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The daily Tar Heel. (Chapel Hill, N.C.) 1946-current, November 21, 1975, Page 2, Image 2

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2 I The Daily Tar Heel Friday, November It's almost oh . . . mouthwatering . . . scrumptious and . altogether dee-licious BANANA SPLITS now at a very special price only only on Wednesday, JAM'S HOAGIE -IOUSE University 7 Recycle the Daily Tar Heel Uto? iiMfi o .urn lif & (mm m i i iii 1 1 if TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE SPECIAL LOW PRE-THANKSGIVING PRICES ON EQUIPMENT COVERED BY OUR COMPREHENSIVE CONSUMER PROTECTION PLAN DISCWASHERS LIST $15 SENNHEISER HEADPHONES Ql HD-414.$31 list HD-424...$45 FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY "OUR Ann Shachtman, Manager HOURS: Mon. Thurs., Fri. 10-9; Tues., Wed., Sat. 10-6 Upstairs beside the Post Office 175 E. Franklin Street 942-8546 21, 1975 seen Thursday & Friday 0 Square FRIDAY 8i SATURDAY ONLY: HuADY6-8 HOUR e Friday and Saturday Luuidc juniv9uii o a mug i nrr i imo with guitarist Grady Flowers Cooooooooooos -7p.rn.-1 a.m. p-vV r' nl c c mm mmmm MANY OTHER TAGGED TO THE BONE Sl9 .95 WAY OF SAYING THANKS" Non-fiction novel . . . UNC English professor James Reston Jr. is writing another account of the Joan Little trial. But Reston emphasizes that this account will be unique. "I'll be taking a different approach" he said. "It wont be just an extended newspaper article." Reston said his contract with Bantam publishers calls for a novelist's treatment of the facts. The book will essentially be a non-fiction novel, he said. "I'll be using my skills as a novelist and bringing them to bear on the facts of the Little trial. "I'm goingto tell it as the magnificent story that it is," Reston said. He has covered the Joan Little trial as a newspaper and television reporter, and wrote an account of the Little trial for the New York Times Magazine. His book is scheduled to go to the publisher in mid-February 1976 and should be released to the public in the all. Soviets party . . . While the Soviet basketball players looked distinctly foreign in Carmichael Auditorium last Saturday, their post-game antics in Chapel Hill seemed somewhat typical according to two UNC students who took Alexandr Belov and Vladimir Arsormaskov out on the town. When the foursome toured Franklin St., senior Russian major Melinda Hickman said the Russians looked over the clothing styles displayed in the Shrunken Head's window and chose "number 12" as their favorite after seeing a poster of Phil Ford in Ledbetter Pickard. In the Intimate Bookshop politics surfaced briefly, Martha Stevens, a senior Slavics studies major, said. "When I pointed out Alexander Solzhenitsyn's book, Belov just glanced at it and said, 'it's forbidden.' " IKXAlABf IMJLf P.M. 1DRAFT! o o o o o o Night o m v KENWOOD RECEIVERS unntiQ 350 20 off P ublick tCnowled by TIM PITT MAN and VERNON LOEB ?! - -y. ft. (A Reston Stevens, Hickman Although Belov had accumulated a suitcase full of record albums, Hickman said, in the Record Bar he was most interested to know what were the latest releases. Even though the Russians are prohibited from drinking during training, Stevens said the foursome returned to the Holiday Inn with beer and odka after the excursion into town and were almost caught with the spirits by their coach. Hickman, who drives a 1964 Chrysler Imperial, said that at the motel one Russian player "saw my car, and wouldn't be satisfied until he got a ride. I think he was sort of in awe of it." Spaniard speaks . . . Miguel de Valverde, a Spanish citizen whose family dates back to the 11th century, says he was dismayed by the death of Generalismo Francisco Franco Thursday. "Franco's regime has been beneficial to Spain, because it brought unity and tried to raise the standard of living." Calling himself a royalist who was never particularly pro-Franco, the graduate student in romance languages said most people saw only Franco's negative aspects, and "look at him as a fascist like Hitler or Mussolini. 1- ivf-iM " i- Di -- 1 i'i("Jfiit . - . . K .... -s. . . - -r As a member I understand you will mail me eacn monin an inTormation cara on nexi J months tape. If I do not want that selection, qj I mark thp annrnnriafp hnv anrl mail tho rarH I " 7P j back. I will only receive the selections that iiiij. nig biiu iiQvc picpaiu iui. I uiiuci I stand the card must be mailed back within l10daYs- I CHECK HERE IF YOU DO N0TWANTT0 I BE LISTED IN THE DIRECTORY I intaroet ma anrl I h9ta r ro nun frr I t r A rr J UJ J I nl Stereo component at wholesale price. Major brand available and guaranteed. Call David Olton at 867-7544. Stereo large Advent, Sony 1150 amp. Pioneer turntable S525.00. 929-5485. MORRISON CONTRACT FOR SALE. Female, tprlng semester. Must sell Immediately. Call Martha, 933-3302. It no answer, keep trying. Granville South room contract available. Call Laura, 933 0433. Keep trying. Female roommate wanted to share apartment beginning January 1st. Walking distance from campus, $90.00 per month Includes utilities. Call 967-6107 after 2 p.m. For sale: 1 or 2 room contracts In South Granville Tower tor spring semester. Call 933-0342 any time. Keep trying! i Women's floor. For sale Spring room contract In Ehrtnghaus. Available Thanksgiving. Call 933-5179. KEEP TRYINGI We would like to sublet an apartment for Jan. through May. If you have one available call 933-1 636 ask for Ed. Keep trying- i: Needed: consenting, well-adjusted male over 18 to take part In three human sexuality research experiments. Call 3-5310 or drop by 348 