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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, September 17, 1971, Page 1, Image 1

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u4An Vol. 80. No. 15 Founded February 23, 1893 Fnd3v, September 17, 1971 estructurinff hackee U U -1 a H. b at B IH ' e U M 9 "i "l J ii ii T- - s I a JL i r r ( , . M 14 i ' r tat w j T, r- ii i f- '" v,,. 'ji o; 2b ". , ; r n w a , a a V It was a ! V1 ' rather nice day Tliursd.iy and these three residents just the thing. Craig cr I Wirm it lrr Ain'tA.'A -i n r- .f ,nliirL r-liijti- it-.. W I1f4. V f.TP (11 HtMI of Alexander Dormitory decided a game of Bring campus RGF supports bni by Jessica llanchar Stuff Writer I he Residence Coliep: I cderatinn called ftr support of a student subsidized bus system at its Wednesday night meeting. A Student Legislature bill now in committee would create the subsidy through a S3. 50 room rent addition per semester. Authored by James legislator C layton WooJard, the bill would create an October 5 referendum to vote on the proposed room rent raise. If the referendum passes and the l!NC trustees consent, the bus system would provide unlimited use for all students in University residence fulls and married students living in UNC housing. Arnold condition still unimproved. UNC reserve guard Billy Arnold remained in critical condition Thursday afternoon in the intensive care ward at N.C. Memorial Hospital. His physician. Dr. Arthur l inn, said Arnold's condition was "about the same extremely critical." Arnold suffered a heat stroke at the end of practice September f and lias remained on the hospital's critical list since. Finn said there have been both "encouraging and discouraging" signs c ? : UNC junior Joanne Lee decided Thursday it wa time to send a letter home. A resident of Cobb Dormitory. Miss Lee put great effort in licking the envelope. (Staff photeo by Leslie Todd) t " r'.. i" "jt'-V .. ill" -- r i outside chess was Bucky Joyce do battle. together Any person not in a residence hall, such as faculty and staff, could buy a semester pass for S3. 50. "The student-subsidized bus system would equalize living conditions in North and South Campus." said Charlie Miller, governor of James Residence College. "It would draw South Campus students to North Campus and lessen the separation of the two campuses." Sheila Wall, governor of King Residence College, agreed, "i here is an extreme alienation between the two campuses that the free has system would lessen," she said. "I question if North Campus would vote for the raise." Joe Crier, governor of Morrison Residence College, pointed out. "I'm afraid they might cancel the South Campus vote for it ." during the past few days. He added there has been no substantial change in Arnold's overall condition. The physician sjid Arnold lias suffered "many organ complications and now has some infection in his lungs. He's being treated for all of these." 'Things don't look good," Dr. Finn added, "but then they never have. The longer he survives, however, the better his chances." Arnold is a sophomore from Staten Island. N.V. t; .1 JL uJ Moore v3tches while Ed Rudik (I.) and I nf f nrtl Kll I TnM t (Staff photo by Leslie Todd) snb My "I do not think it i fair tor students in South Campus or any part of campus to have to pay tor a bus svstem on a daily basis when other Universities are doing what I propose and coining out with a better bus sen ice," said Woodard in explaining his b;!i before the RCF meeting. "The present bus system is controlled to a great extent by the Motor Vehicles i'und which subsidizes part of the present system," he added. "We have to operate it ourselves before it can tie improved." Woodard would like the bus system to eventually extend into full campus service and include Fatgate Shopping (nter and Universit.. parking lots. "Faculty, staff and commuters could park on the outskirts of town and ride to campus." he said . Bailey Cobbs. student transportation commissioner, pointed out the 53.50 room rent raise would onb. v.ii-sdize the present bus system. T xp.indina present system would have to come from a higher fee or high profits." he said. "Profits would come from overcrowded buses or