organizing a gang and preparing for the crime excite our expectations: we're here to see how the robbery' is to be done; and how and why the perfect plans go awn- (we know they must; the suspense is in the how). The familiarity of the preparations for the crime allow us to settle back and wait for the excitement to follow. The intricacies, the complex mechanics, the fine details of the robbery are what fascinate us and make these caper movies such fun. Unfortunately, the robbery in "The Anderson Tapes" is a crashing bore. We anticipate the subtlety of seduction and get instead a dull rape. Titillating perhaps, but ultimately disappointing. Director Sidney Lumet has promised us something more. It seems, for instance, that everyone involved in the robbery is under surveillance, for reasons having CamiDiis National Merit and Home Savings and Loan Checks have arrived and are available at the Student Aid Office, 300 Vance Hall. A meeting for all students interested in working at Murdoch Center will be held on Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the Carolina Union. A new section of Astronomy 31 has been opened for interested students, and will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:30 in 215 Phillips. Students who want to sign up for this course should go through regular drop-add procedures. State Affairs Committee Meeting, 7:30 p.m. tonight. Check Union information room. How would you like to work for a radio station? WCAR is now taking interviews for advertising salesmen. Come by the basement of Ehringhaus dorm, 1-4, Wednesday and Thursday. ARE YOU A GO-GETTER? If so. then you are needed on the news staff of WCAR Radio. Come by the WCAR studios between the hours of 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. to discuss openings and other audition times. Contact Glenn Gravitt, News Director, Deadline for all applications is September 12. There will be an important meeting of the UNC Young Democrats at 7:30 in Room 217 of the Union. N. C. DeMolay State R. D. and State Jurisprudence and Laws Committees will meet today at 6:30 in 949 James for a meeting and dinner. For more information, call Dave Gephart, 933-4831. Physics Colloquium - Today - at 4 p.m. Professor Eugene Merzbacher, UNC-CH "Gedankenexperimente - Past and Present." 215 Phillips Hall. Tea and coffee will be served in the lounge (Room 277, Phillips) at 3:30 p.m. Be a part of the Carolina Tradition. Join one of Carolina's fine choral organizations Carolina Choir, Men's Glee Club, Women's Ensemble, University Chorus. Call or come by for an audition appointment through September 8. 212 Hill Hall, 933-1031 or 933-1093. Tryouts for the second Carolina Playmakers production, "Amanita: The Death Angel." will be held in the Graham Memorial Lounge on the UNC campus, September 10 and 11 from 7 to 11 p.m. The presentation will be a multi-media Rabano School of Dance Register now for fall classes. Ballet, tap, jazz. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. $8 per month. For information call 967-3816. OfPOJj Rope trick. Natural color with navy, rust or brown suede. 13.00. Gown & nothing to do with the proposed crime. A hooker's apartment is bugged by her lover, a black happens to Ire m the same buiid-ng as a B'.ack Panther headquarters; a chief cf the Mafia is being watched by the Treasury Department. The Government is everywhere, recording. But since none of the bugs or tapes or te'ephoto lenses is set up to look for a robbery, it is ignored. And everything wr'-Jd have gone according to plan if only. ..but here the little plot twist comes m - pedestrian m the extreme, but not for me to reveal. I would guess that some sort of ironic point is being m.3de here. But what is it1 Lumet has made a movie which is 1950s in character, but which has been most uncomfortably burdened with a 19"0s pseudo-relevancy. Just how uncomfortably can be seen in the indecisive humor in the movie. There is no comic point of view. We gjt weak satire, farce 3nd third-rate wit in such confusion that it becomes impossible to determine just how we are expected to react. Do we sympathize with the gang's leader, Anderson, or laugh at him? he and all the other types that people 'The Anderson Tapes" (to call them "characters" would be to suggest a great deal more depth than they ahve) are pleasant enough company. But even with their ldOs vulgarity and the lTOs flashforwards which mark the film as "in" cinematically. one comes away feeling as though it's all been done before and better, and wondering why so many competent people bothered to go to the trouble of doing it