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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, December 01, 1971, Page 2, Image 2

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The Daily Tar Heel Wednesday, December 1, 1971 MRC elects mew officers by Mary Ellis Gibson Staff Writer The Men's Residence Council (MRC) elected officers and established standing committees in their meeting Tuesday to reorganize after more than a year of inactivity. The council consists of all men's dormitory and floor presidents. Ralph Hill was elected president of the council and Tom McVickers, vice-prtiident. Bill Hill was elected secretary. Members established three standing committees. The Rules and Judiciary Committee will be concerned with the internal organization of the council. The Residence Activities and Advisory Committee will coordinate academic and social programs among the residence halls, according to MRC Chairman Mike O'Neal. O'Neal said the committee will recommend uses for house social fees in academic and social areas. Possible projects for the committee may include a move toward common purchase of social supplies for all residence halls in order to take advantage cf wholesale savings, he explained. O'Neal said the activities commit may encourage the publication newsletters in residence halls to st:rr.-! interest m house programs and activ.t The Residence Lite Committee w:I concerned with physical imprcvem: and repairs cf residence hills. O'Neal "Men have had problems with requ to the Physical Plant whi.h need rr prompt consideration." hs continued. O'Neal hopes the committee rectify such situations a deterioration cf the older rr dormitones. Ceiling repair slated rest Dormitory O'Neal de-cnbed the reactivation cf MRC as a positive protest against the lack cf leadership in improving residence life. "MRC is willing !: take the lead in making dorm life more than a cell to go home to." O'Neal said. "Members agreed v.e want to strengthen ties of the residence halls with .. j. L-c v'i'-s ecause there is a "eed to: an input o: ideas to legislators." he said. MRC must efrect changes in residence lite from Student Legislature ,SL according to O'Neal. He said specific bills, projects and a budget request ar ubrr.:-i :-r. to SL. in 01 1YW The Physical Plant is moving this week to repair three more sagging ceilings in Old West dormitory, the site of a ceiling collapse in early Ovtober. The five occupants of 35, 36, and 39 Old West were told of the immediate implementation of the repairs only Tuesday. They have to move temporarily from their rooms by 8 a.m. this morning when the work will begin. The nine occupants of the five-room suite in Old West where ceilings have been a problem all year were first quite perturbed by the sudden decision to repair the roofs, since they did not have places to stay, said Dan Biddell, one of the occupants. According to Steve Calos, in whose room the ceiling collapsed in October, John Meeker, assistant director of Residence Life, helped clear up the confusion. Only the occupants of three of the rooms will have to move for the three days of repair work. But two of those will triple up in 37 and 38 Old West. Another occupant is moving to another Old West room, and one is going to live in a fraternity house. Mike Fincher, occupant of the single room of the suite, said he had pleaded for the past week with both the Physical Plant and the Offke of Residence Lite to fix his roof which was "sagging like the belly of a cow." Nothing definite was told to the occupants until Iuesday. less than ith be hnur from when thev would hae t vacate the rooms, Fincher said. Biddell said, "Knowing the Ph :.a Plant and being thoroughly familiar w their emnlovees. I think it will i Monday before it is finished." Biddell and Calos, whose property was damaged when their roof fell earlier in the year, are still waiting fr the University to pay for the damage cau-ed in the accident, Biddell said. Draft objectors set workshop A Conscientious Ob;ecters workshop will be held at p.m. today m the Carolina Union Coffeehouse. The workshop, open to the public, is sponsored by the Union Current Affairs Committee. Carl Culberson, from the Presbyterian Student Center, will discuss the religious a-pects of non-violence. Jim Gulick. from the Chapel Hill Draft Counseling Service, will speak on the legal aspects of contentious objection. 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