from otf-campus riders." he noted. Cobbs approved of the bill. "It seems like the best way to get a belter bus system," he said. "This is the only alternative way." A committee of students, faculty and administrators would supervise the bus system, establish routes and administer all money collected. The resolution supporting the room rent raise, drawn up by Miller, v. as passed unanimously. "This is the type of thing RCF should be doing." commented Steve Saunders, chairman of RCF. "We should definitely take a stand on this issue." The bill will be brought up before SL"s Finance Committee next Wednesday. If approved, it will go to the SI. floor next week. TODAY: rain or showers, possibly heavy at times; highs today in the 70s. lows tonight in the upper 50 to low 60s. SATURDAY : variable cloudiness; probability of rain is SO percent toda . 30 percent tonight. dorms bv Jim Minor Stjtt ,;;.r Residents of Alexander. Uinston and Cor.nor approved a new residence college bv referendum Wednesday . Joyner dormitory voted acains- the proposal. The balloting concerned three issues A simple ma-onty was required to pass the proposals, lite quest 1 -ns -d voti-g tabular ions w ere : Do you want !o.;o;n tiie new re-.dertce college' iv.oT. s-4-1. Alexander. --f-4. Winston. and Joyner. 3-c- Do you accept the new residence coll ege constitution ' Con-ot. V-J-1 . Alexander. l5 5 .and Winston. 1 2 2 1 . Do you accept the Residence Co'.lcge FederaOon ("..-.nstitution ' Connor. sU-!; i a 1 1 . . 3 bv former chancelloi bv Evans Witt I -:me: C h-rel H;i: Chir.ceUor W-iham B. A covk Iharsdav presented a new r--" restructuring state-supported higher educati n to the Joint Senate and H.'.-a - j Education. Committee :n Raleigh. Ay cock's plan calls for a strong governing board with budget and program on:r .I over all 16 institutions of higher education, with boards of trustees for eah campus and desconsolidation of the University system . "Higher education is the only area in ta:e government where the General Assembly still makes specific appropriations for specific uses." he said m an interview following his testimony. "The General Assembly delegates that authority to someone more knowledgeable in every other area of state finances," he added. Aycock called for making each head the "president" of his campus. "I said that so there wouldn't be any doubt - President Friday could just move in to be head of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill," he explained. The proposed restructuring plan, third proposed to the Committee this week, received a good reception from the legislators, according to United Press International. The joint chairmen of the committee were not enthusiastic about the proposal but did believe a strong governing board would 'win support from the entire corn mi t tee. Aycock called for establishment of a Commissioner of Higher Education to head the central state board and join ghe Governor's cabinet. "This full-time official would be the spokesman for the business of higher education in North Carolina," he said in a wire i e port. Aycock said following the hearing he felt President Friday might decide to seek the Commissioner post. The provision for Friday to take over the head of Chapel Hill campus was not designed to preclude a try for the position, he said. "Nobody would be out of a job under my proposal - not even any trustee," Aycock explained. 1 s. .itvr ) 1 f i . r - . . f I aj. .V"t-f ' 7a,'At. j UNC students Jong Duk Lee (I.) and Sun Hyuk Kim chose a nice spot for their thinking -- the law n of Mitchell Hall worked ardouslv Thursday on an equation. The two Koreans (Staff photo by Leslie Todd) approve college Alexander. and W inston. 120-6. Percentages of voter turnout were Joyner. 45 percent: Alexander. y, percent; Winston. b4 percent; and Connor. 44 percent. The new residence college steering committee met Thursday to validate the results of the referendum. The committee also set September 2 as the date tor election of officers and naming the college. The election committee will announce ballot procedures. The committee is made up ot two representatives :rom each dorm. Patricia Joyner is chairman. Otficers will include a governor, social lieutenant governor, academic lieutenant governor and senators trom each dorm tl cor. He . valicd : -:'c c Cons, lidded Un;ve:s:: "Ce.e:: Admmistr-tior. stff ::h the :te b -rd of Higher I ducat., -.. Under Ay cock's pian r.