again. "Summer of "42" has generally been panned by the critics and raved about by the viewers. The viewers' case first. "Summer of '42" is, above all. a activities type show, and will include such things as motion pictures, music and sound, environmental design, lights and audience participation. The cast requires actors, both male and female, who will be required to perform in many different ways. Approximately ten men and ten women of ail types are needed. The most important thing to bring to auditions is imagination. The UNC Football Club opens its season at 8:00 Friday night when it hosts the N.C. State Football Club on Ehringhaus Field. Bring a blanket and your favourite cold beverage. Admission is free. The UNC Sport Parachute Club will hold its first training session from September 9 - 12. Applications will be taken on a first come - first served basis. For more information cad 933-4964 or 933-4916. The first meeting of the UNC Sailing Club for the fall semester will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Carolina Union. Check Union schedule for room number. This meeting is open to anyone interested in sailing. Anyone interested in volunteer work with patients at Umstead Psychiatric Hospital please attend an orientation meeting Thursday at 7:30 in the Union, or call 933-2777. FRESHMENt Your chance to become a Freshman Football and basketball cheerleader is coming up soon. Don't miss the place, dates and time: September 13-17, 7-8:30 p.m. in Carmlchael Auditorium. Classifieds are good for children and other growing things. Campui pleasant, sometimes charmmg comedy of puberty and adolescent incompetence It's hard to deny that the script pretty much lacks real rt and leans on TV comedy's staples of musing md ranking. But pastjhat: it's funny. Whit "Summer of '4 2" unquestionably isn't, is a "beautifully and discreetly done" tale of sexual or 1 particularly Lnsightful, honest of youth. Idealizing youth as a time of innocence and beautiful awakening us a la mode today, and 4 2" doubtless evokes a kind of communal response from its audience. Poems about Mother probably evoked similar responses from Victorians, even when. Uke Bunthorne. they had r.eer had one. As for the scene of the r.te passage, this critic must le pardoned if he finds it hardly credible. It is. again, fashionable to assume that people under great emotional stress w-j: do unpredictable (but deeply meaningful) things, and this apparently is supposed to justify the film's climax. Yet I find it hard to believe that a mature woman, in response to news that her husband has just died, will fall into bed with an engaging, unprepossessing, smooth-faced lad of fifteen, who. since hell soon be learning life's secrets with a girl his own age. is in no need of special sympathy. "Summer's" photography and music are calculated to hammer home (they're that subtle) the nostalgia I mentioned above. So is the title. Why '42? Because you'd laugh if someone said it could happen today. The issue here, basically, is whether one goes to the movies to watch or to be lulled, as by television. If it's the latter, then '"42" will be a touching experience. If the former, then, with certain reservations, the critics have it. calendar LOST: 7-month old black and red setter Answers to the name "Kyle." If found. w anyone at 200 Greene Street. LOST: Dark brown imitation alligator wanet. Keep money, but please return with ID, driver's license, etc. Call 933-4696 or Room 548 James Theodore P. Mayberry. LOST: Envelope containing class chd-i' with validation sticker and athletic pass attached. Please return to Gwen Chappeii, 212 Kenan. 933-1441. Reward. LOST: One pair brown hor n-rimmj prescription sunglasses near Winston Student Union. On extremely blurred lens. Call Sheldon at 933-6120. LOST: Wire-rimmed prescription sunglasses In brown snap case. Can 96 7-6 8 74 at ngnt LOST: Silver lady's watch with a catch. Near Tar Heel office. If found, contact Lynne Beaziie at 3 10 Joyner. LOST: Off-white lady's wallet In undergrad library. Keep money but please return ID'S and pictures. Reward' Call 933-1826. LOST: One Siamese female cat on Bethel Church Road. If you have any information call 942-5619. FOUND: Part German Shepherd puppy, approximately 4 mo. Yellow, with red collar and no tags. Hit by car In front of Beard Han. Please claim. 929-3314 after 6 p.m. THE ONLY THING BETTER THAN EATING IS NOT EATING AT ALL. Find out how at Harmony The natural Foods Store" 1310 Wen Franklin St Chapel Hill, N.C. (Next to Carolina Grill) 942-7474 Use DTH Classifieds

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