Ehrtnghaus after 10 p.m. Ask lor Jaml or Susie MP trying. Serlou enquiries only - limited number of participant needed. ffli w ill Ait it, r r .ge Z - 4 if hrl K de Valverde Mayo "Although Spain was a fascist state, and still is, it was loosely organized and not as repressive as Franco's enemies claim," de Valverde said. "Fascism itself has not committed atrocities." Although de Valverde said Spain needed a change of leadership, he said he objects to Prince Juan Carlos assuming power. The Prince's father, Juan Borbon, claims de Valverde, is the rightful heir to the Spanish throne. Black expressionist . . . Clarence Mayo pointed to a bearded black man a few feet away. "See that dude with the beard, now he is cool, and I'd try to capture that if I was painting him." To Mayo, manager of the Union Snack Bar whose paintings are currently being exhibited in the Union North Lounge, the essence of his art is capturing the attitudes of black people through their expressions. "1 try to do things to catch the interest of black people and to make them feel good through my art." Mayo, who said he thinks the work of black artists is receiving more critical acclaim than before, said he couldn't be a commercial artist. "I'm not interested in selling my work right now, and there are some things I simply can't part with" aMiiiPf aw m Mamc Annnr tc jy STATE PHONE OCCUPATION C)Ll - EGE Mail to CREATIVE AWARENESS 5030 Paradisa R Suite A-103 Las Vegas. Nevada 83119 M J junucxo OVERSEAS JOBS temporary or permanent. Europe, Australia, S. America, Africa, etc. All fields, $500-$1200 monthly. Expenses paid, sightseeing. Free Info. Write: International Job Center, Dept. NL, Box 4490. Berkeley. CA 94704 Wanted attractive female to perform as topless gogo dancer In local club. Top pay phone after 6:00. Durham 286-1435. WANTED: Responsible person to live In our apartment over Xma vacation (1219-14) to feed and care for our 2 cats. Carrboro area. Will provide expense money. 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Designed to increase sexual satisfaction. ADAM & EVE, Franklin ft Columbia SL (over the Zoom), 929-0170. - From the wires of , United Press International CIA tried to murder two leaders WASHINGTON The CIA tried unsuccessfully to kill Fidel Castro and Congo Premier Patrice Lumumba with underworld help in the early 1960s, but it is unclear whether Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy or Johnson approved the plots, the Senate intelligence committee reported Thursday. The long-awaited report, published despite last-minute White House attempts to suppress it, also said the CIA supplied arms or other aid to insurgents who acting on their own killed South Vietnam's Premier Ngo Dinh Diem, Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic and Gen. Rene Schneider of Chile. It said there was no evidence the United States actively sought the deaths of these three. "No foreign leaders were killed as a result of assassination plots initiated by officials of the United States," the report said. The committee lamented it was unable "to make a finding that the assassination schemes were authorized by the presidents or other persons above the government agency or agencies involved," because the chain of command was always "ambiguous," complex and so constructed that the highest level officials could "plausibly deny" involvement. Post-Franco Spain: chaos or liberalization? MADRID, Spain Spain is without the strong arm of Generalissimo Francisco Franco for the first time in 36 years a condition ripe for chaos. Rightists see the post-Franco era as a time, more than ever, for preservation of the iron fisted rule that has dominated Spanish life since 1939. Leftists see it as a long-awaited chance to step out of the underground. In the middle is Prince Juan Carlos de Borbon, whose greatest strength for guiding post-Franco Spain is his greatest weakness Generalissimo Francisco Franco. Juan Carlos is the dead leader's hand picked successor the sole recipient of an authoritarian regime built up through 36 years of repression and dictatorial rule. The army 300,000 strong repeatedly has '-pledged fits ; loyajtyer 'Juarf Gaflos, grandson of Spain's last king, AHonscfXIll. But Jose Maldonado, president of the Spanish Republican government in exile in Paris since 1939, complains of the prince's "fidelity to Franco principles." "There is no possibility of a peaceful solution for Spain through the monarchy," he said. In Brussels, officials of the European Common Market and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization showed restraint regarding a possible move toward ending their estrangement with Spain. Reagon threatened with a plastic pistol MIAMI Ronald Reagon announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in Washington Thursday, and at his first campaign appearance in Florida five hours later was jolted by an assassination scare. A young man flashed what turned out tp be a plastic toy pistol from a few feet away and was wrestled to the ground by Secret Service agents. Neither Reagan nor his wife, Nancy, appeared ruffled by the incident. At a news conference minutes later both were calm and relaxed. obacco a ONE OF THE LARGEST SELECTIONS IN THE SOUTHEAST OF IMPORTED PIPES - CIGARS 1CKACCO "Custom Blending" ACCESSORIES PIPE REPAIRS 409-1505 2104 JAAgJ DURHAM OFf OWL-CHPL MU RVO. E34& 1st UHSCH UI3C can Se poui& ...for $11.76 if you're smart! ...or for $12.60 if you're dumb. 0. Merchants, how well do you know your DTH bargains? 1 3 A. Call today, 933-1163. f I 1 : TV 0

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