-ard their campuses The Beards - administer fund- from the .entral K-ard "I he General s-e:"h: w,.-..'.d mate, the b -J o K events wou.d '. o Ko - d s s Na operate." explained Avcvk Lo.ul h u:d would var -nong the lt institutions. AvcoA sj;d W hi'.e the recionl ur.iv er-ities would return CU officials speak at Burney by Evans itt StJff H'ritt r Three Consolidated Univcrs:t officials, including President Wi'd-am C. Friday, a ill speak at two meetings on deconsolidation scheduled this weekend for N.C. legislators. N. Ferebee Taylor, vice-president 'or administration, and I . Felix J ner, vice-president for finance, will accompany 1'ridav to a meeting today in Wrightsville Beach and a Saturday conference in High Point. Today's meeting has been organized by Senator John J. Burney (D-New Hanover) for senators opposed to Governor Robert Scott's higher education restructuring plan. Rep. Ike Andrews (D-Siler City) has invited some 60 state representatives to the High Point meeting. Friday emphasized he and the other officials would only speak on current functions of the Consolidated University and would not engage in debate. "It is not our mission to discuss any of the current proposals now before the Joint House Senate Committee." he sa-d. "I will explain the work of my office at both meetings," Friday added. He said Taylor wiil present "a factual "I am very pleased with the results the referendum." steering committee chairman. A. J. dekeyzer va;d Thursday . "The voting turnout was especially pleasing." "The residents seem t ver. enthusiastic aboct running tor oitices and -s .-..1 participating in our programs." he said. Steve Saunders, chairman of the Residence College Federation (RCE . also expressed pleasure with the results. "I'm ecstatic aw,out the new residence college." he said Thursday . "The students in Winston. Connor and Alexander have a lot of enthusiasm K,r the college and I expect thi area to be really active." "This is a natural resider.cC college. " Saunders said. "The physical location of x .J ;J i.J 1 I -,. V ... v. w ." e-r v jCZ ,s Chape! :! S: e "Because . t . V. , . . . 'I . . I ' - ...-. w . ; ; i. y . trustees." he added I ast C : . ; ". .-. I eventu.::: reed .s iarcer b -ard program grow -,r. s : : e a : d . v co.k Mcevted l as; Car -::-. Pre -den: I e meeting a I. a ! - is i . .; . . i .i e ' : . i s - :i education current iv -n the U-g's'ativ: hopper." Jov ner w dt explain budectap authorit) of the Consolidated Umvefs-p to the two i.'Cis'o. r cr-sups Bumev neet-.c .t! t Runner Hotel ;n U rights-, ..l!e be,.:. expected to draw Sime 3 state h"i a ; . t . Work sessi..: -e vs d .' - j. a'terno -.ri ,nd eve": - .." ! :' .rd . mornine Workshops .ire svheduied Saturday afternoon and evening m High P;nt .it Andrews' meeting He is i rv-mber '. ' Consolidated U n;vet--it p.o.-rd Irustees I xevutive ! i .:tte-e Andrews and bumev were '.. id i - r the legislative battle . Scott s restructuring plan d :r ). she regular session ot the (ierei.l ,sM.!:tVi 1 he two nee tint's have draw r s-, up criticisms from Set! 1 St re Democratic Partv h. -.:: i .: J .e oe - A Democratic tund-rai -mg event for this weekend m con'b.t with the c inferences. A spcvij cess;. the ( i Assembly opens ().toh-er 2 ! c :: :r r est r uc t urine statisupp- 'ed h'.-' r education. . - - 1 -: statin the is the be-t of any c-ollege o North Camp -s." "The addition -:' the new college w.l! strengthen the RCF in its activities. 0r base of representation has been increased." he said. "We can n . b-.-fer speak tor all students in I r ver .'. residence halls. I'm del.ghfed to have tr.-. new college join the RC1." The dorms had tried to : rm - cileg: before, de keyer sa d. bat plans never materialized. He va.j the college w:l! begin tuncti- -n:ng as s., .-1 as officers are elected. The steering comm.ttee. .reafed last spring, held summer meetings to draw up a constitution. An orientation program for the dorms was sponsored bv the group.

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